WWI Draft Lottery

Lists of men first drawn in Chicago and Cook County for examination for the first national army were published in the pages of the Chicago Tribune. There were 95 districts in Chicago and Cook County. 10,500 serial numbers were drawn. The order of grouping shows the order in which the numbers came out in the lottery, thus showing the order of men’s liability to be drafted into the New National Army. Order of Drawing Number Drawn: #1 Group 256; #2 Group 2522; #3 Group 9613; #4 Group 4532. The Chicago Tribune did not alphabetize the names; they were grouped under each number. The number of men actually to be taken from a district for the first examination was twice the number that ultimately served in the army.

The men whose serial numbers were drawn in the great lottery on July 20, 1917, are listed below. The names have alphabetized below for easier searching of surnames. As an example, the first number drawn was group number 256. If the man belonged to this group his name followed.


NameRankSer NoCity/StateDate of DeathCause of Death
Adam, Robert C.2LTO-1883602Elmhurst, IL26-Aug-53Non-hostile Death
Adams, Clarence L.CPL1230290Chicago, IL19-Apr-54Non-hostile Death
Adelman, Robert A.PVT16370434Cook County, IL13-Oct-51Killed in Action
Alilovich, Robert ThomasPFC1257141Chicago, IL16-Aug-52Died of Wounds
Allen, Eric G.PVT55043214Cook County, IL31-May-51Died of Wounds
Allen, James L.CPL36020304Cook County, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Altosino, Robert EdwardPFC646861Oak Park, IL17-Dec-50Non-hostile Death
Ambriz, Humbert J.CPL16229181Blue Island, IL2-Oct-50Non-hostile Death
Anderle, James John Jr.1LTAO-830819North Riverside, IL2-Sep-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Anderson, Edward C.CPL1205154Chicago, IL25-Jul-53Killed in Action
Anderson, Ellsworth L.CPL16274582Cook, IL8-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Anderson, James A.1LTO-2014573Cook, IL29-Nov-50Killed in Action
Angarano, TitoCPL15267157Cook, IL11-Apr-51Killed in Action
Arendt, Stanley PaulCPL55000578Palatine, IL6-Nov-50Killed in Action
Arioli, Peter Emilio Jr.LT117716Chicago, IL3-Dec-50Killed in Action
Ashe, AugustusPFC16277586Cook, IL8-Mar-51Killed in Action
Atkinson, George J.PVT16348445Chicago, IL23-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Bailey, Arthur G.PFC55000452Cook, IL4-Apr-51Died of Wounds
Bailey, Lawrence AustinCPL1308664Chicago, IL27-Dec-52Killed in Action
Baker, George A.PFC55040948Cook, IL9-Oct-51Killed in Action
Baker, James AlstonCPL16302938Cook, IL1-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Baker, John Edward2LT49814Chicago, IL29-Nov-50Died of Wounds
Baker, William D.PFC16309910Cook, IL31-Aug-51Killed in Action
Bakker, Theodore W.PFC55042686Cook, IL18-Oct-51Killed in Action
Balasa, Stanley J.PFC36717694Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Baldwin, Thomas Abbott Jr.1LT48684Evanston, IL19-Jun-51Killed in Action
Bales, Donald JamesPFC16304073Elmhurst, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Ballard, Joseph John Jr.PFC1167458Justice, IL25-Sep-51Died of Wounds
Bancroft, Wayne EugeneLTJG534091Chicago, IL26-Dec-52Killed in Action
Barr, Clifford J. Jr.CPL36647627Cook, IL5-Aug-50Died of Non-hostile Injuries
Barrett, David M.PFC16327790Cook, IL29-May-51Killed in Action
Barrett, James JosephA2AF16392678Morton Grove, IL3-May-53Non-hostile Death
Barrica, Eugene A.PFC19397121Cook, IL18-Nov-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Bartley, Raymond J.PFC16248661Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Bator, Stanley R.MSGT7032027Cook, IL25-Mar-53Killed in Action
Beard, Howard Jr.CPL55197372Cook, IL17-Jul-53Killed in Action
Beatty, Thomas WayneCPL55105787Chicago, IL18-Aug-51Killed in Action
Bedore, Charles J.CPL26348713Cook, IL25-Apr-51Killed in Action
Beechwood, CarlCPL46030446Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Beisswanger, CharlesCPL36336391Cook, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Belkom, George P.SGT55000502Cook, IL4-Aug-51Killed in Action
Bell, Robert AlexanderLTCO-392802Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Bellon, Richard R. Jr.PFC55065922Cook, IL7-Oct-51Killed in Action
Benn, William M.PVT55041231Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Berg, Charles WilmerPFC55262467Cook, IL15-Apr-53Killed in Action
Berg, Walter E.PVT16334981Cook, IL31-Mar-51Died while Prisoner of War
Berman, Bernard1LTAO-970862Chicago, IL9-Dec-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Berry, LeonardPVT54048909Cook, IL15-Feb-52Killed in Action
Beskon, JohnPFC55042681Cook, IL26-May-51Died of Wounds
Beth, Robert CharlesCPL107141Chicago, IL2-Dec-50Killed in Action
Bey, Floyd TraylorSGT36794642Cook, IL25-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Bienaszewski, ThomasPFC16303687Cook, IL31-Aug-50Killed in Action
Bies, Ronald S.CPL26339457Cook, IL28-Feb-51Died while Prisoner of War
Blair, Bobby R.PFC16297793Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Bland, Willie C.PVT55185318Chicago, IL21-May-52Non-hostile Death
Bloomenshine, Frank E.2LTO-58313Cook, IL25-Aug-50Killed in Action
Blosser, David FrankCPL46070858Cook, IL30-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Bluit, LeePVT55040397Cook, IL22-Apr-51Died of Wounds
Bobowiec, Thadeus StanleyCPL55263322Cook, IL11-Jun-53Killed in Action
Boehnert, Vincent CarlTSGT331315Chicago, IL27-Oct-52Non-hostile Death
Boer, Richard William Jr.CPL16387106Cook, IL3-Jul-52Killed in Action
Bogard, Glen D.PVT36927860Cook, IL28-Apr-51Killed in Action
Bohl, Robert H.MSGT16005187Cook, IL30-Nov-50Killed in Action
Boll, John FrederickCPL16330118Cook, IL31-Mar-51Killed while a Prisoner of War
Bolsum, James T.CPL16216927Cook, IL23-May-51Killed in Action
Bonas, Herbert F.CPL16228161Cook, IL4-Apr-51Killed in Action
Bopp, Frank J.PVT55131619Cook, IL11-Oct-51Killed in Action
Boras, Robert S.CPL46049941Cook, IL24-Jul-50Killed in Action
Bortolotti, William J.CPL17228339Cook, IL12-Sep-50Killed in Action
Bowen, Ben RayCPL55249736Chicago, IL14-Jul-53Non-hostile Death
Bowers, Harry L. SrPFC16255593Cook, IL31-Jul-50Killed in Action
Braithwaite, Robert E.2LTO-1935212Cook, IL14-Jul-53Killed in Action
Branch, Nathan Leroy Jr.CPL36942134Chicago, IL2-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Bransdor, Clifford W.1LTAO-717739Chicago, IL18-Mar-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Brauns, Robert F.PFC55065848Chicago, IL25-Sep-51Died of Wounds
Brennan, William RandolphPFC1175495Cicero, IL26-Feb-52Killed in Action
Brent, Roger E.PFC55065490Cook, IL27-Jul-51Killed in Action
Brisco, Henry Jr.PFC55131958Cook, IL26-Nov-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Brooks, RaymondSGT25342003Cook, IL28-Feb-52Killed in Action
Brower, Samuel E.PFC19383102Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Brown, Donald W.PFC55064305Cook, IL9-Sep-51Killed in Action
Brown, Frank MaherMAJO-370561Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Brown, Hugh M.PFC10602520Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Brown, Shelby B. Jr.PFC16309812Cook, IL28-Feb-51Died while Prisoner of War
Bruder, Henry LeePFC1138748Chicago, IL2-Jun-51Killed in Action
Bruette, Willard J.PVT55265241Cook, IL21-Mar-53Killed in Action
Bruno, Giovanni M.PFC16303643Cook, IL24-Sep-50Killed in Action
Brzycki, Norbert A.SFC16248762Cook, IL23-Apr-51Killed in Action
Buchl, Jack JosephPFC1109969Dolton, IL6-Jun-51Killed in Action
Budny, John ThomasPFC55023489Chicago, IL6-Jun-51Non-hostile Death
Bulman, Morgan Livingston1LTO-2006486Chicago, IL16-May-51Non-hostile Death
Bunch, ArthurPFC16246592Chicago, IL10-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Burke, Francis WilliamCPL16334813Chicago, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Burris, Earl FranklinCPL55294619Cook, IL17-Jul-53Killed in Action
Buss, Donald HenryA2AF16335228Chicago, IL30-Aug-52Killed in Action
Butts, William H.1LTO-1322974Cook, IL20-May-51Killed in Action
Bytnar, Edward L.PVT55000306Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Cameron, Donald J.CPLAF16303056Chicago, IL11-Jan-51Non-hostile Air Crash
Canales, Rudolph M.PFC16255836Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Canavan, John PatrickPFC55165355Lincolnwood, IL29-May-52Non-hostile Death
Cantrell, Howard W. Jr.1LTO-60699Cook, IL29-Jul-50Killed in Action
Cargola, Santo A.PVT7031511Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Carrillo, Leopold MemhacaSGT55064046Cook, IL12-Oct-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Carroll, GeorgePFC26352874Cook, IL14-Nov-51Killed in Action
Carroll, Peter J.PVT16309801Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Carroll, Roland S.PVT16334902Chicago, IL5-Feb-51Killed in Action
Carter, Thomas F.PVT55132522Cook, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Castellano, Mark J.1LTAO-939598Chicago, IL10-Aug-51Non-hostile Air Crash
Castiglia, Anthony J.PFC16335104Cook, IL13-Feb-51Killed in Action
Cebula, Edward J.CPL55065047Cook, IL25-Sep-51Killed in Action
Chavis, Narcisco Jr.PVT16255924Cook, IL12-Jul-50Killed in Action
Cheers, James L.PVT16310129Cook, IL5-Nov-50Killed in Action
Cherskov, John SamPFC1114538Chicago, IL22-Sep-50Died of Wounds
Chocian, Stanley AnthonyPFC1119904Chicago, IL17-Sep-51Killed in Action
Chovanec, Martin Jr.PFC16316446Cook, IL9-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Chrissis, Pierre C.1LTO-1334100Cook, IL6-Feb-51Killed in Action
Chudo, JohnSGT36288526Cook, IL27-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Chute, Ralph EdwardPFC1160673Evanston, IL10-Dec-51Killed in Action
Ciesielski, Edwin W.PFC55065223Cook, IL13-Sep-51Killed in Action
Clark, Bartholomew N.PFC39143556Cook, IL21-Aug-50Killed in Action
Clark, Donald HollandCAPT35523Winnetka, IL5-Dec-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Clark, Thomas LeroyCPL1049440Chicago, IL6-Dec-50Killed in Action
Clay, Willie LeePFC16309789Cook, IL23-Aug-50Killed in Action
Cohan, FrankPFC16303244Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Conarro, Frank W.PFC26334968Cook, IL3-Sep-50Killed in Action
Connelly, Edward J.CPL16347258Cook, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Connor, Andrew E. Jr.PVT16347750Cook, IL7-Jun-51Killed in Action
Conroy, Michael F.PFC55066308Cook, IL19-Sep-51Killed in Action
Cook, Carl W.CPL17228325Cook, IL12-Sep-50Killed in Action
Cook, Charles R.PVT16386966Cook, IL14-Jan-53Killed in Action
Cornelius, Patrick E.CPL57513620Cook, IL27-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Corrigan, FrankPFC16310072Cook, IL15-Feb-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Cortez, Rivera RufinoPFC1224815Chicago, IL25-Jun-52Killed in Action
Cotton, Melvin L.SFC34483228Cook, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Covington, EdwardCPL44153072Cook, IL8-Oct-51Killed in Action
Cowan, John E.PFC16277458Cook, IL20-Sep-50Killed in Action
Cozart, Albert Jr.SGT55180682Cook, IL13-Oct-52Died of Wounds
Craig, James SamuelCPL1091903Chicago, IL19-Jun-51Killed in Action
Creech, Dewey W. Jr.CPL16303667Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Cumbo, Lawrence CarlSGT55327094Chicago, IL20-May-53Non-hostile Death
Cunningham, Daniel E.PVT16297588Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Curry, Maurice L.PFC36152770Cook, IL29-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Cyborski, Raymond Joseph1LTAO-2074016Chicago, IL28-Jun-50Killed in Action
Czyz, Edmund J.CAPTAO-2072656Chicago, IL29-Jul-53Killed in Action
Dale, OliverPFC16287507Cook, IL9-Mar-51Killed in Action
Daly, Gene D.PFC55180659Cook, IL31-May-52Died of Wounds
Danta, William E. Jr.CPL16255104Cook, IL2-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Darcy, Thomas P.PFC16393396Cook, IL18-Jul-53Killed in Action
Davenport, HenryPFC26354576Cook, IL31-Oct-51Died while Prisoner of War
Davis, Harry P. Jr.1LTO-60364Cook, IL24-May-51Killed in Action
Davis, LeroySFC37063863Cook, IL26-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Davis, William T. Jr.PVT16368289Cook, IL6-Nov-51Killed in Action
De Haan, Robert F.SGT36682463Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
De Long, Zane EllisPVT1205151Chicago, IL30-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Deacon, Rolland G.PFC55065835Cook, IL27-Oct-51Killed in Action
Decerno, JohnSFC37085715Cook, IL31-Jul-52Killed in Action
Delacy, Arthur Donald1LT51658Chicago, IL7-Oct-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Delohery, Thomas J.CPL46082934Cook, IL16-Sep-50Killed in Action
Dettling, Donald JamesPVT16369990Chicago, IL12-Dec-52Non-hostile Death
Dewey, Lee AndrewPFC16310000Cook, IL30-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Dicrispino, Serafino S.PFC16255401Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Didier, Robert J.PVT26338000Cook, IL7-Sep-50Killed in Action
Dirks, Dale D.PFC55000450Cook, IL13-Feb-51Killed in Action
Divis, Frank J. Jr.PFC55000620Cook, IL28-May-51Killed in Action
Dodro, CarlSGT36914477Cook, IL6-Nov-51Killed in Action
Dodson, Kenneth LeroyCAPT35671Rivergrove, IL5-Mar-52Killed in Action
Doherty, John H.PFC16297674Chicago, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Donkers, Harry WinfieldCPL1027020Chicago, IL3-Nov-50Killed in Action
Donoghue, Denis JosephPVT55199680Chicago, IL30-Nov-52Non-hostile Death
Doogan, Francis C.PFC55321205Cook, IL10-Jul-53Killed in Action
Dougherty, William JosephPFC660400Chicago, IL3-Dec-50Killed in Action
Doyle, Frank AdairCAPT17422AChicago, IL5-Nov-50Killed in Action
Doyle, James M.SGT16315937Cook, IL4-Sep-50Killed in Action
Drezen, Richard Stanley Jr.1LTAO-2222086Chicago, IL16-Jul-52Killed in Action
Drochowski, Stephen W. Jr.CPL16281382Cook, IL6-Apr-51Killed in Action
Drury, Raymond Cameron Jr.1LTO-57109Chicago, IL12-Apr-51Killed in Action
Duerr, William J.CPL16315919Cook, IL13-Oct-50Killed in Action
Duffey, Thomas A.CPL16217052Bensenville, IL3-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Dunbaugh, Franklin Perkins2LT54447Hubbard Woods, IL5-Dec-52Killed in Action
Duncan, Edward R.CAPTO-60196Chicago, IL3-Sep-50Killed in Action
Dunne, Robert Len2LTAO-2223130Oak Park, IL13-Sep-52Killed in Action
Durachta, Stanley G.PVT16279136Cook, IL11-Jul-50Killed in Action
Duschane, JohnPVT55133045Cook, IL14-Sep-51Killed in Action
Dusek, Ronald D.PFC16281678Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Dybol, Stanley T.CPL55181420Cook, IL22-Dec-52Killed in Action
Eckardt, Carl F.CPL36911046Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Edmonds, James Jr.CPL55168842Chicago, IL1-May-52Non-hostile Death
Edmonston, CliftonSGT30122850Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Egan, Raul GomezPVT55041623Cook, IL24-Jan-52Killed in Action
Egan, Thomas EarlPVT16356890Chicago, IL7-Sep-51Non-hostile Death
Ellis, Grant Ridgway1LT46107Kenilworth, IL30-Sep-50Killed in Action
Engh, Donald ErnestCPL1175637Des Plaines, IL27-Oct-52Killed in Action
Enlow, Dale ThomasCPL55000451Cook, IL10-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Esposito, John A.PVT55323417Cook, IL18-Jul-53Killed in Action
Eustis, George E.PVT16298078Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Evans, Hosea L.MSGT34955247Cook, IL11-Dec-50Killed in Action
Everett, Harry Scheidy Jr.CAPTO-926409Chicago, IL18-Mar-51Killed in Action
Fagan, Frederick R.PFC16342229Cook, IL14-Feb-53Killed in Action
Farmer, Harvey L.PFC16332768Cook, IL14-Aug-52Killed in Action
Ferracane, August R.PFC55065821Cook, IL3-Oct-51Killed in Action
Fialkowski, Walter K.2LT56584Chicago, IL3-Nov-53Non-hostile Death
Filbin, Robert ThomasPFC55065820Chicago, IL1-Oct-51Non-hostile Death
Filkins, Walter F.PFC55168363Cook, IL4-Jun-52Died of Wounds
Finn, Paul E.PFC16325293Cook, IL15-Sep-50Killed in Action
Fischer, Edward Dennis1LT50220Chicago, IL16-Jun-51Killed in Action
Fitzgerald, Robert J.PFC1334558Chicago, IL25-Jul-53Died of Wounds
Fitzgerald, Robert J..MSGT36021791Cook, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Flaglore, Russel WilliamPFC1175652Chicago, IL28-Feb-52Died of Wounds
Flynn, John A.CPL16288243Cook, IL30-Nov-50Killed in Action
Flynn, William J.SFC16245891Cook, IL10-Apr-51Killed in Action
Foley, Arthur A. Jr.CPL552121Chicago, IL27-Nov-50Killed in Action
Fomond, James H.PFC55106672Cook, IL11-Feb-52Killed in Action
Ford, James E.2LTO-1931619Cook, IL13-Jun-53Killed in Action
Ford, LornelSGT14187496Cook, IL23-Aug-50Killed in Action
Fornica, Andrew H.2LTO-986355Cook, IL14-Nov-50Killed in Action
Forsythe, Robert W.PFC55061910Cook, IL5-Nov-51Killed in Action
Forte, JamesPFC628783Chicago, IL2-Oct-50Killed in Action
Foss, Eugene AlvinCPL55063206Cook, IL8-Aug-51Killed in Action
Fox, Jared W.PFC16409254Cook, IL16-Apr-53Killed in Action
Frangello, James C.CPL16303730Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Franke, Carl T. Jr.PFC55264640Cook, IL20-Apr-53Killed in Action
Frazure, Richard ParmanSGT1071737Park Ridge, IL11-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
Freeman, Charles F.PFC16255832Cook, IL11-Apr-51Killed in Action
Freer, Anton JosephPFC1050269Chicago, IL29-Nov-50Killed in Action
Friedman, Richard Melvin1LTAO-2221907Chicago, IL10-Jun-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Fugate, RichardPVT55263002Cook, IL22-Mar-53Killed in Action
Fuka, Richard OttoPFC637292Berwyn, IL27-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Gabos, William C.SGT55043914Cook, IL10-Nov-51Died of Wounds
Gabrish, Peter J.CPL55023829Cook, IL7-Oct-51Killed in Action
Galion, George A.1LTO-58903Cook, IL19-May-51Killed in Action
Gallagher, Patrick J.SGT16303796Cook, IL1-Jan-51Killed in Action
Gangl, CharlesPFC1219158Elmwood Park, IL23-Jul-52Killed in Action
Gapinski, Lawrence J.PFC46071390Cook, IL15-Feb-51Killed in Action
Gapinski, Robert CharlesCPL16297758Brookfield, IL1-Dec-51Non-hostile Death
Garcia, CarlosPFC18363875Cook, IL2-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Garcia, Frank DonaldSGT629133Chicago, IL7-Dec-50Died of Wounds
Garcia, OscarPFC1309122Chicago, IL28-Mar-53Killed in Action
Garvin, John H. Jr.CPL16304439Cook, IL31-Jul-50Killed in Action
Garvis, GeorgePFC36034960Cook, IL17-Sep-50Killed in Action
Gaul, William R.PFC55044455Cook, IL19-Oct-51Killed in Action
Geannopulos, Peter LouisSGT16282069Cook, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Geddes, Nelson RaymondPFC1137885Chicago, IL31-May-51Killed in Action
Geiger, Marvin C.PVT16324926Cook, IL19-Aug-50Killed in Action
Gherghescu, George Jr.PFC55180801Chicago, IL27-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Giacopelli, JosephPVT55166873Chicago, IL14-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Giangrande, FelixCPL1180091Chicago, IL29-Mar-53Killed in Action
Gibson, Clarence E. Jr.CPL16247976Cook, IL16-Oct-52Killed in Action
Gibson, William A.PFC16302865Cook, IL24-Apr-51Killed in Action
Giguere, Albert P.PVT16347231Cook, IL17-Jun-51Killed in Action
Gillespie, David Ray2LTO-2033886Cook, IL11-Dec-50Killed in Action
Glaser, Michael W.PVT16279870Cook, IL6-Aug-50Killed in Action
Glauder, Harold SylvesterWOW-2141447Chicago, IL15-Mar-52Non-hostile Death
Glazers, BrunoCPL53037781Cook, IL26-Feb-52Killed in Action
Goetz, William C.PVT55023518Cook, IL29-Apr-51Killed in Action
Golden, Peter Travis1LTO-2208514Cook, IL1-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Goldsmith, Leonard W.CPL26353078Cook, IL9-Feb-53Killed in Action
Goraj, Edwin StanleyPVT55064258Chicago, IL12-Oct-51Killed in Action
Gordon, William Clark1LTAO-2224559Park Ridge, IL19-Jul-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Grauman, William KarlCPL1049318Chicago, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Green, Robert G.PVT36781792Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Greene, John T.PVT55106997Cook, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Greene, Richard DiabloPVT55168831Chicago, IL23-Apr-53Non-hostile Death
Gregory, Raymond LeonPFC16325292Cook, IL7-Sep-50Killed in Action
Griefenstine, Edward H.PVT16335053Cook, IL7-Mar-51Killed in Action
Griffin, Horace A.PVT16371820Cook, IL19-Oct-51Killed in Action
Grigal, Jerome H.2LTO-958798Cook, IL22-Sep-51Killed in Action
Grimsley, Everett VaresCPL34533826Chicago, IL23-Aug-50Non-hostile Death
Groeneveld, TheodorePFC16273629Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Groll, Charles J.CPL16207287Cook, IL3-Mar-51Killed in Action
Gross, Lawrence LeoSGT1049376Chicago, IL27-Nov-50Killed in Action
Grotkowski, BernardPFC16347507Cook, IL4-Dec-51Died of Wounds
Grunow, Alexander ThomasSFC15208862Cicero, IL29-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Grzeca, Edwin C.CPL6803824Cook, IL27-Aug-50Killed in Action
Guerrero-Orona, JuanPFC55132859Cook, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Guilfoyle, Cornelius PatrickCAPTAO-739549Chicago, IL7-Apr-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Gusek, Richard JosephPVT55356288Chicago, IL11-Nov-53Non-hostile Death
Gustafson, Henry LeoPFC16315373Cook County, IL31-Dec-51Died while Prisoner of War
Hagen, David R.PFC55322022Cook, IL24-Jun-53Killed in Action
Hallawell, Robert HughPFC1065525Chicago, IL30-Nov-50Killed in Action
Hamilton, Glenn E.PFC55252487Cook, IL22-Dec-52Killed in Action
Hamilton, Percy D.PFC36933970Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Hamilton, Thomas A.PVT56142849Cook, IL26-Sep-51Killed in Action
Harang, Richard CarolSGT600900Chicago, IL27-Dec-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hardin, William GordonCPL1084495Chicago, IL2-Nov-50Killed in Action
Harges, Tommie Jr.PVT55264578Chicago, IL27-Jul-53Non-hostile Death
Hargrave, AlanPVT16306483Cook, IL28-Aug-50Killed in Action
Harmon, Roy B.PVT16370057Cook, IL5-Nov-51Killed in Action
Harris, ElijahPVT26355962Chicago, IL16-Dec-53Non-hostile Death
Harris, GeorgePFC16309829Cook, IL7-Mar-51Killed in Action
Hart, Michael John Jr.CPL16242698Cook, IL12-Sep-50Died while Prisoner of War
Hatcher, James E.CPL55062374Cook, IL7-Oct-51Killed in Action
Hatzold, Fred L.PFC55292859Cook, IL9-May-53Killed in Action
Hawkins, EdwardCPL16215585Cook, IL6-Sep-50Killed in Action
Haynes, Robert LeePVT55420420Chicago, IL12-Nov-53Non-hostile Death
Healy, Thomas J.PVT16281664Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Heck, Frederic RalphSGT16373884Cook, IL7-Sep-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hecker, Lester A.PVT16370342Cook, IL15-Sep-51Killed in Action
Heffley, Edgar SamuelPFC16281465Chicago, IL14-Nov-50Died while Prisoner of War
Heider, Wilbert M.PFC55234886Cook, IL15-Oct-52Killed in Action
Heinz, Erwin Gustav Jr.CPL1048157Chicago, IL1-Mar-51Killed in Action
Hemskey, William JeromePFC16316002Chicago, IL15-Apr-51Non-hostile Death
Henry, Joseph PatrickCPL55109076Cook, IL26-Nov-51Killed in Action
Henry, Leo Jr.PFC16309841Cook, IL23-Jul-51Died while Prisoner of War
Henry, Richard ArdellCPL16368093Cook, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Herbert, Valentine WilliamCPL55105872Chicago, IL23-Feb-52Non-hostile Death
Herbster, Harley K.PFC16254939Cook, IL18-Aug-50Killed in Action
Herman, Theodore J.PFC55041539Cook, IL25-Jun-51Killed in Action
Hernandez, GustavoPVT55063632Cook, IL17-Jun-51Killed in Action
Hess, Edward J.PFC16244045Cook, IL24-Mar-51Killed in Action
Highley, Joseph HenryCPL1205178Frankfort, IL29-Dec-52Killed in Action
Hilburger, Harry S.PVT16310183Cook, IL26-Nov-50Killed in Action
Hilgenberg, Robert HenryPFC1105469Maywood, IL23-Apr-51Killed in Action
Hill, Jesse EarlSFC36797828Cook, IL27-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hill, Robert E.PVT16422345Cook, IL12-Jul-53Died of Wounds
Hill, Robert Jr.PVT55065382Chicago, IL3-Oct-52Non-hostile Death
Hillenbrand, HarrySFC55041138Cook, IL5-Feb-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hintz, HaroldCAPT38772Elmwood Park, IL16-Nov-51Died while Prisoner of War
Hladik, Edward V. Jr.PFC55183521Cook, IL15-Oct-52Killed in Action
Hlavac, James F.CPL55062854Cook, IL1-Sep-51Killed in Action
Hlousek, Albert StevenSFC36621447Cook, IL28-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hoff, Herbert W. Jr.SGT16297979Cook, IL30-Aug-51Killed in Action
Hoffenkamp, Donald L.PVT55132756Cook, IL24-Sep-51Killed in Action
Hoffman, Marvin R.PFC15276761Cook, IL30-Jul-50Killed in Action
Hoffman, William R.PVT16325342Cook, IL15-May-53Killed in Action
Hofius, James A.PVT55109185Cook, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Holsinger, Norman ReoPFC55130190Cook, IL9-May-52Killed in Action
Holzman, Wilfred J.PFC16219969Cook, IL3-Jun-51Killed in Action
Horn, Willard Boyden2LT53645Evanston, IL11-Mar-52Killed in Action
Horton, Lovie L.PVT16371980Cook, IL7-Sep-51Killed in Action
Howell, Martin L.CPL16279468Cook, IL28-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
Hrnciar, MilanPFC55195637Cook, IL2-Sep-52Non-hostile Death
Hronek, John R.CPL36952150Cook, IL18-Jul-52Killed in Action
Hull, Richard BarnettLT137583Chicago, IL19-May-53Non-hostile Death
Hulska, William H.PFC55065327Cook, IL2-Sep-51Killed in Action
Hunt, Robert JosephPFC1119361Chicago, IL6-Jun-51Killed in Action
Huttner, Daniel Henry Jr.SGT16243367Chicago, IL5-Jan-52Non-hostile Death
Inokuchi, MarkPFC16302974Cook, IL30-Mar-51Killed in Action
Jack, DanielA1AF16197060Chicago, IL27-Dec-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Jack, James HamiltonCPL653864Chicago, IL1-Aug-52Killed in Action
Jackson, Carol J.PFC16310007Cook, IL29-Mar-51Killed in Action
Jackson, Donald RayPFC1218890Chicago, IL30-Sep-52Killed in Action
Jacobs, Michael LesterA2AF16335254Chicago, IL22-Jul-52Non-hostile Air Crash
Jagnow, Arthur C.SFC55041827Cook, IL11-Jan-52Killed in Action
Jakusz, Andrew RalphPFC108466160Chicago, IL22-Sep-50Killed in Action
Janczak, Joseph Anthony Jr.CPL1261459Chicago, IL26-Mar-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Janettas, Peter M.CPL16282394Cook, IL30-Jul-50Killed in Action
Janicki, Leonard D.MSGT36707909Cook, IL25-Aug-50Killed in Action
Jankowski, Richard T.PFC36915756Cook, IL23-Apr-51Killed in Action
Janowitz, Frank P.PFC16243421Cook, IL26-Jul-50Killed in Action
Jenkins, Carl AugustSSGTAF16348488Chicago, IL10-Jun-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Jensen, George R.PFC55133120Cook, IL19-Sep-51Killed in Action
Johnson, BenPVT55129309Chicago, IL15-Nov-51Non-hostile Death
Johnson, Eric Jr.PFC1071746Chicago, IL24-Sep-50Killed in Action
Johnson, George A.CPL36786885Cook, IL31-Jul-50Died of Wounds
Johnson, George B.SGT19188358Cook, IL29-Jul-51Killed in Action
Johnson, George WalterLT363352Chicago, IL2-Mar-52Killed in Action
Johnson, Ivan F.A2Chicago, IL23-Mar-54Non-hostile Death
Johnson, Major A.SGT14185741Cook, IL8-Jul-53Died of Wounds
Johnson, Norman RileySGT36791297Cook, IL30-Apr-51Died while Prisoner of War
Johnson, William HalePFC14329852Chicago, IL27-Sep-50Killed in Action
Johnston, Joseph E.PFC55062481Cook, IL10-Nov-51Killed in Action
Johnston, William R.PVT36778091Cook, IL4-Sep-50Killed in Action
Jones, James EmmettPFC1180053Chicago, IL26-Oct-52Killed in Action
Jones, John BenPVT55420510Chicago, IL15-Feb-54Non-hostile Death
Jones, Kenneth R.PFC16373958Matteson, IL24-Sep-51Killed in Action
Jones, WilliamCPL16071347Cook, IL25-Jul-50Killed in Action
Joseph, AdolphSGT16244375Cook, IL1-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Judson, Bryant Escar Jr.SGT592477Chicago, IL17-Oct-52Killed in Action
Juhl, Robert ArthurPFC1160600Chicago, IL16-Nov-51Non-hostile Death
Jurasz, LeoSGT16288327Cook, IL2-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Kacheris, ByronCPL16287614Cook, IL26-Apr-51Killed in Action
Kadlec, Richard A.PFC16306246Cook, IL12-Jul-50Killed in Action
Kehr, Dean Deloss Jr.SSGTAF16316458Franklin Park, IL1-Jun-51Killed in Action
Kenney, William RichardPFC1150998Chicago, IL16-Sep-51Killed in Action
Kensel, Robert Kane1LTO-2103750Barrington, IL16-Aug-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Kerber, Charles F.PVT55132716Cook, IL17-Sep-51Killed in Action
Kiesling, Curtis JamesCPL1063170Elmhurst, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Kilroy, Frank RaymondPVT55263999Stickney, IL15-May-53Non-hostile Death
Kirk, Albert Jr.PFC55321275Cook, IL8-Jul-53Killed in Action
Klebo, Harry A. Jr.1LTO-1176692Cook, IL27-Sep-50Killed in Action
Klein, John A.PVT55107047Cook, IL7-Dec-51Killed in Action
Kloeckner, Ronald J.PVT55235039Cook, IL28-Jul-52Killed in Action
Kluss, JoeSGT16001355Cook, IL3-Sep-50Killed in Action
Knight, John F.PFC55041736Cook, IL7-Jun-51Killed in Action
Knutson, Paul C.CPL16371724Cook, IL26-Jul-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Kobie, Arthur RichardPVT55132700Cook, IL30-Aug-51Killed in Action
Koch, ClarenceSGT15102034Cook, IL21-Feb-51Killed in Action
Koestler, George E.PFC55000211Cook, IL19-May-51Killed in Action
Kok, William JohnPVT57508010Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Kolasinski, Robert A.PFC16287628Cook, IL9-Apr-51Killed in Action
Koontz, Don WyandotteMSGT832130Chicago, IL2-Mar-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Kopczak, Joseph Anthony Jr.SGT1048077Chicago, IL15-Mar-51Killed in Action
Kotwasinski, WilliamPFC16306247Cook, IL28-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Kotwica, Joseph JamesCPL1230196Chicago, IL27-Oct-52Killed in Action
Kozlowski, Aloysius W.PVT55000338Cook, IL13-Feb-51Died of Wounds
Kraft, Roger JohnCPL55065921Cook, IL10-Oct-51Died while Prisoner of War
Krainovich, MilanPVT1180976Chicago, IL22-Aug-52Killed in Action
Kramer, Ronald L.SGT55042111Cook, IL21-Jun-52Killed in Action
Krelowski, ZdzislawPVT55106720Chicago, IL28-Jul-51Non-hostile Death
Kreutz, Edward Oliver Jr.HM28527163Chicago, IL10-Apr-51Non-hostile Death
Kripoton, John A.PVT16373476Cook, IL12-Oct-52Killed in Action
Krucek, Edward A.PFC55105711Cook, IL8-Aug-51Killed in Action
Kruszewski, Mitchel2LTO-1686685Cook, IL11-Sep-50Died of Wounds
Krzyzowski, Edward C.CAPTO-1310728Chicago, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Kucharczyk, Henry J.PFC55061759Cook, IL20-Jul-51Killed in Action
Kuhr, Raymond E.PFC16306276Cook, IL16-Sep-50Killed in Action
Kuizinas, Vito PaulPVT55166896Chicago, IL11-May-52Non-hostile Death
Kuldanek, Stephan F.PFC16254763Cook, IL20-Jan-51Killed in Action
Kunz, William F.PFC55107461Cook, IL22-Mar-52Killed in Action
Kurgan, BilliePVT16348111Cook, IL15-Oct-51Killed in Action
Kurzawski, Joseph FrankPFC1180129Chicago, IL23-Sep-51Died of Wounds
Kusiolek, Adrian J.PVT36748782Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Kuzniar, Richard T.PFC55197027Cook, IL27-Sep-52Died of Wounds
La Monica, Anthony DanielHM3029383Chicago, IL16-Sep-51Killed in Action
Lambert, Donald Francis2LT54701Summit, IL8-Jan-53Killed in Action
Lanau, Kas Edward J.PFC16297276Cook, IL16-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Lanfair, RooseveltPVT55185162Cook, IL11-May-52Killed in Action
Lang, John R.PFC1129402Chicago, IL25-Jul-53Killed in Action
Lannon, John J.PFC16245014Cook, IL21-Sep-50Killed in Action
Lardino, Frank F.PFC16280006Cook, IL4-Sep-50Died of Wounds
Larsen, Emil A. Jr.PFC16327657Cook, IL28-Feb-53Killed in Action
Laufer, RobertPFC16297560Cook, IL26-May-51Killed in Action
Lavelle, John ThomasCPL1117384La Grange, IL22-Oct-52Killed in Action
Leaf, Ralph E.PVT36840708Cook, IL4-Feb-51Died of Wounds
Lee, Jesse JamesSGT36793116Chicago, IL2-Aug-53Non-hostile Death
Leffler, Richard C.PFC55065909Cook, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
Leider, Eugene G.PFC55064597Cook, IL19-Nov-51Killed in Action
Lender, Charles W.2LTO-1881783Cook, IL24-May-53Killed in Action
Lenske, Leonard EdwinPVT16279686Chicago, IL12-Aug-51Non-hostile Death
Lewandowski, Edward J.PFC55065552Cook, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Lewandowski, Ernest S.PFC16278916Cook, IL2-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Lewis, Edward W. Jr.MSGT36797353Cook, IL9-Dec-52Killed in Action
Lewis, James MarkPFC1309392Chicago, IL26-Mar-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Lilek, Donald J.PVT55043894Cook, IL28-May-51Killed in Action
Lindahl, RunePFC55195569Cook, IL29-Aug-52Killed in Action
Lindsay, R. L.PVT55238141Cook, IL15-Nov-52Killed in Action
Lindstrom, Carlo A.PFC55042209Cook, IL15-Jul-51Killed in Action
Liskowski, John P. Jr.PFC16340110Cook, IL18-Sep-51Died of Wounds
Lopez, Raul TregoPFC55264571Chicago, IL24-Jun-53Non-hostile Death
Lorenz, Robert EdwardPFC26790367Chicago, IL28-Oct-50Died while Prisoner of War
Lowe, PhilipPVT55238499Chicago, IL8-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Lowe, ThomasPFC53139274Cook, IL18-Jul-53Killed in Action
Lucarz, Edward StanleyPFC1219124Chicago, IL1-Oct-52Killed in Action
Luckett, John B.CPL16348994Cook, IL3-Oct-51Killed in Action
Lundervold, Winston K.PFC17305267Cook, IL17-Jun-52Killed in Action
Lydolph, Robert M.PFC16281765Cook, IL18-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Lynch, James JohnPVT55291261Chicago, IL19-May-53Non-hostile Death
Lynn, Frank WisnerLTCO-26448Chicago, IL3-Sep-54Killed in Action
Maas, Robert AugustMSGT36036445Cook, IL15-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Macino, Michelo A.PVT16303696Cook, IL7-Jul-50Killed in Action
Madison, ReginaldSGT1160726Chicago, IL2-Mar-53Killed in Action
Maly, James A.PVT16287721Cook, IL21-Sep-50Killed in Action
Mangrum, Selman D.PVT55134007Cook, IL10-Oct-51Killed in Action
Manitowabi, AlphonseSFC36493106Cook, IL20-May-53Killed in Action
Mann, Richard H.CPL26334978Cook, IL4-Feb-51Killed in Action
Marassa, Frank M.PVT55041987Cook, IL20-May-51Killed in Action
Marchert, Fred John Jr.CPL1048125Chicago, IL1-Aug-52Died of Wounds
Marchino, Anthony J.PFC16325330Cook, IL26-Sep-50Killed in Action
Marks, Eugene L.PFC16316118Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Marlowe, Fred EmanuelMAJO-346555Chicago, IL12-Jul-50Died of Wounds
Marquez, MartinPVT36927703Cook, IL2-Dec-50Killed in Action
Martin, John Paul Jr.CPL26368831Cook, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Marye, David FolsomPVT16218525Evanston, IL8-May-51Non-hostile Death
Mason, Charles2LTAO-2223874Lagrange Park, IL17-Jan-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Matchett, Edward W.SFC46019935Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Mathews, Charles Jr.PVT36796812Chicago, IL2-Feb-51Non-hostile Death
Maxwell, Roy LeePFC1308670Chicago, IL26-Feb-53Killed in Action
May, Donald A.PVT16280783Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Mayerhofer, DonaldCPL55291057Cook, IL11-Jul-53Killed in Action
Mayfield, Weldon E.PVT16347279Cook, IL21-May-51Died of Wounds
Maze, Paul W.PFC16297619Cook, IL28-Jan-51Killed in Action
McAllister, John F.SFC16303621Cook, IL28-Feb-51Died while Prisoner of War
McAndrews, Charles AshendenPFC1071991Chicago, IL7-Dec-50Killed in Action
McBride, James W.1LTO-1331644Cook, IL22-Mar-51Died of Wounds
McClennon, Horace I.PVT55041241Cook, IL2-Jun-51Killed in Action
McCullough, JohnSGT16303744Chicago, IL31-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
McGinnis, Leonard ShapoffPVT55168303Chicago, IL20-Aug-52Non-hostile Death
McGrath, Orville B.PFC16215396Cook, IL13-Sep-50Killed in Action
McIlquham, Alfred K.1LTO-1540949Cook, IL27-Jul-50Killed in Action
McIntosh, CurliePFC55322650Cook, IL27-Jun-53Died of Wounds
McLaughlin, Andrew R.PVT55062592Cook, IL5-Jun-51Killed in Action
McNulty, Terence JohnCPL1024355Blue Island, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
McReynolds, Cornelius Jr.SGT55181589Chicago, IL17-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Mehler, Leo M.PFC46040239Cook, IL11-Aug-50Killed in Action
Meiners, John HenryPVT16357448Chicago, IL2-Oct-51Killed in Action
Menclewicz, Clarence R.PFC55234587Cook, IL7-Mar-53Killed in Action
Mendelsohn, David CharlesSGT592629Chicago, IL29-Sep-50Killed in Action
Mengler, Clarence StanleyCPL1180182Cicero, IL25-Jun-52Died of Wounds
Micele, Raymond A.PFC57500910Cook, IL7-Mar-51Killed in Action
Milano, David B.CPL16330168Chicago, IL2-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Miller, Eugene NicholasMSGT46056930Cook, IL5-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Misovic, Michael Jr.CPL1050229Chicago, IL23-Apr-51Killed in Action
Mistle, Conrad P.PVT56146769Cook, IL23-Nov-51Killed in Action
Mitchell, Frank RobertSGT17246455Chicago, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Mitchell, Philip C. Jr.1LTO-927124Cook, IL21-Sep-51Killed in Action
Miyamoto, Robert K.PVT30126623Cook, IL24-Jun-51Died of Wounds
Mlaskac, Milton J.PVT16325297Cook, IL17-Aug-50Killed in Action
Moccio, Raymond D.PFC55199749Cook, IL16-Aug-52Died of Wounds
Montgomery, Percy L.PVT55130600Cook, IL4-Oct-51Killed in Action
Montoya, James AnthonyPFC1123986Chicago, IL10-Jun-51Killed in Action
Monzo, Henry A.CPL55167662Cook, IL24-Apr-52Killed in Action
Moore, Edward J. Jr.PVT16341764Cook, IL29-May-51Killed in Action
Morgan, AlbertSGT16288032Cook, IL8-Apr-51Died while Prisoner of War
Morgan, Arthur W.CPL16331823Cook, IL1-Sep-51Killed in Action
Morgan, Hillard GlennCPL55106663Chicago, IL6-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Morris, Albert E.SGT6731649Cook, IL13-Oct-50Killed in Action
Morris, Rufus R.PFC55185279Cook, IL19-Oct-52Killed in Action
Morrison, James F.PFC1271113Homewood, IL12-Jul-53Killed in Action
Moulden, Collins Jr.PVT55198058Cook, IL16-Aug-52Died of Wounds
Mrazek, Leonard F.PFC55197679Cook, IL29-Jun-52Killed in Action
Mrotek, Lawrence MiltonCPL57500734Cook, IL1-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Mullane, Donald B.PFC16341571Cook, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
Mullins, Charlie Jr.PFC1118931Chicago, IL11-Dec-50Died of Wounds
Munier, Joseph Francis Jr.M33030444Chicago, IL7-Oct-51Killed in Action
Munson, Arvid O.1LTO-2058357Cook, IL7-Jul-50Killed in Action
Murdock, LonniePVT55165406Cook, IL8-Nov-51Killed in Action
Murphy, James P.PVT16371743Cook, IL17-Oct-51Killed in Action
Murphy, John D.PVT36787080Cook, IL19-Dec-50Killed in Action
Murphy, Robert J. M.CPL16303071Cook, IL8-Apr-51Killed in Action
Myslinski, Edwin J.PFC36674479Cook, IL20-May-51Killed in Action
Nakamura, WataruPFC36467531Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Nakasato, YeichiPVT30109395Cook, IL11-Dec-50Killed in Action
Nalepka, Joseph J.PVT55023572Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Nearhood, John W.SGT16315922Cook, IL8-Aug-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Neil, William L.PVT55040475Cook, IL4-Jun-51Killed in Action
Nelsen, Charles W.SGT36301833Cook, IL31-Jul-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Nemeth, Ben S.CPL55064191Cook, IL19-Sep-51Killed in Action
Nesis, Thomas JosephPVT16303706Cook, IL12-Sep-50Killed in Action
Niwa, Daniel J.PFC55108554Cook, IL9-Oct-51Killed in Action
Norling, Vincent P.PFC16302910Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Norris, George D.PVT16215040Cook, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
Notbusch, Henry C.PFC36913386Cook, IL26-Jan-51Killed in Action
Notter, William J.PFC16399579Cook, IL7-Jul-53Killed in Action
Novak, Jerry O.PFC55293497Cook, IL13-Jul-53Killed in Action
Nowicki, Joseph M.CPL55107076Cook, IL5-Apr-52Killed in Action
Nowicki, Richard R.SGT16274016Cook, IL16-Sep-50Killed in Action
Nykvist, RobertCPL16330228Cook, IL3-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
O'Connell, Edmund D.PFC55000521Cook, IL7-Jan-51Killed in Action
O'Connell, James E.PFC16303568Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
O'Connor, Patrick FrankSGT637228Chicago, IL10-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
O'Day, Walter GeorgeCPL627384River Forest, IL26-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
O'Donnell, Terrence WilliamHM3040513Chicago, IL24-Jun-52Killed in Action
O'Keefe, John F.PFC55000374Cook, IL7-Jan-51Killed in Action
O'Keefe, Richard C.CPL55291408Wilmette, IL23-Jul-53Killed in Action
O'Neil, Clayton LarryPFC16255823Cook, IL23-Aug-50Killed in Action
O'Toole, James WilliamPFC566207Chicago, IL24-Sep-50Killed in Action
Ogden, Frank SamuelPFC660466Chicago, IL5-Dec-50Died of Wounds
Oleshko, Michael F.SGT16245335Cook, IL24-Sep-51Killed in Action
Olinger, Elmer B. Jr.CPL16392567Cook, IL2-Jun-53Killed in Action
Oliver, Samuel Rolland Jr.PFC1244937Chicago, IL20-Nov-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Ore, Roger HullPFC1218749Berwyn, IL26-Aug-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Orr, Jack F.PVT55062919Cook, IL21-Aug-51Killed in Action
Orsetti, Raymond EugeneSGT16281944Evanston, IL22-Aug-50Non-hostile Death
Orzechowski, John G.SGT33466238Cook, IL14-Feb-51Died of Wounds
Owens, Edison F.PFC16330296Cook, IL31-Mar-51Died while Prisoner of War
Paladino, Bernard M.MSGT16303682Cook, IL2-Mar-51Killed in Action
Panacek, Louis JosephCPL55321174Cook, IL8-Jul-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Pappin, Richard C.1LTO-1882218Cook, IL24-Jul-53Killed in Action
Parrish, Raymond ShirleyQMC3684343Chicago, IL27-Aug-52Killed in Action
Patten, James Jr.PFC55237987Robbins, IL26-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Pauloma, JesusPFC55105157Chicago, IL7-Sep-52Non-hostile Death
Pauly, Herman E.PVT16340179Cook, IL25-Feb-52Killed in Action
Pavlak, EdwardSFC55183704Cook, IL14-Oct-52Killed in Action
Pavlak, John C.PFC1180361Chicago, IL24-Jul-53Killed in Action
Payne, BaltimoreCPL36013131Cook, IL26-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Payne, William GeorgeHM13381287Chicago, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Paynovich, Milo G.SGT16287871Cook, IL1-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Pearce, John DavidCPL55107257Elmhurst, IL28-Sep-51Killed in Action
Pearson, William Arnold Jr.CPL1065594Evanston, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Petress, James E.CPL16303618Cook, IL11-Jun-51Killed in Action
Pieri, Paul MarioSGT26338163Cook, IL5-Dec-50Killed in Action
Pierre, Samuel Jr.PFC55165793Chicago, IL1-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Piorunski, Leonard L. P.SGT36948842Cook, IL22-Feb-51Killed in Action
Plinske, Norman C.PVT55236903Cook, IL21-Nov-52Killed in Action
Pliska, Edward V.PVT55000034Cook, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Poczekaj, Edward F. Jr.CPL1175726Chicago, IL28-Mar-53Killed in Action
Polcer, George J. Jr.PFC55263408Cook, IL11-Jun-53Killed in Action
Polotto, Anthony Jr.PFC16389417Chicago, IL5-Aug-52Killed in Action
Popp, John Frederick Jr.CPL1244895Barrington, IL16-Aug-52Killed in Action
Pospyhalla, Dale A.CPL16323243Cook, IL2-Nov-50Killed in Action
Potts, RichardSGT38449050Chicago, IL21-Mar-53Non-hostile Death
Powers, Bernard M.CPL26351528Cook, IL2-Mar-51Died of Wounds
Powers, James JosephCPL16249256Chicago, IL28-Feb-51Non-hostile Death
Prettner, Robert J.PFC16316707Cook, IL30-Jul-51Died while Prisoner of War
Prindle, Richard ThomasAME3B529576Morton Grove, IL15-Apr-69Killed in Action
Rader, Lester DoyleCPL552343Chicago, IL15-Sep-50Killed in Action
Radford, GeorgeCPL55107081Chicago, IL17-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Ragland, John Jr.PVT16335026Cook, IL31-Mar-51Died of Wounds
Ramser, Howard W. Jr.PFC55195299Cook, IL18-Oct-52Killed in Action
Ratti, Joseph ClementCPL16208069Cook, IL30-Apr-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Ray, Roy Jr.PVT16386965Cook, IL27-Apr-53Killed in Action
Regan, Thomas J.PVT16373182Cook, IL27-Oct-51Killed in Action
Reidy, Quin P.PFC55104898Cook, IL13-Sep-51Killed in Action
Reilly, Thomas Francis Jr.SGT1171540Chicago, IL15-May-52Non-hostile Death
Reimer, Kenneth F.2LTO-1925669Cook, IL11-Jun-53Killed in Action
Reynolds, LindbergPVT16242335Cook, IL17-Mar-51Killed in Action
Riccardo, George S.PFC16303691Cook, IL11-Feb-51Killed in Action
Ricci, Sirio A.CPL1270525Chicago, IL29-Mar-53Killed in Action
Rice, Harold E.SGT1244718Chicago, IL10-Apr-53Killed in Action
Richard, Earl J.CPL36941810Cook, IL4-Feb-51Killed in Action
Richards, Joseph T.PVT55133438Cook, IL6-Oct-52Killed in Action
Richards, Lowell E.PVT55351538Cook, IL15-Jul-53Killed in Action
Riddle, Dock L.CPL6391881Cook, IL28-Jul-51Died while Prisoner of War
Ritter, John G.PFC55104897Cook, IL9-Sep-51Killed in Action
Rivera, Jorge LegarretaPFC55064391Cook, IL7-Sep-51Killed in Action
Rivera, Paul Jr.SGT16254741Chicago, IL29-May-51Killed in Action
Rizdy, MichaelPFC36003946Cook, IL27-Feb-53Killed in Action
Roberson, Teddy EdwardPVT16374105Cook, IL2-Dec-51Killed in Action
Robert PaulSGT55106475Chicago, IL12-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Roberts, Henry D.PFC16242445Cook, IL31-Aug-50Killed in Action
Roberts, Samuel RomanesousSGT16310166Chicago Heights, IL19-Aug-51Non-hostile Death
Robinson, FrankPFC55042311Cook, IL7-Aug-51Killed in Action
Robling, Robert EarlPFC1050387Chicago, IL25-Sep-50Killed in Action
Roclawski, RichardPFC26339379Cook, IL17-Jun-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Rodriguez, Anthony NickSGT1048029Chicago, IL11-Sep-51Killed in Action
Rodriguez, Jose M.PVT16368031Cook, IL30-Oct-51Killed in Action
Rogers, Clinton R.PVT16347311Cook, IL24-May-51Killed in Action
Rolling, Henry L.PVT16309876Cook, IL11-Nov-50Killed in Action
Romero, HumbertoPVT55041974Cook, IL25-Apr-51Killed in Action
Ronczkowski, RichardHM27293793Chicago, IL7-Oct-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Rosecrants, George FrederickSFC16282641Cook, IL31-Mar-51Died while Prisoner of War
Rosen, MichaelCPL55042140Cook, IL21-Jun-52Killed in Action
Rosenthal, Alfred M.PFC55043590Cook, IL30-Aug-51Killed in Action
Rother, Charles R.PVT55165497Cook, IL8-Nov-51Killed in Action
Ruggero, Ciro JerryCPL16287848Cook, IL24-Aug-51Died while Prisoner of War
Ryan, Robert W.SGT20616966Cook, IL6-Nov-50Killed in Action
Rzepecki, Raymond A.1LTO-961049Cook, IL18-Jun-52Killed in Action
Sadek, Eugene J.PFC16317812Cook, IL11-Feb-51Killed in Action
Salcido, Armado LawrenceSGT16331924Chicago, IL27-Dec-52Non-hostile Death
Salecki, Chester J.CPL36991783Cook, IL4-Nov-50Killed in Action
Salerno, Joseph Jr.PFC16297330Cook, IL15-Aug-50Killed in Action
Samayoa, Joseph S.CPL39435122Cook, IL10-Sep-50Killed in Action
Samczyk, Stanley J.PFC16303702Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Savides, George NickPVT16400318Chicago, IL2-Aug-53Non-hostile Death
Sawyer, Levi L.PFC55043732Cook, IL21-Oct-51Died of Wounds
Scateni, Rudolph M.PVT57500832Cook, IL29-Jan-51Killed in Action
Scheltens, Frank J.PVT55064141Cook, IL29-Jul-51Killed in Action
Schick, Robert ArnoldPFC1180551Chicago, IL3-Dec-51Died of Wounds
Schillicutt, James H.CPL26353881Cook, IL9-Jul-53Killed in Action
Schine, John Jr.PFC16325313Cicero, IL16-Oct-51Killed in Action
Schlabach, Frank Lyman Jr.CPL55182342Evanston, IL30-Jun-52Non-hostile Death
Schlivko, LeoCPLChicago, IL23-Nov-52Non-hostile Death
Schmid, Walter D.CPL1175778Chicago, IL9-Apr-53Killed in Action
Schmiedl, Vernon E.PVT55063520Cook, IL3-Jun-51Killed in Action
Schmitt, John GilbertCPL16275894Cook, IL8-Aug-52Killed in Action
Schultz, Robert EdwinPFC1230426Chicago, IL26-Mar-53Killed in Action
Schumer, Raymond John MichaelPVT55324993Evanston, IL11-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Schuring, Gerald GeneCPL17228038Cook, IL30-Nov-50Died while Prisoner of War
Schwartz, Harold A.CPL16209224Cook, IL15-Feb-51Killed in Action
Schweiger, William T.CPL46039632Cook, IL4-Oct-51Killed in Action
Scott, Edward H.PFC16306482Cook, IL18-Jul-51Non-hostile Death
Scowcroft, Arthur JamesSGT16339262Chicago Heights, IL14-Nov-52Non-hostile Air Crash
Sebastian, BrownCAPTO-2048476Cook, IL1-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Semetges, George JohnCPL55235050Cook, IL26-Oct-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Sereika, Donald S.CPL57500942Cook, IL7-Jun-51Killed in Action
Serpe, SamuelPFC16327645Cook, IL6-Sep-50Killed in Action
Serra, Eugene RalphPFC55195499Chicago, IL14-Nov-52Non-hostile Air Crash
Shaw, Eugene MarvinCPL642196Chicago, IL27-Sep-50Killed in Action
Shay, John B. S.CPL16297873Cook, IL19-May-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Shine, Edward A.PFC55185223Evanston, IL23-Sep-52Died of Wounds
Shy, Leslie A.PFC35816929Cook, IL14-Feb-51Killed in Action
Sicas, Edmundas G.PVT55131803Cook, IL16-Sep-51Killed in Action
Sieczka, Walter J.PVT55132894Cook, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Simpson, Issac Jr.PFC1295876Chicago, IL27-Mar-53Killed in Action
Simpson, Orville L.PFC46082512Cook, IL5-Jun-51Died of Wounds
Siudzinski, ErnestSGT37772746Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Skibicki, Chester A.PVT55041608Chicago, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Sleboda, Richard StanislawPFC657852Westchester, IL2-Dec-50Killed in Action
Sloan, Donald E.PVT16309776Cook, IL10-Sep-50Killed in Action
Sloan, Lawrence H.PFC57507666Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Slotabec, Robert BernardPFC1071979Chicago, IL7-Dec-50Died of Wounds
Small, MarvinCPL55165794Chicago, IL26-Nov-51Non-hostile Death
Smietana, Henry J.PVT55132332Chicago, IL20-Feb-52Non-hostile Death
Smith, AlbertPVT55165525Chicago, IL29-Nov-52Non-hostile Death
Smith, GeraldPFC16255580Cook, IL17-Jul-50Killed in Action
Smith, Gordon RonaldPVT16327708Cook, IL20-Sep-50Killed in Action
Smith, Leonard G.PVT16242513Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Smith, Robert K.SFC6584812Cook, IL12-Aug-50Killed in Action
Smith, Roger W.PFC16327606Cook, IL8-Apr-51Killed in Action
Smyros, James G.PFC16330105Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Sokol, John A.PFC16368889Cook, IL2-Sep-51Killed in Action
Sommerfield, Edward GustavSGT16244063Cook, IL6-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Sparks, HoracePFC55064411Cook, IL19-May-51Killed in Action
Spear, Spero G.PVT55063953Cook, IL26-Jul-51Killed in Action
Spencer, LloydCPL34346968Cook, IL27-Mar-51Died of Wounds
Stackig, Ralph S. Jr.PFC16308764Cook, IL22-Jun-51Died of Wounds
Stacy, Gene E.PVT16306547Cook, IL28-Feb-51Killed in Action
Stancel, Joseph E.SFC6731405Cook, IL26-Sep-50Died while Prisoner of War
Standaert, Richard L.PFC55107631Cook, IL3-Oct-51Died of Wounds
Stapleton, David FrancisPFC1175709Chicago, IL15-Sep-51Killed in Action
Stark, Louis K.PFC36793810Cook, IL11-Aug-50Killed in Action
Staskiewicz, Walter R.PFC36046209Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Statler, Lavern D.PFC16275554Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Stefaniak, Stanley JohnPFC1296347Chicago, IL27-Feb-53Killed in Action
Steger, William RaymondCPL16254756Cook, IL27-Jul-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Stepina, GeorgeMSGT36947644Cook, IL30-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Sterczek, Frank S.PFC16239840Chicago, IL7-Feb-51Killed in Action
Stevens, Edward R.PVT16316065Cook, IL6-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Stewart, Wallace Delford2LTAO-2222660Chicago, IL19-Apr-52Non-hostile Air Crash
Stine, Percy E. Jr.CPL16394015Cook, IL12-Jun-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Stockwell, Jesse H.PVT55043772Cook, IL4-Oct-51Killed in Action
Stone, Lawrence M.PVT55106646Cook, IL1-Sep-51Killed in Action
Stone, William H.CPL16279771Cook, IL2-Sep-51Killed in Action
Stott, Beverly R.PFC16288369Cook, IL7-Mar-51Killed in Action
Streeter, Richard SherwinPFC1205567Evanston, IL21-Apr-52Killed in Action
Striegel, Joseph W.PFC26336691Cook, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Stroemer, Charles O.PFC55234928Cook, IL30-Dec-52Killed in Action
Strogis, Ignatz James Jr.HM7269684Chicago, IL21-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Strohmeyer, Paul DavidHM33041528Chicago, IL31-Aug-54Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Strozier, FrankPFC55323298Chicago, IL26-Jun-53Non-hostile Death
Strylowski, Edward C.MSGT20615835Markham, IL2-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Stumpf, John LouisMSGT46048774Cook, IL8-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
Sturm, WilliamPFC1110014Chicago, IL23-Mar-51Died of Wounds
Suhren, Edmund W.SGT16287889Cook, IL18-Apr-51Killed in Action
Sullivan, Robert AnthonyPFC16371788Chicago, IL16-Sep-51Killed in Action
Sulzer, Norbert C.PFC55195415Cook, IL29-Aug-52Killed in Action
Summeries, Robert PrestonPFC1270469Chicago, IL6-Oct-52Killed in Action
Sutherland, Kenneth W.PFC16255953Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Sutherland, RaymondPFC55196810Cook, IL20-Sep-52Killed in Action
Sutton, JohniePVT55042220Cook, IL25-May-51Killed in Action
Suvada, Robert M.CPL55041518Cook, IL6-Feb-52Killed in Action
Sweeney, Richard E.AT15267456Chicago, IL15-Apr-69Killed in Action
Swornog, AdamCPL55261688Cook, IL25-Mar-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Sykora, Thomas G.PFC55234602Cook, IL5-Jan-53Killed in Action
Symons, John O.SGT16229157Cook, IL16-Oct-51Died while Prisoner of War
Synski, EdmundPVT16324890Cook, IL27-Jul-50Killed in Action
Sypniewski, Stanley LeonardHM3034019Chicago, IL13-Aug-52Killed in Action
Taccio, Rocco Jr.PFC55041119Cook, IL18-Oct-51Killed in Action
Tadlock, Alvin JeroneCPL16247907Cook, IL31-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Tallant, Kenneth Paul1LTAO-2224125Chicago, IL18-May-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Tarnas, AntoniPFC55131787Cook, IL20-Sep-51Killed in Action
Taylor, John A.SGT16335004Cook, IL21-Aug-51Killed in Action
Taylor, Robert FrankLT670724Chicago, IL15-Apr-69Killed in Action
Thees, John Francis1LTAO-2225641Berwyn, IL20-Jul-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Therkelsen, Donald ArthurCPL55238398Cook, IL17-Jul-53Killed in Action
Thinnes, Joel AloysissusPFC1050302Chicago, IL3-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Thomas, Alonzo T.PVT1295738Chicago, IL18-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Thomas, Calvin LeonPFC55181848Chicago, IL26-Oct-52Non-hostile Death
Thomas, George HarryCPL277326Chicago, IL20-Apr-51Died while Prisoner of War
Thomas, Samuel Jr.PVT16281431Cook, IL18-Sep-50Killed in Action
Thome, William A.PVT55324196Cook, IL24-Jun-53Died of Wounds
Thommes, George FrankHM33022441Chicago, IL27-Sep-50Killed in Action
Thomsen, Allen E.PFC55165911Cook, IL12-Aug-52Killed in Action
Thorpe, Bill DanielCPL1180640Oak Lawn, IL6-Oct-52Killed in Action
Thorsen, George S.SGT16207044Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Throgmartin, HoustonPFC55131417Cook, IL18-Feb-52Killed in Action
Tibbs, Connie L.PVT16303674Cook, IL31-May-51Killed in Action
Tilden, Henry C.PFC16308811Cook, IL4-Apr-51Killed in Action
Tonander, Edward BurtonSGT16297940Cook, IL4-Nov-50Died of Wounds
Toole, Arnold EverettSGT16280472Chicago, IL11-Aug-50Died while Prisoner of War
Toribio, Louis C.PFC16303120Cook, IL29-Jul-50Killed in Action
Trannon, Elijah Jr.PFC16309795Cook, IL15-Sep-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Triplet, Howard M.ST2Chicago, IL26-May-54Non-hostile Death
Tucker, George E.CPL35040583Cook, IL24-Aug-50Killed in Action
Tugman, Richard J.PFC16287423Chicago, IL31-Dec-50Died while Prisoner of War
Tuzzolino, Vito CarlPVT55197368Cook, IL1-Sep-52Killed in Action
Ujek, Joseph W. Jr.PFC55198623Cook, IL14-Oct-52Killed in Action
Umlauf, John F.1LTO-970134Cook, IL6-Sep-52Killed in Action
Uurtamo, Stephen T.MAJO-1285146Cook, IL21-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
Van Dusen, Edward LeRoyCPL16325333Chicago, IL2-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Van Veen, James Arthur1LTAO-2217126Chicago, IL27-May-53Killed in Action
Vanderlaan, JacobCPL36612221Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Vandermyde, Douglas GeraldPFC1224888Chicago, IL7-Oct-52Killed in Action
Vazquez, Hilario C.PVT55064528Cook, IL28-Oct-51Killed in Action
Vega, Vincent AngeloPFC16324985Cook, IL5-Jul-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Veld, RichardPFC55236104South Holland, IL13-Jun-53Killed in Action
Venezia, VincentPFC16334945Cook, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
Vera, Marcial T.PFC55261202Cook, IL7-Jan-53Killed in Action
Vick, Donald G.PVT55164196Cook, IL19-Oct-51Killed in Action
Villareal, Raul S.PFC16275064Cook, IL6-Sep-50Killed in Action
Vogel, Arthur J.PVT16332689Chicago, IL30-Apr-51Non-hostile Death
Volpe, Joseph C.PFC16337602Oak Park, IL24-Sep-51Non-hostile Death
Vydra, Edward R.SGT55062739Cook, IL10-Nov-51Killed in Action
Wagner, Nicholas J.PFC55129117Cook, IL16-Oct-51Killed in Action
Walczak, Casimir FelixPFC16316451Cook, IL17-Aug-50Died while Prisoner of War
Waldon, Wilbur E.PFC16334915Cook, IL22-Apr-51Killed in Action
Walker, Frank McNally1LTO-551522Cook, ILApril 22,1951Killed while a Prisoner of War
Walker, Walter AllenCPL16324928Chicago, IL28-Feb-51Died while Prisoner of War
Walls, Robert W.CPL34320647Cook, IL14-Feb-51Killed in Action
Walsh, John P.PVT55264478Cook, IL4-Mar-53Killed in Action
Wankowski, Eugene JosephCPL36665477Chicago, IL1-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Warlick, Jessie P.PVT55044600Cook, IL8-Aug-51Killed in Action
Warner, Dewayne H.PFC55063102Cook, IL4-Oct-51Killed in Action
Warner, James KendisCAPTO-1284246Cook, IL30-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Watson, Walter JohnSGT36799189Cook, IL8-Mar-51Died while Prisoner of War
Watt, Spencer R.PVT16287490Cook, IL10-Jul-50Killed in Action
Weiss, Carl P.PVT16373235Cook, IL3-Apr-52Killed in Action
Weiss, Sherwin B.PVT55023774Cook, IL5-Oct-51Killed in Action
Wells, Raymond GilbertSFC16276570Oak Park, IL10-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Wendling, Ernest ArthurPFC26338853Chicago, IL4-Nov-50Killed while a Prisoner of War
Westel, Jack RobertPFC55063820Cicero, IL8-Aug-51Killed in Action
Westphal, Phillip B.CPL55064878Cook, IL26-Sep-51Killed in Action
Wetzig, JosephCPL16370657Cook, IL24-Jan-52Killed in Action
Whisler, William LeonPFC16207595Cook, IL31-Jul-51Died while Prisoner of War
White, Edward FrancisCPL16288079Cook, IL29-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
White, John G. Jr.1LTO-516681Cook, IL5-Jul-50Killed in Action
Whitemore, William FrancisSGT36943427Cook, IL30-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Whitlow, LeeroyPFC44154837Cook, IL12-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Wilkosz, Edward E.PFC55105391Cook, IL5-Oct-51Killed in Action
Willecke, Harold E.CAPTO-478960Cook, IL7-Jun-51Killed in Action
Williams, Lawrence J.PVT16274862Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Wilson, Charles Jr.PFC16368623Cook, IL9-Oct-51Killed in Action
Wirt, Frederick B.CAPTO-1104016Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Wise, James DonaldCPL36646454Cook County, IL4-Nov-50Killed in Action
Wolf, Kenneth FrederickPFC1219184Chicago, IL13-Aug-52Killed in Action
Woodruff, Robert Seymour2LTAO-2217529Northbrook, IL6-Jan-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Workman, John CharlesLT433757Evanston, IL20-Apr-52Killed in Action
Wright, Mack IIIPVT55040804Chicago, IL13-Jun-51Non-hostile Death
Wynn, Robert DayPFC1224728Chicago, IL30-May-52Non-hostile Death
Wysocki, Frederick E.1LTAO-1903280Chicago, IL6-Nov-50Died of Wounds
Yercich, Michael Jr.PFC1050254Chicago, IL7-Aug-50Killed in Action
York, Richard WilliamCPL1019608Chicago, IL27-Nov-50Killed in Action
Ziarko, Casemir JosephPFC1224908Chicago, IL7-Jul-52Killed in Action

Transcribed and contributed Sep 1999 by Laura H