Korean Honor Roll

List of the Dead & Missing

Extracted 15 Apr 2013 from American Battle Monuments Commission Database, where more detailed information about each individual is available.

NameRankSer NoCity/StateDate of DeathCause of Death
Adam, Robert C.2LTO-1883602Elmhurst, IL26-Aug-53Non-hostile Death
Adams, Clarence L.CPL1230290Chicago, IL19-Apr-54Non-hostile Death
Adelman, Robert A.PVT16370434Cook County, IL13-Oct-51Killed in Action
Alilovich, Robert ThomasPFC1257141Chicago, IL16-Aug-52Died of Wounds
Allen, Eric G.PVT55043214Cook County, IL31-May-51Died of Wounds
Allen, James L.CPL36020304Cook County, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Altosino, Robert EdwardPFC646861Oak Park, IL17-Dec-50Non-hostile Death
Ambriz, Humbert J.CPL16229181Blue Island, IL2-Oct-50Non-hostile Death
Anderle, James John Jr.1LTAO-830819North Riverside, IL2-Sep-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Anderson, Edward C.CPL1205154Chicago, IL25-Jul-53Killed in Action
Anderson, Ellsworth L.CPL16274582Cook, IL8-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Anderson, James A.1LTO-2014573Cook, IL29-Nov-50Killed in Action
Angarano, TitoCPL15267157Cook, IL11-Apr-51Killed in Action
Arendt, Stanley PaulCPL55000578Palatine, IL6-Nov-50Killed in Action
Arioli, Peter Emilio Jr.LT117716Chicago, IL3-Dec-50Killed in Action
Ashe, AugustusPFC16277586Cook, IL8-Mar-51Killed in Action
Atkinson, George J.PVT16348445Chicago, IL23-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Bailey, Arthur G.PFC55000452Cook, IL4-Apr-51Died of Wounds
Bailey, Lawrence AustinCPL1308664Chicago, IL27-Dec-52Killed in Action
Baker, George A.PFC55040948Cook, IL9-Oct-51Killed in Action
Baker, James AlstonCPL16302938Cook, IL1-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Baker, John Edward2LT49814Chicago, IL29-Nov-50Died of Wounds
Baker, William D.PFC16309910Cook, IL31-Aug-51Killed in Action
Bakker, Theodore W.PFC55042686Cook, IL18-Oct-51Killed in Action
Balasa, Stanley J.PFC36717694Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Baldwin, Thomas Abbott Jr.1LT48684Evanston, IL19-Jun-51Killed in Action
Bales, Donald JamesPFC16304073Elmhurst, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Ballard, Joseph John Jr.PFC1167458Justice, IL25-Sep-51Died of Wounds
Bancroft, Wayne EugeneLTJG534091Chicago, IL26-Dec-52Killed in Action
Barr, Clifford J. Jr.CPL36647627Cook, IL5-Aug-50Died of Non-hostile Injuries
Barrett, David M.PFC16327790Cook, IL29-May-51Killed in Action
Barrett, James JosephA2AF16392678Morton Grove, IL3-May-53Non-hostile Death
Barrica, Eugene A.PFC19397121Cook, IL18-Nov-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Bartley, Raymond J.PFC16248661Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Bator, Stanley R.MSGT7032027Cook, IL25-Mar-53Killed in Action
Beard, Howard Jr.CPL55197372Cook, IL17-Jul-53Killed in Action
Beatty, Thomas WayneCPL55105787Chicago, IL18-Aug-51Killed in Action
Bedore, Charles J.CPL26348713Cook, IL25-Apr-51Killed in Action
Beechwood, CarlCPL46030446Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Beisswanger, CharlesCPL36336391Cook, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Belkom, George P.SGT55000502Cook, IL4-Aug-51Killed in Action
Bell, Robert AlexanderLTCO-392802Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Bellon, Richard R. Jr.PFC55065922Cook, IL7-Oct-51Killed in Action
Benn, William M.PVT55041231Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Berg, Charles WilmerPFC55262467Cook, IL15-Apr-53Killed in Action
Berg, Walter E.PVT16334981Cook, IL31-Mar-51Died while Prisoner of War
Berman, Bernard1LTAO-970862Chicago, IL9-Dec-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Berry, LeonardPVT54048909Cook, IL15-Feb-52Killed in Action
Beskon, JohnPFC55042681Cook, IL26-May-51Died of Wounds
Beth, Robert CharlesCPL107141Chicago, IL2-Dec-50Killed in Action
Bey, Floyd TraylorSGT36794642Cook, IL25-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Bienaszewski, ThomasPFC16303687Cook, IL31-Aug-50Killed in Action
Bies, Ronald S.CPL26339457Cook, IL28-Feb-51Died while Prisoner of War
Blair, Bobby R.PFC16297793Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Bland, Willie C.PVT55185318Chicago, IL21-May-52Non-hostile Death
Bloomenshine, Frank E.2LTO-58313Cook, IL25-Aug-50Killed in Action
Blosser, David FrankCPL46070858Cook, IL30-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Bluit, LeePVT55040397Cook, IL22-Apr-51Died of Wounds
Bobowiec, Thadeus StanleyCPL55263322Cook, IL11-Jun-53Killed in Action
Boehnert, Vincent CarlTSGT331315Chicago, IL27-Oct-52Non-hostile Death
Boer, Richard William Jr.CPL16387106Cook, IL3-Jul-52Killed in Action
Bogard, Glen D.PVT36927860Cook, IL28-Apr-51Killed in Action
Bohl, Robert H.MSGT16005187Cook, IL30-Nov-50Killed in Action
Boll, John FrederickCPL16330118Cook, IL31-Mar-51Killed while a Prisoner of War
Bolsum, James T.CPL16216927Cook, IL23-May-51Killed in Action
Bonas, Herbert F.CPL16228161Cook, IL4-Apr-51Killed in Action
Bopp, Frank J.PVT55131619Cook, IL11-Oct-51Killed in Action
Boras, Robert S.CPL46049941Cook, IL24-Jul-50Killed in Action
Bortolotti, William J.CPL17228339Cook, IL12-Sep-50Killed in Action
Bowen, Ben RayCPL55249736Chicago, IL14-Jul-53Non-hostile Death
Bowers, Harry L. SrPFC16255593Cook, IL31-Jul-50Killed in Action
Braithwaite, Robert E.2LTO-1935212Cook, IL14-Jul-53Killed in Action
Branch, Nathan Leroy Jr.CPL36942134Chicago, IL2-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Bransdor, Clifford W.1LTAO-717739Chicago, IL18-Mar-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Brauns, Robert F.PFC55065848Chicago, IL25-Sep-51Died of Wounds
Brennan, William RandolphPFC1175495Cicero, IL26-Feb-52Killed in Action
Brent, Roger E.PFC55065490Cook, IL27-Jul-51Killed in Action
Brisco, Henry Jr.PFC55131958Cook, IL26-Nov-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Brooks, RaymondSGT25342003Cook, IL28-Feb-52Killed in Action
Brower, Samuel E.PFC19383102Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Brown, Donald W.PFC55064305Cook, IL9-Sep-51Killed in Action
Brown, Frank MaherMAJO-370561Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Brown, Hugh M.PFC10602520Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Brown, Shelby B. Jr.PFC16309812Cook, IL28-Feb-51Died while Prisoner of War
Bruder, Henry LeePFC1138748Chicago, IL2-Jun-51Killed in Action
Bruette, Willard J.PVT55265241Cook, IL21-Mar-53Killed in Action
Bruno, Giovanni M.PFC16303643Cook, IL24-Sep-50Killed in Action
Brzycki, Norbert A.SFC16248762Cook, IL23-Apr-51Killed in Action
Buchl, Jack JosephPFC1109969Dolton, IL6-Jun-51Killed in Action
Budny, John ThomasPFC55023489Chicago, IL6-Jun-51Non-hostile Death
Bulman, Morgan Livingston1LTO-2006486Chicago, IL16-May-51Non-hostile Death
Bunch, ArthurPFC16246592Chicago, IL10-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Burke, Francis WilliamCPL16334813Chicago, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Burris, Earl FranklinCPL55294619Cook, IL17-Jul-53Killed in Action
Buss, Donald HenryA2AF16335228Chicago, IL30-Aug-52Killed in Action
Butts, William H.1LTO-1322974Cook, IL20-May-51Killed in Action
Bytnar, Edward L.PVT55000306Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Cameron, Donald J.CPLAF16303056Chicago, IL11-Jan-51Non-hostile Air Crash
Canales, Rudolph M.PFC16255836Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Canavan, John PatrickPFC55165355Lincolnwood, IL29-May-52Non-hostile Death
Cantrell, Howard W. Jr.1LTO-60699Cook, IL29-Jul-50Killed in Action
Cargola, Santo A.PVT7031511Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Carrillo, Leopold MemhacaSGT55064046Cook, IL12-Oct-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Carroll, GeorgePFC26352874Cook, IL14-Nov-51Killed in Action
Carroll, Peter J.PVT16309801Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Carroll, Roland S.PVT16334902Chicago, IL5-Feb-51Killed in Action
Carter, Thomas F.PVT55132522Cook, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Castellano, Mark J.1LTAO-939598Chicago, IL10-Aug-51Non-hostile Air Crash
Castiglia, Anthony J.PFC16335104Cook, IL13-Feb-51Killed in Action
Cebula, Edward J.CPL55065047Cook, IL25-Sep-51Killed in Action
Chavis, Narcisco Jr.PVT16255924Cook, IL12-Jul-50Killed in Action
Cheers, James L.PVT16310129Cook, IL5-Nov-50Killed in Action
Cherskov, John SamPFC1114538Chicago, IL22-Sep-50Died of Wounds
Chocian, Stanley AnthonyPFC1119904Chicago, IL17-Sep-51Killed in Action
Chovanec, Martin Jr.PFC16316446Cook, IL9-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Chrissis, Pierre C.1LTO-1334100Cook, IL6-Feb-51Killed in Action
Chudo, JohnSGT36288526Cook, IL27-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Chute, Ralph EdwardPFC1160673Evanston, IL10-Dec-51Killed in Action
Ciesielski, Edwin W.PFC55065223Cook, IL13-Sep-51Killed in Action
Clark, Bartholomew N.PFC39143556Cook, IL21-Aug-50Killed in Action
Clark, Donald HollandCAPT35523Winnetka, IL5-Dec-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Clark, Thomas LeroyCPL1049440Chicago, IL6-Dec-50Killed in Action
Clay, Willie LeePFC16309789Cook, IL23-Aug-50Killed in Action
Cohan, FrankPFC16303244Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Conarro, Frank W.PFC26334968Cook, IL3-Sep-50Killed in Action
Connelly, Edward J.CPL16347258Cook, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Connor, Andrew E. Jr.PVT16347750Cook, IL7-Jun-51Killed in Action
Conroy, Michael F.PFC55066308Cook, IL19-Sep-51Killed in Action
Cook, Carl W.CPL17228325Cook, IL12-Sep-50Killed in Action
Cook, Charles R.PVT16386966Cook, IL14-Jan-53Killed in Action
Cornelius, Patrick E.CPL57513620Cook, IL27-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Corrigan, FrankPFC16310072Cook, IL15-Feb-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Cortez, Rivera RufinoPFC1224815Chicago, IL25-Jun-52Killed in Action
Cotton, Melvin L.SFC34483228Cook, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Covington, EdwardCPL44153072Cook, IL8-Oct-51Killed in Action
Cowan, John E.PFC16277458Cook, IL20-Sep-50Killed in Action
Cozart, Albert Jr.SGT55180682Cook, IL13-Oct-52Died of Wounds
Craig, James SamuelCPL1091903Chicago, IL19-Jun-51Killed in Action
Creech, Dewey W. Jr.CPL16303667Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Cumbo, Lawrence CarlSGT55327094Chicago, IL20-May-53Non-hostile Death
Cunningham, Daniel E.PVT16297588Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Curry, Maurice L.PFC36152770Cook, IL29-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Cyborski, Raymond Joseph1LTAO-2074016Chicago, IL28-Jun-50Killed in Action
Czyz, Edmund J.CAPTAO-2072656Chicago, IL29-Jul-53Killed in Action
Dale, OliverPFC16287507Cook, IL9-Mar-51Killed in Action
Daly, Gene D.PFC55180659Cook, IL31-May-52Died of Wounds
Danta, William E. Jr.CPL16255104Cook, IL2-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Darcy, Thomas P.PFC16393396Cook, IL18-Jul-53Killed in Action
Davenport, HenryPFC26354576Cook, IL31-Oct-51Died while Prisoner of War
Davis, Harry P. Jr.1LTO-60364Cook, IL24-May-51Killed in Action
Davis, LeroySFC37063863Cook, IL26-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Davis, William T. Jr.PVT16368289Cook, IL6-Nov-51Killed in Action
De Haan, Robert F.SGT36682463Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
De Long, Zane EllisPVT1205151Chicago, IL30-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Deacon, Rolland G.PFC55065835Cook, IL27-Oct-51Killed in Action
Decerno, JohnSFC37085715Cook, IL31-Jul-52Killed in Action
Delacy, Arthur Donald1LT51658Chicago, IL7-Oct-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Delohery, Thomas J.CPL46082934Cook, IL16-Sep-50Killed in Action
Dettling, Donald JamesPVT16369990Chicago, IL12-Dec-52Non-hostile Death
Dewey, Lee AndrewPFC16310000Cook, IL30-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Dicrispino, Serafino S.PFC16255401Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Didier, Robert J.PVT26338000Cook, IL7-Sep-50Killed in Action
Dirks, Dale D.PFC55000450Cook, IL13-Feb-51Killed in Action
Divis, Frank J. Jr.PFC55000620Cook, IL28-May-51Killed in Action
Dodro, CarlSGT36914477Cook, IL6-Nov-51Killed in Action
Dodson, Kenneth LeroyCAPT35671Rivergrove, IL5-Mar-52Killed in Action
Doherty, John H.PFC16297674Chicago, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Donkers, Harry WinfieldCPL1027020Chicago, IL3-Nov-50Killed in Action
Donoghue, Denis JosephPVT55199680Chicago, IL30-Nov-52Non-hostile Death
Doogan, Francis C.PFC55321205Cook, IL10-Jul-53Killed in Action
Dougherty, William JosephPFC660400Chicago, IL3-Dec-50Killed in Action
Doyle, Frank AdairCAPT17422AChicago, IL5-Nov-50Killed in Action
Doyle, James M.SGT16315937Cook, IL4-Sep-50Killed in Action
Drezen, Richard Stanley Jr.1LTAO-2222086Chicago, IL16-Jul-52Killed in Action
Drochowski, Stephen W. Jr.CPL16281382Cook, IL6-Apr-51Killed in Action
Drury, Raymond Cameron Jr.1LTO-57109Chicago, IL12-Apr-51Killed in Action
Duerr, William J.CPL16315919Cook, IL13-Oct-50Killed in Action
Duffey, Thomas A.CPL16217052Bensenville, IL3-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Dunbaugh, Franklin Perkins2LT54447Hubbard Woods, IL5-Dec-52Killed in Action
Duncan, Edward R.CAPTO-60196Chicago, IL3-Sep-50Killed in Action
Dunne, Robert Len2LTAO-2223130Oak Park, IL13-Sep-52Killed in Action
Durachta, Stanley G.PVT16279136Cook, IL11-Jul-50Killed in Action
Duschane, JohnPVT55133045Cook, IL14-Sep-51Killed in Action
Dusek, Ronald D.PFC16281678Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Dybol, Stanley T.CPL55181420Cook, IL22-Dec-52Killed in Action
Eckardt, Carl F.CPL36911046Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Edmonds, James Jr.CPL55168842Chicago, IL1-May-52Non-hostile Death
Edmonston, CliftonSGT30122850Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Egan, Raul GomezPVT55041623Cook, IL24-Jan-52Killed in Action
Egan, Thomas EarlPVT16356890Chicago, IL7-Sep-51Non-hostile Death
Ellis, Grant Ridgway1LT46107Kenilworth, IL30-Sep-50Killed in Action
Engh, Donald ErnestCPL1175637Des Plaines, IL27-Oct-52Killed in Action
Enlow, Dale ThomasCPL55000451Cook, IL10-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Esposito, John A.PVT55323417Cook, IL18-Jul-53Killed in Action
Eustis, George E.PVT16298078Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Evans, Hosea L.MSGT34955247Cook, IL11-Dec-50Killed in Action
Everett, Harry Scheidy Jr.CAPTO-926409Chicago, IL18-Mar-51Killed in Action
Fagan, Frederick R.PFC16342229Cook, IL14-Feb-53Killed in Action
Farmer, Harvey L.PFC16332768Cook, IL14-Aug-52Killed in Action
Ferracane, August R.PFC55065821Cook, IL3-Oct-51Killed in Action
Fialkowski, Walter K.2LT56584Chicago, IL3-Nov-53Non-hostile Death
Filbin, Robert ThomasPFC55065820Chicago, IL1-Oct-51Non-hostile Death
Filkins, Walter F.PFC55168363Cook, IL4-Jun-52Died of Wounds
Finn, Paul E.PFC16325293Cook, IL15-Sep-50Killed in Action
Fischer, Edward Dennis1LT50220Chicago, IL16-Jun-51Killed in Action
Fitzgerald, Robert J.PFC1334558Chicago, IL25-Jul-53Died of Wounds
Fitzgerald, Robert J..MSGT36021791Cook, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Flaglore, Russel WilliamPFC1175652Chicago, IL28-Feb-52Died of Wounds
Flynn, John A.CPL16288243Cook, IL30-Nov-50Killed in Action
Flynn, William J.SFC16245891Cook, IL10-Apr-51Killed in Action
Foley, Arthur A. Jr.CPL552121Chicago, IL27-Nov-50Killed in Action
Fomond, James H.PFC55106672Cook, IL11-Feb-52Killed in Action
Ford, James E.2LTO-1931619Cook, IL13-Jun-53Killed in Action
Ford, LornelSGT14187496Cook, IL23-Aug-50Killed in Action
Fornica, Andrew H.2LTO-986355Cook, IL14-Nov-50Killed in Action
Forsythe, Robert W.PFC55061910Cook, IL5-Nov-51Killed in Action
Forte, JamesPFC628783Chicago, IL2-Oct-50Killed in Action
Foss, Eugene AlvinCPL55063206Cook, IL8-Aug-51Killed in Action
Fox, Jared W.PFC16409254Cook, IL16-Apr-53Killed in Action
Frangello, James C.CPL16303730Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Franke, Carl T. Jr.PFC55264640Cook, IL20-Apr-53Killed in Action
Frazure, Richard ParmanSGT1071737Park Ridge, IL11-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
Freeman, Charles F.PFC16255832Cook, IL11-Apr-51Killed in Action
Freer, Anton JosephPFC1050269Chicago, IL29-Nov-50Killed in Action
Friedman, Richard Melvin1LTAO-2221907Chicago, IL10-Jun-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Fugate, RichardPVT55263002Cook, IL22-Mar-53Killed in Action
Fuka, Richard OttoPFC637292Berwyn, IL27-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Gabos, William C.SGT55043914Cook, IL10-Nov-51Died of Wounds
Gabrish, Peter J.CPL55023829Cook, IL7-Oct-51Killed in Action
Galion, George A.1LTO-58903Cook, IL19-May-51Killed in Action
Gallagher, Patrick J.SGT16303796Cook, IL1-Jan-51Killed in Action
Gangl, CharlesPFC1219158Elmwood Park, IL23-Jul-52Killed in Action
Gapinski, Lawrence J.PFC46071390Cook, IL15-Feb-51Killed in Action
Gapinski, Robert CharlesCPL16297758Brookfield, IL1-Dec-51Non-hostile Death
Garcia, CarlosPFC18363875Cook, IL2-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Garcia, Frank DonaldSGT629133Chicago, IL7-Dec-50Died of Wounds
Garcia, OscarPFC1309122Chicago, IL28-Mar-53Killed in Action
Garvin, John H. Jr.CPL16304439Cook, IL31-Jul-50Killed in Action
Garvis, GeorgePFC36034960Cook, IL17-Sep-50Killed in Action
Gaul, William R.PFC55044455Cook, IL19-Oct-51Killed in Action
Geannopulos, Peter LouisSGT16282069Cook, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Geddes, Nelson RaymondPFC1137885Chicago, IL31-May-51Killed in Action
Geiger, Marvin C.PVT16324926Cook, IL19-Aug-50Killed in Action
Gherghescu, George Jr.PFC55180801Chicago, IL27-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Giacopelli, JosephPVT55166873Chicago, IL14-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Giangrande, FelixCPL1180091Chicago, IL29-Mar-53Killed in Action
Gibson, Clarence E. Jr.CPL16247976Cook, IL16-Oct-52Killed in Action
Gibson, William A.PFC16302865Cook, IL24-Apr-51Killed in Action
Giguere, Albert P.PVT16347231Cook, IL17-Jun-51Killed in Action
Gillespie, David Ray2LTO-2033886Cook, IL11-Dec-50Killed in Action
Glaser, Michael W.PVT16279870Cook, IL6-Aug-50Killed in Action
Glauder, Harold SylvesterWOW-2141447Chicago, IL15-Mar-52Non-hostile Death
Glazers, BrunoCPL53037781Cook, IL26-Feb-52Killed in Action
Goetz, William C.PVT55023518Cook, IL29-Apr-51Killed in Action
Golden, Peter Travis1LTO-2208514Cook, IL1-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Goldsmith, Leonard W.CPL26353078Cook, IL9-Feb-53Killed in Action
Goraj, Edwin StanleyPVT55064258Chicago, IL12-Oct-51Killed in Action
Gordon, William Clark1LTAO-2224559Park Ridge, IL19-Jul-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Grauman, William KarlCPL1049318Chicago, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Green, Robert G.PVT36781792Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Greene, John T.PVT55106997Cook, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Greene, Richard DiabloPVT55168831Chicago, IL23-Apr-53Non-hostile Death
Gregory, Raymond LeonPFC16325292Cook, IL7-Sep-50Killed in Action
Griefenstine, Edward H.PVT16335053Cook, IL7-Mar-51Killed in Action
Griffin, Horace A.PVT16371820Cook, IL19-Oct-51Killed in Action
Grigal, Jerome H.2LTO-958798Cook, IL22-Sep-51Killed in Action
Grimsley, Everett VaresCPL34533826Chicago, IL23-Aug-50Non-hostile Death
Groeneveld, TheodorePFC16273629Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Groll, Charles J.CPL16207287Cook, IL3-Mar-51Killed in Action
Gross, Lawrence LeoSGT1049376Chicago, IL27-Nov-50Killed in Action
Grotkowski, BernardPFC16347507Cook, IL4-Dec-51Died of Wounds
Grunow, Alexander ThomasSFC15208862Cicero, IL29-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Grzeca, Edwin C.CPL6803824Cook, IL27-Aug-50Killed in Action
Guerrero-Orona, JuanPFC55132859Cook, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Guilfoyle, Cornelius PatrickCAPTAO-739549Chicago, IL7-Apr-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Gusek, Richard JosephPVT55356288Chicago, IL11-Nov-53Non-hostile Death
Gustafson, Henry LeoPFC16315373Cook County, IL31-Dec-51Died while Prisoner of War
Hagen, David R.PFC55322022Cook, IL24-Jun-53Killed in Action
Hallawell, Robert HughPFC1065525Chicago, IL30-Nov-50Killed in Action
Hamilton, Glenn E.PFC55252487Cook, IL22-Dec-52Killed in Action
Hamilton, Percy D.PFC36933970Cook, IL12-Feb-51Killed in Action
Hamilton, Thomas A.PVT56142849Cook, IL26-Sep-51Killed in Action
Harang, Richard CarolSGT600900Chicago, IL27-Dec-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hardin, William GordonCPL1084495Chicago, IL2-Nov-50Killed in Action
Harges, Tommie Jr.PVT55264578Chicago, IL27-Jul-53Non-hostile Death
Hargrave, AlanPVT16306483Cook, IL28-Aug-50Killed in Action
Harmon, Roy B.PVT16370057Cook, IL5-Nov-51Killed in Action
Harris, ElijahPVT26355962Chicago, IL16-Dec-53Non-hostile Death
Harris, GeorgePFC16309829Cook, IL7-Mar-51Killed in Action
Hart, Michael John Jr.CPL16242698Cook, IL12-Sep-50Died while Prisoner of War
Hatcher, James E.CPL55062374Cook, IL7-Oct-51Killed in Action
Hatzold, Fred L.PFC55292859Cook, IL9-May-53Killed in Action
Hawkins, EdwardCPL16215585Cook, IL6-Sep-50Killed in Action
Haynes, Robert LeePVT55420420Chicago, IL12-Nov-53Non-hostile Death
Healy, Thomas J.PVT16281664Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Heck, Frederic RalphSGT16373884Cook, IL7-Sep-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hecker, Lester A.PVT16370342Cook, IL15-Sep-51Killed in Action
Heffley, Edgar SamuelPFC16281465Chicago, IL14-Nov-50Died while Prisoner of War
Heider, Wilbert M.PFC55234886Cook, IL15-Oct-52Killed in Action
Heinz, Erwin Gustav Jr.CPL1048157Chicago, IL1-Mar-51Killed in Action
Hemskey, William JeromePFC16316002Chicago, IL15-Apr-51Non-hostile Death
Henry, Joseph PatrickCPL55109076Cook, IL26-Nov-51Killed in Action
Henry, Leo Jr.PFC16309841Cook, IL23-Jul-51Died while Prisoner of War
Henry, Richard ArdellCPL16368093Cook, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Herbert, Valentine WilliamCPL55105872Chicago, IL23-Feb-52Non-hostile Death
Herbster, Harley K.PFC16254939Cook, IL18-Aug-50Killed in Action
Herman, Theodore J.PFC55041539Cook, IL25-Jun-51Killed in Action
Hernandez, GustavoPVT55063632Cook, IL17-Jun-51Killed in Action
Hess, Edward J.PFC16244045Cook, IL24-Mar-51Killed in Action
Highley, Joseph HenryCPL1205178Frankfort, IL29-Dec-52Killed in Action
Hilburger, Harry S.PVT16310183Cook, IL26-Nov-50Killed in Action
Hilgenberg, Robert HenryPFC1105469Maywood, IL23-Apr-51Killed in Action
Hill, Jesse EarlSFC36797828Cook, IL27-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hill, Robert E.PVT16422345Cook, IL12-Jul-53Died of Wounds
Hill, Robert Jr.PVT55065382Chicago, IL3-Oct-52Non-hostile Death
Hillenbrand, HarrySFC55041138Cook, IL5-Feb-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hintz, HaroldCAPT38772Elmwood Park, IL16-Nov-51Died while Prisoner of War
Hladik, Edward V. Jr.PFC55183521Cook, IL15-Oct-52Killed in Action
Hlavac, James F.CPL55062854Cook, IL1-Sep-51Killed in Action
Hlousek, Albert StevenSFC36621447Cook, IL28-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Hoff, Herbert W. Jr.SGT16297979Cook, IL30-Aug-51Killed in Action
Hoffenkamp, Donald L.PVT55132756Cook, IL24-Sep-51Killed in Action
Hoffman, Marvin R.PFC15276761Cook, IL30-Jul-50Killed in Action
Hoffman, William R.PVT16325342Cook, IL15-May-53Killed in Action
Hofius, James A.PVT55109185Cook, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Holsinger, Norman ReoPFC55130190Cook, IL9-May-52Killed in Action
Holzman, Wilfred J.PFC16219969Cook, IL3-Jun-51Killed in Action
Horn, Willard Boyden2LT53645Evanston, IL11-Mar-52Killed in Action
Horton, Lovie L.PVT16371980Cook, IL7-Sep-51Killed in Action
Howell, Martin L.CPL16279468Cook, IL28-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
Hrnciar, MilanPFC55195637Cook, IL2-Sep-52Non-hostile Death
Hronek, John R.CPL36952150Cook, IL18-Jul-52Killed in Action
Hull, Richard BarnettLT137583Chicago, IL19-May-53Non-hostile Death
Hulska, William H.PFC55065327Cook, IL2-Sep-51Killed in Action
Hunt, Robert JosephPFC1119361Chicago, IL6-Jun-51Killed in Action
Huttner, Daniel Henry Jr.SGT16243367Chicago, IL5-Jan-52Non-hostile Death
Inokuchi, MarkPFC16302974Cook, IL30-Mar-51Killed in Action
Jack, DanielA1AF16197060Chicago, IL27-Dec-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Jack, James HamiltonCPL653864Chicago, IL1-Aug-52Killed in Action
Jackson, Carol J.PFC16310007Cook, IL29-Mar-51Killed in Action
Jackson, Donald RayPFC1218890Chicago, IL30-Sep-52Killed in Action
Jacobs, Michael LesterA2AF16335254Chicago, IL22-Jul-52Non-hostile Air Crash
Jagnow, Arthur C.SFC55041827Cook, IL11-Jan-52Killed in Action
Jakusz, Andrew RalphPFC108466160Chicago, IL22-Sep-50Killed in Action
Janczak, Joseph Anthony Jr.CPL1261459Chicago, IL26-Mar-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Janettas, Peter M.CPL16282394Cook, IL30-Jul-50Killed in Action
Janicki, Leonard D.MSGT36707909Cook, IL25-Aug-50Killed in Action
Jankowski, Richard T.PFC36915756Cook, IL23-Apr-51Killed in Action
Janowitz, Frank P.PFC16243421Cook, IL26-Jul-50Killed in Action
Jenkins, Carl AugustSSGTAF16348488Chicago, IL10-Jun-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Jensen, George R.PFC55133120Cook, IL19-Sep-51Killed in Action
Johnson, BenPVT55129309Chicago, IL15-Nov-51Non-hostile Death
Johnson, Eric Jr.PFC1071746Chicago, IL24-Sep-50Killed in Action
Johnson, George A.CPL36786885Cook, IL31-Jul-50Died of Wounds
Johnson, George B.SGT19188358Cook, IL29-Jul-51Killed in Action
Johnson, George WalterLT363352Chicago, IL2-Mar-52Killed in Action
Johnson, Ivan F.A2Chicago, IL23-Mar-54Non-hostile Death
Johnson, Major A.SGT14185741Cook, IL8-Jul-53Died of Wounds
Johnson, Norman RileySGT36791297Cook, IL30-Apr-51Died while Prisoner of War
Johnson, William HalePFC14329852Chicago, IL27-Sep-50Killed in Action
Johnston, Joseph E.PFC55062481Cook, IL10-Nov-51Killed in Action
Johnston, William R.PVT36778091Cook, IL4-Sep-50Killed in Action
Jones, James EmmettPFC1180053Chicago, IL26-Oct-52Killed in Action
Jones, John BenPVT55420510Chicago, IL15-Feb-54Non-hostile Death
Jones, Kenneth R.PFC16373958Matteson, IL24-Sep-51Killed in Action
Jones, WilliamCPL16071347Cook, IL25-Jul-50Killed in Action
Joseph, AdolphSGT16244375Cook, IL1-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Judson, Bryant Escar Jr.SGT592477Chicago, IL17-Oct-52Killed in Action
Juhl, Robert ArthurPFC1160600Chicago, IL16-Nov-51Non-hostile Death
Jurasz, LeoSGT16288327Cook, IL2-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Kacheris, ByronCPL16287614Cook, IL26-Apr-51Killed in Action
Kadlec, Richard A.PFC16306246Cook, IL12-Jul-50Killed in Action
Kehr, Dean Deloss Jr.SSGTAF16316458Franklin Park, IL1-Jun-51Killed in Action
Kenney, William RichardPFC1150998Chicago, IL16-Sep-51Killed in Action
Kensel, Robert Kane1LTO-2103750Barrington, IL16-Aug-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Kerber, Charles F.PVT55132716Cook, IL17-Sep-51Killed in Action
Kiesling, Curtis JamesCPL1063170Elmhurst, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Kilroy, Frank RaymondPVT55263999Stickney, IL15-May-53Non-hostile Death
Kirk, Albert Jr.PFC55321275Cook, IL8-Jul-53Killed in Action
Klebo, Harry A. Jr.1LTO-1176692Cook, IL27-Sep-50Killed in Action
Klein, John A.PVT55107047Cook, IL7-Dec-51Killed in Action
Kloeckner, Ronald J.PVT55235039Cook, IL28-Jul-52Killed in Action
Kluss, JoeSGT16001355Cook, IL3-Sep-50Killed in Action
Knight, John F.PFC55041736Cook, IL7-Jun-51Killed in Action
Knutson, Paul C.CPL16371724Cook, IL26-Jul-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Kobie, Arthur RichardPVT55132700Cook, IL30-Aug-51Killed in Action
Koch, ClarenceSGT15102034Cook, IL21-Feb-51Killed in Action
Koestler, George E.PFC55000211Cook, IL19-May-51Killed in Action
Kok, William JohnPVT57508010Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Kolasinski, Robert A.PFC16287628Cook, IL9-Apr-51Killed in Action
Koontz, Don WyandotteMSGT832130Chicago, IL2-Mar-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Kopczak, Joseph Anthony Jr.SGT1048077Chicago, IL15-Mar-51Killed in Action
Kotwasinski, WilliamPFC16306247Cook, IL28-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Kotwica, Joseph JamesCPL1230196Chicago, IL27-Oct-52Killed in Action
Kozlowski, Aloysius W.PVT55000338Cook, IL13-Feb-51Died of Wounds
Kraft, Roger JohnCPL55065921Cook, IL10-Oct-51Died while Prisoner of War
Krainovich, MilanPVT1180976Chicago, IL22-Aug-52Killed in Action
Kramer, Ronald L.SGT55042111Cook, IL21-Jun-52Killed in Action
Krelowski, ZdzislawPVT55106720Chicago, IL28-Jul-51Non-hostile Death
Kreutz, Edward Oliver Jr.HM28527163Chicago, IL10-Apr-51Non-hostile Death
Kripoton, John A.PVT16373476Cook, IL12-Oct-52Killed in Action
Krucek, Edward A.PFC55105711Cook, IL8-Aug-51Killed in Action
Kruszewski, Mitchel2LTO-1686685Cook, IL11-Sep-50Died of Wounds
Krzyzowski, Edward C.CAPTO-1310728Chicago, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Kucharczyk, Henry J.PFC55061759Cook, IL20-Jul-51Killed in Action
Kuhr, Raymond E.PFC16306276Cook, IL16-Sep-50Killed in Action
Kuizinas, Vito PaulPVT55166896Chicago, IL11-May-52Non-hostile Death
Kuldanek, Stephan F.PFC16254763Cook, IL20-Jan-51Killed in Action
Kunz, William F.PFC55107461Cook, IL22-Mar-52Killed in Action
Kurgan, BilliePVT16348111Cook, IL15-Oct-51Killed in Action
Kurzawski, Joseph FrankPFC1180129Chicago, IL23-Sep-51Died of Wounds
Kusiolek, Adrian J.PVT36748782Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Kuzniar, Richard T.PFC55197027Cook, IL27-Sep-52Died of Wounds
La Monica, Anthony DanielHM3029383Chicago, IL16-Sep-51Killed in Action
Lambert, Donald Francis2LT54701Summit, IL8-Jan-53Killed in Action
Lanau, Kas Edward J.PFC16297276Cook, IL16-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Lanfair, RooseveltPVT55185162Cook, IL11-May-52Killed in Action
Lang, John R.PFC1129402Chicago, IL25-Jul-53Killed in Action
Lannon, John J.PFC16245014Cook, IL21-Sep-50Killed in Action
Lardino, Frank F.PFC16280006Cook, IL4-Sep-50Died of Wounds
Larsen, Emil A. Jr.PFC16327657Cook, IL28-Feb-53Killed in Action
Laufer, RobertPFC16297560Cook, IL26-May-51Killed in Action
Lavelle, John ThomasCPL1117384La Grange, IL22-Oct-52Killed in Action
Leaf, Ralph E.PVT36840708Cook, IL4-Feb-51Died of Wounds
Lee, Jesse JamesSGT36793116Chicago, IL2-Aug-53Non-hostile Death
Leffler, Richard C.PFC55065909Cook, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
Leider, Eugene G.PFC55064597Cook, IL19-Nov-51Killed in Action
Lender, Charles W.2LTO-1881783Cook, IL24-May-53Killed in Action
Lenske, Leonard EdwinPVT16279686Chicago, IL12-Aug-51Non-hostile Death
Lewandowski, Edward J.PFC55065552Cook, IL3-Sep-51Killed in Action
Lewandowski, Ernest S.PFC16278916Cook, IL2-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Lewis, Edward W. Jr.MSGT36797353Cook, IL9-Dec-52Killed in Action
Lewis, James MarkPFC1309392Chicago, IL26-Mar-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Lilek, Donald J.PVT55043894Cook, IL28-May-51Killed in Action
Lindahl, RunePFC55195569Cook, IL29-Aug-52Killed in Action
Lindsay, R. L.PVT55238141Cook, IL15-Nov-52Killed in Action
Lindstrom, Carlo A.PFC55042209Cook, IL15-Jul-51Killed in Action
Liskowski, John P. Jr.PFC16340110Cook, IL18-Sep-51Died of Wounds
Lopez, Raul TregoPFC55264571Chicago, IL24-Jun-53Non-hostile Death
Lorenz, Robert EdwardPFC26790367Chicago, IL28-Oct-50Died while Prisoner of War
Lowe, PhilipPVT55238499Chicago, IL8-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Lowe, ThomasPFC53139274Cook, IL18-Jul-53Killed in Action
Lucarz, Edward StanleyPFC1219124Chicago, IL1-Oct-52Killed in Action
Luckett, John B.CPL16348994Cook, IL3-Oct-51Killed in Action
Lundervold, Winston K.PFC17305267Cook, IL17-Jun-52Killed in Action
Lydolph, Robert M.PFC16281765Cook, IL18-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Lynch, James JohnPVT55291261Chicago, IL19-May-53Non-hostile Death
Lynn, Frank WisnerLTCO-26448Chicago, IL3-Sep-54Killed in Action
Maas, Robert AugustMSGT36036445Cook, IL15-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Macino, Michelo A.PVT16303696Cook, IL7-Jul-50Killed in Action
Madison, ReginaldSGT1160726Chicago, IL2-Mar-53Killed in Action
Maly, James A.PVT16287721Cook, IL21-Sep-50Killed in Action
Mangrum, Selman D.PVT55134007Cook, IL10-Oct-51Killed in Action
Manitowabi, AlphonseSFC36493106Cook, IL20-May-53Killed in Action
Mann, Richard H.CPL26334978Cook, IL4-Feb-51Killed in Action
Marassa, Frank M.PVT55041987Cook, IL20-May-51Killed in Action
Marchert, Fred John Jr.CPL1048125Chicago, IL1-Aug-52Died of Wounds
Marchino, Anthony J.PFC16325330Cook, IL26-Sep-50Killed in Action
Marks, Eugene L.PFC16316118Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Marlowe, Fred EmanuelMAJO-346555Chicago, IL12-Jul-50Died of Wounds
Marquez, MartinPVT36927703Cook, IL2-Dec-50Killed in Action
Martin, John Paul Jr.CPL26368831Cook, IL28-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Marye, David FolsomPVT16218525Evanston, IL8-May-51Non-hostile Death
Mason, Charles2LTAO-2223874Lagrange Park, IL17-Jan-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Matchett, Edward W.SFC46019935Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Mathews, Charles Jr.PVT36796812Chicago, IL2-Feb-51Non-hostile Death
Maxwell, Roy LeePFC1308670Chicago, IL26-Feb-53Killed in Action
May, Donald A.PVT16280783Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Mayerhofer, DonaldCPL55291057Cook, IL11-Jul-53Killed in Action
Mayfield, Weldon E.PVT16347279Cook, IL21-May-51Died of Wounds
Maze, Paul W.PFC16297619Cook, IL28-Jan-51Killed in Action
McAllister, John F.SFC16303621Cook, IL28-Feb-51Died while Prisoner of War
McAndrews, Charles AshendenPFC1071991Chicago, IL7-Dec-50Killed in Action
McBride, James W.1LTO-1331644Cook, IL22-Mar-51Died of Wounds
McClennon, Horace I.PVT55041241Cook, IL2-Jun-51Killed in Action
McCullough, JohnSGT16303744Chicago, IL31-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
McGinnis, Leonard ShapoffPVT55168303Chicago, IL20-Aug-52Non-hostile Death
McGrath, Orville B.PFC16215396Cook, IL13-Sep-50Killed in Action
McIlquham, Alfred K.1LTO-1540949Cook, IL27-Jul-50Killed in Action
McIntosh, CurliePFC55322650Cook, IL27-Jun-53Died of Wounds
McLaughlin, Andrew R.PVT55062592Cook, IL5-Jun-51Killed in Action
McNulty, Terence JohnCPL1024355Blue Island, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
McReynolds, Cornelius Jr.SGT55181589Chicago, IL17-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Mehler, Leo M.PFC46040239Cook, IL11-Aug-50Killed in Action
Meiners, John HenryPVT16357448Chicago, IL2-Oct-51Killed in Action
Menclewicz, Clarence R.PFC55234587Cook, IL7-Mar-53Killed in Action
Mendelsohn, David CharlesSGT592629Chicago, IL29-Sep-50Killed in Action
Mengler, Clarence StanleyCPL1180182Cicero, IL25-Jun-52Died of Wounds
Micele, Raymond A.PFC57500910Cook, IL7-Mar-51Killed in Action
Milano, David B.CPL16330168Chicago, IL2-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Miller, Eugene NicholasMSGT46056930Cook, IL5-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Misovic, Michael Jr.CPL1050229Chicago, IL23-Apr-51Killed in Action
Mistle, Conrad P.PVT56146769Cook, IL23-Nov-51Killed in Action
Mitchell, Frank RobertSGT17246455Chicago, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Mitchell, Philip C. Jr.1LTO-927124Cook, IL21-Sep-51Killed in Action
Miyamoto, Robert K.PVT30126623Cook, IL24-Jun-51Died of Wounds
Mlaskac, Milton J.PVT16325297Cook, IL17-Aug-50Killed in Action
Moccio, Raymond D.PFC55199749Cook, IL16-Aug-52Died of Wounds
Montgomery, Percy L.PVT55130600Cook, IL4-Oct-51Killed in Action
Montoya, James AnthonyPFC1123986Chicago, IL10-Jun-51Killed in Action
Monzo, Henry A.CPL55167662Cook, IL24-Apr-52Killed in Action
Moore, Edward J. Jr.PVT16341764Cook, IL29-May-51Killed in Action
Morgan, AlbertSGT16288032Cook, IL8-Apr-51Died while Prisoner of War
Morgan, Arthur W.CPL16331823Cook, IL1-Sep-51Killed in Action
Morgan, Hillard GlennCPL55106663Chicago, IL6-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Morris, Albert E.SGT6731649Cook, IL13-Oct-50Killed in Action
Morris, Rufus R.PFC55185279Cook, IL19-Oct-52Killed in Action
Morrison, James F.PFC1271113Homewood, IL12-Jul-53Killed in Action
Moulden, Collins Jr.PVT55198058Cook, IL16-Aug-52Died of Wounds
Mrazek, Leonard F.PFC55197679Cook, IL29-Jun-52Killed in Action
Mrotek, Lawrence MiltonCPL57500734Cook, IL1-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Mullane, Donald B.PFC16341571Cook, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
Mullins, Charlie Jr.PFC1118931Chicago, IL11-Dec-50Died of Wounds
Munier, Joseph Francis Jr.M33030444Chicago, IL7-Oct-51Killed in Action
Munson, Arvid O.1LTO-2058357Cook, IL7-Jul-50Killed in Action
Murdock, LonniePVT55165406Cook, IL8-Nov-51Killed in Action
Murphy, James P.PVT16371743Cook, IL17-Oct-51Killed in Action
Murphy, John D.PVT36787080Cook, IL19-Dec-50Killed in Action
Murphy, Robert J. M.CPL16303071Cook, IL8-Apr-51Killed in Action
Myslinski, Edwin J.PFC36674479Cook, IL20-May-51Killed in Action
Nakamura, WataruPFC36467531Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Nakasato, YeichiPVT30109395Cook, IL11-Dec-50Killed in Action
Nalepka, Joseph J.PVT55023572Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Nearhood, John W.SGT16315922Cook, IL8-Aug-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Neil, William L.PVT55040475Cook, IL4-Jun-51Killed in Action
Nelsen, Charles W.SGT36301833Cook, IL31-Jul-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Nemeth, Ben S.CPL55064191Cook, IL19-Sep-51Killed in Action
Nesis, Thomas JosephPVT16303706Cook, IL12-Sep-50Killed in Action
Niwa, Daniel J.PFC55108554Cook, IL9-Oct-51Killed in Action
Norling, Vincent P.PFC16302910Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Norris, George D.PVT16215040Cook, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
Notbusch, Henry C.PFC36913386Cook, IL26-Jan-51Killed in Action
Notter, William J.PFC16399579Cook, IL7-Jul-53Killed in Action
Novak, Jerry O.PFC55293497Cook, IL13-Jul-53Killed in Action
Nowicki, Joseph M.CPL55107076Cook, IL5-Apr-52Killed in Action
Nowicki, Richard R.SGT16274016Cook, IL16-Sep-50Killed in Action
Nykvist, RobertCPL16330228Cook, IL3-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
O'Connell, Edmund D.PFC55000521Cook, IL7-Jan-51Killed in Action
O'Connell, James E.PFC16303568Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
O'Connor, Patrick FrankSGT637228Chicago, IL10-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
O'Day, Walter GeorgeCPL627384River Forest, IL26-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
O'Donnell, Terrence WilliamHM3040513Chicago, IL24-Jun-52Killed in Action
O'Keefe, John F.PFC55000374Cook, IL7-Jan-51Killed in Action
O'Keefe, Richard C.CPL55291408Wilmette, IL23-Jul-53Killed in Action
O'Neil, Clayton LarryPFC16255823Cook, IL23-Aug-50Killed in Action
O'Toole, James WilliamPFC566207Chicago, IL24-Sep-50Killed in Action
Ogden, Frank SamuelPFC660466Chicago, IL5-Dec-50Died of Wounds
Oleshko, Michael F.SGT16245335Cook, IL24-Sep-51Killed in Action
Olinger, Elmer B. Jr.CPL16392567Cook, IL2-Jun-53Killed in Action
Oliver, Samuel Rolland Jr.PFC1244937Chicago, IL20-Nov-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Ore, Roger HullPFC1218749Berwyn, IL26-Aug-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Orr, Jack F.PVT55062919Cook, IL21-Aug-51Killed in Action
Orsetti, Raymond EugeneSGT16281944Evanston, IL22-Aug-50Non-hostile Death
Orzechowski, John G.SGT33466238Cook, IL14-Feb-51Died of Wounds
Owens, Edison F.PFC16330296Cook, IL31-Mar-51Died while Prisoner of War
Paladino, Bernard M.MSGT16303682Cook, IL2-Mar-51Killed in Action
Panacek, Louis JosephCPL55321174Cook, IL8-Jul-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Pappin, Richard C.1LTO-1882218Cook, IL24-Jul-53Killed in Action
Parrish, Raymond ShirleyQMC3684343Chicago, IL27-Aug-52Killed in Action
Patten, James Jr.PFC55237987Robbins, IL26-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Pauloma, JesusPFC55105157Chicago, IL7-Sep-52Non-hostile Death
Pauly, Herman E.PVT16340179Cook, IL25-Feb-52Killed in Action
Pavlak, EdwardSFC55183704Cook, IL14-Oct-52Killed in Action
Pavlak, John C.PFC1180361Chicago, IL24-Jul-53Killed in Action
Payne, BaltimoreCPL36013131Cook, IL26-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Payne, William GeorgeHM13381287Chicago, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Paynovich, Milo G.SGT16287871Cook, IL1-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Pearce, John DavidCPL55107257Elmhurst, IL28-Sep-51Killed in Action
Pearson, William Arnold Jr.CPL1065594Evanston, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Petress, James E.CPL16303618Cook, IL11-Jun-51Killed in Action
Pieri, Paul MarioSGT26338163Cook, IL5-Dec-50Killed in Action
Pierre, Samuel Jr.PFC55165793Chicago, IL1-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Piorunski, Leonard L. P.SGT36948842Cook, IL22-Feb-51Killed in Action
Plinske, Norman C.PVT55236903Cook, IL21-Nov-52Killed in Action
Pliska, Edward V.PVT55000034Cook, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Poczekaj, Edward F. Jr.CPL1175726Chicago, IL28-Mar-53Killed in Action
Polcer, George J. Jr.PFC55263408Cook, IL11-Jun-53Killed in Action
Polotto, Anthony Jr.PFC16389417Chicago, IL5-Aug-52Killed in Action
Popp, John Frederick Jr.CPL1244895Barrington, IL16-Aug-52Killed in Action
Pospyhalla, Dale A.CPL16323243Cook, IL2-Nov-50Killed in Action
Potts, RichardSGT38449050Chicago, IL21-Mar-53Non-hostile Death
Powers, Bernard M.CPL26351528Cook, IL2-Mar-51Died of Wounds
Powers, James JosephCPL16249256Chicago, IL28-Feb-51Non-hostile Death
Prettner, Robert J.PFC16316707Cook, IL30-Jul-51Died while Prisoner of War
Prindle, Richard ThomasAME3B529576Morton Grove, IL15-Apr-69Killed in Action
Rader, Lester DoyleCPL552343Chicago, IL15-Sep-50Killed in Action
Radford, GeorgeCPL55107081Chicago, IL17-Apr-52Non-hostile Death
Ragland, John Jr.PVT16335026Cook, IL31-Mar-51Died of Wounds
Ramser, Howard W. Jr.PFC55195299Cook, IL18-Oct-52Killed in Action
Ratti, Joseph ClementCPL16208069Cook, IL30-Apr-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Ray, Roy Jr.PVT16386965Cook, IL27-Apr-53Killed in Action
Regan, Thomas J.PVT16373182Cook, IL27-Oct-51Killed in Action
Reidy, Quin P.PFC55104898Cook, IL13-Sep-51Killed in Action
Reilly, Thomas Francis Jr.SGT1171540Chicago, IL15-May-52Non-hostile Death
Reimer, Kenneth F.2LTO-1925669Cook, IL11-Jun-53Killed in Action
Reynolds, LindbergPVT16242335Cook, IL17-Mar-51Killed in Action
Riccardo, George S.PFC16303691Cook, IL11-Feb-51Killed in Action
Ricci, Sirio A.CPL1270525Chicago, IL29-Mar-53Killed in Action
Rice, Harold E.SGT1244718Chicago, IL10-Apr-53Killed in Action
Richard, Earl J.CPL36941810Cook, IL4-Feb-51Killed in Action
Richards, Joseph T.PVT55133438Cook, IL6-Oct-52Killed in Action
Richards, Lowell E.PVT55351538Cook, IL15-Jul-53Killed in Action
Riddle, Dock L.CPL6391881Cook, IL28-Jul-51Died while Prisoner of War
Ritter, John G.PFC55104897Cook, IL9-Sep-51Killed in Action
Rivera, Jorge LegarretaPFC55064391Cook, IL7-Sep-51Killed in Action
Rivera, Paul Jr.SGT16254741Chicago, IL29-May-51Killed in Action
Rizdy, MichaelPFC36003946Cook, IL27-Feb-53Killed in Action
Roberson, Teddy EdwardPVT16374105Cook, IL2-Dec-51Killed in Action
Robert PaulSGT55106475Chicago, IL12-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Roberts, Henry D.PFC16242445Cook, IL31-Aug-50Killed in Action
Roberts, Samuel RomanesousSGT16310166Chicago Heights, IL19-Aug-51Non-hostile Death
Robinson, FrankPFC55042311Cook, IL7-Aug-51Killed in Action
Robling, Robert EarlPFC1050387Chicago, IL25-Sep-50Killed in Action
Roclawski, RichardPFC26339379Cook, IL17-Jun-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Rodriguez, Anthony NickSGT1048029Chicago, IL11-Sep-51Killed in Action
Rodriguez, Jose M.PVT16368031Cook, IL30-Oct-51Killed in Action
Rogers, Clinton R.PVT16347311Cook, IL24-May-51Killed in Action
Rolling, Henry L.PVT16309876Cook, IL11-Nov-50Killed in Action
Romero, HumbertoPVT55041974Cook, IL25-Apr-51Killed in Action
Ronczkowski, RichardHM27293793Chicago, IL7-Oct-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Rosecrants, George FrederickSFC16282641Cook, IL31-Mar-51Died while Prisoner of War
Rosen, MichaelCPL55042140Cook, IL21-Jun-52Killed in Action
Rosenthal, Alfred M.PFC55043590Cook, IL30-Aug-51Killed in Action
Rother, Charles R.PVT55165497Cook, IL8-Nov-51Killed in Action
Ruggero, Ciro JerryCPL16287848Cook, IL24-Aug-51Died while Prisoner of War
Ryan, Robert W.SGT20616966Cook, IL6-Nov-50Killed in Action
Rzepecki, Raymond A.1LTO-961049Cook, IL18-Jun-52Killed in Action
Sadek, Eugene J.PFC16317812Cook, IL11-Feb-51Killed in Action
Salcido, Armado LawrenceSGT16331924Chicago, IL27-Dec-52Non-hostile Death
Salecki, Chester J.CPL36991783Cook, IL4-Nov-50Killed in Action
Salerno, Joseph Jr.PFC16297330Cook, IL15-Aug-50Killed in Action
Samayoa, Joseph S.CPL39435122Cook, IL10-Sep-50Killed in Action
Samczyk, Stanley J.PFC16303702Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Savides, George NickPVT16400318Chicago, IL2-Aug-53Non-hostile Death
Sawyer, Levi L.PFC55043732Cook, IL21-Oct-51Died of Wounds
Scateni, Rudolph M.PVT57500832Cook, IL29-Jan-51Killed in Action
Scheltens, Frank J.PVT55064141Cook, IL29-Jul-51Killed in Action
Schick, Robert ArnoldPFC1180551Chicago, IL3-Dec-51Died of Wounds
Schillicutt, James H.CPL26353881Cook, IL9-Jul-53Killed in Action
Schine, John Jr.PFC16325313Cicero, IL16-Oct-51Killed in Action
Schlabach, Frank Lyman Jr.CPL55182342Evanston, IL30-Jun-52Non-hostile Death
Schlivko, LeoCPLChicago, IL23-Nov-52Non-hostile Death
Schmid, Walter D.CPL1175778Chicago, IL9-Apr-53Killed in Action
Schmiedl, Vernon E.PVT55063520Cook, IL3-Jun-51Killed in Action
Schmitt, John GilbertCPL16275894Cook, IL8-Aug-52Killed in Action
Schultz, Robert EdwinPFC1230426Chicago, IL26-Mar-53Killed in Action
Schumer, Raymond John MichaelPVT55324993Evanston, IL11-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Schuring, Gerald GeneCPL17228038Cook, IL30-Nov-50Died while Prisoner of War
Schwartz, Harold A.CPL16209224Cook, IL15-Feb-51Killed in Action
Schweiger, William T.CPL46039632Cook, IL4-Oct-51Killed in Action
Scott, Edward H.PFC16306482Cook, IL18-Jul-51Non-hostile Death
Scowcroft, Arthur JamesSGT16339262Chicago Heights, IL14-Nov-52Non-hostile Air Crash
Sebastian, BrownCAPTO-2048476Cook, IL1-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Semetges, George JohnCPL55235050Cook, IL26-Oct-52Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Sereika, Donald S.CPL57500942Cook, IL7-Jun-51Killed in Action
Serpe, SamuelPFC16327645Cook, IL6-Sep-50Killed in Action
Serra, Eugene RalphPFC55195499Chicago, IL14-Nov-52Non-hostile Air Crash
Shaw, Eugene MarvinCPL642196Chicago, IL27-Sep-50Killed in Action
Shay, John B. S.CPL16297873Cook, IL19-May-51Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Shine, Edward A.PFC55185223Evanston, IL23-Sep-52Died of Wounds
Shy, Leslie A.PFC35816929Cook, IL14-Feb-51Killed in Action
Sicas, Edmundas G.PVT55131803Cook, IL16-Sep-51Killed in Action
Sieczka, Walter J.PVT55132894Cook, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Simpson, Issac Jr.PFC1295876Chicago, IL27-Mar-53Killed in Action
Simpson, Orville L.PFC46082512Cook, IL5-Jun-51Died of Wounds
Siudzinski, ErnestSGT37772746Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Skibicki, Chester A.PVT55041608Chicago, IL27-Aug-51Killed in Action
Sleboda, Richard StanislawPFC657852Westchester, IL2-Dec-50Killed in Action
Sloan, Donald E.PVT16309776Cook, IL10-Sep-50Killed in Action
Sloan, Lawrence H.PFC57507666Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Slotabec, Robert BernardPFC1071979Chicago, IL7-Dec-50Died of Wounds
Small, MarvinCPL55165794Chicago, IL26-Nov-51Non-hostile Death
Smietana, Henry J.PVT55132332Chicago, IL20-Feb-52Non-hostile Death
Smith, AlbertPVT55165525Chicago, IL29-Nov-52Non-hostile Death
Smith, GeraldPFC16255580Cook, IL17-Jul-50Killed in Action
Smith, Gordon RonaldPVT16327708Cook, IL20-Sep-50Killed in Action
Smith, Leonard G.PVT16242513Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Smith, Robert K.SFC6584812Cook, IL12-Aug-50Killed in Action
Smith, Roger W.PFC16327606Cook, IL8-Apr-51Killed in Action
Smyros, James G.PFC16330105Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Sokol, John A.PFC16368889Cook, IL2-Sep-51Killed in Action
Sommerfield, Edward GustavSGT16244063Cook, IL6-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Sparks, HoracePFC55064411Cook, IL19-May-51Killed in Action
Spear, Spero G.PVT55063953Cook, IL26-Jul-51Killed in Action
Spencer, LloydCPL34346968Cook, IL27-Mar-51Died of Wounds
Stackig, Ralph S. Jr.PFC16308764Cook, IL22-Jun-51Died of Wounds
Stacy, Gene E.PVT16306547Cook, IL28-Feb-51Killed in Action
Stancel, Joseph E.SFC6731405Cook, IL26-Sep-50Died while Prisoner of War
Standaert, Richard L.PFC55107631Cook, IL3-Oct-51Died of Wounds
Stapleton, David FrancisPFC1175709Chicago, IL15-Sep-51Killed in Action
Stark, Louis K.PFC36793810Cook, IL11-Aug-50Killed in Action
Staskiewicz, Walter R.PFC36046209Cook, IL18-May-51Killed in Action
Statler, Lavern D.PFC16275554Cook, IL1-Sep-50Killed in Action
Stefaniak, Stanley JohnPFC1296347Chicago, IL27-Feb-53Killed in Action
Steger, William RaymondCPL16254756Cook, IL27-Jul-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Stepina, GeorgeMSGT36947644Cook, IL30-Jun-51Died while Prisoner of War
Sterczek, Frank S.PFC16239840Chicago, IL7-Feb-51Killed in Action
Stevens, Edward R.PVT16316065Cook, IL6-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Stewart, Wallace Delford2LTAO-2222660Chicago, IL19-Apr-52Non-hostile Air Crash
Stine, Percy E. Jr.CPL16394015Cook, IL12-Jun-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Stockwell, Jesse H.PVT55043772Cook, IL4-Oct-51Killed in Action
Stone, Lawrence M.PVT55106646Cook, IL1-Sep-51Killed in Action
Stone, William H.CPL16279771Cook, IL2-Sep-51Killed in Action
Stott, Beverly R.PFC16288369Cook, IL7-Mar-51Killed in Action
Streeter, Richard SherwinPFC1205567Evanston, IL21-Apr-52Killed in Action
Striegel, Joseph W.PFC26336691Cook, IL28-Nov-50Killed in Action
Stroemer, Charles O.PFC55234928Cook, IL30-Dec-52Killed in Action
Strogis, Ignatz James Jr.HM7269684Chicago, IL21-Jul-52Non-hostile Death
Strohmeyer, Paul DavidHM33041528Chicago, IL31-Aug-54Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Strozier, FrankPFC55323298Chicago, IL26-Jun-53Non-hostile Death
Strylowski, Edward C.MSGT20615835Markham, IL2-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Stumpf, John LouisMSGT46048774Cook, IL8-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
Sturm, WilliamPFC1110014Chicago, IL23-Mar-51Died of Wounds
Suhren, Edmund W.SGT16287889Cook, IL18-Apr-51Killed in Action
Sullivan, Robert AnthonyPFC16371788Chicago, IL16-Sep-51Killed in Action
Sulzer, Norbert C.PFC55195415Cook, IL29-Aug-52Killed in Action
Summeries, Robert PrestonPFC1270469Chicago, IL6-Oct-52Killed in Action
Sutherland, Kenneth W.PFC16255953Cook, IL16-Jul-50Killed in Action
Sutherland, RaymondPFC55196810Cook, IL20-Sep-52Killed in Action
Sutton, JohniePVT55042220Cook, IL25-May-51Killed in Action
Suvada, Robert M.CPL55041518Cook, IL6-Feb-52Killed in Action
Sweeney, Richard E.AT15267456Chicago, IL15-Apr-69Killed in Action
Swornog, AdamCPL55261688Cook, IL25-Mar-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Sykora, Thomas G.PFC55234602Cook, IL5-Jan-53Killed in Action
Symons, John O.SGT16229157Cook, IL16-Oct-51Died while Prisoner of War
Synski, EdmundPVT16324890Cook, IL27-Jul-50Killed in Action
Sypniewski, Stanley LeonardHM3034019Chicago, IL13-Aug-52Killed in Action
Taccio, Rocco Jr.PFC55041119Cook, IL18-Oct-51Killed in Action
Tadlock, Alvin JeroneCPL16247907Cook, IL31-May-51Died while Prisoner of War
Tallant, Kenneth Paul1LTAO-2224125Chicago, IL18-May-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Tarnas, AntoniPFC55131787Cook, IL20-Sep-51Killed in Action
Taylor, John A.SGT16335004Cook, IL21-Aug-51Killed in Action
Taylor, Robert FrankLT670724Chicago, IL15-Apr-69Killed in Action
Thees, John Francis1LTAO-2225641Berwyn, IL20-Jul-53Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Therkelsen, Donald ArthurCPL55238398Cook, IL17-Jul-53Killed in Action
Thinnes, Joel AloysissusPFC1050302Chicago, IL3-Dec-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Thomas, Alonzo T.PVT1295738Chicago, IL18-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Thomas, Calvin LeonPFC55181848Chicago, IL26-Oct-52Non-hostile Death
Thomas, George HarryCPL277326Chicago, IL20-Apr-51Died while Prisoner of War
Thomas, Samuel Jr.PVT16281431Cook, IL18-Sep-50Killed in Action
Thome, William A.PVT55324196Cook, IL24-Jun-53Died of Wounds
Thommes, George FrankHM33022441Chicago, IL27-Sep-50Killed in Action
Thomsen, Allen E.PFC55165911Cook, IL12-Aug-52Killed in Action
Thorpe, Bill DanielCPL1180640Oak Lawn, IL6-Oct-52Killed in Action
Thorsen, George S.SGT16207044Cook, IL1-Dec-50Killed in Action
Throgmartin, HoustonPFC55131417Cook, IL18-Feb-52Killed in Action
Tibbs, Connie L.PVT16303674Cook, IL31-May-51Killed in Action
Tilden, Henry C.PFC16308811Cook, IL4-Apr-51Killed in Action
Tonander, Edward BurtonSGT16297940Cook, IL4-Nov-50Died of Wounds
Toole, Arnold EverettSGT16280472Chicago, IL11-Aug-50Died while Prisoner of War
Toribio, Louis C.PFC16303120Cook, IL29-Jul-50Killed in Action
Trannon, Elijah Jr.PFC16309795Cook, IL15-Sep-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Triplet, Howard M.ST2Chicago, IL26-May-54Non-hostile Death
Tucker, George E.CPL35040583Cook, IL24-Aug-50Killed in Action
Tugman, Richard J.PFC16287423Chicago, IL31-Dec-50Died while Prisoner of War
Tuzzolino, Vito CarlPVT55197368Cook, IL1-Sep-52Killed in Action
Ujek, Joseph W. Jr.PFC55198623Cook, IL14-Oct-52Killed in Action
Umlauf, John F.1LTO-970134Cook, IL6-Sep-52Killed in Action
Uurtamo, Stephen T.MAJO-1285146Cook, IL21-Jan-51Died while Prisoner of War
Van Dusen, Edward LeRoyCPL16325333Chicago, IL2-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Van Veen, James Arthur1LTAO-2217126Chicago, IL27-May-53Killed in Action
Vanderlaan, JacobCPL36612221Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Vandermyde, Douglas GeraldPFC1224888Chicago, IL7-Oct-52Killed in Action
Vazquez, Hilario C.PVT55064528Cook, IL28-Oct-51Killed in Action
Vega, Vincent AngeloPFC16324985Cook, IL5-Jul-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Veld, RichardPFC55236104South Holland, IL13-Jun-53Killed in Action
Venezia, VincentPFC16334945Cook, IL12-Sep-51Killed in Action
Vera, Marcial T.PFC55261202Cook, IL7-Jan-53Killed in Action
Vick, Donald G.PVT55164196Cook, IL19-Oct-51Killed in Action
Villareal, Raul S.PFC16275064Cook, IL6-Sep-50Killed in Action
Vogel, Arthur J.PVT16332689Chicago, IL30-Apr-51Non-hostile Death
Volpe, Joseph C.PFC16337602Oak Park, IL24-Sep-51Non-hostile Death
Vydra, Edward R.SGT55062739Cook, IL10-Nov-51Killed in Action
Wagner, Nicholas J.PFC55129117Cook, IL16-Oct-51Killed in Action
Walczak, Casimir FelixPFC16316451Cook, IL17-Aug-50Died while Prisoner of War
Waldon, Wilbur E.PFC16334915Cook, IL22-Apr-51Killed in Action
Walker, Frank McNally1LTO-551522Cook, ILApril 22,1951Killed while a Prisoner of War
Walker, Walter AllenCPL16324928Chicago, IL28-Feb-51Died while Prisoner of War
Walls, Robert W.CPL34320647Cook, IL14-Feb-51Killed in Action
Walsh, John P.PVT55264478Cook, IL4-Mar-53Killed in Action
Wankowski, Eugene JosephCPL36665477Chicago, IL1-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Warlick, Jessie P.PVT55044600Cook, IL8-Aug-51Killed in Action
Warner, Dewayne H.PFC55063102Cook, IL4-Oct-51Killed in Action
Warner, James KendisCAPTO-1284246Cook, IL30-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Watson, Walter JohnSGT36799189Cook, IL8-Mar-51Died while Prisoner of War
Watt, Spencer R.PVT16287490Cook, IL10-Jul-50Killed in Action
Weiss, Carl P.PVT16373235Cook, IL3-Apr-52Killed in Action
Weiss, Sherwin B.PVT55023774Cook, IL5-Oct-51Killed in Action
Wells, Raymond GilbertSFC16276570Oak Park, IL10-Feb-53Non-hostile Death
Wendling, Ernest ArthurPFC26338853Chicago, IL4-Nov-50Killed while a Prisoner of War
Westel, Jack RobertPFC55063820Cicero, IL8-Aug-51Killed in Action
Westphal, Phillip B.CPL55064878Cook, IL26-Sep-51Killed in Action
Wetzig, JosephCPL16370657Cook, IL24-Jan-52Killed in Action
Whisler, William LeonPFC16207595Cook, IL31-Jul-51Died while Prisoner of War
White, Edward FrancisCPL16288079Cook, IL29-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
White, John G. Jr.1LTO-516681Cook, IL5-Jul-50Killed in Action
Whitemore, William FrancisSGT36943427Cook, IL30-Nov-50Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
Whitlow, LeeroyPFC44154837Cook, IL12-Aug-50Died of Wounds
Wilkosz, Edward E.PFC55105391Cook, IL5-Oct-51Killed in Action
Willecke, Harold E.CAPTO-478960Cook, IL7-Jun-51Killed in Action
Williams, Lawrence J.PVT16274862Cook, IL14-Jan-51Killed in Action
Wilson, Charles Jr.PFC16368623Cook, IL9-Oct-51Killed in Action
Wirt, Frederick B.CAPTO-1104016Cook, IL20-Jul-50Killed in Action
Wise, James DonaldCPL36646454Cook County, IL4-Nov-50Killed in Action
Wolf, Kenneth FrederickPFC1219184Chicago, IL13-Aug-52Killed in Action
Woodruff, Robert Seymour2LTAO-2217529Northbrook, IL6-Jan-53Non-hostile Air Crash
Workman, John CharlesLT433757Evanston, IL20-Apr-52Killed in Action
Wright, Mack IIIPVT55040804Chicago, IL13-Jun-51Non-hostile Death
Wynn, Robert DayPFC1224728Chicago, IL30-May-52Non-hostile Death
Wysocki, Frederick E.1LTAO-1903280Chicago, IL6-Nov-50Died of Wounds
Yercich, Michael Jr.PFC1050254Chicago, IL7-Aug-50Killed in Action
York, Richard WilliamCPL1019608Chicago, IL27-Nov-50Killed in Action
Ziarko, Casemir JosephPFC1224908Chicago, IL7-Jul-52Killed in Action