Personal (5 October 1889)


  • Ex-Alderman COLVIN is back from California.
  • Chief Justice FULLER has returned to Washington.
  • Deputy City Clerk VAN CLEAVE has returned to Miltona Lake
  • Alderman DIXON has returned from a profitable camp-meeting.
  • Alderman BOWLER is back from a pleasant visit to Goose Island.
  • City Clerk AMBERG is negotiating for the purchase of Die Beobackter.
  • Mayor ONAHAN is troubled with enlargement of the head.
  • Alderman RYAN is recovering from a severe attack of thoughtfulness.
  • Congressman MASON gained twelve pounds on his European trip.
  • Alexander H. REVELL, the well-known Chicago merchant, is now in Italy with his wife.
  • Alderman HEPBURN can hardly forgive himself.  He recently discovered some corporations whose interests he had overlooked.
  • Miss L.C. RIORDAN, who has charge of F.R. LAWLOR’s cloak department, has returned from an extended trip through Europe.
  • Congressman LAWLER is troubled with absent-mindedness. He recently forgot to mention himself thirty times in a speech.  He stopped at twenty-nine.
  • Under the able management of Mr. Joseph R. DUNLAP, the Chicago Times is fast regaining its old-time prestige.  There is a snap and vigor to the paper not exhibited by it for year. 

Source: Chicago Eagle,  5 October 1889, Available online at Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.

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