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Schweristhal Starts Bank (1889)

Mr. Michael SCHWEISTHAL, long and favorably known as cashier of the International bank, and later as cashier of the Fort Dearborn National Bank, has gone into business for himself, under the firm name of “Michael SCHWEISTHAL & Co, bankers.”  Mr. SCHWEISTHAL has been connected with the banking business all of his life.  He has always been careful, honest and trustworthy, and his host of friends wish him that success which he will surely attain.

Source: Chicago Eagle, 12 October 1889, page 4. Available at Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.

Personal (5 October 1889)


  • Ex-Alderman COLVIN is back from California.
  • Chief Justice FULLER has returned to Washington.
  • Deputy City Clerk VAN CLEAVE has returned to Miltona Lake
  • Alderman DIXON has returned from a profitable camp-meeting.
  • Alderman BOWLER is back from a pleasant visit to Goose Island.
  • City Clerk AMBERG is negotiating for the purchase of Die Beobackter.
  • Mayor ONAHAN is troubled with enlargement of the head.
  • Alderman RYAN is recovering from a severe attack of thoughtfulness.
  • Congressman MASON gained twelve pounds on his European trip.
  • Alexander H. REVELL, the well-known Chicago merchant, is now in Italy with his wife.
  • Alderman HEPBURN can hardly forgive himself.  He recently discovered some corporations whose interests he had overlooked.
  • Miss L.C. RIORDAN, who has charge of F.R. LAWLOR’s cloak department, has returned from an extended trip through Europe.
  • Congressman LAWLER is troubled with absent-mindedness. He recently forgot to mention himself thirty times in a speech.  He stopped at twenty-nine.
  • Under the able management of Mr. Joseph R. DUNLAP, the Chicago Times is fast regaining its old-time prestige.  There is a snap and vigor to the paper not exhibited by it for year. 

Source: Chicago Eagle,  5 October 1889, Available online at Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.

Morgenstern Missing (1889)

Ignatz N. MORGENSTERN is missing from Chicago and with him the funds of the Polish National Alliance of North America, of which, until week before last, he was General Secretary. MORGENSTERN was also Secretary of the Polish National Building and Loan Association, and financial manager of the Sgoda, a Polish weekly paper.  Besides this he was an agent for real estate owners and did some business as a transportation and passage agent.  It is believed he has embezzled funds from each of these connections.  The total amount of his embezzlement is variously estimated at from $4,000 to $12,000.

Source: Chicago Eagle,  5 October 1889, page 2. Available online at Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.