Immanuel Community Church Records


The Immanuel Community was organized at March 19, 1854. Dr.H.Wunder was the president, H.W.Rincker his secretary.

The first members were:

Michael Hemmrich,
H. W. Rincker,
Wilh. Rust,
Wilh. Dieckmann,
Wilh. Stünkel,
Wilh. Hallemann,
J. G. Huhn,
J. L. Michel,
Karl and Gottfried Schumacher,
H. Holste,
A. Kreutzburg,
A. Thiele.

The Senior Council was elected: M. Hemmrich and H. W. Rincker.
The board members were W. Rust and W. Dieckmann.

The first step (work) was the discussion on the church´s building.
The contract for the building of the church was offered M. W. Bruns with a price of $1030.00, included the paintings. The St. Paul’s Community gave them some church benches as a gift, the residual benches were produced by Immanuel Community in the same form.

The Lay of Foundation was already at July 17 for the first church building; on September 10 the little community inaugurated happily this first church house. On the same day the first pastor of this community, Mr. G. Schick, was introduced. The ground properties of this community did lay in the 12th street, where today the Jesuite-College exists. At the other side of the 12th street bloomed the most beautiful water roses and the children floated with their selfmade rafts on the water. One church building check in amount of $600.00 was donated and subscribed by the members and exist till now as receipt.

Contributed Aug 1999 by Audry