Earl Elementary School – 1911 Graduating Class

6121 S Hermitage
Chicago, Illinois

1911 Jun 22 Graduating Class

Mamie Myra Alton
Anna Marie Armanda
Harold R. Campbell
Blanche G. Cooney
William B. Grogan
Alice Edna Hamill
William Andrew Joseph Kromer
Emma Katsche
Harry Arnold Rasmussen
Emma Sima
Agnes B. Smith
Marian Edna Stark
Anna D. VonDohlen
Edward John W. Warburton
James L. F. Woulfe
Gertrude Wook
Otto Autenrieth
Margaret A. Bracken
Mabel C. Clauter
Isabel Connell
Francis J. Grant
Emily M. Hullinger
Wilbur Richard Kelso
Mildred M. Robert
Genevieve Mildred Reichard
Sam John Smith
Margaret S. Smith
Martin E. Shanahan
Fred Joseph Lorenz Wagner
Henry F. Woulfe
Ellsworth Ward
Walter R. Wolf

Contributed Apr 2002 by Frank Connell

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