Boyle’s Black Devils (1927)


1st row:  Dave Jones, LT; William “Bill” Rasmussen, RE; John Johnson, Q and Captain; Edward Disch, C; Raymond Johnson, RH; William Colas, RT
2nd row:  Henry Brede, RG; Steven Pickett, LG; Francis Thomas, RE; Arnold Rasmussen, Q; Arthur May, LH; Elmer Rasmussen, Q; Walter Kominski, F; Harry Tennisin, RT and G
3rd row:  Benjamin Schmareck, RG; Michael Sullivan, C; Harold Miser, RT; Harold Leddin, LE; Peter Spoo, F; William Cody, LE; Ray Blank, LG; Clarence Zulpher, LG
4th row:  George Haonover, LE; Joseph Jenoffe, RH; John S Boyle, Organizer, Coach, and Manager [John Boyle later became a Judge in the Chicago circuit court.]; William Masterson, RE; Leonard Shaw, LE

Contributed 23 Oct 2005 by Beth Rasmussen.

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