All Saints Parish Baptismal Records

Baptismal Records

CAMPBELL, William Joseph. Born 6/24, 1906, baptized 7/8, 1906. Parents James Campbell and Mary Herde. Baptismal Sponsors Alexander Campbell, Cath Munden. Priest M.D. Hennessey. Note: Married Catherine Sulter June 2, 1930 Immaculate Conception by Rev. P. Faber

GBBONS, John Cornelius. Born 6/29, 1906, baptized 7/15, 1906. Parents John Gibbons and Bridget O’Connor. Baptismal Sponsors James Gibbons, Cath O’Connor. Priest M.D. Hennessey. Note: Ordained Subdeacon March 10, 1929 at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary

FRINTNER, Edwin. Born 5/30, 1906, baptized 7/15, 1906. Parents Edward Frintner and Ann Fiece. Baptismal Sponsors William Hanton, Mary Fiece. Priest M.D. Hennessey. Note: Married Lorraine M. Luzon Aug. 4, 1931, St. Rita’s Church by Rev. F.J. Green.

BURNS, Catherine. Born 7/1, 1906, baptized 7/15, 1906. Parents Thomas Burns and Ann McHugh. Baptismal Sponsors John McCarthy, Catherine McCarthy. Priest M.D. Hennessey.

BONNER, Anna Rose. Born 6/6, 1906, baptized 7/20, 1906. Parents Harry Bonner, Clara Boennen or Brennan. Baptismal Sponsors Mary Keating. Priest M.D. Hennessey

LEAHY, Joseph Emmett. Born 7/6, 1906, baptized 7/22, 1906. Parents Daniel Leahy and Margaret Mallon. Baptismal Sponsors Denis Drew, Catherine McKenna. Priest M.D. Hennessey. Note: Married Helen Shifke, St. Brendan’s on 6/24, 194?. Rev. W. McNichols.

DOLAN, Michael. Born 6/18, 1906, baptized 7/22, 1906. Parents Michael Dolan and Mary O’Hara. Baptismal Sponsors John Dolan and Josephine Conroy. Priest M.D. Hennessey

MC INERNEY, John Edward. Born 6/13, 1906, baptized private 6/27, 1906, certified 7/22, 1906. Parents Matthew McInerney and Mary O’Malley. Baptismal Sponsors William Kerbs, Bridget Kerbs. Priest M.D. Hennessey

HARTMAN, Catherine Margaret. Born 6/26, 1906, baptized 7/22, 1906. Parents William Hartman and Ella Kilcoyne. Baptismal Sponsors Joseph Maloney, Cath Hayes. Priest M.D. Hennessey.

GRAFF, Michael Martin. Born 3/18, 1908, baptized 4/5, 1908. Parents Frank Graff and Josephine Gorman. Baptismal Sponsors Michael Gorman, Annie Gorman. Priest M.D. Hennessey.

DALTON, Helen Evelyn. Born 3/25, 1908, baptized 4/5, 1908. Parents Harry Dalton and Gertrude Schaeffer. Baptismal Sponsors John F. Mahoney, Nellie Mahoney. Priest M.D. Hennessey

MC LAUGHLIN, Josephine. Born 3/19, 1908, baptized 4/5, 1908. Parents Michael McLaughlin and Margaret Conway. Baptismal Sponsors James Fahey, Annie Stretch. Priest M.D. Hennessey

KELLY, Anna Agnes. Born 2/23, 1908, baptized 4/5, 1908. Parents Edward Kelly and Mary McCarthy. Baptismal Sponsors Alfred Dimmock, Alice Dimmock. Priest M.D. Hennessey. Note: Married Cornelius Graney, St. Peter’s Church, 12/15, 1929 by Rev. S. Wegemer.

EICHENALD, Joseph William. Born 3/15, 1908, baptized 4/12, 1908. Parents Carl Eichenald and Annie Dillon. Baptismal Sponsors Peter Cassidy, Maria Cassidy. Priest W.J. O’Shea

HOWARD, James. Born Nov. 21, 1907, baptized 4/12, 1908. Parents Cornelius Howard, Annie Healy. Baptismal Sponsors John Clifford, Bridget Howard. Priest W.J. O’Shea

BURNS, Bernard Henry. Born 2/15, 1908, baptized 4/12, 1908. Parents Thomas Burns and Joella Ferguson. Baptismal Sponsors Bernard Byrne, Mary Byrne. Priest W.J. O’Shea.

O’BRIEN, Mary Berenice. Born 3/16, 1908, baptized 4/12, 1908. Parents William O’Brien and Carrie Schroeder. Baptismal Sponsors William Desmond, Mary Kirche. Priest W.J. O’Shea. Note: Married Morgan J. McNamara 9/11/43. St. Rita. Rev. P.H. Kehrosa

GIBBONS, Marcella Anna. Born 3/22, 1908, baptized 4/12, 1908. Parents John Gibbons and Bridget Connors. Baptismal Sponsors Daniel O’Connor, Mary O’Connor. Priest W.J. O’Shea. Note: Married Francis Canary, St. Thomas Apostle, Aug. 8, 1936 by Rev. J.C. Gibbons.

SHERIE, John Frederick. Born 11/22, 1910, baptized 12/18, 1910. Parents John Sherie and Margaret Hallahan. Baptismal Sponsors Joseph Hallahan, Margaret Grimes. Priest C.A. McClellan.

SHEPPARD, George William. Born 11/14, 1910, baptized 12/18, 1910. Parents George Sheppard and Etta Cox. Baptismal Sponsors Christopher Rouse, Delia Sheppard. Priest C.A. McClellan.

CALLAGHAN, Michael Thomas. Born 12/6, ?, baptized 12/18, 1910. Parents Michael Callahan and Ellen O’Hearn. Baptismal Sponsors JJohn J. O’Connor, Mrs. J.J. O’Connor. Priest C.A. McClellan. Note: Married to Frances Berling in Sacred Heart Chicago, Aug. 8, 1942 by Rev. Geo J. Wender.

O’CONNELL, John Andrew. Born 12/7, 1910, baptized 12/25, 1910. Parents John O’Connell and Ellen Moroney. Baptismal Sponsors James McKernan, Catherine Moroney. Priest J.J. O’Hearn

GIBBONS, Bernard William. Born 12/14, 1910, baptized 12/25, 1910. Parents John J. Gibbons and Bridget Connors. Baptismal Sponsors William Gibbons, Anna Hatchell. Priest J.J. O’Hearn

CESARO, Liborius. Born 4/16, 1910, baptized 12/25, 1910. Parents Ignatius Cesaro and Catherine David. Baptismal Sponsors Sam’l Consentino, Josephine Catalina. Priest J.J. O’Hearn

CARR, Joseph Robert. Born 11/20, 1910, baptized 12/29, 1910. Parents William Carr and Elizabeth McCarthy. Baptismal Sponsors Robert Strausser, Florence Cronin. Priest J.J. O’Hearn

MANTHY, Mary Rose. No birthdate shown, baptized 2/20, 1913. (Convert) Parents; only Manthy shown. Baptismal Sponsors Mich Post, Ann Gerhartz.
Priest C.A. McClellan.

SANFORD, Mary Aileen. Born 2/13, baptized 2/17, 1913. Parents Edward Sanford and Mary Burns. Baptismal Sponsors Loretta Maher, Mich Sheehan.
Priest J.J. O’Hearn

JOHNSTON (Johnson), Stephen Louis. Born 1/30, baptized 2/23, 1913. Parents Stephen Johnston and Ditta Yalemanki. Baptismal Sponsors Louis Pittoretz, Eva Duma. Priest C.A. McClellan.

BAKER, Dorothy Margaret. Born 1/16, baptized 2/23, 1913. Parents Frank Baker and Nelie Kastrup. Baptismal Sponsors John Baker, Eliz Kastrup. Priest C.A. McClellan.

ADAMMA, Maria Carmelina. Baptizerd 2/25, 1913; 7 months. Parents Saml Adamma, Josephine Denuchi. Baptismal Sponsors James Russo, Angeline Russo. Priest J.J. O’Hearn

GIBBONS, Daniel. Born 2/15, baptized 3/2, 1913. Parents John Gibbons and Bridget O’Connor. Baptismal Sponsors Peter O’Connor, Ruth Gibbons. Priest J.J. O’Hearn. Note: Married Mary Joyce Vail November 17, 1945, St. Gertrude Church, Chicago by Rev. John Gibbons

KILNOSKY, Theodore. Born 2/10, baptized 3/2, 1913. Parents Theodore Kilmosky and Mary Hobin. Baptismal Sponsors Thos Hobin, Mary Hobin. Priest J.J. O’Hearn

WRIGHT, Alice Cecelia. Born 2/16, baptized 3/2, 1910. Parents Anton Wright and Mary Shanahan. Baptismal Sponsors Will Shanahan, Celia Traucht. Priest J.J. O’Hearn. Note: Married Patrick O’Malley, St. Sabina, Sept. 7, 1946.


Contributed Mar 2004 by Nancy St. Romain