1843 Chicago Directory

Directory Of The City Of Chicago, Illinois, For 1843; Fergus Historical Series, Number Twenty-Eight, Chicago Directory, 1843, by Robert Fergus, Printer; Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1891, by George H. Fergus, In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.


THE cordial reception and flattering endorsements given in 1876 to the
Directory for 1839, by many of Chicago’s oldest, well-known, and best-informed
citizens, induced the compiler to undertake and to complete this little
volume, begun over twenty years since, with the hope that it may be as well

The occupations given herein of many is no criterion as to their ability to
follow other vocations. A graduate of Oxford, Eaton, Dublin, or Harvard, a
lawyer without acquaintance, a poet, artist, and many similar professions
would at that time find it difficult to obtain a livelihood, as all such were
of very little use in our then embryo city.

The basis for this work was Chicago’s first Directory of 1844, printed and
published by Ellis & Fergus, from a careless and indifferent canvass made
during 1843—August to December, by James W. Norris, and issued in December of
that year.

One of the publishers, William Ellis who did the presswork of that volume, has
been dead several years; the other is still here, and as he set the type, he
knows how much he did for it and how much worse it would have been had he
followed copy; but having been here over four years, he was somewhat
acquainted with the business people in and about the business centre and in
the vicinity of his home; the others—newcomers and those outside of the
central part—he could do nothing for; and, as he later discovered, sailors
were made tailors, and tailors sailors, names were spelled at and locations
guessed, etc.; in fact, the names of many prominent men were entirely omitted,
or as inserted might as well have been, as those for whom they were intended
could not recognize them.

Some of the dates of death, as herein given, have been found to conflict with
those of interested parties and relatives; but so far, in every instance, on
investigation they have been found to be correct. The identity of the dates of
many of those known to be dead has been difficult, and several instances have
occurred where more than one date applies to the same name, and until
identified will not be inserted.

That all errors are now corrected, all omitted names inserted, or that new
errors have not been made, is not claimed; but, with the additions and
alterations herein made, it is believed to be very much improved; and if those
who can will assist in this labor of love by forwarding as early as possible
for the next edition any correction or error they may discover or any omission
they may know of, they will no doubt have the thanks of posterity, but
certainly those of your humble servant,

Robert Fergus, Compiler.
Chicago, August 4, 1896.
(My 81st Birthday.)

/If YOU can supply an omission, correct a name, add a date or a number, please
forward same for insertion in a later edition, to ROBERT FERGUS, Compiler,
Blanks furnished on application. 185 Illinois St., Chicago./

A Resident of Chicago since July 1, 1839.
N.-W. Cor. Illinois St. and Dearborn Ave.


City LIMITS:—North of Twenty-second Street; east of Wood; and south of North

Ward Boundaries:
1st—South-Side east of Clark Street and north of Twenty-second Street;
2d—South-Side west of Clark Street to the River and north of Twenty-second
3d—South of W.-Randolph Street to Twenty-second Street, west of the River to
Wood Street;
4th—West of the River to North-Wood Street, north of West-Randolph Street to
West-North Ave.;
5th—North-Side, north of the River to North Avenue, west of North-Clark
6th—North-Side, north of the River to North Avenue, east of North-Clark Street.

Remarks.—It has been the design to include in this Directory the names of all persons and all firms in the City; to arrange them alphabetically; and in every instance to give the correct spelling. There may be cases, however, where names may have been accidentally inserted in the wrong connection, and cases also of incorrect orthography. Abbreviations, which occur only in a very few words, will readily be understood: bet stands for between; res for residence; bds for boards; Rand for Randolph; Mad for Madison; Wash for Washington; etc. The word street in most instances is omitted. The place of business uniformly precedes the residence.

Very few of the buildings were numbered, except Lake Street; the numbers now given are those of the present, (1896).

The deaths in most cases, except as otherwise stated, occurred in Chicago.

Abell, Sidney, attorney at law, bds Lake House [died, San Francisco, Cal.
Abbott, Thomas L., clerk at Cyrus Mann’s, 47 Clark, res same.
Abbott, Windsor, clerk at Ward Rathbone’s, 141 Lake, res same.
Ackley, Benjamin, sailor, [died June 30, 1895, aged 79.
Ackley, Benj. F., (Comstock & A.,) bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died San Francisco, Cal., May 1, 1853, aged —.
Adams, Benjamin F. [died July 25, 1886, aged 86 1/2.
Adams, Geo., laborer, John L. Gray’s, n.e. cor N. Clark and N. Water.
Adams, George, tailor, at Charles Taylor’s, 42 Clark.
Adams, Mrs. Maria, laundress [widow of George, butcher], N. Clark, bet Water and Kinzie [died March 11, 1884, aged 69 1/4.
Adams, R. E. W., physician, s.w. cor Clark and Lake, res Clark, op. public-square.
Adams, Wm. Hanford, (W. H. A. & Co.) res 121 LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison [died June 6, 1882, aged 67.
Adams & Co., W. H. (Edward Bradley of New Canaan, Conn.), boot and shoe dealers, 138 Lake.
Adsit, James M., carpenter, shop and res 108 Monroe near Dearborn [died September 4, 1894, aged 85-6-29.
Aiken, Samuel, shoemaker, at Wm. Wheeler’s, Clark near Lake.
Albee, Cyrus P., butcher, at Fulton Market, s.-w. cor Lake & Dearb [died March 25, 1871, aged 68.
Alderman, Henry, shoemaker, at Wm. David’s, 172 Lake, [moved to Lockport, Ill.
Allen, Alfred, tailor.
Allen, Edward Richards, druggist, Leroy M. Boyce, [now at Aurora, Ill.
Allen, Geo. P., shipcarpenter, bds Nelson C. Walton.
Allen, James F., carpenter, res Illinois bet Pine and Sand.
Allen, James Pierce (J. P A. & Co.) res 9 River [died, Allen’s Grove, McHenry Co., Ill.
Allen, Jas. P., & Co. [Virgil P. Walter], lumber merchants, n.-w. cor Canal and Fulton, 3d Ward.
Allen, Thomas, at Joliet [first conductor of the Galena R. R., opened July 4, 1848.
Allen, Wm., shipcarpenter, res Wolcott, bet N. Water and Kinzie [died May 26, 1855, aged —.
Almendinger, George, laborer, res Cass bet Chicago ave and Pearsons [died August 28, 1852, aged 50.
Almendinger, John, laborer, res Cass bet Chicago ave and Pearsons [died June 9, 1875, aged 50.
Alverson, Wm., mason, bds Washington Hall.
Ambrose, Robert L., clerk, at Horatio Buell, 121 Lake.
Ambrose, Ruel, dry goods and groceries, 156 Lake, res Wells bet Lake and Randolph.
American Temperance House, n.-w. cor Lake and Wabash ave, Cook & Surdam, props.
Anderson, Andrew, res N. Water near N. Franklin.
Anderson, Cyrus K., clerk, bds Washington Hall.
Anderson, George, wigmaker, 44 Clark [died Oct. 30, 1887, aged 74 1/2.
Anderson, Mrs. Geo., millinery and straw goods, 44 Clark, res same.
Anderson, Isaac, clerk, [died August 20, 1872, aged 47.
Anderson, John, prop Washington Hall, s.-e. cor N. Clark and N. Water.
Anderson, W. H. blacksmith, at Ithream Taylor’s, 141 Randolph.
Anderton, John F., bds Illinois Exchange, 192 Lake.
Andrews, Collins, laborer, res North Branch, west side.
Andrus, Loomis, (A. & Doyle,) bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Andrus & Doyle, dry goods, groceries, and provisions, 121 S. Water.
Apfel, Henry.
Apfel, Philip, cutlery.
Apley, C. F., mason, at Alson S. Sherman’s.
Arbuckle, Abner, waiter, at Tremont House.
Arentz, Samuel, tinsmith, Botsford & Beers, res Franklin, nr Lake.
Armstrong, Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner and mantua maker, 153 Lake.
Armstrong, Thomas, laborer, Kinzie, east of Wolcott [died Starke, Fla., July 9, 1892, aged 81-5.
Arnold, Isaac Newton, (A. & Ogden,) res Ontario n.-w. cor N. Dearb. [died April 24, 1884, aged 70.
Arnold & Ogden, attorneys and counsellors at law, 120 Lake.
Arnold, J., carpenter, res Fort Dearborn.
Arnold, John M., carpenter, res Madison [died before May 5, 1855.
Artes, Isaac, laborer, 2d Ward, north of Jackson.
Ashton, Samuel, law-student, 38 Clark, bds Dennis S. Cady.
Ashton, William, clerk, at Manahan & Jacobus’, 10 Clark.
Atherton, Richard, tailor, at Edward Burton’s, res 6th Ward.
Athy, Stephen, laborer, Washington bet Wells and Franklin.
Atkinson, Henry, painter, [died February 1, 1871, aged 62.
Atkinson, Mrs. Joseph, milliner and dressmaker, 53 Clark, res same.
Atkinson, Joseph, hatter, at I. C. Stephens’, 108 Lake, res 53 Clark.
Atzel, George, bds Tobias Atzel [harness-maker, died April 10, 1891, aged 62-10-26.
Atzel, Tobias, carpenter, res Jefferson, bet W. Washington and Madison, west side street [died Downer’s Grove, Ill., Nov. 25, 1893, a. 80.
Austin, Chamberlin, farmer [carpenter], res Illinois bet N. Clark and N. LaSalle.
Averell, Albert J., sailor, bds James Averell’s, N. Water east of Rush.
Averell, Andrew, shipcarpenter, bds James Averell’s.
Averell, James, shipcarpenter, res N. Water bet Rush and Sand [died June 16, 1863, aged 71.
Ayres, Silas, machinist, bds George Chacksfield’s, 18 Clark.

Baer, Adam, shoemaker, John B. Mitchell [died Dec. 27, 1877, a. —.
Baer, Lorenz, shoemaker, cor Michigan and Wolcott [died January 11, 1893, aged —.
Bailey, Bennet, carpenter, Dearborn, bds John Gray [died November 7, 1881, aged 70-11-7.
Bailey, Harlow, laborer, res W. Randolph, 3d ward.
Bailey, Henry, drayman and house-mover, Wabash ave, near S. Water [died December 15, 1886, aged 73 1/2.
Bailey, Justice, shipcarpenter, N. Water, bet Rush and Pine.
Baillett, Richard, soap and candle maker, Charles Cleaver.
Baker, Franklin, clerk, Alanson Follansbee, bds Tremont House [died October 24, 1882, aged 66.
Baker, James, clerk.
Baldwin, J., painter, Dimmock & Stow, bds Western Hotel.
Baldwin, Win. Anson, contractor, bds American Temperance House [died December 5, 1890, aged 82-10-15.
Ball, Lebbeus, steamboat-runner, bds Farmers’ Exchange Ball, Silas Rozier, with Joseph Johnston, res North Branch, west side [died Hyde Park, Ill., December 31, 1891, aged 84-6.
Ballantine, David (B. & Sherman), N. Dearborn, bet Kinzie & Mich [died Waukegan, Ill., May 10, 1878, aged 76.
Ballantine, Robert, sailor.
Ballantine & Sherman, dry goods and groceries, 122 Lake.
Ballard, Addison, carpenter.
Ballingall, Patrick, attorney (Smith & B.), bds Illinois Exchange [died November 21, 1858, aged —.
Balsley, John, cigar maker, Dearborn near Lake, bds Western Hotel [died March 15, 1883, aged 73.
Baltz, Abram, cooper, Thomas E. Tucker, res Randolph.
Banchaff, John, clerk.
Bandle, Willis, blacksmith, Stow’s Foundry, res North Branch, w. side.
Bannister, T., overseer Wood & Ogden’s brickyard, N. Water.
Bannon, Andrew, teamster, res Randolph, near Franklin.
Barber, Jabez, lumber merchant, South Water, n.-w. cor Wells [lost on Atlantic-Steamer Pacific, February, 1856.
Barkenbile, Christian [Uncle Chris], carpenter [d. Sept. 11, 1856, a. —.
Barker, Peleg A., Farmers’ Exchange, 35 Lake, s.-w. cor Wabash ave [died Morris, Ill., September 13, 1871, aged 64.
Barker, William, carpenter.
Barmm, Charles H., sailor [died August 23, 1895, aged 68-4-19.
Barnard, Frederick S., teacher and daguerro typist, cor Clark and Lake.
Barnes, Allan Tate, tailor, J. H. Hodgson, bds [res Warren, Ill.
Barnes, Miss Narcissa A., teacher, LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison [died Arlington Heights, Ill., January 8, 1878, aged 78.
Barnes, Hamilton, carpenter, Randolph, bet Clark and LaSalle, res 72 W. Madison [d. at hospital, Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 22, 1862, a. 56-2-4.
Barnes, Seth, editor Better Covenant, Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin.
Barnet, George, mason, Wm. Worthingham’s, bds Mansion House.
Barnum, Truman, laborer, res N. Dearborn, bet Michigan and Illinois [died July 25, 1849.
Barr, James, shingle maker, Madison, South Branch.
Barrows & Co., D. A., confectionery, etc., 147 Lake, res same [went to Galena, Ill., and died there.
Barrows, Mrs. Phila A., 147 Lake.
Barrows, James, agent railroad line, bds Tremont House.
Barry, Andrew, waiter, City Hotel, Clark.
Barry, Edward, laborer, res near North-Branch Bridge, Chicago ave.
Barry, Samuel Stedman, painter, N. S. Cushing, res Monroe near Clark [B. & Cushing].
Barry & Cushing, painters, [partnership formed December, 1843.
Bartlett, —–, res 4th Ward.
Bascom, Rev. Flavel, 1st Presbyterian Church, res n.-e. cor Clark and Washington [died Princeton, Ill., August 6, 1890, aged 86.
Bascom, Franklin, res 3d Ward.
Bassett, George, hostler, City Hotel.
Batcheller, Ezra, clerk Nathaniel Sherman, jr., res LaSalle near Lake [died Grand Haven, Mich., August 18, 1890, aged 69.
Bates, Augustine Seymour, cabinet-maker (Morgan & B.), res 190 Lake [killed enroute to California by Indians, near Humboldt, Nov., ’51.
Bates, E. D., carpenter, Randolph cor Wells.
Bates, jr., John, auctioneer, 174 Lake, prop Illinois Exchange, res South Water [killed by locomotive, July 14, 1888, aged 84-6-16.
Bates, Jacob R., superintendent Lake-Street House [died unmarried.
Baumgarten, Charles, carpenter, res Randolph near LaSalle [died Freeport, Ill., October 16, 1882.
Baumgarten, Maurice, Illinois, bet N. Dearborn and Wolcott [died November 1, 1858, aged 77.
Baumgarten, John, clerk, Arthur G. Burley & Co., bds M. Baumgarten [died —– Mich., about 1881.
Baxter, Patrick, laborer, res Lake.
Bay, Henry B., carpenter, bds Patrick Kelley [died March 10, 1860.
Beach, Charles, bds John Beach [died 1893, aged —.
Beach, [Dr.] James Sterling, printer, bds John Beach [died May 16, 1885, aged 61.
Beach, John, contractor, res 80 Randolph near State [died September 9, 1850, aged 54.
Beach, John Daly, stage-driver, Frink, Walker & Co., bds John Beach [died August, 1876, aged 54.
Beach, Oscar L., clerk, County Clerk’s office, bds George Davis.
Beach, Samuel Stewart, apprentice printer, bds John Beach [died March 25, 1884, aged 55 1/2.
Beaman, Abraham, shoemaker, Solomon Taylor.
Beardsley, Hiram Hoyt, physician, 136 Lake, res Dearb. nr Randolph [died September 28, 1867, aged —.
Bearup, John I., teacher, res North Water.
Beaubien, Gen. Jean Baptiste, [died Naperville, DuPage Co., Ill., Jan. 25, 1873, aged about 80.
Beaubien, Mark, U.-S. light-house keeper, res River street [died Kankakee, Ill., April 11, 1881, aged 81.
Beaubien, Henry, [died June 13, 1893, aged 68.
Beaubien, William.
Beaumont, George Anson Oliver (B. & Skinner), res State, bet Randolph and Washington [died Columbia, Conn., Dec. 18, 1845, a. —.
Beaumont & Skinner, attorneys at law, 92 Lake Bebb, Maurice, laborer, bds John L. Gray.
Becker, Alexander C, merchant, res N. Clark, cor.
Beecher, George Mather, clerk, Jerome Beecher [died Marysville, Cal., 1861, aged 38.
Beecher, Jerome, boot, shoe, and leather store, 160 Lake, res 13 Lake [died March 17, 1891, aged 73.
Beecher, Louis, res Franklin, bet Lake and Randolph.
Beers, Cyrenius (Botsford & B.), res 73 Wabash av, alderman 1st ward [died February 25, 1878, aged 64 2/3.
Belden, William E., carpenter, W. Water, res Desplaines, bet W. Van Buren and Harrison [died August 10, 1849, aged 35-7-11.
Belkley, —–, bds Sauganash Hotel.
Bell, James, landscape gardener, 4th Ward.
Bell, John, Stow’s Foundry, bds Western Hotel.
Bending, James, carpenter, res Wolcott, bet Kinzie and Michigan.
Bennett, Abel, saddler and harness maker, James S. Paine.
Bennett, Miss Mary Brownell, teacher public school 2, district 1, bds S. C. Bennett [died LaSalle, Ill., August 26, 1889, aged —-.
Bennett, Henry, whitewashes alley bet Monroe and Adams.
Bennett, Samuel Curtis, teacher, res and school, 132 State [died LaSalle, Ill., 1857, aged —.
Bent, Alphonso, painter, Dearborn [died, Waynesville, Mo., June 11, 1863, aged 53.
Bently, John (Jeffrey & B.), shoeing smith and farrier.
Bently, John, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Berdell, Charles, cabinet maker, Daniel A. & Elisha M. Jones [died June 10, 1890, aged 71 1/2.
Berdell, Nicholas, musician, res Washington, n.-w. and near Franklin [died Englewood, Ill., February 22, 1883, aged 81.
Berg, Adam, tavern and grocery, 42 LaSalle [died October 12, 1849.
Berg, Anton, saddler and harness maker, Charles E. Peck [died May 5, 1895, aged 70.
Berg, John, drayman, res W. Monroe, bet Clinton and Jefferson.
Berg, Joseph, saddler and harness maker, Charles E. Peck.
Bernard, Jacob, teamster.
Berry, Joseph, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Best, Henry, teamster, N. Canal, bet W. Water and W. Lake [died February 21, 1892, aged 88.
Best, Mathias, vinegar manufacturer, lake shore nr 14th st [died October 24, 1874, aged —.
Better Covenant, Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin, Seth Barnes, editor.
Bewsey, George, mason, bds John L. Gray.
Beygeh, Peter, sausage maker, N. Water, bet Clark and LaSalle [died December 27, 1875, aged 62.
Bickerdike, George, carpenter, res Canal, bet Adams and Jackson [died Knaresborough, Eng., November 24, 1880, aged 74.
Bidwell, George W., tin and coppersmith, S. J. Surdam, res Dearborn.
Bigelow, Arnold, clerk, H. O. Stone, res State, bet Washington and Madison [died February 19, 1868, aged 58.
Bigelow, Henry Winans, dry goods, 132 Lake, res Clark, bet Washington and Madison [died (suicide) February 8, 1873, aged 64.
Biggs, John, sailor, res Market, bet Washington and Madison [died April 15, 1875, aged —.
Bills, George Ralph, clerk, Horace Norton & Co., bds Tremont House.
Bird, John Herman, medical student, Dr. D. Brainard, bds City Hotel.
Bishop, Dardanus, farmer, res cor W. Lake and Jefferson.
Bishop, George, res Dearborn.
Bishop, Jas. E., dry goods and groceries, 131 Lake, bds T. Greenwood [died Omaha, Neb., February 27, 1895, aged 86.
Blackman, Edwin, clerk, H. H Magie & Co., bds Mansion House [died April 12, 1886, aged 70 2/3.
Blaesy, Bernhard, baker, 191 Lake, res same [d. May 16, 1883, a. 72.
Blaikie, Andrew (Ryerson & B.,) bds American Temperance House.
Blair, Mrs. Nancy Ann Newberry [wid. of George, tailor, died Feb. 13, 1842, aged 41], res 260 State [died March 29, 1873, aged 76.
Blair, George Washington, apprentice, Democrat, bds Mrs. Nancy Ann Blair [died December 23, 1888, aged 55.
Blair, William, hardware, etc., 111 S. Water, s.-e. cor Dearborn, bds Tremont House.
Blakesley, Harvey A. (Loyd, B. & Co.), bds Mrs. John K. Boyer.
Blakely, John, carpenter, alley bet Clark and LaSalle.
Blanchard, Francis Gurtrey, capitalist, res 45 Wells [died Brooklyn, N.Y., 1872.
Blanchard, Joseph, blacksmith, bds Charles Follansbee.
Blandly, Christopher, clerk, John H. Foster, bds same.
Blaney, James VanZant, M.D., prof, chemistry Rush Medical College [died December 12, 1874, aged 54 1/2.
Blank, William, currier, cor Griswold and Taylor.
Bliss, Charles Frederick, carpenter, A. Peck, State, south of Congress [died St, Joseph. Mich., 1880, aged 80.
Bliss, Chas. Frederick, jr., compositor, Express, bds C. F. Bliss [resides at Racine, Wis.
Bliss, Seneca Carpenter, clerk, Charles E. Peck, [now at Morris, Ill.
Blodgett, Henry Williams, law student, Scammon & Jadd.
Boice, John, machinist, Buffalo.
Boggs, Charles T., carpenter, res and shop, east side State, south of Van Buren.
Bolles, Nathan Howard, land agent, res Lake, east of Dearborn [died Philadelphia, Pa., February 14, 1861.
Bond, Harvey, laborer, res Clark.
Bond, Heman S., clerk, Loyd, Blakesley & Co., res 71 Adams [died August 1, 1851.
Bond, Hiram, laborer, east of Clark.
Bond, James, house painter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Boone, Levi Day, physician, 63 Clark, res 106 State [14th mayor, died January 24, 1882, aged 74-1-16.
Boorman, John, wagon maker, Franklin [died, Delavan, O., August 12, 1884, aged —.
Booth, Daniel, carpenter, cor Jefferson and W. Washington [died Jefferson, Ill., August 22, 1894, aged —.
Boston Market, cor Lake and Wells, Clybourn & Hovey, props.
Bostwick, George M., bartender, Illinois Exchange.
Botsford, I., tailor, Wells, bet Randolph and Washington.
Botsford, Jabez Kent (B. & Beers), 109 Lake, res 171 Wabash ave [died June 8, 1887, aged 75.
Botsford & Beers, stoves, hardware, etc., 109 Lake.
Bowas, John, drayman, res South Water, bet State and Wabash ave.
Bowen, Charles Henry, apprentice, Democrat, res Henry Bowen [resides Crawfordsville, Ind.
Bowen, Erastus (B. & Cole), res 40 Michigan ave [died Aurora, Kane Co., Ill.
Bowen, Erastus Selden [veterinary surgeon] [died Oct. 19, 1883, a. 69.
Bowen, Henry, carriage maker, res State [died Fulton Co., O., 1883, aged 76.
Bowen & Cole, dry goods and groceries, 86 Lake.
Bowes, John P., John Gage’s mill, res Clinton, bet Adams & Jackson.
Bowman, Ariel, bookseller and publisher, res 129 Dearborn, n.-e. cor Madison [died July 3, 1844, aged 58.
Bowman, Henry, druggist, bds Ariel Bowman [now living in Oakland, California.
Bowmaster, William, cabinet maker, John B. Weir.
Boyce, Augustus D., druggist, Leroy M. Boyce, bds Daniel B. Heartt.
Boyce, Leroy Merrick, wholesale and retail druggist and apothecary, 119 Lake (Peck & B.), bds E. W. Willard [d. July 23, 1849, a. 33 1/2.
Boyer [Snowhook], Mrs. Elizabeth, [wid. of John K., d. Mch. 12. 1843, a. 52 1/4], boarding house, 153 South Water, 4 doors west of Clark [died June 29, 1870, aged 78.
Boyer, James A., ship-caulker, bds Mrs. Boyer [d. Oct. 9, 1866, a. 41.
Boyer, Dr. Valentine Aurand, justice-of-the-peace, 55 Clark, bds Mrs. J. K. Boyer [died May 11, 1890, aged 76 1/3.
Boyington, Charles H., captain schooner Charlotte, res Indiana, bet Pine and Sand.
Boyland, William, carpenter, Van Buren, bet Clark and Wells.
Boynton, Samuel, carpenter, res 147 W. Kinzie [d. Aug. 1882. a. —.
Boyrs, John, land-office, W. Washington.
Bracken, John (B. & Tuller), res Wabash ave.
Bracken & Tuller, dry goods and groceries, 161 Lake.
Brackett, William W., editor and proprietor Chicago Express, 92 Lake, bds American Temperance House.
Bradley, Asa Foster, city and county surveyor, res cor Dearborn and Washington [died Maplewood, Ill., Feb. 26, 1892, aged 80-1-17.
Bradley, Bristol, dentist, s.-w. cor Clark and Lake, bds Mrs Merriam.
Bradley, Cyrus Parker, clerk, Horace Norton & Co., res 218 Madison, bet Wells and Franklin [died March 6, 1865, aged 45 1/2.
Bradley, David, plow maker, Asahel Pierce, blacksmith.
Bradley, David Morrill, printer, Democrat office, res 16 Quincy [died September 6, 1857, aged 40.
Bradley, Joseph, clerk, William H. Adams & Co.
Bradley, Timothy Mathew, check-clerk, Horace Norton & Co., bds — [died September 30, 1890, aged 64 1/2.
Brady, George, constable, res near N. Clark and N. Water [d. 1860.
Brady, Michael, blacksmith, N. Water, res s.-e. cor Indiana and N. LaSalle [murdered, May 29, 1852, a. —.
Brainard, Daniel, physician, prof. Rush Medical College, 51 Clark, bds City Hotel [died October 10, 1866, aged 54 1/2.
Braise, Mrs., dressmaker and tailoress, N. Water near Wolcott.
Brand, Alexander (Murray & B.), res 35-7 Cass, s.-e. cor Illinois [died Aberdeen, Scotland, March 24, 1876, aged 65.
Brayton, H. H., physician, res and office, 119 Clark.
Breen, John, packer, Arthur G. Burley & Co.
Breese, Robert Bush, clerk, James Hervey, res N. Clark near Kinzie.
Brewster, Elijah, carpenter, Jefferson.
Bridges, Thomas Ball, carpenter, W. Lake, 4th Ward [died Oak Park, Cook Co., Ill., February 17, 1887, aged 75.
Briggs, Benjamin, wagon maker, Adams west of LaSalle.
Briggs, Jeremiah, mason, res south of Adams, west of Clark.
Brinckerhoff, John, physician, 49 Clark, chequered drug-store, 143 Lake [died New-York City, April 3, 1867, aged 63.
Bristol & Porter, forwarding and commission merchants, South Water n.-e. cor State [first warehouse on South Side, erected fall of 1839].
Bristol, Richard Clark (B. & Porter), res 5 Dearborn pl [died Brooklyn, N.Y., July 10, 1866, aged —.
Bristol, Calvin D., sailor, res Michigan ave.
Brock, John A., clerk, James E. Bishop, bds James T. Durant [died Livermore, Cal., 1887.
Brock, Michael, carpenter, res 211 Lake.
Brock, Mrs. Mary, straw and tuscan hat milliner, 211 Lake.
Brock, Thomas, ex-justice of peace, res s.-e. cor Madison and Clark.
Brocksmidt, J. W., cooper, J. E. Tucker, res Michigan, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Brookes, Frederick Wm., florist, bds Samuel Brookes.
Brookes, George, clerk, bds Samuel Brookes [died Cleaverville, Ill., September 27, 1854, aged 37.
Brookes, Henry, clerk, [died March 3, 1882, aged 61.
Brookes, Joshua, deputy county-clerk, bds Geo. Davis [left for Galena, Ill., March 23, 1843, returned in 1883.
Brookes, Samuel, florist, res Clark, bet Madison and Monroe [died September 2, 1875, aged 81 2/3.
Brookes, Samuel Marsden, portr. & landsca. artist, bds Saml. Brookes [died San Francisco, Cal., January 31, 1892, aged 76.
Brooks, Henry E., ship carpenter, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush.
Brooks, Thos., tailor, 10 Clark, res Illinois, bet N. Clark and Dearborn.
Brown, Andrew Jesse, attorney at law, bds Henry Brown.
Brown, Asa B., assistant-editor Western Citizen, 124 Lake.
Brown, Charles E., laborer on harbor, bds Samuel Jackson.
Brown, Clement, bds Sauganash Hotel [died Crown Point, Ind., October 30, 1884, aged 79.
Brown, Francis 0., shoemaker, John B. Mitchell, res Dearborn, bet Washington and Randolph.
Brown, George, chairmaker, Wells, bet Randolph and Washington.
Brown, George Elijah, printer, Express office, bds New-York House.
Brown, Henry, city attorney, notary, s.-w. cor Lake and Dearborn, res 112-14 Wolcott, near Ontario [author “History of Illinois”] [died May 10, 1849, aged 60.
Brown, Jeduthan, attorney, res Sauganash Hotel.
Brown, Joseph, laborer, res W. Madison, bet Water and Canal [died before December 24, 1850.
Brown, Joseph E., carpenter, shop and res, 254 Clark [died March 8, 1879, aged 60.
Brown, Lemuel, blacksmith, boarding house, 142 Lake [died December 29, 1883, aged 99.
Brown, Rufus B., warehouse man, John P. Chapin & Co., res 189 Lake [died Burlington, Wis., September 2, 1872, aged 69.
Brown, Mrs. Rufus B., dress and cloak maker, 189 Lake, up stairs [died February 2, 1890, aged 73.
Brown, Samuel, blacksmith, Dearborn.
Brown, Sam’l Lockwood, clerk, A. G. Burley & Co., bds Wm. H. Brown.
Brown, Simon B., res Ohio, bet Cass and Rush [d. Mar. 19, 1889, a.—.
Brown, S. C., clerk, Edwin P. Clark, bds Ruel Ambrose.
Brown, Thomas, captain schooner Warren, bds John J. Jackson.
Brown, Thomas, drayman, res N. LaSalle, bet Ohio and Illinois.
Brown, William, grocer, res N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Brown, Wm., bds Sauganash [died Nevada City, Cal., Dec. 3, 1850.
Brown, William Hubbard, [cashier], 8 LaSalle, (A. G. Burley & Co.), res 301 Illinois, n.-w. cor Pine, school agent [died Amsterdam, Holland, June 19, 1867, aged 72.
Browne, Charles Evarts [school-teacher, 1835-8; a resident of Milwaukee Co., Wis., until 1868; later a real-estate dealer at 41 Clark st; residing at Glencoe, Ill., died 189-.
Bryan, Alex. Brodie, druggist [died, Lawtey, Fla., Feb. 1891, aged—.
Bryan, Archibald, teamster, bds –.
Bryan, Fred’k Augustus, clerk, Clarke & Co., bds Wash’ton Coffee Ho. [died December 17, 1886, aged 67.
Buchanan, Nelson, saddle and harness maker, Charles E. Peck [died October 1, 1858, aged 38 1/4.
Buckley, Noah, pawnbroker, cor Randolph and Wells [died before June 22, 1852.
Buckley, Timothy, butcher, Fulton Market, bds City Restaurant [died July 14, 1854.
Buddington, John, res Randolph, east of Clark.
Buell, Horatio, auction and commission, dry goods and groceries, stoves, 121 Lake.
Buell, Norman, printer, Democrat office, bds David M. Bradley.
Buhl, Charles, hat and cap store, 129 Lake.
Bumpstead, Thomas, jr., res Wells, bet Lake and Randolph.
Bunch, Clybourn (col’d), drayman, res Wells, bet Madison and Wash.
Burch, Isaac Howe, banker (Newberry & B.), bds City Hotel [died Nice, France, April 9, 1884, aged 68.
Burcky, Frederick, baker, LaSalle, bet Lake and Randolph.
Burdick, Amos W., carpenter, res Randolph near Franklin.
Burdick, E., porter, Mansion House.
Burgess, John, wagon maker, 184 Randolph, res Michigan ave.
Burhans, Henry J., livery stable keeper, Market.
Burke, John, laborer, south of W. Jackson, 3d Ward.
Burke, Lewis, south of Madison, east of LaSalle.
Burke, Patrick, tobacconist, Henry Chapman, 40 Clark.
Burley, Arthur Gilman (A. G. B. & Co.), bds Tremont House.
Burley & Co. (Win. H. Brown), Arthur G., china, glassware, crockery, 105 Lake.
Burley, Augustus Harris (S. F. Gale & Co.), bds Mrs. Haight.
Burley, Charles, clerk, S. F. Gale & Co., bds S. F. Gale.
Burling, Edward, carpenter, bds Wm. E. Manley [died February 24, 1892, aged 73.
Burnam, Ambrose, contractor, res Wabash ave near Washington [died October 21, 1870, aged 59.
Burnet, John, drayman, res Kinzie, bet Wolcott and N. Dearborn.
Burton, Edward, merchant tailor, 162 Lake, res same [died Woodstock, Ill.
Burton, George, sailor.
Burton, Henry, tailor, Edward Burton, bds same.
Burton, Horace, clerk, Norton & Tuckerman.
Burton, John, vegetable gardener, N. Clark, s.-e. cor North ave [died May 16, 1852, aged 58.
Burton, Stiles, retired merchant, bds American Temperance House [died January 12, 1875, aged 66-9-6.
Busch, Franz, wagon maker, John Burgess.
Busch, John B., blacksmith, 29 Market, res Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin.
Bushnell, Wm. H., draughtsman, Ogden & Jones [story-writer for Eastern papers, “Sea-Foam,” died Washington, D.C., Mar. 1, 1890, a. 66 3/4.
Butler, Horace, dry goods and groceries, forwarding and commission, South Water, bds Mrs. Seth Johnson [died New York State.
Butler, John H., carpenter, Alex. Loyd, bds Clark, bet Madison and Monroe.
Butler, Lorin G. (Gray & B.), res Clark, bet Adams and Jackson.
Butler, Nathaniel F., clothier, res Monroe.
Butler, Richard, laborer, res Ohio, east of Rush [d. before Feb. 3, 1851.
Butler, William Harrison, clerk, Horace Butler, bds Mrs. Seth Johnson [died August 16, 1878, aged 61-9-14.
Butler, William Moulton, clerk, Chas. Walker & Co., bds N. F. Butler [died Hobart, Ind., December 2, 1895, aged 75.
Butterfield, George, bds Tremont House [died September 22, 1854.
Butterfield, Jonas, captain, res Franklin.
Butterfield, Jonathan Carver, printer, Prairie Farmer, 112 Lake, bds same [died July 7, 1854, aged 43.
Butterfield, Justin (B. & Collins), U.-S. attorney, res 207 Michigan, n.-w. cor Rush [died October 23, 1855, aged 65.
Butterfield, Justin, jr., attorney, 5 Clark near South Water [died Washington, D.C., March 5, 1852, aged 33.
Butterfield & Collins, attorneys at law, 105 Lake.
Butterfield, Lewis, attorney [died October 27, 1845, aged 28.
Butterfield, William, medical student, Dr. Daniel Brainard [First graduate Rush Medical College, died Jan. 13, 1878, aged 57.
Butterfield, William, carpenter, Clark.
Butterworth, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, North Water near Wolcott.
Buxton, O. S., wagon maker, James O. Humphrey.
Buzzard, Solomon, harbor laborer, Samuel Jackson.
Byrnes, Michael, porter, Tremont House, res 91 Dearborn [died December 18, 1869, aged —.

Cady, Dennis Spencer, proprietor Lake-Street House, 135-7 Lake.
Calhoun, Alvin, carpenter, res 74 Randolph [d. June 28, 1849, a. 45 1/2.
Calhoun, John, retired printer, res 116 State [the first printer here, died February 20, 1859, aged 51.
Calighan, Mathew, carpenter, bds Edward Gavin.
Callahan, Cornelius, res Wells, bet Washington and Madison.
Calson, Charles, house painter, Alexander White.
Cameron, David, waiter, Tremont House.
Campbell, Abel, carpenter, bds Illinois Exchange.
Campbell, James, carpenter, res Madison, bet Clark and Dearborn [died August 4, 1887, aged 78 2/3.
Campbell, James, printer, res N. Clark, bet N. Water and Kinzie [died St. Louis, Mo., November 8, 1875, aged 65.
Campbell, John, laborer, Alonzo C. Wood, res 5th Ward, w. of Clark [died January 28, 1879, aged 75.
Canada House, north side of N. Water, west of Dearborn ave.
Canal-agent’s office, 173 Lake, Eli S. Prescott, agent.
Canda, Louis Joseph Florimond, florist, North Wells, near North ave [died Ravenswood, Ill., February 9, 1886, aged 93.
Canfield, C. A., merchant tailor, bds Mrs. Post.
Carney, Arthur, laborer, res Canal, bet Randolph and Lake.
Carney, James, brewer, 67 S. Water, res same [died March 29, 1856.
Carney, William, sailor, res Michigan, bet Rush and Pine.
Carpenter, George, grocer, South Water.
Carpenter, James H. (Stevens & C.), bds Mrs. Green [died suicide, Dearborn ave, 187-.
Carpenter, James H., bds Philo Carpenter.
Carpenter, Job, market gardener, 554 W. Lake [d. Dec. 5, 1876, a. 63.
Carpenter, John D., laborer, res State.
Carpenter, Joseph, milkman, 570 W. Lake [died Feb. 24, 1875, a. —.
Carpenter, Philo, res W. Randolph, Carpenter’s Addition, bet Sangamon and Morgan [died August 6, 1886, aged 81 1/2.
Carpenter, Samuel, laborer, res North Water near Wolcott [died January 24, 1856, aged —.
Carpenter, William, grocer, 578 West Lake.
Carr, William, sailor, res Canal, 3d Ward.
Carroll, Owen, laborer, res cor W. Washington and Jefferson.
Carson, James, carpenter, res State.
Carson, William, wagon maker, Randolph, between Wells & Franklin.
Carter, Thomas Butler (T. B. C. & Co.), res 126 State.
Carter, Thos. B. & Co. (Job Magie, Elizabeth, N. J.), dry goods and groceries, 118 Lake.
Carthew, Richard, laborer, bds Water, bet Randolph and Washington [shot December 6, 1856; died January 18, 1864, aged 71.
Cary, John Marshall, teamster [died May 17, 1895, aged 76.
Case, Elan, carpenter, Scoville & Gates.
Case, John Roman (Norton & C.), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died Elmhurst, Ill., September 4, 1877, aged 74.
Casey, Edward (E. & Peter C.), bds John Casey [died January 27, 1894, aged 81.
Casey, E. & P., dry goods, groceries, and auction store, 85 Lake.
Casey, Hugh, tailor, Scott Benedik.
Casey, John, milkman, res Market, bet Randolph and Washington [died December 8, 1881, aged 91.
Casey, Patrick, waiter, Mansion House [died June 15, 1892, aged 73.
Casey, Peter (E. & P. Casey), clerk, Isaac Strail, bds John Casey.
Casey, Stephen, driver, Eli S. Prescott’s, 35-7 Cass, cor Illinois.
Casey, Thomas, laborer, bds John Casey.
Cashan, Stephen, res Michigan, bet Rush and Pine.
Caspar, W. G., blacksmith, LaSalle, res Wells, bet Washington & Mad.
Cassiday, James Hugh, ship carpenter, N. Dearborn.
Cassidy, P. E., clerk, Horatio O. Stone, bds same.
Caster, Wm. Harvey, millwright [died Niles, Mich., March 7, 1891, aged 77-10-15.
Castler, Matthias, laborer, Dutch Settlement.
Caswell, Sidney, cabinet-maker, John B. Weir [d. Mar. 1, 1889, a. 80.
Caton, John, laborer, res Lake.
Caton, John Dean, attorney, [died July 30, 1895, aged 88-4-11.
Cavanagh, Martin, laborer, res North Water, near North Franklin.
Cavanagh, Jerry, waiter, Illinois Exchange.
Cavanaugh, Michael, carpenter, res State.
Cawker, Mathew, proprietor Clinton Lunch, 11 Clark.
Chacksfield, George, grocer, etc., 18 Clark [died Oct. 8, 1885, aged 73.
Chalmers, Thomas, machinist, Scoville & Gates [arrived Dec. 2, 1843.
Chamberlin, [Rev.] Jacob Sherril (Hamilton & C), bds Starr Foot.
Chandler, Joseph, res Fort Dearborn.
Chapin, John P. & Co. (Thomas Dyer), forwarding and commission merchants, South Water.
Chapin, John Putnam (J. P. C. & Co. and Dyer & C), res Lake, bet State and Wabash ave [8th mayor, died June 27, 1864, aged 54.
Chapin, Pascal Paoli, clerk, J. P. Chapin & Co., bds American Temperance House.
Chapin, Richard, laborer, res Kinzie near Cass.
Chapman, Charles H., res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington.
Chapman, Henry, tobacconist, 38 Clark, bds Charles H. Chapman [died August 9, 1851, aged 48.
Chapman, Thomas, res Wolcott, bet Illinois and Indiana.
Chappel, Marvin, carpenter, bds Amer. Temp. House [d. Jan. 27, 1849.
Chapronne, Augustin, gardener, res North Branch, north end.
Chapronne, Francis, gardener, res North Branch, north end.
Charleston, Charles, carpenter, Fort Dearborn, res Wolcott [d. 187-.
Chevill, Mathew, shoemaker, res W. Water, bet Randolph and Lake [died March 16, 1862, aged 61.
Chicago Hotel, n.-e. cor W. Lake and N. Canal, Geo. W. Rogers, prop.
Chicago Temperance House, 17 and 19 LaSalle, David L. Roberts, prop.
Childs, Shubal Davis, city sealer, wood and metal engraver, Clark, res 3d Ward [died Evanston, Ill., January 9, 1870, aged 71.
Choulet, Michel Alexandre, carpenter, res Dearborn [died 1854, a. 47.
Chovin, Charles, clerk, Tuthill King, bds same [resides St. Charles, Ill.
Christian, David William, carpenter, bds American Exchange.
Christian, John, shoemaker, P. P. Robinson.
Christie, James, laborer, bds Richard Butler.
Christy, Nathan, laborer, res Canal, bet Lake and N. Water [died July 16, 1855, aged 56.
Christy & Dunham, carpenters, N. Water near Kinzie.
Christy, Rumsey (C. & Dunham), cor Michigan and Wolcott.
Church, John Coleman, harness-maker, C. E. Peck, bds Chicago Temperance House.
Church, Thomas, dry goods and groceries, 111 Lake, res 55 Lake [died June 25, 1871, aged 70 1/2.
Church, William Linnaeus, clerk, Dyer & Chapin, res 127 State [died Hyde Park, October 22, 1880, aged 64.
Churchill, Jesse, cow herd, res 175 Lake [died Riverside, Cook Co., Ill., April 5, 1887, aged 90.
Cinfal, Dennis, laborer, res N. Dearborn, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
City Hotel, n.-w. cor Clark and Randolph, Jacob Russell, prop.
City Refectory, 17 Dearborn, J. W. Steele, prop.
Clancy, Mark Bailey, house painter, Alex. White, bds James Rockwell.
Clark, Agnitus B., medicine manufacture, N. Halsted.
Clark, C. B., clerk, Edwin P. Clark, bds Humphrey Clark.
Clark, DeMarcus, clerk, V. S. Lovell, bds Chicago Temperance House.
Clark, Edwin, grocer, W. Lake.
Clark, Edwin P., dry goods and groceries, 154 Lake, bds Hump Clark.
Clark, Elisha, carpenter, res W. Water, bet Washington and Madison [died July 23, 1853, aged 53.
Clark, Francis (C., Haines & Co.), bds American Temperance House [died Cleaverville (now Oakland), June 12, 1860, aged —.
Clark, Haines & Co., (Francis C., John C. Haines and Edward Parsons,) dry goods and groceries, 168 Lake.
Clark, Horace, baker, LaSalle.
Clark, Humphrey, boarding house, Indiana, bet Cass and Wolcott.
Clark, John D., clerk, A. G. Hobbie [printer, went to Washington, D.C.
Clark, Jonas Coe, exchange broker, 21 Clark [died by poison in Wis.
Clark, Lewis W., hardware, iron, nails, etc., 128 Lake [died March 31, 1855, aged 45.
Clark, O. J., painter, res Hastings.
Clark-Street Market.
Clarke, Abraham Fuller, druggist, (C. & Co.), [removed to and a resident of Milwaukee during 1841 to 1870; thence to Marietta, Ga., where he died, March 2, 1886, aged 71-4-7.
Clarke & Co., druggists, manufacturers of lard oil and candles, 102 Lake, factory, Indiana, bet Wolcott and Cass.
Clarke, George P., druggist, Clarke & Co.
Clarke, Henry B., farmer, Michigan ave, n.-e. cor 16th Street [died July 23, 1849, aged 48.
Clarke, Henry Wilcox, attorney at law, 36 Clark, bds Mrs. Post [died January 25, 1892, aged 77.
Clarke, Samuel Clarke (C. & Co.), bds Tremont House [at Marietta, Ga., since Sept., 1871.
Clarke, William Hull (C. & Co.), bds Washington Coffee House [died August 5, 1878, aged 65-10-10.
Clarkson, James J., printers’ apprentice, bds Robert R. Clarkson.
Clarkson, Robert R., bootmaker, William H. Adams & Co., res alley bet LaSalle and Wells.
Clary, Stephen K., clerk, Illinois Exchange.
Claus, Joseph, engineer harbor machine, res Illinois, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Cleaver, Charles, grocer, soap and candle maker, 177 Lake [died October 27, 1893, aged 78.
Cleaver, Joseph Wraigh, cabinet maker, J. B. Weir [at Portland, Ore.
Cleaver, Thomas Barker, soap and oil maker, bds Charles Cleaver [died, Dubuque, Ia.
Clement, Stephen, captain steamboat Champion [died Oconomowoc, Wis., August 7, 1894, aged 81.
Cleveland, Alva, ornamental painter, alley bet State and Wabash ave. res Madison, bet Clark and LaSalle [died Deerfield, Kan., February 13, 1891, aged 86.
Clifford, E. M., portrait painter, 6 Clark.
Clifford, James, wagonmaker, Scoville & Gates, res Randolph, bet Franklin and Madison.
Clifford, John, carpenter, N. Water, west of Clark Street bridge.
Clinton, James, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Clybourn, Archibald (C. & Hovey), res North Branch, city and county beef and pork inspector [612 Alston ave, died Aug. 23, 1872, a. 70.
Clybourn & Hovey, butchers, Clark and Western Markets.
Cobb, Geo. W.. clerk, Marcus C. Stearns, bds Tremont House [died.
Cobb, Silas Bowman, saddler and harness maker, 171 Lake, res 75 Michigan ave, s.-w. cor Lake.
Coburn, Isaac, carpenter, res Dearborn.
Cochrane, John, waiter, City Hotel [died January 12, 1886, aged 65.
Coe, John S., blacksmith, Asahel-Pierce, bds W. Lake, near N. Canal.
Coe, Thomas, cabinet maker, cor Lake and Franklin, bds Sauganash.
Coe, —–, cabinet maker, Manahan & Jacobus, bds Thos. Manahan.
Coffin, Mrs. [Harriet Delia Dole (Richards), widow of Joseph Warren Chase], boarding, res Illinois, bet Pine and Sand [died Crystal Lake, Ill., April 12, 1888, aged 90.
Cohen, Peter, ready-made clothing, Lake [suicide, Algiers, opposite New Orleans, La.
Coil, Patrick, laborer, cor Kinzie and LaSalle.
Colby House.
Colby, William, bds Colby House, Wells, (alderman 4th Ward.) [died Norfolk, Va., summer of 1864.
Cole, Parker M. (Bowen & C.), county poor master, bds Erastus Bowen [died June 30, 1877, aged —.
Coleman, Ira, foreman, Daniel Taylor, res 215 Lake.
Collier, Charles A., clerk, land office, res N. Clark, s.-e. cor Kinzie.
Collins, Ezra, 140 Lake, res S. B. Collins [died 1849, aged 70.
Collins, George (Samuel B. Collins & Co.), res Samuel B. Collins [died Evanston, Cook County, Ill., October 22, 1856, aged —.
Collins, Isaac, clerk, S. B. Collins & Co., res S. B. Collins [died 1843, aged —.
Collins, James H., attorney (Butterfield & C), res 15 Lake [died Ottawa, Ill., July 14, 1854, aged 56.
Collins, Patrick, waiter, Farmers’ Exchange.
Collins, Samuel B. & Co., boots, shoes, and leather, 140 Lake.
Collins, Samuel Bassett (Samuel B. C. & Co.), res 67 Washington [died April 5, 1855, aged 49.
Columbian House, 11 and 13 Wells, Sweet & Doolittle, props.
Comstock & Ackley, dry goods and groceries, 82 Lake.
Comstock, J. D., clerk and law student, Arnold & Ogden.
Comstock, J. S. (C. & Ackley), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died San Francisco, Cal., November 2, 1850.
Comstock, Luke, laborer, Frink, Walker & Co’s stable, res Wabash ave.
Congrave, John, shoemaker, Joseph E. Ware.
Conley, Mathew, steward.
Conley, Peter, boarding-house, North Water.
Conley, Philip, sailor.
Connolly, John, laborer, res Kinzie, bet N. Clark and N. LaSalle.
Connor, James, laborer, Sylvester Marsh.
Connor, Patrick, laborer, res W. Lake, near N. Canal.
Connor, Thomas, cabinet maker, cor Lake and Franklin, bds Sauganash.
Constantine, Patrick, laborer, res bet Michigan and Illinois, 5th Ward.
Cook, Charles W. (C. & Surdam), bds American Temperance House [died 1845, aged 44.
Cook, George, bartender, bds American Temperance House.
Cook, George Churchill, assistant, T. Church [d. April 18, 1884, a. 73.
Cook, Isaac, canal-land agent, res cor Franklin and Randolph [died Eureka Springs, Ark., June 23, 1886, aged 73.
Cook, John, tailor, res Jefferson, bet W. Randolph and Washington.
Cook, Josiah P., baker, res Michigan ave.
Cook & Surdam, proprietors American Temperance House, 36 Lake.
Cook, Thomas, teamster, Desplaines, south of Randolph [died Western Springs, Cook Co., Ill., Feb. 1, 1885, aged 85.
Cooke, Adreon, grocer, North Water, bet Dearborn and North State.
Cooke, Horatio Nelson, turner, Franklin, bet Lake and South Water.
Cooler, James, mason, bds Washington Hall.
Cooler, Miss, dress and cloak maker, 175 Lake.
Cooper, John Wellington, teamster, foreman canal, res — Kinzie [died March 15, 1893, aged 67-8-21.
Corbidge, John, cutler and grinder, 197 Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin [died June 1, 1887, aged 68 1/3.
Corbin, D. H., shipcarpenter, res bet State and Clark, south of Jackson.
Corey, John, procurer, 4th Ward [died April 12, 1849.
Corrigan, Michael, blacksmith [died October 3, 1878, aged 68.
Corrigan, William, drayman, bds S. Water [died July 15, 1879, a. 75.
Couch, Ira Howes, [1812 veteran], bds Tremont House [died July 25, 1845, aged 82.
Couch, Ira, proprietor Tremont House, s.-e. cor Lake and Dearborn [died Cuba, February 28, 1857, aged 50 1/4.
Couch, James, superintendent Tremont House, bds same [died February 10, 1892, aged 92.
Coughlin, Bryan, blacksmith, res Randolph, bet Franklin and Market.
Counihan, Cornelius, currier, Gurnee & Matteson, bds G. Counihan [died March 16, 1890, aged 60.
Counihan, Gerald, mason, res s.-w. cor Union and W. Washington [died June 1849.
Courmayer, Braus, laborer, bds Canada Home.
Court-House, s.-w. cor Clark and Randolph.
Courtin, Henry, sailor, res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Courtney, Capt. Henry, secy Mariner’s Temperance Society.
Covey, Asa.
Covey, John, carpenter.
Cowan, George W., blacksmith, Randolph, bet Clark and LaSalle.
Cowens, Thomas, laborer, res W. Water, bet Canal and Clinton.
Cowper, Edward, intelligence-agent [died June 26, 1854, aged 50.
Cox, Andrew Jackson (Jack), tailor, 21 Clark, bds Mansion House.
Cox, A. J. & Co., tailors, 21 Clark.
Craft, George W., shoemaker, John B. Mitchell.
Cramer, H., professor of music, Clark, bet Washington and Madison.
Crane, Orson, teamster, bds Washington Hall.
Crary, Oliver A., teamster, res Wolcott, bet Kinzie and Michigan.
Crawford, William, drayman, alley bet N. Clark and LaSalle, 5th Ward, now North Water street [died August 7, 1872, aged 61.
Crissman, John M., laborer.
Crocker, Josiah Dunton, whitewasher, res 171 Clark [died December 28, 1888, aged 82.
Croghan, B. W., bartender, Eagle Saloon, 10 Dearborn.
Crone, Adams, tailor, res North Water, near Wolcott.
Crosbie, John, sailor, res near Franklin, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
Cross, Antonne, sailor, res Indiana, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Crouse, Anton, tailor, Elijah Smith.
Crow, William E., car-driver, res State.
Crowty, Cornelius, laborer, res N. Water, bet Clark and LaSalle.
Cruver, John (C. & Senser), carpenter, res N. Clark, s.-w. cor Michigan alderman 5th ward [died California, 1851.
Cruver & Senser, builders, N. Clark, bet Kinzie and Michigan.
Cumberland, Charles, operator, Clarke & Co.’s oil factory, Indiana.
Cumberland, William, operator, Clarke & Co.’s oil factory, Indiana.
Cunningham, Henry, constable, N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died May 2, 1879, aged 73.
Cunningham, W. M., clerk, Leroy M. Boyce.
Cure, John, laborer, res Monroe.
Cure, Peter, grocer, 193 Lake, res same.
Curran, Bernard, tailor, Scott Benedik.
Curtis, Charles H., butcher, [died January 3, 1886, aged 74.
Curtis, Jacob S., water borer, bds Michael McDonald.
Curtiss, James, State’s attorney, 136 Lake, res W. Randolph, bet May and Ann [9th mayor, died Joliet, Ill., November 2, 1859, aged 56.
Curtiss, J. W., gunsmith, res cor North Water and Wolcott.
Cushing, Nathaniel Sawyer, house painter, 41 State near Lake, res same [died Lombard, Ill., May 13, 1889, aged 84-5-6.
Cutmore, Henry, grocer, West Randolph, bet W. Water and Canal.
Cutter, Amos F., harness and trunk maker, Lake, bet Wells & Franklin.

Daggitt, Joseph, cabinet-maker and joiner, bds Farmer’s Exchange [now at Glencoe, Ill.
Daily, Barry, drayman.
Daily, John R., carpenter, bds Temperance House, North Water.
Dalton, Michael, laborer, res Wolcott, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
Daly, Charles, shoemaker, Thomas Melvin, bds Henry Cunningham.
Daly, John, pedler, S. Water, bet Wabash and Mich, ave [d. Mar. 1846.
Daly, John, carpenter, n.-w. cor North Water and North Dearborn [died April 9, 1867, aged 50.
Dana, Lorenza, clerk, Johonnett, Wells & Co.
Dana, Patrick, teamster, Alson S. Sherman.
Daniels, Horace, coach driver, res Wells, alley south of Randolph.
Daniels, James, driver, Dexter Graves’ livery stable.
Darling, William, blacksmith, William B. Stevens.
Darrow, Sidney L., milkman, Michigan ave.
Daus, D., clerk, Horatio O. Stone, bds Michigan.
David, William, boot and shoemaker, 172 Lake.
Davidson, Daniel, clerk, Horace Norton & Co., bds Am. Temp. House [died insane, Jacksonville, Ill., December 20, 1868, aged 46.
Davidson, Douglas N. (J. Johnson & Co.), bds J. Johnson.
Davis, David M. Parker, agent, Frink, Walker & Co.’s stage-office [died October 6, 1878, aged 67.
Davis, Elisha Webster, clerk, Norton & Tuckerman [died Memphis, Mo., March 16, 1882, aged 69 3/4.
Davis, George, clerk, county commiss’rs’ court, county-clerk, 107 Lake, res Canal near W. Washington [died January 4, 1858, aged 50.
Davis, John, tailor, North Water, near Kinzie [d. Apr. 28, 1883, a. 68.
Davis, Samuel N., lime manufacturer, bds Alson S. Sherman [died October 7, 1848, aged 34.
Davis, William H., deputy sheriff, Samuel J. Lowe’s office [died January 21, 1861, aged —.
Davisson, Alfred W., county physician, 77 Clark, res same [died Atlanta, Ga., July 17, 1895, aged 80.
Davlin, John, auctioneer, State, s.-e. cor Lake [died Waukegan, January 19, 1883, aged about 90.
Day, William, proprietor LaSalle House, 50 LaSalle, n.-w. cor Randolph.
Dean, James, saddler and harness maker, James S. Paine.
Dean, Philip, teamster, 236 Madison, s.-e. cor Franklin [died November 15, 1861, aged 57.
Deiden, Jacob, grocer, North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Deinback, Francis, carpenter, res Dutch Settlement.
Delamey, Michael, laborer, Market, bet Washington and Madison.
Delap, Miss Maria, milliner, 142 Lake, bds E. Brown.
Delingan, John, laborer, Market, bet Randolph and Washington.
Dellicker, George, grocer, Lake, bds Tremont House [died (suicide?) in Lake Michigan, July —, 1849.
Democrat, Chicago, 107 Lake, John Wentworth, editor and prop. official paper, first number issued Nov. 26, 1833, by John Calhoun.
DeMout, Cornelius, shoemaker, Samuel J. Grannis.
Dempsey, John, boarding house, 5th Ward [died January 14, 1859.
Dennis, Edward M., bds Dr. David S. Smith.
Dennis, John.
Dennis, Mrs., bds Dr. David S. Smith.
Dennison, Daniel, butcher, Ridgely Place, nr Lake.
Dennison, William H., butcher, Ridgely Place, nr Lake.
Densmore, Eleazer Woodworth, clerk, Elisha S. & Julius Wadsworth [died November 5, 1888, aged 68.
Deperling, John G., basket maker, res N. Water near Wolcott.
Deuel, William C, bartender, Tremont House, bds same.
DeWolf, Calvin (Freer & DeW), res Buffalo, s. of Jackson, e. of Clark.
DeWolf, Charles, shoemaker, bds Calvin DeWolf [died Rock Island, Ill., May 1852, aged 31.
DeWolf, Erastus, bds American Temperance House.
Dexter, Albert Augustus, clerk, E. S. & J. Wadsworth, res Dearborn.
Diamond, Martin, laborer, res alley near North Water.
Dickerson, —-, farming-mill maker, James V. Dickey.
Dickey, Hugh Thompson, attorney, 103 1/2 Lake, bds City Hotel, alderman 1st-ward [died New-York City, June 1892, aged —.
Dickey, James Varnum, fanning-mill maker, etc., N. Canal nr W. Lake [died October 12, 1873, aged 76.
Dickey, John Butler, son of Jas. V., killed at fire of Oct. 19, 1857, by falling wall at 110 Lake st, aged 24-6-1.
Dickinson, Augustus, City Eating House, Dearb’n, bet Lake & S. Water [died January 13, 1891, aged 74.
Dietrich, Lawrence, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Dietrich, Veit, match maker, res Dutch Settlement.
Dike, Henry Butler (Morey & Dike), bds Isaac Dike [died June 26, 1880, aged 57.
Dike, Isaac, boot and shoemaker, 9 Dearborn [d. Sept. 8, 1860, a. 55.
Dike, James, groceries and provisions, 11 Dearborn.
Dimmock & Stow, house and sign painters, 202 Lake.
Dimmock, Edward (D. & Stow), south of Monroe, west of Clark [died 1860, aged 48.
Dinet, Joseph, restaurant, 48 Clark [died February 2, 1884, aged —.
Diversey, Michael (Lill & D.), res near St. Clair and Chicago ave [died December 12, 1869, aged —.
Dixon, John, barber, Clark, res Lake, 1st Ward.
Dixon, William, carpenter, N. Dearborn, bet N. Water and Kinzie [died July 24, 1867, aged 62.
Dobson, B. E., drover, bds Sauganash Hotel.
Dodge, Darwin D., teamster, res Franklin.
Dodge, Harry (Dupley).
Dodge, John Cabot (Parker & D.), res Wolcott n.-w. cor Ontario [died insane near Boston, Mass., February 11, 1889, aged —.
Dodge, Martin (Goold & D.), bds Nathaniel Goold [died Montague, Mich., December 31, 1882, aged —.
Dodge, Usel Stillman, carpenter, bds Morrison’s Row, Clark [now at Niles, Mich.
Dodson, Christian Bowman [died Geneva, Ill., Jan. 3, 1891, a. 81-6-18.
Dodson, Henry, mason, Alonzo C. Wood [died May 15, 1885, aged 60.
Doggett, Joseph Barker, iron, nails, etc., 62 Lake [died July 20, 1893, aged 70.
Dole, George Washington (Newberry & D.), Michigan, bet Rush and Pine, alderman 6th ward [died April 13, 1860, aged —.
Dole, J. L., billiard saloon, 20 Clark, bds Isaac L. Milliken.
Dole, Lewis G., clerk, lottery office, Dearborn, res State.
Dolese, John [left in 1841 for Loraine, France; died there in 1892.
Dolese, Peter [in Peru, Ill., died February 14, 1862, aged 62-1-14.
Done, J., laborer on harbor, res Fort Dearborn.
Donivan, Dennis, saddler and harness maker, Silas B. Cobb.
Donlin, James, blacksmith, N. Water, bet Dearborn and Clark, res Kinzie, bet Dearborn and Clark [died 1852, aged 53.
Donlin, John, grocer, cor North Water and Clark, near bridge.
Donnelly, James Morris, livery, 91 Randolph [d. July 8, 1858, a. 33.
Donohue, Daniel, laborer, North Water near Franklin.
Donohue, James, laborer on harbor.
Dony, Jacob, cabinet maker, Michigan, bet Wolcott and Dearborn [died January 15, 1879, aged 63 1/2.
Doolittle, Louis A. (Sweet & D.), res Columbian House.
Doty, Theodorus, hotel, about 12 miles west [d. June 11, 1885, a. 83 3/4.
Dougherty, Martin, hostler, Mansion House.
Dougherty, Owen, laborer, N. Water near Wells [d. Aug. 9, 1872, a. 51.
Doun, William, Stow’s foundry.
Dow, John I. (John I. Dow & Co.), res Randolph, bet LaSalle & Wells.
Dow, John I. & Co., house and sign painters, 40 Clark.
Downing, Thomas, butcher, Archibald Clybourn.
Downs, Abel Sidney, clerk, H. & E. Smith [d. June 30, 1883, a. 61.
Downs, Augustus Gay, clerk, Thos. B. Carter, bds Mrs. Seth Johnson [died October 25, 1878, aged 60.
Downs, Myron Day, grocer, 12 Dearborn [died July 30, 1891, a. 76-6.
Doyle, Michael (Andrus & D.), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died November 1851, aged —.
Doyle, Simon, merchant tailor, 289 Kinzie [d. Sept. 28, 1881, a. 75 1/2.
Doyle, William E., carpenter, res Indiana, bet N. Clark and Dearborn.
Drake, Jerome D., laborer, south of Jackson, 3d Ward.
Drew, George C., bookkeeper, James Peck & Co., [died.
Drew, jr., John, bds Sauganash Hotel.
Drury, Benjamin C, teamster, John Gage.
Dubois, —-, pattern maker, Scoville & Gates, res Lake, bet West Water and Canal.
Duffie, John, carpenter, Market, south of Washington.
Duffy, Mrs. Margaret, laundress, res N. Water, bet N. Clark and N. Dearborn [died February 23, 1887, aged 76.
Duffy, Michael, laborer, Kinzie, bet Clark and LaSalle.
Duffy, Patrick, laborer, Kinzie, bet Clark and Dearborn [died August 26, 1853.
Dugan, Thomas [died January 3, 1886, aged 72.
Dunham, Julius (Christy & D.).
Dunlap, Wm., clerk, Tarleton Jones’ lumberyard, bds City Refectory.
Dunlop, Hugh, carpenter, Market, south of Washington [died unmarried, February 3, 1873, aged 64-7-9.
Dunn, William, res Canal.
Durand, Charles, attorney at law, 131 Lake, res same.
Durant, James T., res Clark.
Durrell, William, tin and coppersmith, Samuel J. Surdam.
Dutch Settlement, north of Chicago ave and east of N. Clark.
Dwight, Alanson, currier, Gurnee & Matteson [died Cleveland, O., August 5, 1895, aged 83-4-10.
Dwyer, Cornelius, laborer, North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Dyer, Charles Volney, physician, 98 Lake, res 47 State [died April 24, 1878, aged 69 3/4.
Dyer & Chapin, dry goods and groceries, 103 Lake.
Dyer, Thomas (D. & Chapin), bds City Hotel [10th mayor, died Middletown, Conn., June 6, 1862, aged 57.

Eachus, Virgil H., tailor, Jack Cox, bds Mansion House [died August 18, 1864, aged 46.
Eagle Tavern, 10 Dearborn, E. Vandreuser, prop.
Earhart, C., tailor, res Washington, bet Wells and Franklin.
Eastman, Zebina, editor Western Citizen, 124 Lake, res Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells [d. Maywood, Cook Co., Ill., June 14, 1883, a. 67 3/4.
Eaton, R. E., clerk, Norton & Tuckerman.
Ebert, George Francis, landscape gardner, Clark, south of VanBuren [died July 1861, aged 57.
Ebert, John, erecting engineer, prop. Independence, building at foot of Pine, bds Tremont [first engineer of the Galena R.R., driving the Pioneer—the first engine—and its first master-mechanic.
Eckhoff, John, laborer, res Jefferson, bet Washington and Madison [died Cerro Gordo, Ia., June 20, 1874, aged 47.
Eckhoff, Nicholas, teamster, res N. Canal, bet W. Lake and Randolph [died Niles, Cook Co., Ill., February 17, 1873, aged 80.
Eddy & Co., hardware, iron, and stoves, 96 Lake.
Eddy, Devotion C. (E. & Co.), res Michigan ave near Lake.
Eddy, Ira Button (E. & Co.), res 45 Michigan ave [d. Aug. 10, ’91, a. 86.
Edwards, Edwin, grain buyer, bds F. M. Edwards [d. Jan. 1, 1890, a. 71.
Edwards, Francis Myers, carpenter, W. Adams, bet Canal and Clinton [died Desplaines, Ill., May 13, 1893, aged 77.
Edwards, John, carpenter, Francis M. Edwards.
Edwards, Thomas, shoemaker, Thomas Whitlock.
Eells, —-, bricklayer, south of Madison, east of Clark.
Egan, Wiley M, sailor, schooner Charlotte, bds City Refectory.
Egan, Wm. Bradshaw. physician, recorder, etc., 68 Clark, res Clark [died October 27, 1860, aged 52.
Elderkin, Stephen W., bds Chicago Temperance House.
Eldridge, John Woodworth, physician, res Randolph, first door west of City Hotel [died January 1, 1884, aged 75.
Elliott, Joseph, tailor, 185 Lake, res same.
Ellis, James, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [died March 4, 1884, a. 75.
Ellis, Joel, butcher, Clark Street Market, bds Farmers’ Hotel [died Jefferson, Cook Co., Ill., Oct. 30, 1886, aged 69.
Ellis, Peter, shoemaker, William David.
Ellis, Samuel, farmer, south of Cottage Grove [died Oct. 9, 1853, a. —.
Ellis, Stephen, butcher, res east of Clark, north of Jackson.
Ellis, William (E. & Fergus), printer, res 109 Randolph [died May 16, 1873, aged 61.
Ellis & Fergus, book, directory, and job printers, 37 Clark, 3d floor.
Ellithorpe, Albert Chapman, wagon-maker.
Elston, Daniel, patent press-brick maker, res North Branch [died September 13, 1855, aged 65.
Ely, Thomas, book-keeper, res Michigan, bet Cass and Wolcott.
Emmonds, J. W., carpenter, Robinson Tripp.
Enos, jr., William C. Archibald Clybourn.
Espert, George C. [“butcher George”], butcher, Archibald Clybourn [died January 2, 1886, aged 75.
Evans, Enoch Webster, attorney [died Sept. 2, 1879, aged 62.
Express, Chicago, 92 Lake, Wm. W. Brackett, editor; [discontinued April 20, 1844; continued April 22 as the Chicago Journal

Fairbanks, Peter, shipcarpenter, Lake near Franklin.
Falch, Leonard, soap and candle maker, Mich., bet LaSalle and Wells [died October 31, 1889, aged 81-10.
Faller, V., watchmaker, Dearborn, near Tremont House.
Falley, R. S., carpenter, South Canal, 3d Ward.
Farewell, James, cigar maker, A. B. Wheeler.
Faris, James, sailor, North Water, bet Franklin and N. Branch bridge.
Farmers’ Exchange, s.-w. cor Lake and Wabash, Peleg A. Barker, prop.
Farnsworth, George, lumber merchant.
Farrell, Thomas, laborer, Michigan ave [died June 17, 1870, aged 67.
Farwell, Chas. Benjamin [arrived Jan. 10, 1844, clerk, J. B. F. Russell.
Fearing, George B., captain Maria Hilliard, bds Washington Hall.
Felker, Samuel R., merchant tailor, 143 Lake, res same [died October 1, 1879, aged 72.
Fellman, J. Francis, chairmaker, John B. Weir, res North Water.
Fennerty, James, dry goods and groceries, 100 Lake, res Dearborn.
Fennerty, James, res Lake, bet State and Wabash ave.
Fennerty, John, dry goods and groceries, 100 Lake.
Fennerty, Peter, auctioneer, h bet Lake and Wabash.
Fennimore, Richard, wheelwright, N. Water, bet Clark and LaSalle.
Fenton, William (Perkins & F.), bds Chicago Temperance House.
Fergus, Robert (Ellis & F.), printer, res 179 State, Lot 6, Block 3, Sec. 15 [born Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 4, 1815; arrived July 1, 1839.
Ferguson, Andrew, drayman, Luther Nichols, boards same [died Geneva Lake, Wis., May 14, 1884, aged 84.
Ferguson, William, laborer, North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Ferns, John Porter, sailor, Rush, bet Indiana and Ohio [died March 5, 1884, aged 68-10-5.
Ferras, —-, laborer, res bet N. Water and Kinzie, near Franklin.
Ferris, Arthur, tailor, res Washington, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Fetter, John, blacksmith, Ithream Taylor.
Field, Francis, teacher public school 1, district 3.
Field, John Anderson, carpenter, res cor W. Madison and Halsted.
Field, Joseph Benj., carpenter, res s.-w. cor W. Madison and Halsted [died June 1, 1848, aged 26.
Fillmore, P. P., engineer, res cor N. Clark and Illinois.
Finey, Uriah, res South Water.
Finley, Edward, laborer, res 4th Ward.
Fischbene, Joseph, merchant, bds Washington Hall.
Fischer, C., wood turner, Franklin bet Lake and Randolph, bds same.
Fischer, Francis Joseph, Catholic priest, res Wabash ave.
Fischer, Peter H., turner, Franklin, bet Lake and Randolph.
Fish, James, carpenter [died August 18, 1881.
Fish, James P., carpenter, res. Kinzie, east of Rush.
Fish, John P., teamster, West Lake, bet W. Water and Canal.
Fitch, Patrick, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Fittz, Caleb Draper, upholsterer [died Dec. 30, 1890, aged 82.
Fitzgerald, Thomas, laborer, res West Water near Lake.
Fitzgibbons, John, res Michigan ave.
Fitzgibbons, Patrick, drayman, res 40 South Water [d. 1845, a. 45.
Fitzsimmons, James, clerk, recorder’s office, bds Dr. William B. Egan [died Wisconsin.
Fitzsimmons, Michael, drayman, res Adams, west of Clark.
Fitzsimmons, John, teamster, res Michigan ave cor VanBuren.
Flahaven, John, brickmaker, Wood & Ogden.
Fleming, William, merchant tailor, n.-e. cor N. Water and Dearborn [died 1850.
Fletcher, Archibald, auctioneer, Horatio Buell.
Fletcher, George, carpenter, bds New York House.
Flint, Mrs., res West Adams, bet Clinton and Jefferson.
Flood, John, teamster, res Wabash ave.
Flood, Peter Findley, sailor [died January 7, 1888, aged 72.
Florida, Hughes, brickmaker, Wood & Ogden.
Fogal, Michael, butcher, Absalom Funk.
Follansbee, Alanson, dry goods and groceries, 112 Lake, res 139 State [died Milwaukee, Wis., April 15, 1809, aged 57 1/4.
Follansbee, Charles, dry goods and groceries, 88 Lake, res 165 State [died June 14, 1887, aged 76 2/3.
Foot, Starr, teamster, 180 Clark, cor Monroe [died June, 1862. a. 62.
Foot, David P., blacksmith, res Wabash ave.
Foote, Lucius H., clerk, Tuthill King, bds same.
Forbes, John, drayman, res State.
Forbes, William, bds Chicago Temperance House.
Ford, Alexander, blacksmith, Solomon Gowey, bds Wells.
Ford, Christopher, carpenter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Ford, David M. [foundryman, d. Ishpeming, Mich., Jan. 21, 1891, a. 57.
Ford, Martin Munson, tanner and currier, Gurnee & Matteson [died 1857.
Fordham, Jared, tanner and currier, res Randolph.
Forrest, Joseph King Cummins, law student, Scammon & Judd, “reader” of the New Jerusalem Society, bds City Hotel [the “Old Timer” of the Daily News; died June 23, 1890, a. 75-6-27.
Forrest, Philip Ryder, clerk [died Orange, Los Angeles, Cal., March 24, 1888, aged 62.
Forrest, Thos. Lawrence, clerk, H. Norton & Co., bds City Eating House.
Fort Dearborn, at junction of Michigan ave and River st, vacated by troops—Cos. A and B. 5th U.-S. Infty. Capt. St. Clair Denny, comdg—Dec. 29, 1830; now occupied by government employes at work on the harbor.
Foss & Brothers, planing-mill, Market street, bet Washington and Madison, on the River.
Foss, John Peaslee, Foss & Brothers’ planing-mill.
Foss, Robert Harris, Foss & Brothers’ planing-mill [died Dover, N.H., July 28, 1893, aged 79.
Foss, Sam’l Titcomb, Foss & Bros.’ planing-mill [d. Mar. 28, 1870, a. 59.
Foss, William Ham, Foss & Brothers’ planing-mill [died Portsmouth, N.H., September —, 1858, aged 50.
Foster, A. H. (Jennings & F.), bds American Temperance House.
Foster, Edward, laborer, s.-e. cor Pine and Illinois [died 1458 North Clark St., Lake View, February 28, 1888, aged 80.
Foster, George Franklin (F. & Robb), bds John B. Mitchell [died August 10, 1877, aged 66.
Foster, Dr. John Herbert, capitalist, 207 Lake, res same [died May 18, 1874, aged 78.
Foster & Robb, ship chandlers and sail makers, 100 South Water.
Foster, —-, Frink, Walker & Co., bds American Temperance House.
Fournmer, Bazil, grocery, North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Fox, Alvin, wagon maker, E. Granger, res Illinois, bet Clark and LaSalle.
Fox, George, laborer, res Jefferson, bet Washington and Madison.
Force, William, sailor, bds Henry Howard.
Frank, John, cabinet maker, John B. Weir.
Frank, Henry, mason, res W. Monroe, bet Canal and Clinton.
Frank, A., house painter, Nathaniel S. Cushing, bds same.
Franks, Joseph Wilson, tailor, 219 1/2 Lake, s. e. cor Franklin [died on farm, Centralia, Nemaha Co. Kas., May 8, 1876, aged 73.
Franks, jr., Joseph Wilson, printer, Ellis & Fergus, bds J. W. Franks [now at Peoria, Ill.
Frazier, Alfred B., tailor, res bet Clark and State.
Frazier, Andrew, tailor, Elmer Tyler, bds same.
Free, G. W., draper and tailor, 139 Lake.
Freeman, Vincent H., brick maker, North Branch.
Freer & DeWolf, attorneys at law, 53 Clark.
Freer, Lemuel Covell Paine (F. & DeWolf), res Monroe, bet Clark and LaSalle [died April 14, 1892, aged 78-6-26.
Freer, Miss V. C., teacher public-school 2, district 2.
Freestone, Thomas, laborer, near Chicago ave, 5th Ward.
Frey, Philip, drug clerk, Leroy M. Boyce, bds Daniel B. Heartt.
Frink, John (F., Walker & Co.), stage proprietor, res 117 Randolph [died Sunday p.m., May 23, 1858, aged 63.
Frink, John S., clerk, bds John Frink.
Frink, Harvey B., clerk, bds John Frink [died California, Jan. 18, 1850.
Frink, Walker & Co., stage proprietors, office 95 Lake, s.-w. cor Dearborn, stables and repair-shops, 45-55 Wabash ave
Frisbie, Augustus [died March 7, 1896, aged 78.
Frost, George, bds Michigan ave.
Fulleger, Samuel, butcher, Fulton Market.
Fuller, Andrew E., clerk, William Lock & Co., bds William Lock.
Fuller, Asa (F. & Squires), res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Fuller, [Judge] Henry, res Dearborn, bet Randolph and Washington [died June 22, 1879, aged 76.
Fuller, Nelson W., printer, Ellis & Fergus.
Fuller & Squires, coopers, South Branch, west side.
Fullerton, Alexander Nathaniel, attorney at law, res 90 Dearborn [died Chester, Vt., September 23, 1880, aged 76.
Fulton, Henry L., carpenter and millwright, res State.
Fulton Market, s.-w. cor Lake and Dearborn, C. P. Albee, prop.
Funk, Absalom, butcher, Fulton and Boston Markets, res Wells, bet Washington and Randolph [died September 4, 1851, aged 63.
Furlong, Michael, bootmaker, Solomon Taylor, res Randolph, bet Franklin and Market.
Fussey, John, sawyer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward.

Gaffney, Bernard, leather dresser, Gurnee & Matteson, res 3d Ward, bet W. Randolph and Washington.
Gage, E. D., daguerrotype artist, 90 Lake.
Gage, Jared, flour dealer, John Gage, res Madison, bet Clark and LaSalle [died March 31, 1880, aged 75.
Gage, John, prop, steam flour-mill, South Branch, west side, res cor Canal and Second [died Vineland, N.J., Dec. 29, 1890, aged 89.
Gale, Abram, butcher, 22 Clark, bds 163 Lake [died Oak Park, Ill., April 4, 1889, aged 92.
Gale, Mrs. Abram, milliner, etc., 163 Lake, res same.
Gale, Stephen F. & Co. (A. H. Burley), books and stationery, 106 Lake.
Gale, Stephen Francis (S. F. Gale & Co.), 103 Dearborn.
Gallagher, Francis, laborer, res Madison, west of Franklin.
Gallagher, Wm. (Hood & G.), res N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Galvin, Michael, sailor, res 185 Washington.
Galvin, Mrs., res Washington, bet Franklin and Market.
Galvin, William, sailor, res Wells, bet Madison and Monroe.
Ganar, Austin, gardener, res Dutch Settlement.
Garkin, Henry [“Dutch Henry”], laborer, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush [died July 14, 1878, aged 90.
Garrett, Augustus (G. & Seaman), bds Sauganash Hotel, mayor (6th), president of Board of Health [died Sherman House, November 30, 1848, aged 47.
Garrett & Seaman, merchants and insurance agents, 147 South Water.
Garrity, Patrick, shoemaker, N. Water, bet N. Clark and Dearborn.
Gart, Peter, brewer, Lill & Diversey’s, bds same [died Bowmanville, Ill., March 30, 1892, aged 75.
Garvey, Tim., brickmaker, Wood & Ogden, res N. Water, near North Branch bridge.
Gates, Edwin L., blacksmith, Frink, Walker & Co., res Randolph, bet State & Dearborn [died.
Gates, John, carpenter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Gates, Philetus Woodworth (Scoville & G), res W. Randolph nr Canal [died December 1, 1888, aged 71.
Gates, Ralph, iron founder, Scoville & Gates.
Gauch, Jacob P., brewer, Indiana, bet Pine and Sand, res same [died September 9, 1893, aged 68.
Gaugler, Morris, cabinet maker, res Dutch Settlement.
Gavin, Edward W., carpenter, res Cass near Kinzie.
Gay, John, sailor, res South Water, bet State and Wabash ave.
Gebel, Peter, laborer, res cor Cass and Pearson [died June 18, 1887, aged 73 1/2.
Gekler, Henry, blacksmith, res LaSalle, bet Lake and South Water.
George, Thomas, tin and coppersmith, 197 Lake.
Gerome, Samuel, sailor.
Getzler, Anton, hats, caps, and furs, 151 Lake, res same, county assessor and treasurer [died Wyandotte, Kas., April 2, 1850, aged 55.
Getzler, Frederick, clerk, Bracken & Tuller, bds Sauganash Hotel.
Gherkin, Henry [Dutch Henry, first grave-digger of Chicago, died July, 1877, aged 90.
Gibbs, George Augustin [died December 8, 1865, aged 54.
Gilbert & Co., Ashley, dry goods and groceries, South Water.
Gilbert, Ashley (A. G. & Co.) bds City Hotel [died.
Gilbert, Edw’d A., med. stud’t, Dr. Dan’l Brainard, bds Sam. H. Gilbert.
Gilbert, Sam. H., clerk, Dyer & Chapin, res Mich., bet Clark and Dearb. [died December 29, 1879, aged 75.
Gilbert, Sherod, drayman, res Ohio, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died September 25, 1868, aged 73.
Giles, William, gardener, West Lake, 4th Ward [died before May 24, 1850.
Gill, Charles, harness-maker, bds Ed. Gill.
Gill, Edmund, tailor, 212 Indiana, res same [Chicago’s first ice-man, died Bowmanville, Ill., August 17, 1867, aged 62 1/2.
Gill, Henry F., teamster, bds Edmund Gill.
Gillen, Jacob, tailor, res Dutch Settlement.
Gillis, Alexander, carpenter, Alex. Loyd, res 251 Clark.
Gilmore, William, laborer, res North Branch near river.
Gilson, Hiram L. (Kent & G.) bds City Hotel.
Gilson, P., clerk, Bristol & Porter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Gilson, Stephen R., lumberman, George W. Snow.
Gilson, William, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Glansman, John, butcher, Western Market, cor N. Water and Clark.
Gleason, Michael, cooper, alley bet Dearborn and Water.
Godard, H. B., clerk, Ruel Ambrose, bds same.
Goldan, John, stone mason, North Water, bet Clark and LaSalle.
Goodman, Fred, tailor, res alley bet LaSalle and Wells.
Goodman, Leonard, shoemaker, Dan. Taylor, res alley bet LaSalle and Wells.
Goodrich, Grant (Spring & G.) res 269 Illinois near Rush [died March 15, 1889, aged 77 1/3.
Goodrich, Timothy Watson, clerk, T. B. Carter, bds Mrs. Seth Johnson.
Goodrich, Willard, tinsmith, William Wheeler.
Goodsell, L. B., dry goods, etc., 21 Dearborn, res 42 Randolph.
Goodwin, Francis P., planemaker, res W. Lake, bet Water and Canal.
Goold, Nathaniel (G. & Dodge) res n.-e. cor N. Dearborn and Michigan [died February 9, 1887, aged 72.
Goold & Dodge, saloon, South Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Goss, John (S. W. G. & Co.) Sylvester Marsh, bds City Refectory.
Goss, Samuel W. & Co., dry goods and groceries, 98 Lake.
Goss, Samuel W. (Sam. W. G. & Co.) bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Gould, Ambrose B., sailor, res Indiana, bet Pine and St. Clair.
Goulet, Gabriel, boarding-house and grocery, Canada Home, N. Water.
Govro, John, cooper, North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Gowey, Solomon, blacksmith, res State [died, Gardner, Ill., February 3, 1893, aged 83.
Graff, Jacob, farmer, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush.
Graff, Peter, carpenter, res Monroe, bet Clark and State [died March 5, 1884, aged 69.
Graham, Hugh, teamster, North Water, bet Franklin and Wells.
Graham, W., hostler, Western Hotel.
Granger, Elihu, iron founder (G. & VanOsdel), res North Water, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Granger & VanOsdel, iron foundry, N Water, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Grannis, Amos, carpenter, Edina place.
Grannis, Samuel Johnson, boot and shoemaker, 150 1/2 Lake, bds American Temperance House [died December 14, 1864, aged 79 3/4.
Grannis, Samuel Willis, hatter, Lucian P. Sanger.
Graves, Dexter, livery stable, alley 46 State, res 42 State [died April 29, 1845, aged 55.
Graves, Henry, livery stable, alley 46 State, bds Dexter Graves.
Graves, Lorin, horse dealer, res “The Cottage,” 3 miles south shore [died September 11, 1852, aged 39.
Graves, Peter, butcher, res 6th Ward.
Graves, Sheldon, woodenware, at H. Norton & Co., bds Tremont [died February 13, 1895, aged 81.
Gray & Butler, livery stable, n.-e. cor Dearborn and Randolph.
Gray, Chas. McNeill, grain-cradle maker, 80 Dearborn, res 82 Dearborn [12th mayor, died October 17, 1885, aged 78 1/3.
Gray, Franklin D., clerk, Horace Norton & Co., bds Ethan Walter.
Gray, George Morris, with Chas. M. Gray, bds 82 Dearborn [a resident of Milwaukee from Sept., 1840, to Sept., 1846 [d. June 1, 1895, a. 77.
Gray, John (G. & Butler) res 86 Randolph [died Grayland, Ill., July 6, 1889, aged 78-7-27.
Gray, John L., grocer, n.-e. cor N. Water and N. Clark [died December 23, 1856.
Gray, Jos. Henry, groceries & provisions, 83 S. Water, bds E. Manierre.
Gray, William B. H., clerk, Joseph H. Gray, bds Columbian House [died August 13, 1885, aged 64 1/2.
Gregg, David R, carpenter, N. Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Gregory, Edward M., prop. Western Hotel, W. Randolph, s.e. cor Canal.
Gregory, William F., printer, bds Western Hotel.
Green, Mark T., clerk, Stevens & Carpenter, bds Mrs. Green.
Green, Mrs. Margaret, boarding-house, n.-e. cor Clark and Washington.
Green, Russell, clerk, John M. Underwood [died Geneva Lake, Wis., May 15, 1880, aged 71 3/4.
Green, William, clerk, Charles Buhl, bds Mrs. Green.
Greenwood, John, teamster, William Lill, res 284 Kinzie, east of Rush.
Greenwood, Theophilus, clerk, James E. Bishop, res Ontario, bet Wolcott and Dearborn.
Greer, Samuel, carpenter, res North Water, bet Clark and Franklin, alderman 5th ward.
Greuel, Geo., blacksmith, W. N. Humphrey [died before Feb. 20, 1850.
Grey, Charles, laborer, 2d Ward.
Gridley, George W., auction and commission, 85 Lake.
Griffin, Charles, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Griffin & Vincent, brokers, South Water, bet Dearborn and State.
Griswold, Charles E., clerk, Gurdon S. Hubbard, bds Dan. S. Griswold.
Griswold, Daniel S., attorney, res 249 Kinzie, near Wolcott.
Griswold, David Dunham, writer, bds Daniel S. Griswold.
Griswold, Henry A., clerk, Augustus Garrett, bds Sauganash Hotel.
Grose, Jacob, teamster, alley bet W. Washington and W. Madison and Jefferson and Clinton.
Grose, John, miller, John Gage, res Jackson, 2d Ward.
Gross, Michael, tanner [died April 6, 1882, aged 69 3/4.
Gross, Sarah, res Madison.
Gruel, George, blacksmith, LaSalle, res Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells [died before February 11, 1851.
Guenther, Heinrich Christin Diederich, sailor, res cor Michigan and Cass [died March 17, 1884, aged 84-11-16.
Guild, Albert H. (went to St. Louis in 1840).
Gumperston, John, waiter, City Hotel.
Gurley, Jason, hatter, Lorenzo P. Sanger [died April 19, 1865, a. 58.
Gurnee, Walter Smith (G. & Matteson) city treas’r, res 47-9 Dearborn 11th mayor.
Gurnee & Matteson, groceries, hardware, and leather, 116 Lake.

Haas, Louis, blacksmith, John B. Busch [died July 23, 1888, a. 67.
Haas, William, brewer, sold out to Lill & Diversey and went to Texas [died Boonville, Mo., September 21, 1862, aged —.
Hadduck, Benjamin F. (Tillotson, Humphrey & Co.) res Michigan ave, south of Lake [died December 23, 1871, aged 62.
Hadduck, Edward Hiram, capitalist, res 79 Michigan ave [died May 30, 1881, aged 70.
Hadley, Mrs. T. G. (Reed), dress and cloak maker, 147 1/2 Lake.
Hadley, [Maj.] Elijah W., dentist [died March 4, 1865, aged 51.
Hadley, Timothy Gibson (Howard & H.) res alley bet N. Dearborn and Wolcott.
Haeni, Henry, tailor, Hettinger & Peterman.
Haffy, Michael, carpenter, bds H. Cunningham [d. Apr. 26, 1884, a. 70.
Hageman, Christoph, grocer, North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Hageman, Christoph, physician, N. Water, bet Dearb. and Wolcott.
Hageman, Fred. Charles, barber, steamer Madison, bds C. Hageman [died Winfield, DuPage Co., Ill., September 3, 1869, aged 51-9-7.
Hageman, Joseph, tinsmith, William Blair.
Haggard, Samuel B., carpenter, Scoville & Gates.
Hahn, Adam, teamster, res Dutch Settlement.
Haight, Egbert Hand, carpenter, Cruver & Senser, bds Mrs. Haight [died Elgin, Ill., August 16, 1878, aged 57.
Haight, Mrs. Eliza, boarding-house, Clark, south of Randolph [died April 7, 1876, aged 80.
Haight, Isaac, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson.
Haines, John Charles (Clark, H. & Co.) bds Sauganash Hotel [17th mayor, died Waukegan, Ill., July 4, 1896, aged 78.
Hale, Benjamin F., botanic physician, 185 Lake, res Wells, east side, first door south of Lake.
Hall, Edward, saddler and harness maker, Silas B. Cobb.
Hall, Elbridge Gerry, clerk, Samuel B. Walker, res same [died April 13, 1877, aged 62.
Hall, J. B., grocer, N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Hall, Philip A., merchant [died June 9, 1892, aged 74.
Hall, William Mosley, lumber merchant, bds City Hotel [died New-York City, Nov. 8, 1894, aged 83; the originator of the Chicago River-and-Harbor Convention, July 5-7, 1847.
Hallam, Rev. Isaac Williams, rector St. James Parish, res. 38 Cass.
Hallock, Isaac P., res West Lake.
Hamilton, Polemus Draper, carpenter, res 126 Clark, bet Madison and Washington [died Fort Worth, Tex., March 3, 1891, aged 77-9-3.
Hamilton, Richard Jones (H. & Chamberlin) res 264 Michigan [died December 26, 1860, aged 61 1/4.
Hamilton, Robert Perry (H. & White), bds Thomas E. Hamilton [died Saratoga, N.Y., October 5, 1894, aged 75.
Hamilton, Thomas, bds Washington Hall.
Hamilton, Thomas E., carpenter, res 164 Madison.
Hamilton, W. J., drug clerk, Sidney Sawyer, bds Charles H. Chapman.
Hamilton & Chamberlin, attorneys at law, 57 Clark.
Hamilton & White, dry goods and groceries, 139 Lake.
Hamlin, E. H., Baptist clergyman, res LaSalle, bet Washington & Mad.
Hanchett, John L., surveyor [died July 6, 1887, aged 80.
Hanks, J. Demming, drug clerk, Sidney Sawyer.
Hanlon, Edward, blacksmith, Frink, Walker & Co., res North Water bet N. Clark and LaSalle [died July 24, 1891, aged 74.
Hannahs, James Monroe, moulder, Stow’s Foundry, bds Western Hotel.
Hanson, Abraham, Methodist clergyman, res Clark, bet Washington and Madison.
Hanson, Joseph L., teamster, res Monroe, bet State and Clark.
Hanson, Knus, laborer, res near North Branch bridge.
Harbarn, Mathias, shoemaker, res Dutch Settlement.
Harding Charles, captain schooner Gen. Thornton, bds Tremont House [died July 15, 1883, aged 67.
Harman, William, blacksmith, North Water near Wolcott, res same [died The Dalles, Oregon, May 15, 1890, aged 84.
Harmon, Charles Loomis, dry goods and groceries, 145 South Water, s.-w. cor Clark, res Dearborn, bet Washington and Madison [died November 2, 1868, aged 59-4.
Harmon, Edwin Ruthven, clk, Elisha S. & Julius Wadsworth, bds same [died Rogers Park, Ill., May 20, 1896, aged 77-8.
Harmon, Elijah Dewey, physician, bds C. L. Harmon [died January 3, 1869, aged 86 1/3.
Harmon, Isaac Newton, with C. L. Harmon [died Nov. 8, 1891, a. —-.
Harmon, Justus (Wooster & H.), bds John Gray.
Harper, William, carpenter, res Madison.
Harrington, Daniel, saloon, 10 Dearborn, near South Water.
Harrington, James, res N. Clark, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
Harrington, Joseph, Unitarian clergyman, res Michigan, n.-w. cor N. Dearborn [died San Francisco, Cal., November 2, 1852, aged 39 2/3.
Harris, Jacob, carpenter, res First, bet Clark and State [died September 11, 1877, aged 66.
Harrison, Henry, grocer, South Water, east of Dearborn, res same.
Harrison, Hiram H., drover, res South Water.
Harrison, Robert, laborer, John Gage, res West Jackson, 3d Ward.
Harroun, O. A., saddler, Doliver Walker, 79 Lake.
Hart, George W., commission merchant, South Water, res Wabash ave.
Hart, Lewis, laborer, res alley near Lake and Franklin.
Harvey, Edward, laborer, N. Clark, bet North Water and Kinzie.
Haslett, Peter, laborer, res West Water, bet Randolph and Lake.
Haslett, William, shoemaker, res West Water.
Haslett, —-, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Hastie, Thomas, shoemaker [died July 14, 1879, aged 63.
Hastings, Hiram, drover, res Washington, bet LaSalle and Wells [died Riverside, Ill., July 14, 1880, aged 75 1/2.
Hastings, Thos., shoemaker, Dan. Taylor, res W. Madison, w. of Clinton.
Hastings, William, nursery, Archer ave, south of 25th.
Hatch, David, hardware, etc., 98 Lake, res Adams nr Dearborn [d. near Parksville, on Missouri River, en route to Cal., before May 7, 1850.
Hatch, Heman (H. & Shurr), res South Water near Dearborn [died September 8, 1858, aged 59.
Hatch & Shurr, saloon.
Hatfield, Isaac P., collecting agent, bds Mrs. Green [died March 16, 1879, aged 73 1/4.
Hathaway, L. W., clerk, Samuel B. Collins & Co., res Wabash ave.
Hathaway, Mrs., dressmaker, 175 Lake.
Hawkins, William, clerk, Charles G. Wicker, bds David Jay.
Hawley, John S., clerk, Sherman & Pitkin, bds Sauganash Hotel.
Hayden, Chamberlaine, bds American Temperance House.
Harden, James, drayman, 84 Wabash ave [died.
Hayes, Benjamin F., family grocer, 176 Lake, res Clark [died March 7, 1858.
Hayward, Alvin, fanning-mill maker, Lake, near Sauganash Hotel.
Heacock, Reuben B., medical student, bds Russel E. Heacock.
Heacock, Russel Easton [Old Shallow-Cut, Chicago’s first attorney at law], res 129 Adams [died Summit, Ill., June 26, 1849, aged 70.
Heacock, Russel E., jr., clerk, Charles Walker & Co., bds Russel E.
Heacock Heacock, R. E., mason, Alson S. Sherman.
Heacock, Wm. Osburn, res R. E. Heacock [died Dec. 7, 1881, a. 62.
Heald, Alexander Hamilton, mason, bds Daniel Heald, jr. [died Oak Park, Cook Co., Ill., November 11, 1885, aged 72 1/3.
Heald, jr., Daniel, mason, Jackson, bet Clark and Pacific ave [died Trenton, N.J., July 12, 1874, aged 66-9-25.
Heald, Horatio Nelson, bds Daniel Heald, jr. [d. Nov. 23, 1883, a. 74 1/2.
Heartt, Dan’l Brewster [Pop-Corn], constable, boarding house, 82 Wells [died July 31, 1868, aged 81.
Heartt, Robert, teamster, bds D. B. Heartt [d. June 10, 1888, a. 72 2/3.
Henderson, Rev. Abner Wells, principal Chicago Female Seminary, bds Mrs. Green [died October 18, 1872, aged 60-3-16.
Hennings, Thomas, laborer, res W. Randolph, 3d Ward.
Henry, Hugh K., police constable and joiner, res N. Water nr Dearborn.
Henson, Oliver Cromwell, (cord) phrenologist, barber, etc., 183 Lake, res same [died New Orleans, La., December 10, 1877.
Hequenbourg, G W., clerk, Benjamin F. Sherman, res same.
Herrick, Elijah Ward, contractor, bds Mrs. Haight [died October 12, 1866, aged 53 3/4.
Herrick, Ira N., contractor [d. Park Manor, Ill., Jan. 17, 1890, a. 68.
Hervey, [Sir] James, dry goods and groceries, 119 S. Water, res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush [died 1845, aged 36.
Hervey, Robert, currier, Gurnee & Matteson.
Hessey, William, ready-made clothing, 256 Randolph.
Hettinger (John) & Peterman, tailors, South Water near Clark [died July 7, 1892, aged 81.
Hibbard, Rev. John Randolph, occasional preacher in the New Jerusalem Church, resides at Canton, Ill. [became a resident Jan. 1, 1850; died June 26, 1894, aged 84-11-3.
Hickey, Patrick, drayman, bds Charles McDonnell.
Hickox, Charles D., teamster, res Randolph near Market.
Hickox, Philander, clerk, S. S. Robinson, bds same.
Higgins, Edward, milk dealer, Canal, 3d Ward.
Higgins, Floyd, milk dealer, Canal, 3d Ward.
Higgins, John, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson, res N. Water near Franklin.
Higginson, George M. (Tuckerman & Co.) bds American Temperance House.
High, jr., John (H. H Magie & Co.), 13 Dearborn place [killed by falling wall at fire at 110 Lake, Oct. 19, 1857, aged 50.
Higley, George, house of entertainment, South Water near LaSalle.
Hildebrand, William, glove and mitten maker, 221 Lake, res same [suicided, New-York City, Nov. 4, 1876, aged 70.
Hill, J. W., tinsmith, Bowen & Cole, bds Mansion House.
Hill, Lewis P. (Marshall & H.), res New York House.
Hill, William, jeweler, Smith J. Sherwood, bds Daniel B. Heartt.
Hilliard, Laurin Palmer (Charles Walker &, Co.), bds Mrs. J. K. Boyer [killed by cars, November 2, 1895, aged 81.
Hills, William H., clerk, Horace-Norton & Co., bds Eli S. Prescott.
Hindes, B. F., saddler and harness maker, Dennison Horton.
Hinkley, Samuel Taylor, fireman, U.-S. dredge [died September 5, 1894, aged 76-2-13.
Hitchcock, Ephraim, farmer, res State [died 1849.
Hitchcock, Luke, Methodist clergyman, res Parsonage, 115 Clark.
Hixon, Jeremiah, captain schooner Martin YanBuren, res W. Water, bet Canal and Clinton.
Hoard, Louis de Villiers, deputy-clerk, Cook-County Court [died Ogdensburg, N.Y., March 4, 1893, aged 68-8-25.
Hoard, Samuel, clerk, Circuit Court, office, 68 Clark, res West Adams, bet Canal and Clinton [died November 25, 1881, aged 81 1/2.
Hobbie, Albert G., dry goods, groceries, and hardware, 142 Clark, res Wabash ave, bet Randolph and Washington.
Hobbs, James, sailor, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush.
Hobson, Robert M., printer, Express office, bds City Refectory.
Hodge, Job, laborer, res North Water near Franklin.
Hodgson, Charles Hyatt, tinsmith, bds John H. Hodgson [died October 5, 1866, aged 40.
Hodgson, Henry Hyatt, bds John H. Hodgson [now at Detroit, Mich.
Hodgson, John Hyatt, merchant tailor, 61 Clark, res same [died 1854.
Hoff, Mathias, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Hoffman, Francis A., bookbinder.
Hoffman, Michael, laborer, res William L. Whiting [died September 5, 1891, aged 78-8.
Hogan, Charles L. P., dry goods and groceries, 252 Lake, res Franklin near Lake [died Morris, Ill., about 1855.
Hogan, John Stephen Coates, ex-postmaster, bds Charles L. P. Hogan [died Boonville, Mo., December 2, 1868, aged 63 2/3.
Hogan, Michael, res Michigan ave.
Hogan, Thomas, laborer, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Hoisington, Jasper A., bookbinder, 35 Clark, bds Ariel Bowman [died Oakland, Cal., March 25, 1895, aged 94.
Hoisington, Jasper A. 31., bookbinder, Jasper A. Hoisington, bds same [now at Denver. Col.
Holbrooke, John, cooper, North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Holden, Albon Hatch, clerk, Charles N. Holden & Co. [died May 21, 1893, aged 71-8.
Holden & Co., Chas. N., dry goods and groceries, 143 S. Water, cor Clark.
Holden, Chas. Newton (C. N. H. & Co.), res Washington, bet Clark and Dearborn [died September 29, 1887, aged 71 1/2.
Holden, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, clerk, Charles Sweet.
Holden, William P. (Chas. N. Holden & Co.), bds Chas. N. Holden.
Holland, Carlton (Lawrence & H.), bds Mrs. Green.
Holmes, C. E., wagon maker, John Burgess.
Holmes, Isaac, machinist, J. B. Nickerson [died September 14, 1874, aged 52.
Holmes, John D., clerk, res Randolph, bet Wells and Franklin.
Holmes, Mrs., res LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison.
Holt, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Peter, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush.
Holt, Thomas, carpenter, bds Mrs. E. Holt [died 1881, aged 60.
Honeywell, David, teamster, West Water, bet Canal and Clinton.
Hood, Andrew, butcher, Fulton Market.
Hood, David (H. & Gallagher), res alley bet Wolcott and Dearborn [died Gross Point, Cook Co., Ill., April 10, 1852, aged 42.
Hood & Gallagher, butchers, Buffalo Market, N. Water, n.-e. cor Wolcott.
Hooker, James Louis, clerk [died, Boston, Mass., September 20, 1892, aged 72-7-5.
Hooker, John W., dry goods and groceries, 152 Lake, res 84 Dearborn [died May 14, 1866, aged 64.
Hoover, John, butcher, res Wolcott, bet North Water and Kinzie.
Hopper, George, mechanic, 1st Ward.
Horn, John, res 1st Ward.
Horner, Henry, grocers, etc., cor. West Randolph and Canal [died February 12, 1878, aged 61.
Hortley, Samuel, farmer, res West Water, bet Canal and Clinton.
Horton, Bernard, bartender, bds Mrs. John K. Boyer.
Horton, Dennison, saddler and harness maker, 15 Dearborn, res Wells bet Lake and Randolph [died January 4, 1886, aged 70.
Hotchkiss, Orrin, tinsmith, William Wheeler & Co., res Washington [moved to Ottawa, Ill.
Houfe, Thomas, teamster, Wm. Lill, bds John Greenwood [died before July 10, 1851.
Houfe, William, plasterer, res 5th Ward, 216 Chicago ave [died 1849, aged —.
Hough, Oramel Smith, laborer, bds Pat. Kelsey [d. Dec. 7, 1876, a. 53.]
Hough, Roselle Marvin, laborer, bds Pat. Kelsey [d. Mar. 8, 1892, a. —.
Houghton, David, shoemaker, Dan. Taylor.
Hovey, Samuel S. (Clybourn & H.), res N. Clark, bet Ill. and Indiana [died March 2, 1872, aged 70.
Howard, Henry, grocer, Dearborn, bet South Water and Lake.
Howard, John M., druggist, Dr. John Brinkerhoff, 143 Lake.
Howard, William, shingle maker, bds David Honeywell.
Howard, Wm. H. (H. & Hadley), res W. Washington, bet Canal & Clinton.
Howard, William H., wagon maker Howard & Hadley, livery stable, Lake.
Howe, Charles F., clerk, bds Frederick A. Howe.
Howe, Francis, book-keeper, Dyer & Chapin [d. Aug. 23, 1850. a. 40.
Howe, Fred’k Augustus, justice of the peace, 22 Dearborn, res Washington, s.-w. cor Dearborn [d. Englewood, Ill., Oct. 27, 1870, a. 75.
Howe, Fred. A., jr., clerk, bds Frederick A. Howe.
Howe, Isaac, bricklayer, res Clark [died April 5, 1870, aged 79.
Howe, James L., City bakery, 285 Kinzie near Rush [died February 27, 1863, aged 48.
Howe, Samuel, bricklayer, res Clark.
Howe, Samuel, clerk, H. H Magie & Co., res State, bet Madison and Washington.
Hoyne, Philip Augustus, clerk, at Galena [d. Nov. 3, 1894, a. 68-11-13.
Hoyne, Thomas, attorney and counsellor at law, 218 Lake [23d mayor, killed, railroad accident near Carlyon, N.Y., July 27, 1883, aged 66 1/2.
Hubbard, Ahira, book-keeper, Gurdon S. Hubbard, res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush [died August 15, 1849, aged 70.
Hubbard, Gurdon Saltonstall, forwarding and commission, South Water, near Clark, res 300 Indiana, near Rush [died September 14, 1886, aged 84.
Hubbard, Henry George, clerk, Circuit Court, res LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison [died Sandusky, O., Aug 28, 1852, aged 43 1/4.
Hubbard, Moses, dry goods and groceries, South Water near Dearborn.
Hughs, William F., res Robert J. Woodworth.
Hugunin, James Robert, lake-captain [died Jan. 19, 1892, aged 74.
Hugunin, Leonard Clark, bds United States Hotel [died November 6, 1882, aged 79 1/2.
Humphrey, James Oscar, wagon maker, 182 Randolph [died June 14, 1893, aged 83.
Humphrey, Wm. H., wagon maker, Randolph, res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington.
Humphreys, David (H. & Winslow), bds City Hotel.
Humphreys & Winslow, forwarding and commission, 130-36 S. Water.
Hunt, Mrs., res West Water, bet Randolph and Lake.
Hunter, T. F., sailor.
Huntington, Alonzo, attorney at law, notary, 98 Lake, bds Dr. C. V. Dyer [died November 17, 1881, aged 76.
Hurlbert, Eri Baker, dry goods and groceries, 109 S. Water, res 73 State [died February 3, 1852, aged —.
Husted, Harrison Hoyt, ready-made clothing, 97 1/2 Lake, bds Francis C. Sherman [died August 29, 1890, aged 77.
Hyde, Z. W., mason, res Illinois, bet Pine and St. Clair.

Illinois Exchange, n.-w. cor Lake and Wells, John Bates, jr., prop.
Ingalls, William A., sailor, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Intelligence office, 38 Clark, James W. Norris.
Irvin, George, shoemaker, John B. Mitchell.
Irvin & Co., J. B., dry goods and groceries, Dearborn, bet South Water and Lake.

Jackson, Carding, police constable, res State.
Jackson, Gideon Mathew, prop. Southern Hotel, State n.-w. cor 12th [died January 23, 1850, aged 34.
Jackson Hall, 45 LaSalle, erected 1847, office of Chicago Democrat.
Jackson, John J., sailor, res Indiana, bet Pine and St. Clair.
Jackson, John Wm., teamster, res Morgan, bet Madison and Monroe [died March 8, 1892, aged 82-5-13.
Jackson, Samuel Thomas, overseer Chicago harbor, res Fort Dearborn [died June 17, 1849, aged 49-0-5.
Jackson, Samuel Ezra, bds Samuel Jackson [died, Bowmanville, Ill., March 18, 1876, aged 52-6-25.
Jackson, William, bds Carding Jackson.
Jacobus, Augustus Larue (Manahan & J.), res 105 Michigan ave near Madison [died July 24, 1850, aged 32.
Jacobus, D. L. & A. L., looking-glasses, 10 Clark.
Jacobus, David Lawrence (D. L. & A. L. J.), res 119 LaSalle [died October 13, 1884, aged 68 1/2.
Jagger, Oliver, painter, Nath. S. Cushing, res Clark, 4 Morrison’s Row.
Jail (County), s.-e. cor Randolph and LaSalle, Wm. Pernor, jailer.
James, Thos. Christmas, cabinet maker, res cor Mather and Clinton sts [died August 20, 1865, aged 57.
Jay, David, ladies’ boot and shoemaker, Clark near Lake.
Jeffrey, —-, carpenter, res Clinton, bet Washington and Madison.
Jeffrey, George (J. & Bentley), shoeing smith and farrier.
Jeffrey & Bently, shoeing smiths and horse farriers, West Water, bet United States Hotel and John M. Underwood’s lumber yard.
Jeffries, George, warehouseman, res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush.
Jefts, Amasa, water borer, bds Michael McDonald.
Jellerson, Oliver, blacksmith, res 158 Illinois, bet Clark and LaSalle [went to California in 1850, and supposed to have died at San Francisco in the fall of 1851.
Jennings, John Drake, clerk, Asher Rossetter, res Michigan ave, near S. Water [died April 14, 1889, aged 73.
Jennings, S. H. (J. & Foster), res Michigan ave, near S. Water.
Jennings & Foster, dry goods and groceries, S. Water near Dearborn.
Jocelyn, J. H., bartender, Western Hotel, bds same.
Johnson, A. (J. & A. Johnson).
Johnson, Abram, clerk, Charles Cleaver.
Johnson, Andrew B., laborer [died July 11, 1890, aged 67.
Johnson, Benj. G., harness maker, Dennison Horton, res Wabash ave.
Johnson, H. W., bds Mrs. Seth Johnson.
Johnson, J. & A., grocers, Dearborn, bet Lake and South Water.
Johnson, Jacob, waiter, Illinois Exchange.
Johnson, Jacob B., ship painter, res cor Indiana and Cass.
Johnson, James, drayman, res east side of Wabash ave near and south of Adams.
Johnson & Co. (D. N. Davidson), John, barbers and hair dressers, 20 Clark.
Johnson, John, carpenter, res near Jackson and State [died Thornton, Ill., September 4, 1890, aged 82-9.
Johnson, John (J. & A. Johnson).
Johnson, John (J. J. & Co.) res Dearborn, bet Washington and Madison.
Johnson, John B., laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [died Leland, Ill., October 18, 1887, aged 69-7-7.
Johnson, John M., clerk, Bracken & Tuller.
Johnson, Lathrop, cigar maker, A. B. Wheeler [died Ontonagon, Mich., July 2, 1881, aged 79.
Johnson. Peter M., millwright and carpenter [died December 28, 1884, aged 73.
Johnson, Sanford, carpenter, Dearborn, bds John Gray [died April 10, 1873, aged 65.
Johnson, Capt. Seth, deputy-collector and inspector Port of Chicago, res s.-w. cor Washington and LaSalle [died.
Johnson, Mrs. Seth, boarding-house, s.w. cor Washington and LaSalle.
Johnson & Co., builders, Dearborn, bet Randolph and Washington.
Johnson, William, mason, 220 Lake.
Johnson, William, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson.
Johnston, Anthony, steward, City Hotel [died before May 17, 1851.
Johnston, Joseph, soap and candle maker, 57-9 Lake [died April 15, 1864, aged 58.
Johonnett, E. S. (J., Wells & Co.) res Kinzie, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Johonnett, Wells & Co. (E. S. Johonnett, A. S. Wells, and Alson S. Sherman), leather dealers, 158 Lake, cor LaSalle.
Jones, Benj. (B. J. & Co.), res 109 Randolph, bet Clark and Dearborn [died Manitowoc, Wis., August 11, 1881, aged 87.
Jones & Co. (Wm. Jones), Benjamin, dry goods and groceries, S. Water east of Clark.
Jones, D. A. & E. M., chair and cabinet makers, 18 Dearborn.
Jones, Daniel Andrus (D. A. & E. M. J.), res 18 Dearborn [died February 22, 1848, aged 37.
Jones, David, cooper, John Govro.
Jones, Elisha Morris (D. A. & E. M. J.), res Madison, centre Dearborn [died before September 28, 1850.
Jones, Fernando, clerk, bds William Jones.
Jones, Hiram, clerk, Lewis W. Clark, bds William Jones [died February 5, 1849, aged 27.
Jones, John, carpenter, res south of Jackson, east of Clark.
Jones, Kiler Kent, periodical depot, 42 Clark, bds William Jones [died Quincy, Ill., August 20, 1885, aged 62.
Jones, Nathaniel A., clerk, John W. Hooker, bds same [died March 20, 1883, aged 82.
Jones, Tarleton, lumber, shingles, n.-w. cor South Water and Clark at bridge, bds Mrs. Green [died September 10, 1878, aged 65.
Jones, William [Golden], (B. J. & Co.) res 94 Randolph, s.-e. cor Dearborn, member of Board of Health [died Jan. 18, 1868, aged 77 1/4.
Jones, William Edwin (Ogden & J.) bds William B. Ogden [died March 9, 1851, aged 34.
Jones, William Harrison, clerk, H. W. Bigelow, bds William Jones [died Aiken, S.C., April 25, 1850, aged 23.
Jordan, James, sailor, res Washington, bet Franklin and Market.
Joyce, Thomas, butcher, res Kinzie, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Judd, Norman Buel (Scammon & J.) notary, bds City Hotel [died November 11, 1878, aged 64.
Judson, Edwin, dentist, 98 Lake, res State, bet Madison and Wash [died March 3, 1889, aged 80.

Kane, Patrick, drayman, res Kinzie, bet Clark and LaSalle [died August —, 1885, aged —.
Kapahn, Godfrey, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Karle, Carl, laborer, res North Water near Franklin.
Kaster, John, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Kastler, Nicholas, shoemaker, res Dutch Settlement [died January 4, 1888, aged 70.
Kautenburger, Peter, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Kay, Abel, farmer, res cor Franklin and Madison.
Keating, Owen, blacksmith, bds Charles McDonnell.
Keef, James, laborer, res Chicago ave, 5th Ward.
Keef, Michael, carpenter, Cruver & Sensor [died before Sept. 5, 1850.
Keef, Owen, res Chicago ave, 5th Ward.
Kehoe, Michael, laborer [died May 5, 1890, aged 83 1/8.
Keilman, Henry, draper and tailor, Clark near South Water.
Kelley, Edward, apprentice, Ellis & Fergus, bds Thomas Kelley.
Kelley, John, blacksmith, North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Kelley, Patrick, provisions, Lake, near Sauganash Hotel.
Kelley, Thomas, gardener, res North Branch, 4th Ward [died July 1867, aged —.
Kellogg, B. C., cooper, Norton & Tuckerman, res North Water.
Kellogg, Chauncy P., stage-coach agent, Tillotson, Humphrey & Co., bds Tremont House.
Kelly, Jas., printer, Western Citizen, res State, bet Lake and S. Water [died Winnetka, Ill., May 5, 1895, aged 80.
Kelly, John, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Kelsey, Patrick, boarding-house, Wolcott, bet Kinzie and Michigan.
Kemper, Wm., laborer, Wolcott, w. s., bet Oak and Bellevue, till 1852.
Kennedy, James, millwright and engineer, Stow’s foundry.
Kennedy, John, saddler, Dennison Horton, res N. Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Kennedy, Michael, laborer, res North Water, bet Wells and Franklin.
Kennicott, William Henry [the pioneer] dentist, 183 Lake, res same [died at “The Grove,” Cook Co., Ill., Oct. 22, 1862, aged 54-8-6.
Kernikerbacker, Samuel R., shoemaker, res south of First.
Kernikerbacker, Mrs. S. R., dressmaker, res south of First.
Kenny, Patrick, laborer, res Wolcott, bet North Water and Kinzie.
Kent, B. H. (K. & Gilson) bds Tremont House.
Kent, Daniel W., turner, Trumbull Kent.
Kent, Lawrence, cabinet maker, Lake, near Tremont House, res Lake.
Kent, Trumbull, turner, Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Kent & Gilson, livery stable, Lake.
Keough, Michael, laborer, res W. Water, bet Washington and Madison [died 1886, aged -.
Kercheval, Gholson, real estate dealer, bds Mrs. Post [died California.
Kercheval, Lewis Cass, justice of the peace, 5 Clark, bds City Hotel [died December 8, 1852, aged 64.
Kesson, A., bds Mahlon D. Ogden.
Kettlestring, Joseph, teamster, res Morgan, bet Randolph and Lake [died November 17, 1883, aged 75.
Kiest, Henry, laborer, res cor North Wells and Chicago ave [died Northfield, Ill., 1882, aged 75.
Killey, Michael, laborer, res North Clark, bet Water and Kinzie.
Killick, James Evans, soap and candle maker, res Michigan ave [died January 27, 1887, aged 83.
Kimball, Harlow, res 71 Monroe near State [died Oakland, Cal., August 25, 1881, aged 78.
Kimball, Mark, bookkeeper, Botsford & Beers, bds Jabez K. Botsford [died May 29, 1891, aged 70.
Kimball, Walter [died August 17, 1882, aged 72.
Kimbell, Martin Nelson, farmer [died Feb. 13, 1895, aged 83-0-20.
Kimberly, Edmund Stoughten, physician, 101 Lake, res 77 State [died Barrington, Ill., October 25, 1874, aged 72.
King, J., carpenter, bds Samuel Jackson, Fort Dearborn.
King, John, jr., fancy dry goods, 28 Dearborn, bds Mrs. Haight [died January 18, 1891, aged 85-9-13.
King, Nathaniel, clerk, Tuthill King, res 12 Lake [died St. Charles, Ill., February 21, 1894, aged 88.
King, Solomon, hostler, Illinois Exchange, bds same.
King, Thomas, shipcarpenter, res bet State and Clark.
King, Tuthill, ready-made clothing, dry goods, etc., 115 Lake, res 198 Clark [died Thomasville, Ga., March 16, 1886, aged 82.
King, Wendell R., clerk, Gurnee & Matteson, bds Tremont House [died March 30, 1884, aged 60.
King, Willis, lumber salesman, Geo. W. Snow, res Clark [d. Dec. 4, ’53.
Kingswell, William, teamster, res Wabash ave, bet Jackson and Fifth.
Kinney, Joel, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson, res 43 Franklin near Lake [died Wilmette, Ill., April 8, 1888, aged 86.
Kinyon, Anson, harness maker, Dennison Horton.
Kinzie, John Harris, register U.S. land office, 82 Lake, res 243 Michigan [died on cars near Pittsburg, Pa., June 19, 1865, aged 62.
Kinzie, John Harris, jr., killed, Ft. St. Charles, Ark., June 18, 1862, a. 33
Kinzie, Robert Allen [died December 13, 1873, aged 63.
Kirk, George, foundryman, bds LaSalle House.
Kirk, William, laborer, res cor Dearborn and North Water.
Kisling, John, furrier, Anton Getzler, bds same.
Kittel, Michael, cooper, Clark, res Franklin.
Klaffy, Thomas, laborer, res N. Clark, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
Klear, Francis A., res State.
Klien, Matthias, baker, North Water, res same.
Knapp, M. L., physician, professor Rush Medical College, bds Dr. Daniel Brainard.
Knapp, Nicholas, wheelwright, Perkins & Fenton.
Knickerbocker, Abraham Velie, groceries and provisions, South Water, bet State and Dearborn [died Aug. 20, 1847, aged 33.
Knight, Henry, (col’d) barber, hairdresser, baths, 54 Clark.
Knights, Darius, carpenter, Alex. Loyd [died Oct. 22, 1882, aged 68.
Knopp, Henry, laborer, res Dutch Settlement [Wolcott, e. s., bet Oak and Bellevue pl] [died Oak Park, Ill., 1890, aged 94.
Knox, James H., tanner, Wells, cor Polk [died July 31, 1849.
Knutson, Nelson, laborer, res N. Wells, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
Knutson, Olla, laborer, res North Water near North Branch bridge.
Kober, Charles, butcher, south side Randolph, near Franklin, res same [died May 18, 1852, aged 47-4-20.
Kornmeyer, Bernhard, tailor, Clark, bet Lake and South Water [resides at Lockport, Ill.
Krafft, Joseph W., shoemaker, Dan. Taylor, res Clark near Randolph.
Kreinbill, John, cabinet maker, res rear 224 Randolph.
Kreyenbeihl, John, cabinet maker, Caleb Morgan.
Krinbill, Martin, clerk, Albert G. Hobbie.
Kroger, Arnold, cabinet maker, res Lake [died Nov. 13, 1878, aged 74.

Labinbridge, Nicholas, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Lacey, John, baker, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
LaCroix, Joseph, cook, Canada Home, bds same.
Ladd, Timothy H., auctioneer, res Clark.
Ladtshaw, Joseph, clerk, Newberry & Dole, bds Tremont House.
Laflin, George H., clerk, Dyer & Chapin, bds Mathew Laflin.
Laflin, Lycurgus, clerk, bds Mathew Laflin.
Laflin, Mathew, capitalist, res 7 Washington.
LaForrest, A., bds Sauganash Hotel.
Lahy, Sylvester, laborer, North Water near Franklin.
Laister, Henry, clerk, George Chacksfield.
Lake House, the largest in the city, occupying w. half of block fronting on Rush, Michigan, and Kinzie, erected in 1836.
Lake-Street House (late Farmers’ Exchange), 135-7 Lake, Dennis Spencer Cady, prop.
Lamb, Artemus, shipcarpenter, res 96 Michigan ave.
Lamb, E. S., laborer, bds Samuel Jackson.
Lamb, Larkin, clerk, Sherman & Pitkin, bds City Refectory.
Lambert, Mrs. (E.) Luke, res South Water, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Lancaster, Dennis, brickmaker, res 5th Ward.
Landrakin, Cornelius, laborer, res N. Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Lane, Elisha Bachellor, carpenter, res Clark [died Feb. 6, 1884, a. 68 3/4.
Lane, George W., clerk, bds Tremont House [died Morris, Ill., July 26, 1887, aged 70.
Lane, James, boarding-house, N. Dearborn, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
Lang, John L., carriage maker, cor N. LaSalle and Michigan [died April 12, 1877, aged 76 1/2.
Lange, Oscar Godfrey, drug-clerk, 46 Clark street [died July 13, 1893, aged 82-0-9.
Lansing, Cornelius, dry goods and groceries, Clark, res Michigan ave.
Lansing, Samuel, clerk, Cornelius Lansing.
Lantry, Michael, drayman, res Wolcott, bet North Water and Kinzie.
Lappin, Richard, teamster, res cor Wolcott and Chicago ave [died Morrison, Ill., October 30, 1884, aged 76.
Lardin, Dennis, laborer, res 2d Ward.
Lardner, Bostwick, straw milliner, Clark.
Larkin, Timothy, mason, res Kinzie, bet N. Franklin and Wells.
Larrabee, Charles Rollin, librarian Young Men’s Association, res Wm. M. Larrabee.
Larrabee, Wm. Morse, book-keeper, Ogden & Jones, res 239 Indiana, bet Wolcott and Dearborn [died Geneva, Ill., Sept. 28, 1879, a. 70.
Larson, Andrew, teamster, res Dutch Settlement [d. Apr. 2, 1873, a. 83.
LaSalle House, n.-w. cor Randolph and LaSalle, Wm. Day, prop.
Lathrop, Isaac, shoemaker, John B. Mitchell.
Latwick, Simon, cooper, res Dutch Settlement.
Launder, James, wagon maker, south of Monroe, west of Clark [died August 8, 1880, aged 66.
Laux, Matthias, laborer, res Dutch Settlement [d. Feb. 25, 1893, a. 67-9.
Laux, Peter, blacksmith, res Dutch Settlement.
Law, Robert, tailor, J. H. Hodgson, bds Mrs. Susan Wagner [died December 12, 1895, aged 73.
Lawler, Patrick, laborer, res bet LaSalle and Wells, north of Michigan.
Lawless, F. H., Stow’s foundry, bds Western Hotel.
Lawrence, Edward, waiter, Farmers’ Exchange.
Lawrence, G. W. Lawrence, J. I., mason.
Lawrence, Leander (L. & Holland).
Lawrence, Patrick, waiter, Farmers’ Exchange.
Lawrence, William L., carpenter, res LaSalle, bet Randolph and Wash.
Lawrence & Holland, managers Illinois State Lottery, 19 Clark.
Lawson, Canute, laborer, res 240 Superior [died Oct. 29, 1869, a. 50 3/4.
Lawson, Iver, laborer, bds 240 Superior [died Oct. 3, 1872, aged 51 3/4.
Leach, Patrick, laborer, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Leach, Robert, butcher, Archibald Clybourn.
Leary, Albert Greene, attorney, 53 Clark, res same [died New Orleans, La., August, 1853, aged —.
Leavett, C. B., carpenter, res Kinzie, bet Wolcott and Cass.
Lee, Benj. Tyler, clerk, Illinois Exchange [d. Apr. 25, 1879, a. 68-1-5.
Lee, Daniel, farmer, res Randolph, bet State and Dearborn.
Lee, David Stewart, attorney, Lake, bds Mrs. Haight [died Northampton, Mass., November 15, 1860.
Lee, John, tobacconist, Henry Chapman [died before Oct. 27, 1858.
Lee, Thomas, laborer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward.
Lees, James, res 6th Ward.
Legg, Mathew, tailor, Edward Manierre, bds same.
Leonard, Hugh, waiter, Chicago Temperance House.
Leonard, J. W., clerk, Clark, Haines & Co.
Leslie, John, painter, res Kinzie, bet Wolcott and Cass.
Leslie, Mrs., res North Water.
Lesser, John, res 2d Ward, south of First.
Lessey & Co. (Samuel Winegar), John F., billiard saloon, s.-w. cor S. Water and Dearborn.
Letz, Frederick, locksmith, 53 LaSalle [died Sept. 22, 1886, aged 76.
Letz, Jacob, shoemaker, Michigan, bet Wolcott and Dearborn [died February 18, 1857, aged 42.
Liendeivener, Joseph, tailor, Scott Benedik.
Liffingwell, A., carpenter, bds Illinois Exchange.
Lill, William (L. & Diversey), res Chicago ave near St. Clair [died Denver, Colo., August 11, 1875, aged 67 1/4.
Lind, Sylvester, lumber merchant, 255 Randolph, bds Sauganash [died Lake Forest, Ill., February 6, 1892, aged 84.
Lindebner, Joseph, tailor, Edward Manierre, bds same.
Littlefield, J. C., carriage and sleigh maker, Randolph near Wells.
Lobeke, William, laborer, res 5th Ward.
Lock, William (William L. & Co.), res Washington near State [died August 10, 1883, aged 70 3/4.
Lock & Co., William, ready-made clothing, 125 Lake, s.-e. cor Clark.
Lockhart, M., carpenter, res Franklin, bet Lake and Randolph.
Lockwood, John B., tailor, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Lohn, Christopher, tailor, Scott Benedik.
Long, James, proprietor hydraulic mill, n.-e. cor Lake and Mich ave [died Paris, France, April 10, 1876, aged 74.
Loomis, Henry, lumber merchant, cor West Water and Randolph [died Burlington, Vt., December 18, 1886, aged 68.
Loomis, Horatio Gates, at C. L. Harmon’s, res s.-w. cor State and Wash.
Loring, L. D., clerk, Ward Rathbone.
Love, James, carpenter, res Randolph, bet Franklin and Market.
Lovell, Vincent S., leather, etc., Clark near Lake, bds Chicago Temp.
Lovett, Michael (Melvin & L.), res N. Clark, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
Lowe, James M., city clerk, office s.-w. cor Clark and Randolph, bds Sam. J. Lowe.
Lowe, Oscar, clerk, Elisha S. & Julius Wadsworth, bds Sam’l J. Lowe.
Lowe, Samuel A., clerk, Scammon & Judd, bds Samuel J. Lowe [died Alaska Territory, 188-.
Lowe, Samuel James, sheriff Cook County, res Jail, s.-e. cor Randolph and LaSalle [died September 16, 1851, aged 52 1/2.
Lower, John, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [Jacob, died St. Louis, Mo., May 8, 1849.
Lowry, James, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Lowry, John, laborer, res Fort Dearborn.
Loyd, Alexander, carpenter and builder (L., Blakesley & Co.) res 52 Wells [4th mayor, died, Lyons, Cook Co., Ill., April 11, 1871, a. 69 1/2.
Loyd, Blakesley & Co. (A. Loyd, H. A. Blakesley, and Henry Norton), dry goods and groceries, 101 Lake.
Lubke, Ferdinand, mason, res south of Jackson and west of Clark.
Ludby, John, soap and candle maker, South Branch, 3 miles south [died January 24, 1872, aged 78.
Lunt, Orrington, commission merchant, S. Water, bds John B. Mitchell.
Luther, John, chairmaker, D. A.. & E. M. Jones.
Lyman, Benjamin, cook, Illinois Exchange.
Lyman, Daniel, miller [died at Hyde Park, April 19, 1882, aged 92.
Lynch, Patrick, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Lyons, Robert, looking-glasses, frames, etc., 83 Lake, bds Tremont.
Lytle, William J., clerk, Hamilton & White.

McAuley, Patrick, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
McBean, —-, laborer, res Dearborn.
McBride, Thomas, teamster, cor Franklin and Madison.
McCabe, John, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson.
McCade, Patrick, porter, Tremont House.
McCann, Francis, cooper, res VanBuren near Market.
McCann, Patrick, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Wells.
McCanner, Mrs., res west of Market, south of Washington.
McCanny, —-, clerk, Henry M. Stow.
McCarthy, Owen, grocery and boarding, North Water near Wolcott.
McCarthy, Patrick, laborer, n.-e. cor Dearborn and Washington [died March 15, 1858, aged —.
McCarty, Timothy, laborer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward.
McCarty, William, Stow’s foundry, bds Western Hotel.
McCauly, Patrick, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
McClellan, John, general supt. of public works, on Lake Michigan.
McClelland, Hugh, wagonmaker, James Clifford, res 5th Ward [died Lake Forest, Lake Co., Ill., January 1, 1885, aged 79.
McClure, A. M., baker, James L. Howe.
McClure, Sam’l, lottery ag’t, Carlton Holland, bds Farmers’ Exchange [died 1843.
McClusker, Patrick, mason, res near North Branch bridge.
McComas, Samuel, tailor, res West Water, bet Randolph and Lake.
McComas, Samuel J., teacher, school and res near Sauganash Hotel.
McComas, S. H., tailor, res LaSalle, bet Lake and South Water.
McComber, Miss, milliner, etc., 155 Lake, up stairs, res same.
McConnell, Edward, gardener, res S. Branch, 2 miles south, west side [died May 11, 1878, aged 72 1/2.
McConnell, John, book-keeper, Seth T. Otis, bds City Refectory [died August 18, 1855, aged 55.
McCord, Jason (Moseley & McC), bds D. B. Heartt, alderman 2d ward, county commissioner [died November 28, 1870, aged 61.
McCormack, Mrs., res North Water, bet Wells and Franklin.
McCorristen, Wm., prop. American Hotel, North Water [died St. Louis, Mo., October 25, 1862, aged 67.
McCowan, James, res bet Market and South Branch.
McCue, Patrick, laborer, res Randolph [died before Jan. 13, 1852.
McCuen, Michael, warehouseman, Newberry & Dole.
McCullough, David, mason, bds Illinois Exchange.
McDermott, —-, hatter, Lorenzo P. Sanger, bds Mansion House.
McDonald, Dennis, sailor, res Dutch Settlement.
McDonald, Michael, grocer, North Water near Wolcott [died April 4, 1857.
McDonnell, Charles, grocery and boarding house, 33 Market [died April 16, 1885, aged 81.
McDonnell, James [died 1870.
McDonnough, Matthias, laborer, alley near N. Clark and N. Water.
McDonnough, Michael, carpenter, alley near N. Clark and N. Water.
McDonnough, P. H., captain schooner Charlotte.
McDonnough, Thos., drayman, res W. Water, bet Randolph and Lake.
McGilorey, John, cabinet maker, Manahan & Jacobus.
McGlashan, John, gardener, res Archer ave, 2 miles south [died August 11, 1873, aged 58.
McGlin, Michael, laborer.
McGovern, John, laborer, res Franklin, bet Washington and Madison [died July 21, 1883, aged 82.
McGraw, Edward, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died Pecatonica, Ill., July 14, 1890, aged —.
McGraw, James, mason, A. S. Sherman.
McGraw, Mrs., res S. Clinton, bet Randolph and Washington.
McGraw, Patrick, clerk, James Hervey, bds Canada House.
McGraw, Volney, laborer, Sylvester Marsh.
McGuire, Michael, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died Pecatonica, Ill., July 14, 1890, aged —.
McHale, John, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died March 17, 1854, aged —.
McHenry, Peter (col’d) [Black Pete] cook, City Hotel, res Clark near Jackson.
McIlwaine, Mathew, physician, bds Sauganash Hotel.
Mcintosh, David, sailor, res Ohio, bet Pine and St. Clair.
Mcintosh, Wm., capt. schooner Victory, res Michigan, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [lost on Schr. Victory, March, 1844, on Lake Michigan.
McIntyre, Francis A., clerk, Asher Rossetter, bds same.
McIntyre, John, grocer, cor West Water and Randolph.
McIntyre, Morgan, res south of Jackson, 3d Ward.
McIntyre, William, Scoville & Gates.
McKay, Patrick, saloon, res North Water near Kinzie.
McKay, Samuel, groceries and provisions, junction North Water and Kinzie, res same [died February 5, 1871, aged 58.
McKinney, Joseph, pedler, bds American Temperance House.
McKnight, John, natter, Lorenzo P. Sanger & Co., bds Jas. A. Smith.
McLaren, Henry, laborer, res Market.
McLean, Thomas, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
McLeoud, R., Stow’s foundry, bds Western Hotel.
McMahon, Patrick, porter, City Hotel.
McMahon, Patrick T., tailor, Lake.
McManniman, Jacob, laborer, res Madison near Franklin.
McMillen, A., carpenter, bds Illinois Exchange.
McMullen, William, drayman, res Canal, bet Randolph and Lake.
McNeil, James, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
McNeil, Joseph, laborer, res North Water near North Branch bridge.
McNeil, Malcolm, shipcarpenter, North Branch near Chicago ave.
McNeil, Michael, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
McQuin, John, laborer, res Washington, bet Wells and Franklin [died October 26, 1855.
McQuin, Michael, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
McShea, Michael, laborer, res North Water near Franklin.
McWilliams, James, chair maker, 40 Franklin, res same [died Oak Park, Ill., 1893, aged 75.
Mack, Firman, clerk, Win. H. Adams & Co., res LaSalle, bet Madison and Washington [drowned in Chicago River.
Madden, William, grocer, South Water.
Magee, Henry, lawyer [died June 21, 1855, aged 57 3/4.
Magee, William J., laborer, res W. Lake, bet Water and Canal.
Magie, Haines H. (H. H. M. & Co.) res 279 Ohio [died Washington, D.C., January 16, 1879, aged 75.
Magie & Co., H. H., dry goods and groceries, 130 Lake.
Magill, Alexander W., clerk, Theron Pardee, bds Arthur W. Magill.
Magill, Arthur W., clerk, U. S. land office, res Mich., bet Rush and Pine.
Magill, Julian (Whiting, M. & Co.), bds Arthur W. Magill.
Maguire, Bernard, cooper, Charles Walker & Co.
Mahan, Owen, laborer, res Kinzie, bet Franklin and Wells.
Mahan, Thomas, sailor, steamer Champion.
Maher, Hugh, cooper, Eri Reynolds’ packing-house, South Branch [died Hyde Park, January 22, 1884, aged 66.
Mahoney, Jeremiah, laborer, res N. Dearborn, bet Water and Kinzie.
Malcolm, Robert, mason builder, res Clark near Washington [died October 9, 1871, aged 68.
Mallady, John, laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Malzacher, Louis, groceries and provisions, 167 Lake, res same [died April 24, 1868, aged 68.
Manahan, Owen, carpenter, bds John Ryan [died Highland Park, Ill., October 11, 1883, aged —.
Manahan, Thomas (M. & Jacobus), res Clark [died Norwood Park, Cook Co., Ill., March 31, 1884, aged 71 1/2.
Manahan & Jacobus, cabinet makers, 10 Clark.
Manierre, Edward, tailor, 43 Clark, bds Elisha Clark, 1st Ward [died New London, Conn., July 26, 1890, aged 78.
Manierre, George (M. & Meeker), res 49 State, school commissioner [died May 21, 1863, aged 46.
Manierre & Meeker, attorneys, 118 Lake.
Manley, William E., Universalist clergyman, res Clark.
Mann, Cyrus, family groceries, 47 Clark, res same [died in California, 1851.
Mann, J., hatter, Israel Cyrus Stephens.
Mann, Tielman, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Mansion House, 84-6 Lake, Skinner (Chas.) & Smith (Jos. Flint) props.
Marback, Joseph, farmer, cor Chicago av and Rush, alderman 6th ward.
Mariam, James, cooper, Charles Walker & Co.
Markesen, Ole, carpenter, res Dutch Settlement.
Markle, Abram A., laborer, North Branch, 4th Ward [died November 30, 1845, aged 48.
Mars, Samuel, pump pedler, res LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison.
Marsallani, Louis, stone quarrier, bds Charles McDonnell.
Marsh, Alexander, with Luther Marsh, bds same [d. Oct. 9, 1874, a, 53.
Marsh, Elisha Azro, with Luther Marsh, bds same [died Sitka, Alaska, April 10, 1880, aged 63.
Marsh, Joshua Leonard, law student, Spring & Goodrich, bds L. Marsh [died July 23, 1890, aged 64.
Marsh, Luther, lumber merchant, res Madison, bet Wells and Franklin [died November 14, 1859, aged 77.
Marsh, Sylvester, 98 Lake, packing-house, 304-6 North Water [died Concord, N. H., December 30, 1884, aged 81.
Marshall, Francis, auctioneer, bds New York House.
Marshall, Henry, Scoville & Gates’ foundry.
Marshall [M.D.], James Augustus, auctioneer, Parker & Dodge [died March 31, 1891, aged 81-9-22.
Martel, Thomas, carpenter, bds Washington Hall.
Martin, John, laborer, res West Water.
Martin, Joseph Hopkins, manager, Western Hotel, West Randolph [died March, 1895, aged 83.
Martindale, John, clerk, Bristol & Porter, bds City Refectory.
Martling, James A., printer, Ellis & Fergus, bds William Ellis.
Mathews, James, ship-carpenter [arrived September 6, 1843.
Mathewson, Artemas J., draughtsman, Ogden & Jones.
Mattes, Mathias, laborer, res east side of State south of VanBuren [died April 4, 1877, aged —.
Mattern, Frederick, tailor.
Matteson, Jos. (Gurnee & M.), res State, bet Washington and Randolph [died January 8, 1852, aged 36.
Mattson, D., clerk, Sylvester Marsh.
Maurer, David, teamster, res cor Madison and Desplaines.
Maurer, Jacob [Water Jake], waterman [died Dec. 22, 1885, aged 80.
Maxson, David, tin and coppersmith, Samuel J. Surdam.
Maxwell, Philip, physician, s.-w. cor Clark and Lake, res 79 Clark [died Geneva, Wis., November 5, 1859, aged 60 1/2.
Maxwell, Thomas, laborer, res Illinois, bet LaSalle and Wells [died 1872, aged 54.
Maynard, H. E., lawyer, Smith & Ballingall.
Mayo, Samuel, carpenter, bds New York House.
Meacham, H. T., hostler, New York House.
Meacham, Silas, lighthouse keeper, res 2 River [died Maine, Cook Co., Ill., July 21, 1852, aged 63.
Mead, Enos L., carpenter, res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Medeweller, Henry, shoemaker, North Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Meeker, George W. (Manierre & M.) bds 165 Clark [died April 2, 1856, aged 37.
Meeker, Joseph, carpenter and builder, res 165 Clark [died January 4, 1872, aged 66 1/4.
Melody, Michael, res Washington, bet Franklin and Market.
Melvin, Thomas, shoemaker, South Water, bet Clark and Dearborn [died July 31, 1883, aged 73.
Melvin & Levett, boot and shoe makers, South Water east of Clark.
Melvin, Thomas J., res State.
Merriam, Mrs. Mary, boarding-house Lake, bet State and Wabash ave.
Merrifield, Edward, clerk, Ballentine & Sherman [died January 27, 1889, aged 79 1/2.
Merrill, George W., provisions, etc., 157 Lake, s.-e. cor LaSalle.
Merrill, Winthrop.
Merritt, Jacob DeWitt, commission merchant, 116 So. Water, res State [died Winona, Minn., July 24, 1881, aged 76.
Mess, George, canal contractor, res 46 Michigan ave [died near Lockport, Ill.
Metz, Christopher, tinsmith, William Wheeler & Co. [died December 10, 1886, aged 64.
Meville, Peter Dominique, carpenter, bds Canada House [died March 8, 1884, aged 68-5.
Meyer, Ferdinand, butcher, bds Morris Meyer.
Meyer, Matthias, res Michigan, bet N. Clark and LaSalle.
Meyer, Morris, baker, Michigan, east of Clark.
Migely, Rudolph, grocer, 182 Randolph, res same [died December 30, 1885, aged 74.
Miles, —-, carpenter, bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Millar, Robert M., ship carpenter, Fort Dearborn [died March 13, 1881, aged 65 1/4.
Miller, Chas. [Andrew J.], barber and hairdresser, 19 Market, res Canal [died Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1864.
Miller, David, machinist, Elihu Granger’s foundry.
Miller, H., tobacconist, 85 Lake.
Miller, Henry, mason, res s. e. cor Wells and Madison.
Miller, Jacob, blacksmith, res Indiana, bet Wolcott and N. Dearborn [died March 16, 1890, aged 79.
Miller, Peter, shoemaker, Thomas Whitlock.
Milliken, Isaac Lawrence, foreman blacksmith, Frink, Walker & Co. res — [13th mayor, died December 2, 1889, aged 76.
Mills, John Rodney, produce dealer, bds American Temperance House.
Mills, Royal Alex. Blaine, bds [died Jan. 25, 1882, aged 60 1/4.
Mills, Samuel, grocer, res Clark.
Miltimore, Ira, millwright and machinist, res S. Canal, 3d Ward [died Janesville, Wis., June 8, 1879, aged 66.
Misener, Henry, blacksmith, hydraulic works, res Franklin [died August 9, 1851, aged 52.
Misener, Mortimer C., printer, Ellis & Fergus, bds H. Misener [died February 5, 1891, aged 65.
Mitchell, George, Stow’s foundry, bds Western Hotel.
Mitchell, George, cooper, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Mitchell, John Berry, boots and shoes, 22 Clark, res cor Clark and Kinzie [died March 17, 1878, aged 69 1/2.
Mitchell, Joseph, carpenter, res North Branch [died September 13, 1856, aged —.
Mitchell, Mark, carpenter, res North Water near North Branch.
Mitchell, William, carpenter, res W. Madison, bet Canal and Clinton.
Mitchell, —-, carpenter, bds Chicago Temperance House.
Moeng, Diederic, cabinet maker, Caleb Morgan [died April 18, 1894, aged 82.
Moffet, James, Scoville & Gates.
Molloy, John, carpenter, bds Charles McDonnell.
Monaghan, Hugh, blacksmith [died Jan. 1, 1884, aged 64.
Mongeon, Felix, grocer, cor North Water and Wolcott.
Montgomery, G. B. S., shoemaker, Samuel J. Grannis.
Montgomery, J. H., shipcarpenter, Fort Dearborn.
Montgomery, Loton W., shoemaker, Jerome Beecher, res Market [died September 20, 1866, aged 60 1/2.
Moody, Daniel, sailor, res North Water near Rush.
Moody, Orin C., hatter, Israel C. Stephens [died Oct. 15, 1881, a. 65 1/4.
Mooney, Michael, blacksmith, res Michigan ave.
Mooney, Peter, blacksmith, bds M. Mooney [d. Jan. 22, 1893, a. 75.
Moore, Richard, tailor, South Water, bet State and Wabash ave.
Morey, Davenport, lard-oil factory, 51-3 South Water.
Morey, Davenport, jr., warehouseman, Horace Butler.
Morey, Edward, treasurer Young Men’s Lyceum.
Morey, George (M. & Dike), bds Isaac Dike [died Oct. 3, 1893, a. 74.
Morey, Henry C. [died March 14, 1889, aged 57.
Morey, Richard H., law student, Spring & Goodrich.
Morey & Dike, family grocers, 8 Dearborn.
Morgan, Caleb, cabinet maker, 199 Lake [died Nov. 23, 1871, a. 75.
Morgan, Hector N., painter, Nathan. S. Cushing [died Aug. 30, 1852.
Morgan, Patrick Richard [veterinary surgeon], carriage-driver [died September 5, 1891, aged 68-6.
Morris, Buckner Smith, attorney, 59 Clark, res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush [Chicago’s 2d mayor, died December 16, 1879, aged 79 1/4.
Morris, Mrs., res N. Dearborn, bet North Water and Kinzie.
Morrison, Daniel, teamster [died November 8, 1880, aged 60.
Morrison, Ephraim, hat-and-cap factory, Dearborn, bet Lake and South Water [died Sept. 22, 1851, aged 70.
Morrison, Ephraim, jr., teamster, res 111 Madison [died June 16, 1880, aged 65.
Morrison, Ezekiel, carpenter, res 123 Clark [died Feb. 26, 1895, a. 84.
Morrison, James M., carpenter, res 131 Clark [died Dec. 28, 1868, a. 62.
Morrison, Michael, laborer, res near West Water and Lake.
Morrison, Mrs., res Wells, bet Washington and Randolph.
Morrison, Orsemus, carpenter, res 153 Clark [died Jan. 4, 1864, a. 58 1/4.
Morrison’s Row, 139-57 Clark.
Moseley, Flavel (M. & McCord), bds Daniel B. Heartt [died Williamsburg, N.Y., September 29, 1865, aged 67.
Moseley & McCord, dry goods and groceries, 130 Lake.
Moses, Hiram P., machinist, bds Sabin Wight.
Mower, Geo. W., wheat buyer, Jno. P. Chapin & Co., bds City Refectory.
Mudge, Colby, blacksmith, Asahel Pierce.
Mueller, Jacob, blacksmith, res Indiana, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Mukant, P., clerk, John B. Busch.
Mullen, John, farmer, res near W. Washington, 3d Ward.
Muller, Matthias, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Munson, F. A., res Illinois Exchange, 192 Lake.
Munzer, David, laborer, res W. Monroe, bet Clinton and Jefferson.
Murphy, Edward, coroner, teacher in 1837 [died Rogers Park, Ill., January 25, 1875, aged 70.
Murphy, James K., tinsmith, bds Peter Fennerty.
Murphy, John, prop. United States Hotel, n.-w. cor W. Water and W. Randolph, alderman 4th ward [died August 14, 1850, aged 47.
Murphy, John, laborer, res North Water near Pine.
Murphy, Mrs., res Michigan ave, bet Adams and Jackson.
Murphy, Timothy, res Washington, s.-w. cor Market.
Murray, George, tailor, 204 Lake, res same.
Murray, James (M. & Brand) bds City Hotel.
Murray, John, laborer, res West Water, bet Canal and Clinton.
Murray & Brand, bankers and exchange brokers, 125 Lake, s.-w. cor Clark.
Musham, William, drayman, res Indiana, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died August, 1844, aged 44.
Myers, Frederick F., laborer, res North Water, bet Clark and Wells.
Myers, Matthias, res Michigan st.
Myers, Owen, drayman, res Kinzie, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Myers, Peter, laborer, res Chicago ave, Dutch Settlement.
Myrick, Willard Franklin, hotel-keeper, Cottage Grove ave, bet 29th and 30th [died January 27, 1889, aged 79.

Nauberger, Hugh, baker, Pfund & Co.
Nelson, Andrew, porter, Tremont House [suicide, March 15, 1856.
Nelson, Andrew, laborer, res North Water near Market [died July 29, 1887, aged 69 1/2.
Nelson, Claudius B., book-keeper, William Blair & Co. [died Hyde Park, Cook Co., Ill., March 29, 1885, aged 65 3/4.
Nelson, Peter, sashmaker, res North Water near Dearborn [died before July 13, 1850.
Neudorf, Nicholas, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Newberry, Walter Loomis (N. & Burch), res Illinois, bet Rush and Pine, member board of health [died on French steamer Periere, en route to France, Nov. 6, 1868, aged 64.
Newberry & Burch, bankers and exchange brokers, 97 Lake.
Newberry (Oliver, of Detroit) & Dole, forwarding and commission merchants, 146-52 S. Water and N. Water, s.e. cor Rush.
Newburg, Philip, tailor and ready-made clothing, 153 Lake [res Cincinnati, O.
New Buffalo, north of Chicago ave and east of North Clark—synonomous with Dutch Settlement.
Newcomb, —-, tailor, J. Elliott.
Newcome, J. C., timber sawyer, and grocery, North Water near Clark.
Newhall, Harrison, fruit and groceries, 123 Lake, bds J. D. Jennings.
Nw-York House, 178-80 Lake.
Niblo, Alex. Ramsey, printer, res State [killed by railroad accident, Mount Washington, Ohio, June 25, 1858, aged 50.
Nichols, D. M. C., bds D. T. Nichols.
Nichols, Luther, drayman, 48 Dearborn [died May 2, 1881, aged 75 3/4.
Nichols, D. T., saddler, res cor Randolph and Wells.
Nicholson, Edward, merchant, S. Water, res 97 Rush near Ontario [died September 15, 1849.
Nickalls, Patteson, livery-stable keeper, 230 Kinzie near Wolcott [returned to England and died there.
Nickerson, J. B., machinist, Randolph, res South Water.
Nickerson, John, captain schooner Wave, res Dutch Settlement.
Noble, Aaron, grocer, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Noble, George Alexander, M.D., school-teacher, Lake, res s.-e. cor Washington and Franklin.
Noble, George W., carpenter, Clinton bet. Randolph and Washington [died November 1, 1885, aged 66.
Noble, Samuel John, res George A. Noble.
Norris, Henry, bds Mansion House.
Norris, James, carpenter, bds A. H. Palmer.
Norris, James Wellington, attorney, directory canvasser, 38 Clark [died Ottumwa, Iowa, March 3, 1882, aged 67.
Northam, Robert Robbins, clerk, John W. Hooker, bds same [died January 20, 1893, aged 73.
Norton, Cyprian Collins (N. & Case), res State, bet Mad. and Monroe.
Norton, George W., botanic physician, bds Illinois Exchange.
Norton, Henry (Loyd, Blakesley & Co.), res 81 State, bet Randolph and Washington [died on the Isthmus of Panama, en route to California, 1849.
Norton, Hiram (N. & Tuckerman), bds Seth Johnson.
Norton, John, gunsmith, Peacock & Thatcher.
Norton, Theron, dry goods and groceries, 117 Lake [died April 24, 1844, aged 40-4-3.
Norton & Case, dry goods and groceries, 80 Lake.
Norton & Co., Horace (H. Norton and J. C. Walter), dry goods and groceries, 137 South Water.
Norton & Co., Horace (H. Norton, J. C. Walter, and E. K. Rogers), forwarding and commission merchants, n.-e. cor River and Dock.
Norton & Tuckerman, dry goods and groceries, 134 Lake, warehouse.
North Water, west of north end of Clark-street bridge.

O’Brien, Dennis, tailor, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
O’Brien, Michael, blacksmith, Frink, Walker & Co., res South Water [died August 14, 1852, aged —.
O’Bryan, George, grocer, North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie [died August —, 1849, aged —.
O’Connor, Jeremiah, blacksmith, N. Water, bet Clark and LaSalle.
O’Donoghue, Peter, auctioneer, 170 Lake, res LaSalle [died August 1, 1851, aged —.
O’Leary, Dr. J. E., bds Dr. William B. Egan [died 1849, a. —.
O’Malley, Charles, cobbler, shoemaker, constable, J.P., lawyer, North Water near Dearborn [died March 11, 1887, aged 75.
O’Meara, Timothy, ex-Catholic priest, bds James Carney, S. Water.
O’Neil, Michael, carpenter, res Dearborn, bet N. Water and Kinzie [died December 9, 1863, aged 48.
O’Sullivan, David, res Kinzie, bet N. Franklin and Wells.
Oakes, Noyes, house-mover, res State, bet Adams and Jackson [died September 12, 1854, aged 40.
Ogden, Mahlon Dickerson (Arnold & 0.), res Ontario, bet Dearborn and Wolcott, probate judge [died Elmhurst, Feb. 13, 1880, a. 68 1/2.
Ogden, William Butler (O. & Jones), res Ontario, bet Cass and Rush [died Aug. 3, 1877, aged 72, at Boscobel—his residence, near High Bridge, on the Harlem River, New York.; Chicago’s 1st mayor.
Ogden & Jones, land-agents, Kinzie, bet Wolcott and Dearborn ave.
Olin, Henry W., boarding-house, North Water, bet Rush and Pine.
Oliver, John Alfred, house painter, North Water, res Michigan [died January 16, 1887, aged 72.
Olliver, Rev. Warren, pastor Canal-st Methodist Church.
Osborn, William, shoe dealer, Jerome Beecher, res 145 Madison [died January 2, 1884, aged 71.
Ost, William, tailor, Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Otis, Edwin, clerk, Seth T. Otis, and librarian Young Men’s Assoc.
Otis, Seth T., hardware, stoves, etc., 126 Lake, res 166 State [died Ann Arbor, Mich., January 23, 1882, aged 71.
Otis, Seth, county poor-house keeper [died April 27, 1847, aged 70.
Ottaway, Charles, family grocer, 175 Lake, res same.
Otto, August F., watchmaker and jeweler, 173 Lake, res Wells [died January 4, 1890, aged 86.
Ousterhoudt, Levi M., prop. Sauganash, Market, 100 ft south of s.-e. cor Lake [died Norwood Park, November 15, 1881, aged 73 1/2.
Outhet, John C, wagon maker, 191 Randolph, res 244 Madison [died November 27, 1866, aged 55.

Packard, Robert, teamster, res Randolph, bet State and Dearborn.
Page, Francis, carpenter, Sturges & Stubbs, bds City Refectory.
Page, Peter, mason builder, bds William L. Church [died August 1, 1880, aged 66.
Page, Thomas, clerk, Chicago Post-Office.
Paine, James Sparks, saddler and harness maker, 13 Dearborn [died Linn Co., Kan., October 22, 1866, aged 65-8-23.
Paine, Seth, dry goods merchant [died June 6, 1872, aged 56.
Paintor, Jos., tailor, Scott Benedik, res Chapman’s bldg, s.-w. cor Wells.
Paintor, Mathias, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Palm, John, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Palmer, A. H., painter, North Clark, cor Illinois, res same.
Palmeter, David, res South Water.
Pardee, Theron, commission merchant, North Water s.-e. cor Kinzie [died August 19, 1888, aged 72 1/2.
Parker, John (P. & Dodge), res 113 Dearborn [died 1890.
Parker & Dodge, auctioneers and commission merchants, 6 Clark.
Parry, Samuel (Johnson & P.), res cor Ohio and Cass.
Parsons, Edward (Clark, Haines & Co.), bds Daniel B. Heartt [died January 18, 1875, aged 65.
Parsons, Samuel M., book-keeper, John B. F. Russell, bds Farmers’ Exchange.
Pattee, David, provision packer, Sylvester Marsh.
Patten, James, carpenter, res alley bet Wells and Franklin.
Pattent, —-, bds Mrs. Green.
Patterson, John, porter, Mansion House.
Patterson, John Gibson, clerk, Horace Butler [died Libertyville, Ill., October 3, 1887, aged 70.
Patterson, Robert Wilson, Presby. minister, res State near Randolph [died Evanston, Ill., March 28, 1894, aged 7-.
Peacoard, Joseph, cooper, res N. Water, bet Wolcott and Dearborn.
Peacock, Elijah, watchmaker and jeweler, 195 Lake, res Madison near Wells [died August 25, 1889, aged 71.
Peacock, Joseph (P. & Thatcher), res Madison, bet Clark and Wells [died May 13, 1886, aged 72 3/4.
Peacock & Thatcher, gunsmiths, 155 1/2 Lake.
Pearson, George Tiffany [died Springfield, Ill., June 21, 1862, a. 33.
Pearson, Parker H., clerk, Ruel Ambrose, bds same.
Pearsons, Hiram, speculator, bds Tremont House [died Almeda, Cal., August 11, 1868, aged 57.
Pease, Simeon, butcher, Fulton Market.
Peck, Azel, carpenter and builder, res S. Clinton, bet Washington and Madison, alderman 3d ward [died Delavan, Wis., Oct. 1, 1849, a. 51.
Peck, Charles Edwin, saddler & harness maker, 164 Lake, res LaSalle., n.-w. cor Washington.
Peck, David, medical student, Dr. Daniel Brainard, bds Mrs. Post.
Peck, David, bds Mrs. Waggoner, Lake, west of Wells.
Peck, Philip Ferdinand Wheeler, capitalist, res 248 Clark, n.-w. cor Jackson [died October 23, 1871, aged 62 3/4.
Peck, Sheldon Whittlesey (P. & Boyce), bds Cyrenius Beers [resides at Beloit, Ill.
Peck & Boyce, linseed-oil factory, 286-8 Madison.
Pelton, Elias S., mason, bds Washington Hall, North Clark.
Penny, Arthur John, brick maker, bds John Penny [died unmarried, August 12, 1849, aged 26-0-8.
Penny, George William, brick maker, bds John Penny [died September 11, 1868, aged 43-11-7.
Penny, John, brick maker, near North Branch, 5th Ward [died August 11, 1851, aged 58-10-29.
Penton, David Russel, clerk, Dr. John Brinckerhoff, bds same [died Melbourne, Australia, 1854, aged 29.
Penton, Thomas B., clerk, Clarke & Co., bds Dr. John Brinckerhoff.
Periolat, Clemens, grocer, 223 Lake, res same.
Periolat, F. A., soap and candle maker, N. Franklin near Indiana.
Perkins, A., clerk, Sherman & Pitkin, bds Orin Sherman.
Perkins, Daniel (P. & Fenton), bds Chicago Temperance House.
Perkins & Fenton, blacksmiths and wagon makers, 141 Randolph.
Pernor, William, jailer, Jail, Randolph, s.-e. cor LaSalle [died before May 4, 1852.
Perry, Abijah S., barber, ex-justice of peace, res Government Reservation [died September 9, 1849.
Peterman, John (John Hettinger & Co.), res North Water.
Peterson, George, captain schooner St. Joseph, res Canal, bet W. Washington and Madison.
Petitt, William, harness maker, C. E. Peck [died.
Petrie, Philip, blacksmith, Ithraem Taylor, res N. Dearborn, 6th Ward [died November 30, 1890, aged 76.
Pfeifer, Kasper, shoemaker, Thomas Melvin, bds same.
Pfund, John (Pfund & Co.), res 14 Clark [died Feb. 14, 1872, a. 65.
Pfund & Co. (Frederick Weiss), bread and cracker bakers, 14 Clark.
Phelps, Pallas, attorney, Dearborn, res cor Dearborn and Washington.
Philipp, Solomon, merchant, bds Washington Hall.
Phillips, John, wood turner, 27 Franklin, n.-e. cor Lake, res same [died December 11, 1869, aged 75.
Phillips, John, jr., wood turner, bds John Phillips [died November 10, 1880, aged 53.
Phillips, William, wood turner, bds John Phillips [died May 20, 1876, aged 54 3/4.
Pierce, Asahel, blacksmith, 20 Market, bet Lake and Randolph, res West Lake [died December 13, 1887, aged 75 1/2.
Pierce (Asahel) & Witbeck (Henry), blacksmiths, Market, bet Lake and Randolph.
Pierce, John, sailor, res Dearborn, 1st Ward.
Pierce, Royal, cooper.
Pierce, Smith Dyer.
Pike, Daniel, laborer, res North Water near Franklin.
Pike, jr., Thomas, clerk, Sherman & Pitkin, bds William L. Church.
Pinkerton, Allan, cooper, res Jackson near Pacific ave [died July 1, 1884, aged 65.
Pitkin, Nathaniel (Sherman & P.), res 77 Clark near Randolph.
Pitney, Aaron, homoeopathic physician, 106 Lake, res Kinzie near Clark [died January 7, 1865, aged 72.
Pitt, William, sawyer, West Water, bet Lake and Randolph.
Plagge, George, shoemaker, North Water, res same [died December 28, 1872, aged —.
Poole, Jasper W., sailor [died January 24, 1883, aged 78 1/2.
Pomeroy, T. S., bds City Hotel.
Pope, John, butcher, Eri Reynolds, res State.
Porter, Augustine, lumber [d. Oak Park, Ill., Apr. 10, 1880, a. 82-7-20.
Porter, Hibbard (Bristol & P.), res 208 Clark, n.-w. cor Adams [died May 30, 1879, aged 72.
Post, E. J., clerk, Bowen & Cole, bds Mrs. Post.
Post, Frederick L., bds Mrs. Post.
Post, Mrs., boarding-house, 79 Clark, bet Randolph and Washington.
Post-office, 37 Clark, near Lake, William Stuart, postmaster.
Pottgieser, Giesbert [died August 17, 1887, aged 73.
Poussard, Joseph, shipcarpenter, res North Branch, 4th Ward.
Powell, I. N., editor and publisher Northwestern Baptist, 124 Lake.
Powell, John P., cabinet maker, John B. Weir.
Power, Richard, stonemason, bds Charles McDonnell.
Powless, John, shoemaker, Joseph E. Ware.
Prairie Farmer, John S. Wright, prop., John S. Wright, J. A. Wight, and John Gage, editors, 112 Lake.
Praler, Adam, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Pratt, John, ass’t-foreman, Foss Bros., planing-mill, res Market.
Pratt, Moses Griswold, carpenter, res W. Water, cor Kinzie, 4th Ward [died October 20, 1887, aged 83-4.
Pratt, Wm., foreman Foss Bros., planing-mill, res Market near Rand.
Prescott, Eli Sherburne, canal-agent, 35-7 Cass, n.-e. cor Illinois [died Waukegan, January 3, 1879, aged 69.
Preston, John B., clerk, Ogden & Jones.
Price, Abner, bricklayer, bds Cornelius Price.
Price, Cornelius, bricklayer [died Libertyville, Ill.
Price, Cornelius, jr., bricklayer, Alson S. Sherman.
Price, Jeremiah, res South Water, bet LaSalle and Wells, member board of health [died July 12, 1854, aged —.
Price, John Maloy, bricklayer [died, Libertyville, Ill., January 4, 1879, aged 64.
Price, William, bricklayer [died December 31, 1884, aged 63-2.
Price, William, sash factory, South Water, west of Clark [died Isthmus of Panama, en route to California, 1849, aged 45.
Prindiville, John, sailor, bds Maurice Prindiville.
Prindiville, Maurice, laborer, res Chicago ave, n.-w. cor. Wolcott.
Prindiville, Redmond, sailor, bds Maurice Prindiville.
Prindiville, Thos. J., bds Maurice Prindiville [died Jan. 18, 1870, a. 38.
Protine, Francis, cooper, res N. Clark, bet North Water and Kinzie.

Quarters, Walter, Catholic priest, bds 114 Michigan ave.
Quarters, William, first Catholic bishop of Chicago, 114 Michigan ave, n.-w. cor Madison [died April 10, 1848, aged 42.
Quick, John, shoemaker, Samuel J. Grannis.

Raber, John, harness maker, S. B. Cobb, bds same.
Raber, Philip, laborer, 338 State, opp. Congress [died January 27, 1865, aged 71.
Ransom, J. W., dry goods merchant, res 179 Clark, s.-e. cor Monroe.
Rantz, Henry, laborer, res Michigan, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Rappee, P., laborer, res Lake Shore, 1st Ward.
Raskupp, John, laborer, Silas B. Cobb.
Rathbone, Ward, groceries, fruits, etc., 141 Lake [died Geneva, Ill.
Rattle & Co. (Sam. Rattle), Francis, boots, shoes, and leather, 133 Lake.
Rattle, Francis (R. & Co.) [died August 19, 1859.
Rattle, Samuel (F. R. & Co.) bds Tremont.
Ravencraft, William, bds Henry Howard.
Ray, Thomas, mason, res South Branch near Washington.
Raymond & Co., Benjamin W., staple dry goods and groceries, 81 South Water, s.-w. cor State, office, 122 Lake, upstairs.
Raymond, Benjamin Wright (B. W. R. & Co.), res 120 Washington [Chicago’s 3d mayor, died April 5, 1883, aged 82.
Raymond, George Wright, clerk, B. W. R. & Co., 122 Lake [died Barfield, Ark., November 1, 1871, aged 54.
Reading-Room (Y. M. A.) 37 Clark, 2d story, C. R. Larrabee, librarian.
Receiver’s office, U.-S., 98 Lake, upstairs, Geo. L. Ward, receiver.
Recorder’s office, Court-House, s.-w. cor Clark and Randolph.
Reed, Frederick, porter, City Hotel.
Reed, Robert, mason, res Wells, bet Lake and Randolph.
Reed, Stilman O., laborer, bds John Davlin.
Reed, William, carpenter, res W. Monroe, bet Clinton and Jefferson [died January 9, 1891, aged 83-8-15.
Rees, James Hollingshead, surveyor, Ogden & Jones, bds Mrs. Haight [died September 20, 1880, aged 67 1/4.
Rees, Thomas, house painter, Alex. White.
Register’s office, U.-S., 92 Lake, upstairs, John H. Kinzie, register.
Rehm, Jacob, laborer, res n.-e. cor Hinsdale and Rush [died January 28, 1870, aged 69.
Rehm, Jacob, jr., teamster, res Jacob Rehm.
Reis, Jacob Nicholas, harness maker, bds 175 State [died Frankfort, Tenn., April 3, 1896, aged 70.
Reis, John Mathias, shoemaker, bds 175 State [d. May 8, 1884, a. 62.
Reis, John Peter, retired, 175 State.
Reis, John Peter, jr., shoemaker, Samuel J. Grannis, bds 175 State [died January 2, 1881, aged 50.
Reis, Nicholas, water carrier, bds 175 State [died April 13, 1874, a. —.
Reis, Peter, water carrier, res 171 State [d. March 2, 1870, aged 54.
Render, Daniel, tailor, res Ohio, bet Cass and Rush.
Revenue office, 38 Clark, Seth Johnson, deputy-collector.
Rew, Norman (R. & Russell), res State.
Rew & Russell, grocery and ball-alley, 77 South Water.
Reynolds, Eri, butcher and packer, South Branch, res Dearborn [died April 15, 1851, aged —.
Reynolds, E. G., clerk, bds 145 Clark.
Reynolds, George W., clerk, Eri Reynolds.
Rhines, Henry, carpenter, deputy sheriff, police constable, res 46 LaSalle [died August 20, 1852, aged 45.
Rice, Joseph, Stow’s foundry, bds Western Hotel.
Rich, Michael, mason, west of Clark and south of First.
Richards, John James, clerk, Ashley Gilbert, res Mrs. Coffin [died Kankakee, Ill., January 29, 1891, aged 65.
Rider, Eli A., clerk, Charles L. P. Hogan [went to Aurora, Ill.
Riley, John, laborer, Michigan, bet Rush and Pine.
Ritchie, Alexander, blacksmith, Asahel Pierce.
Robb, George Augustus (Foster & R.), bds John B. Mitchell [died Havana, Cuba, 1857, aged —.
Robb, Thomas Patten, clerk, bds John B. Mitchell [died near Glenwood, Cal., April 19, 1895, aged 67.
Roberts, Alexander, butcher, res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died September 3, 1876, aged 70.
Roberts, David Lewis, Chicago Temperance House, 17-19 LaSalle [died Jefferson, Ill., December 30, 1864, aged 63.
Roberts, Henry Lewis, shoemaker, South Water, res North Water.
Roberts, James S., chair painter, John B. Weir.
Roberts, John T., drover, res Clark, bet Washington and Madison.
Robertson, Cyrus C., clerk, Horace H. Yates.
Robertson, David, Sauganash Hotel.
Robertson, James, ship carpenter, res cor North Water and Rush.
Robinson, Alexander, farmer, res South Branch, 3d Ward [died April 23, 1872, aged —.
Robinson, George, printer, Ellis & Fergus.
Robinson, James, carpenter, res West Monroe, 3d ward.
Robinson, John, housemover, res Adams, bet Clark and State.
Robinson, P. P., bootmaker, 139 Lake Robinson, S. S., grocer, 184 Lake, res same.
Rochester, James H., commission merchant.
Rockwell, James, boarding-house, Clark, bet Washington and Madison.
Roden, James, laborer, bds Charles McDonnell.
Roder, John, blacksmith, James O. Humphrey.
Rodgers, John, forwarding and storage, North Water, east of N. State.
Rofinot, Peter Francois.
Rogers, Edward Kendall (Horace Norton & Co.), res Indiana, bet Cass and Rush [died Eastman, Ga., May 2, 1883, aged 70.
Rogers, George A., book-keeper, Horace Norton & Co.
Rogers, George W.. prop. Chicago Hotel, West Lake, n.-e. cor Canal [died February 4, 1867, aged 63.
Rogers, John, lard-oil maker, res North Water [died April 3, 1849.
Rooney, O., laborer, res South Canal, bet Lake and Randolph.
Rooney, William, blacksmith [died May 5, 1885, aged 71 1/8.
Root, Josiah Sackett, carpenter, res Dearborn, bet Madison and Monroe [died Buffalo, N.Y., April 28, 1884, aged —.
Rose, Freeman, wagon-maker, res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington.
Rose, John, clerk, Murray & Brand.
Rose, Russell.
Ross, George, blacksmith, William Otis Snell.
Rossetter, Asher, dry goods and groceries, 92 Lake, bds Cyprian C. Norton [died before May 14, 1858, aged —.
Rossiter, Gilbert, clerk, Norton & Case, bds Cyprian C. Norton.
Rossiter, Luther, lumber merchant, res Newton Rossiter [died Lake Forest, Ill., October 3, 1888, aged 74-8-14.
Rossiter, Newton, lumber merchant, office S. Water, res 15 Franklin, yard, west side of Franklin, bet Lake and South Water [died May 24, 1850, aged 62-1-5.
Row, Jonathan, sawyer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward.
Rowlatt, William, Bethel clergyman, bds Henry Smith.
Rowlatt, Mrs. William A., teacher of French, bds Henry Smith.
Rowley, Aldrich, shoemaker, res Market.
Rowley, Thomas E., teamster, Absolom Funk.
Rucker, Edward A., law student, H. L. Rucker [d. June 19, 1872, a. 61.
Rucker, Henry L., justice of the peace, 41 Clark, res same [died January 7, 1867, aged 57-0-28.
Rue, John Campbell, carpenter, 156 Clark, res same [died Elgin, Ill., June 11, 1892, aged 83.
Rumsey, Geo. Frederick, clerk, Newberry & Dole, bds Geo. W. Dole [died June 17, 1881, aged 60 1/2.
Rumsey, Julian Sidney, clerk, Newberry & Dole, res Geo. W. Dole [18th mayor, died April 20, 1886, aged 63-0-17.
Russ, John, teamster and vet. surgeon, res cor S. Clinton and Madison.
Russell, Chester G. (Rew & R.), bds City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Russell, Francis C., bds Mrs. Green.
Russell, Jacob, proprietor City Hotel, 58-66 Clark, n.-w. cor Randolph [died April 4, 1860, aged 60 1/2.
Russell, Col. John Benj. Frazier, land and insurance agent, notary, 38 Clark, res 261 Indiana, near Wolcott [died Jan. 3, 1861, aged —.
Russell, Martin, sailor, res Wolcott, bet North Water and Kinzie [lost in Lake Michigan, November, 1845.
Rutledge, Thomas, laborer, res West Lake, bet Water and Canal.
Ryan, Edward, laborer, res Franklin, bet Randolph and Washington.
Ryan, John, boarding-house, 42 South Water.
Ryer, George (George R. & Co.), bds City Hotel.
Ryer & Co., George, merchant tailors, 48 Clark.
Ryerson, Joseph Turner (R. & Blaikie), bds Tremont House [died March 9, 1883, aged 70.
Ryerson & Blaikie, iron, nails, etc., dry goods and groceries, 74 Lake.

Salisbury, T. W., dry goods and groceries, South Water near Clark.
Saltonstall, Francis G., clerk, Parker & Dodge, res Wm. W. Saltonstall.
Saltonstall, Wm., fish dealer, res W. Madison, bet Clinton and Jefferson [died August 13, 1886, aged 77 3/4.
Saltonstall, Wm. Wanton, assignee in bankruptcy, res 238 Madison [died March 18, 1862, aged 69.
Sammons, Benjamin, cooper, bds Frederick Sammons.
Sammons, E. W., cooper, res Adams.
Sammons, Frederick, cooper, res Canal, bet Adams and Jackson [frozen to death at Calumet, December, 1848.
Sammons, Joel, cooper, Adams near Clark.
Sammons, Joseph H., cooper, res Canal, bet Adams and Jackson.
Samuel, William, laborer, res near North Branch bridge, 5th Ward.
Sandusky, Michael, chairmaker, res Washington, bet Wells and Franklin.
Sanger, James Young (L. P. Sanger & Co.), bds Mrs. Green [died July 3, 1867, aged 53 1/4.
Sanger, Lorenzo P. (L. P. S. & Co.) [died March 23, 1875, aged —.
Sanger, Lucian P., contractor [died Ottawa, Ill.
Sanger & Co. (J. Y. Sanger), Lorenzo P., hats, caps, and furs, 110 Lake.
Satterlee, Merrit Lawrence, dry goods and groceries, South Water, bds Tremont House [died January 27, 1894, aged 79.
Sauganash Hotel, east side Market, north of alley, s.-e. cor Lake, Levi M. Ousterhoudt, prop. [The Republican Wigwam, where Lincoln was nominated in 1860, occupied its site.
Sauter, Charles (Charles & Jacob S.), res 212 Lake, alderman 2d ward [died Blue Island, Ill., May 18, 1877, aged 66 1/2.
Sauter, Jacob (Charles & Jacob S.), res 212 Lake [died March 10, 1865, aged 48.
Sauter, Charles & Jacob, boot and shoemakers, 212 Lake.
Savage, Maurice.
Sawyer, Nathaniel, clerk, Sidney Sawyer [died Lake Forest, Ill., November 13, 1890, aged 67.
Sawyer, Sidney, drugs, medicines, groceries, etc., 124 Lake, bds City Hotel [died July 12, 1894, aged 83.
Sawyer, Wm. Henry, butcher [died May 7, 1888, aged 66-10.
Scales, Charles Rich, clerk, Ward Rathbone, bds same.
Scammon, Jonathan Young (S. & Judd), reporter supreme court, res 91 Michigan ave [died March 17, 1890, aged 77 1/2.
Scammon & Judd, attorneys, 123 Lake.
Schall, Andre, boarding-house and saloon, 207-9 Randolph [died May 5, 1872, aged —.
Schaller, Andrew, family grocery, 209 Lake, res same [died Elgin, Ill., September 7, 1863, aged 49-8-1.
Schank, Lewis G., currier, Johonnett, Wells & Co.
Schenk, Henry, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Schernerman, Michael, baker, Pfund & Co.
Schlatter, Charles L., U.-S. government agent, res Fort Dearborn.
Schmidt, Mathias, camenter, res Dutch Settlement.
Schular, Mathias, blacksmith, Ithraem Taylor.
Schuttler, Christian, laborer, res Illinois, bet Pine and St. Clair.
Schuttler, Peter, wagonmaker, 224 Randolph, s.-e. cor Franklin, res Illinois, bet Pine and St. Clair [died January 16, 1865, aged 53.
Scorgie, William, lumber merchant, 204 Lake.
Scott, James Howie, sashmaker, s.-e. cor W. Madison and Canal, res Jefferson, nr 12th [died Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 23, 1880, a. 76.
Scott, John, carpenter, res South Canal, 3d Ward [died Oswego, N.Y., 1870, aged 68.
Scott, Dr. Robert [died Oswego, N.Y., April 5, 1882, aged 67-9-22.
Scott, Stephen J. [died en route to California, Sept., 1852, aged —, buried on the Peninsula; his wid. died Naperville, Ill., Sept., 1859.
Scott, William, shoemaker, bds Jacob S. Curtis.
Scougale, A., wagonmaker, near cor State and Lake.
Scoville, Charles Foot.
Scoville, Hiram Henry, apprentice, Scoville & Gates, bds H. H. Scoville.
Scoville, Hiram Huff (S. & Gates), res s. w. cor Randolph and West Water [died March 26, 1879, aged 84.
Scoville, Ives, blacksmith, Scoville & Gates, bds H. H. Scoville.
Scoville, Jas. Addison, bookkeeper, Scoville & Gates, bds H. H. Scoville.
Scoville, William H., machinist [died May 24, 1884, aged 61.
Scoville & Gates, machinists, millwrights, blacksmiths, and founders, s.-w. cor West Washington and West Water.
Scranton, Abner R., with N. Scranton [died Lake Bluff, Ill., August 5, 1885, aged 56.
Scranton, Noah, block, pump, and spar maker, Wolcott, s.-e. cor North Water [died April, 1860.
Scranton, Noah, jr., with N. Scranton [died July 8, 1875, aged 53.
Scruder, Marcus, tanner, Gurnee & Matteson.
Sealey, George, grocer, South Water, west of State.
Seaman, jr., Willett, clerk, Bracken & Tuller, bds Sauganash Hotel.
Searles, Samuel V., machinist.
Seaton, Israel, carpenter, Washington, bet Wells and Franklin.
Seebor, Christopher, agent Kelley’s patent pump, Theron Pardee’s warehouse.
Seeley, Rufus R., hats and caps, 225 Lake.
Seger, Joseph, water carrier, res Dutch Settlement.
Sensor, John Washington (Cruver & S.), res s.-w. cor North Clark and Michigan [died Hawkeye, Ia., November 27, 1885, aged 78.
Sergeant, S. H., bartender, New York House.
Serry, Edward P., blacksmith, William Otis.
Snell, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush.
Sexton, Stephen, carpenter, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush [died April 7, 1861, aged 51.
Seybold, F. E., blacksmith, Randolph near Wells.
Shaddle, Miss Ellen, teacher, 120 Clark.
Shaddle, Peter, upholsterer, 45 Clark, res south of First [died Evanston, Ill., February 1, 1883, aged 84.
Shapley, Morgan L., ship-carpenter, res Government Reservation.
Sharer, George, tailor, John H. Hodgson, res Wells, bet Washington and Madison.
Shaw, Isaiah, clerk, Charles Follansbee.
Shaw, John O. (Clarke & Co.), bds City Hotel.
Shaw, Joseph, carpenter, res cor Jefferson and West Washington.
Shay, John, laborer, John Dennis.
Shay, Michael, res N. Wells, bet North Water and Kinzie [died “from neglect,” August 23, 1850.
Shelby, Daniel, sailor captain, res 47 Adams [died Dec. 3, 1852, a. 40.
Sheldon, C. P., clerk, Philo C. Sheldon.
Sheldon, Philo C, groceries and provisions, 254 Lake, junction of S. Water and Lake, res Franklin.
Shepherd, Hiram, mason, res Market, bet Randolph and Washington.
Shepherd, Rob’t, carpenter and builder, res Cass, bet Indiana and Ohio [died February 4, 1872, aged 64 2/3.
Shepherd, Thomas J., mason, res Market.
Shergold, Thomas, house and sign painter, bds H. H. Husted [died May 5, 1870, aged 56.
Sheriff, John, book-keeper, Jas. P. Allen, cor W. Canal and W. Water.
Sherman, Alson Smith, builder, (Johonnett, Wells & Co.), res Washington near Clinton [7th mayor.
Sherman, Benj. F., dry goods and groceries, cor Lake and Clark [died Buffalo, N.Y., April 19, 1885, aged 70.
Sherman, Ezra Lewis (Ballentine & S.), bds City Hotel [died Riverside, Cook Co., Ill., Feb. 14, 1881, aged 63.
Sherman, Francis Cornwall, brickmaker and builder, res Michigan ave, county commissioner [5th mayor, died November 7, 1870, aged 65.
Sherman, Francis Trowbridge, clerk, H. H. Husted, bds F. C. Sherman.
Sherman, jr., Nathaniel, dry goods and groceries, 158 Lake, res LaSalle near Lake [died September 25, 1852, aged 34 1/2.
Sherman, Oren (S. & Pitkin), res 79 Clark.
Sherman, Robert D., agent, Benj. F. Sherman, res Clark, bet Madison and Monroe.
Sherman, Silas Wooster [elected sheriff Cook County in 1834 and 1836 died, Chocolate Bayou, Texas, August 15, 1852, aged 61.
Sherman, Wm. George, clerk, Sherman & Pitkin, bds Oren Sherman [died September 7, 1867, aged 41 1/2.
Sherman [Oren] & Pitkin [Nath’l], dry goods and groceries, 107 Lake.
Sherry, Thomas, clerk, Ira B. Eddy & Bro. [died Bloomington, Ill., October 17, 1860.
Sherwood, R. W., teacher of penmanship, bds Mrs. Post.
Sherwood, Smith Jones, jeweler and watchmaker, 144 Lake, res LaSalle, bet Washington and Madison.
Sherwood, jr., William, jeweler, Smith J. Sherwood, bds same.
Shinnager, Joseph, res cor N. LaSalle and Ohio.
Shitz, Peter, wagonmaker.
Shoemaker, Conrad, sailor, res near N. Water, bet Dearb. and Wolcott.
Shoemaker, Joseph, mason, res 5th Ward.
Short, Jacob, farmer, res near Franklin and South Water.
Short, Mrs., res Washington, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Shrigley, John.
Shubart (Scott), Benedict, merchant tailor, 183 Lake, res same [died April 1, 1854, aged 42.
Shurr, William (Hatch & S.), res South Water near Dearborn.
Sicar & Co., groceries and boarding-house, N. Water near Dearborn.
Simons, Edward, butcher, res Jefferson [died Aug. 30, 1876, a. 60 1/2.
Simpson, Andrew, mason, res W. Monroe, bet Clinton and Jefferson.
Simpson, John, mason, res S. Canal, bet Adams and Jackson [died before May 12, 1851.
Sinclair, Lewis George, painter, 47 LaSalle [died St. Charles, Ill., September 26, 1860, aged 60.
Skinner, Charles (S. & Smith), Mansion House.
Skinner, Mark (Beaumont & S.), master-in-chancery, res Illinois, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died Manchester, N.H., Sept. 16, 1887, a. 74.
Skinner & Smith, proprietors Mansion House, 86-8 Lake.
Slater, J. E., warehouseman, Newberry & Dole [murdered by Indians, Rogue River, Cal., August 27, 1851.
Slaton, John L., farmer, res –, bet Wells and Franklin.
Sleuman, W. H., shoemaker, Charles & Jacob Sauter.
Sloan, Edward, soap-maker, at J. Johnston’s [died Oct. 31, 1889, a. 85.
Slocum, Edward L., druggist, bds Henry B. Clarke.
Smale, William, carpenter, res W. Monroe, 3d Ward.
Small, William, blacksmith, North Water.
Smith, Abial, printer, Democrat office, bds Lake Street House [died Lockport, Ill., January 25, 1889, aged 80.
Smith, Andrew, lumber merchant, Market near Lake, res Clark, bet Monroe and Adams [died October 28, 1851.
Smith, Barney, butcher, res Michigan ave, rear n.-w. cor of Madison [died at sea off Ireland before 1860.
Smith, Benjamin, tailor, cor Clark and Lake, res 145 Clark [died January 10, 1891, aged 76.
Smith, Charles A., clerk, Benjamin F. Sherman.
Smith, Charles Billings, Baptist clergyman, bds Mrs. Merriam [died Grand Rapids, Mich., September 17, 1890, aged 76.
Smith, Christie, teamster, cowherd, res Adams, west of Clark [died October 14, 1893, aged 85.
Smith, C. D., clerk, Gurdon S. Hubbard, res Dearborn.
Smith, David Sheppard, homeopathist, office Clark, res 118 LaSalle [died April 29, 1891, aged 75-0-9.
Smith, Elijah (Henry & Elijah S.), res Ohio, bet Dearb. and Wolcott [died July 15, 1879, aged 70.
Smith, George (George Smith & Co.) bds City Hotel.
Smith & Co., George, bankers and exchange brokers, 1 LaSalle.
Smith, Henry (Henry & Elijah S.), res Ohio, bet Dearb. and Wolcott [died December 26, 1866, aged 69.
Smith, Henry & Elijah, dry goods and groceries, 146 Lake.
Smith, Hiram B., tinsmith, Wm. Wheeler & Co., res cor Lake and Wells.
Smith, James, shoemaker, David Jay.
Smith, James Ayer, clerk, L. P. Sanger & Co., res Lake [died July 22, 1875, aged 68.
Smith, John E., clerk, Benjamin F. Sherman.
Smith, John L., clerk, Humphreys & Winslow.
Smith, John M., hatter, L. P. Sanger & Co., res Clark.
Smith, John T., auctioneer, John Bates, jr., bds same.
Smith, Joseph Flint (Skinner & S.), Mansion House.
Smith, —-, shoemaker, John B. Mitchell.
Smith, Michael, laborer, west of Clark, south of VanBuren.
Smith, Michael, harness maker, Silas B. Cobb.
Smith, Miss M., teacher public school 3, district 4.
Smith, Mcholas, laborer, res 2d Ward.
Smith, Orson, city collector, marshal, street commissioner, and health officer, res 181 Wabash ave [died January 29, 1863, aged 61 3/4.
Smith, Samuel Lisle, attorney at law, 268 Michigan, s.-w. cor Rush [died July 30, 1854, aged 37.
Smith, Samuel P., clerk, Gurnee & Matteson, bds Mrs. Haight [died Bureau Co., Ill., October 2, 1862, aged 46.
Smith, Theophilus Washington, attorney (S. & Ballingall), 6 Clark [died May 6, 1846, aged 60.
Smith, Thomas, teamster, res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington [died before August 27, 1856, aged —.
Smith, Waldo Wait, clerk, Samuel J. Surdam [died, Jefferson, Ill., May 25, 1882, aged 63.
Smith, William, carpenter, bds Mrs. Post [died 1853.
Smith & Ballingall, attorneys at law, 6 Clark.
Snell, William Otis, blacksmith, North Water near Wolcott [died September 3, 1865, aged 53.
Snider, Jacob, currier, Gurnee & Matteson.
Snook, Samuel, carpenter, res Dearborn, 1st Ward.
Snow, George Washington, lumber merchant, S. Water, res 244-6 State, s.-w. cor Jackson [died en route to Philadelphia, at Altoona, Pa., July 29, 1870, aged 72-10-13.
Snow, Ira, teamster.
Snowhook, William Bergen [Snow’s O’Hook], grocer, 10 Clark, Tes Kinzie, 6th Ward [died May 5, 1882, aged 80.
Soden, Dr. Wm. Hill, res s.-w. cor LaSalle and Ontario [died July 12, 1850, aged 41.
Sofftje, Charles, music teacher, bds John H. Kinzie.
Sollitt, John, carpenter and builder, res W. Adams near Jefferson [died April 5, 1895, aged 81-4-16.
Soper, Palmer, sawyer, res Wells, bet Randolph and Washington.
Soraghan, John, teamster, res Michigan, bet N. Clark and LaSalle.
Southern Hotel, n.-w. cor State and 12th, G. M. Jackson, prop.
Spahn, William, shoemaker, [died April —, 1890, aged —.
Spar, Andrew, stonemason, res near Rush and Chicago ave.
Spaulding, C., carpenter, res Wells, bet Washington and Madison.
Spear, Hugh S., caterer, Washington Coffee House, 89 Lake [died Kenosha, Wis., January 22, 1886, aged 74.
Speer, Isaac, watch and clockmaker, 36 Dearborn, res Monroe, opp. Dearborn [died September 20, 1879, aged 69 3/4.
Speer, Thomas, tailor, Elijah Smith, res Wells, bet Washington and Madison [died June 6, 1887, aged 72.
Spence, John C., hatter, Israel Cyrus Stephens.
Spencer, A. P., printer, Better Covenant office, Randolph.
Sperry, Anson, law student, Beaumont & Skinner [died Marengo, Ill., August 24, 1889, aged 65.
Spring, Giles (S. & Goodrich), res 62 Adams near State [died May 14, 1851, aged 41 3/4.
Spring & Goodrich, attorneys, 124 Lake
Spry, John, laborer [died February 5, 1891, aged 62-5-22.
Squires, Nathan (Fuller & S.), res N. Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
St. Palais, James Mary Maurice d’Hassac, Catholic priest, res 114 Michigan ave, n.-w. cor Madison [died St. Mary’s, near Terre Haute, Ind., June 28, 1877, aged 66.
Staffen, Nicholas, laborer, res Dutch Settlement.
Stage-Office, 95 Lake, s.-w. cor Dearborn, Ephraim C. Stowell, agent.
Stains, William F., barber, Henry Knight.
Stanton, Charles T., auctioneer, bds United States Hotel [killed and eaten by his companions, en route to California, 1849.
Stanton, Daniel D., merchant, Ashley Gilbert, bds Mrs John K. Boyer [died Mystic, Conn., April 23, 1887, aged 71.
Starkweather, Charles Robert, assistant postmaster, res 120 State [died August 27, 1867, aged 51 1/4.
Stead, Francis, city drug store, 76 Lake [absconded.
Stearns, L., clerk, L. B. Goodsell.
Stearns, Marcus [Tullius] Cicero, dry goods and groceries, 136 Lake [suicide, April 8, 1890, aged 73 3/4.
Stearns, William, mate, propeller Independence.
Steel, J. H., res West Lake, bet West Water and Canal.
Steele, Jonathan William, proprietor City Refectory, 17 Dearborn [died November 13, 1881, aged 74.
Stein, Charles (Strausel & S,), res LaSalle near Lake [died Blue Island, Ill., May 9, 1882, aged —.
Stephens, Israel Cyrus, hats, caps, and furs, 108 Lake, bds — [died Henry, Ill., September 6, 1854, aged —.
Steth, Joseph, blacksmith, Ithraem Taylor, bds same.
Steven, Christian S., tailor, Clark, north of Lake.
Stevens, E. C.
Stevens, Geo. E., clerk, A. Garrett, bds Sauganash [res Rushford, Minn.
Stevens, Geo, F., warehouseman, Bristol & Porter, bds Wm. Stevens.
Stevens, George G., clerk, Stevens & Carpenter.
Stevens, Henry (S. & Carpenter), bds Sauganash [res Winona, Minn.
Stevens, S., tailor, Clark, 4 doors north of Lake.
Stevens, William, late lighthouse keeper, res 2 River, U.S. light-house.
Stevens, William B., blacksmith, Randolph near Clark, res same.
Stevens & Carpenter, dry goods and groceries, 166 Lake.
Stewart, E. A., watchmaker, South Water, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Stewart, Ephraim T., dry goods and groceries, 85 Lake [died Decatur, Ill., February 22, 1855, aged —.
Stewart, Hart L., dry goods, res State, bet Randolph and Washington [died May 23, 1883, aged 79 2/3.
Stoce, Clemens, family grocer, 149 Lake, res same [died San Francisco, Cal., October 18, 1881, 83d year.
Stockton, John, carpenter, res Illinois, bet Pine and St. Clair.
Stone, Horatio Odel, dry goods and groceries, 114 Lake, res Michigan, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died July 20, 1877, aged 66 1/2.
Stone, Ira (S. & Doolittle), res Columbian House.
Stow, Alfred (Dirnmock & S.) res Randolph, 2d ward.
Stow, Henry M., iron foundry, North Canal, store 11 Clark.
Stow, William H., iron foundry, North Canal, bds Western Hotel [died August 18, 1881, aged 72.
Stowell, Ephraim C., clerk, stage-coach office, 95 Lake, res Adams near State.
Strail, Isaac, dry goods and groceries, Clark, bet S. Water and Lake.
Strang, G., shoemaker, res West Lake, 4th Ward.
Strausel, Martin (S. & Stein), res 40 LaSalle [d., Elgin, Ill., Jan. 6, 1880.
Strausel & Stein, bootmakers, 40 LaSalle, bet Lake and Randolph.
Strode, James M., attorney, 37 Clark, res 84 Randolph [died Crystal Lake, Ill.
Stuart, Alexander, clerk, post-office, bds William Stuart [died Binghamton, N.Y., November 1, 1884, aged 68.
Stuart, John Jay, physician, 59 Clark, res Indiana near Wolcott [died August 15, 1850, aged 40.
Stuart, William, postmaster, res Ontario, bet Cass and Wolcott [died Binghamton, N.Y., June 20, 1878, aged 67 1/2.
Stubbs, T. R., carpenter.
Sturges, B. R., carpenter, bds Western Hotel.
Sturtevant, Austin Dwight, school teacher, dist. 2, bds J. M. Underwood.
Sturtevant, Noah, painter, John I. Dow, res Market [died July 20, 1862, aged 42.
Sullivan, Anthony, laborer, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Sullivan, Eugene, sailor [died May 10, 1885, aged 73.
Sullivan, Jeremiah H., constable, res N. Water, bet Clark and Dearb. [died January 19, 1855, aged 71.
Sullivan, Martin, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Sullivan, Michael, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [d. Oct. 7, 1871, a. 82.
Sullivan, Patrick, laborer, North Water near Franklin.
Sulzer, Conrad, brewer [died December 24, 1873, aged —.
Summers, James, laborer, res Kinzie, bet Clark and Dearborn.
Sunriker, Peter, tailor, P. Newburgh.
Surdam, Duane (Cook & S.) res American Temperance House.
Surdam, Samuel Johnson, tinware, stoves, etc., 132 Lake [died September 16, 1893, aged 76.
Swain, Philip, tinsmith, William Wheeler.
Sweet, Charles, family grocer, North Water near Wolcott.
Sweet, —- (S. & Doolittle).
Sweet & Doolittle, props. Columbian House, 11-3 Wells, near s.-e. cor. South Water.
Swenser, Even, laborer, John B. Weir.
Swift, Elijah, pawnbroker, 102 Lake, res Dearborn near Lake.
Swift, Richard Kellogg, pawnbroker, 102 Lake, res 195 Wabash ave [died Lawrence County, Mo., September 28, 1883, aged 70.
Swinson, Edwin, laborer, res North Water near Franklin.

Tague, Edward, laborer, first st, near Michigan ave.
Talley, Alfred Maurice, printer, Democrat office, res 224 State, s.w. cor Quincy [died South Bend, Ind., Nov. 28, 1870, aged 64 3/4.
Tallmadge, Samuel Wires, shoemaker, W. H. Adams & Co., res Clark [died August 18, 1845, aged 32-2.
Taplin, Michael L., [died March 25, 1891, aged 82.
Tarbox, C. F., clerk, Orrington Lunt, bds John B. Mitchell.
Taylor, Augustine Deodat, carpenter and builder, res Michigan ave, bet Lake and Randolph [died March 31, 1891, aged 94-11-3.
Taylor, Charles, merchant tailor, 42 Clark, res Canal, bet Wash, and Mad., alderman 3d ward [d. Indianola, Tex., Sept. 28, 1867, a. 65 5/8.
Taylor, Charles H., currier, Johonnett, Wells & Co.
Taylor, Daniel, boots and shoes, 120 Lake.
Taylor, [Col.] Ezra, coffee-house, South Water, west of Clark [died Oct. 25, 1885, aged 71.
Taylor, Francis Horace, tailor, res South Canal, 3d Ward [died Niles, Mich., March 5, 1889, aged 92.
Taylor, jr., Francis H., tailor, bds Francis H. Taylor.
Taylor, H., saddler and harness maker, Silas B. Cobb.
Taylor, Ithraem, blacksmith, 141 Randolph, res Wells, bet Lake and Randolph [died June 7, 1868, aged 55.
Taylor, John O., clerk, Gurnee & Matteson, res Monroe near Clark.
Taylor, Matthias, tailor, 131 Lake, res cor Lake and Dearborn.
Taylor, Reuben, teamster, West Lake near Randolph [died May 7, 1884, aged 86.
Taylor, Solomon, boot and shoemaker, 152 1/2 Lake, res West Water, bet Randolph and Washington.
Taylor, William Hartt, agent, Dan. Taylor, 120 Lake.
Temple, John Taylor, physician, 218 Lake [died St. Louis, Mo., February 24, 1877, aged 73.
Teshner, Charles, saddler and harness maker, Charles E. Peck.
Tew, George C., prof, phrenology, res rear of n.-w. cor Cass and Illinois.
Thatcher, David Cunningham (Peacock & T.), res cor Lake and Franklin [died Thatcher, Cook Co., Ill., March 22, 1869, aged 55.
Thirds, Wm., carpenter and builder, S. Water [died Jan. 12, 1870, a. 60.
Thomas, Benj. Walden, clerk, Loyd, Blakesley & Co., bds Alex. Loyd.
Thomas, Elihu B., printer, Ellis & Fergus [now at St. Louis, Mo., an M.D.
Thomas, Gerhard Henri (H. & G. H.), res N. Dearborn and Division [died Palatine, Ill., April 17, 1888, aged 83 1/8.
Thomas, Henry (H. & G. H.), res N. Dearborn and Division [died aged 50.
Thomas, Henry & Gerhard Henri, botanical and vegetable gardeners, n.-e. cor North Dearborn and Division.
Thomas, Hiram J., printer, Western Citizen office.
Thomas, Jerry (T. & Wheelock), Washington Coffee House.
Thomas & Wheelock, proprietors Washington Coffee House, 87 Lake.
Thompson, George C., Stow’s foundry, bds Western Hotel.
Thompson, Joseph, caulker, res Adams, bet Clark and LaSalle.
Thompson, Leonard W., carpenter, res 3d Ward, south of Jackson.
Thompson, Thos. C., ship carpenter, res Monroe, bet Clark and LaSalle.
Thompson, W. G., clerk, Nelson & Fred’k Tuttle, bds Tremont House.
Thompson, William, laborer, res North Water, west of N. Clark.
Thrall, E. L., clerk, Charles Walker & Co.
Throop, Amos Gager, lumber merchant, cor Washington and Market [died Pasadena, Cal., March 22, 1894, aged 82.
Tiernan, Hugh, waiter, Mansion House.
Tilden, Joel, bds Mrs. Luke Lambert.
Tillotson, Humphrey & Co. (B. F. Hadduck, agent), stage-coach proprietors, 43 Dearborn.
Timoney, Patrick, brewer, James Carney.
Tingley, Michael, teamster, Alson S. Sherman.
Tinkham, Edward Ilslay, teller, George Smith & Co., bds City Hotel [died December 2, 1873.
Tinkham, Richard H., salesman, Willis King, bds Washington Hall.
Tisdel, Guttorm Rolandson, laborer [died Lincoln, Winneshiek Co., Iowa, Feb. 24, 1885, aged 78.
Todd, Lewis H., carpenter, Cruyer & Senser.
Toner, John [died July 18, 1885, aged 80.
Toohy, Dennis, laborer, res North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Towner, Norman Kellogg, clerk, Ballentine & Sherman.
Townsend, E. H., clerk, Benjamin F. Sherman.
Tracy, Elisha Winslow, attorney, 123 Lake, bds Lake House [died Hampshire, Kane Co., February 6, 1860.
Tremont House, s.-e. cor Lake and Dearborn, Ira Couch, prop.
Tripp, [Dr.] Robinson, carpenter, res 119 Clark.
Truesdell, George W., clothier, res Cass, bet Illinois and Indiana.
Tucker, Henry, book-keeper [died September 21, 1871, aged 56.
Tucker, Philo, stage driver, Frink, Walker & Co.
Tucker, Thomas E., cooper, 149 S. Water, res Madison, end of Franklin.
Tuckerman, Lucius (Norton & T.).
Tuckerman & Co. (Geo. M. Higginson), lumber, successors to Norton & Tuckerman.
Tuley, Murray Floyd, law-student, bds Rich. J. Hamilton.
Tuller, William G. (Bracken & T.) bds Sauganash Hotel.
Tupper, Chester, housemover, res 88 Washington [died Brooklin, Almeda Co., Cal., Jan. 4, 1861, aged 64.
Turner, Charles (R. L. & C. Turner), res Wolcott.
Turner, John (J. & L. T.), res Wolcott, n.-w. cor Kinzie [died February 17, 1892, aged 76-7-7.
Turner, John Bice, contractor, bds Tremont House [died February 26, 1871, aged 72.
Turner, John & Leighton, livery stable, 16 Wolcott near North Water.
Turner, John McLeod, capt. propeller Independence, res Franklin [died November 27, 1884, aged 77.
Turner, Leighton (J. & L. Turner), res Wolcott near Kinzie [died Evanston, Ill., February 11, 1895, aged 80.
Turner, Robert Leigh (R. L. & C), res 12 North State, near Kinzie.
Turner, R. L. & C., wheelwrights, 4 and 6 Wolcott near North Water.
Turner, Voluntine C., bds J. B. Turner.
Turner, William, butcher, Sylvester Marsh, res 28 North State [died suddenly en route to McHenry Co., Ill., May 4, 1875, age 68.
Tuttle, Frederick (N. & F. T.), bds Amer. Temp. House [died November 10, 1890, aged 82.
Tuttle, Lucius Griswold, clerk, post-office, bds Mrs. Green [died July 5, 1879, aged 56.
Tuttle, Nelson (N. & F.), bds Tremont House [died April 21, 1877, aged 63.
Tuttle, N. & F., dry goods and groceries, 68 Lake.
Tyler, Elmer, draper and tailor, s.-w. cor Lake and State [died February 11, 1877, aged 63 1/2.

Underbill, E. R., wagon maker, Perkins & Fenton.
Underwood, John Milton, lumber, cor Lake and W. Water, res Canal, bet Wash and Madison [died Danvers, Mass., Feb. 16, 1888, a. 76.
United-States Hotel, n.-w. corner W. Water and W. Randolph, John Murphy, prop.
Updike, Peter Lewis, carpenter and builder, res and shop, 104 Randolph [died Philadelphia, Pa., December 19, 1850, aged 45 1/2.

Vandercook, Charles Raney, clerk, Botsford & Beers, bds City Hotel.
Vandreuzer, E., Eagle Saloon, 10 Dearborn.
Vangaasbeck, T. L., clerk, Horatio O. Stone.
Vanosdel, Jesse Redifer, carpenter, John M. Vanosdel [died May 20, 1887, aged 69.
Vanosdel, John Mills, carpenter (Granger & V.), res Indiana, bet N. Dearborn and Wolcott [died December 21, 1891, aged 80 1/3.
Vanosdel, William C., carpenter, res N. Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie [died December 17, 1867, aged 53.
Vansickle, James H., tailor, Scott Benedik.
Vanvlack, Egbert B., carpenter, res Wells, bet Randolph and Wash’gton.
Vanwattenwylle, C. A. F., physician, 210 Lake, res same.
Vaughn, Edward, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Velvershet, Irton, cabinet maker, 1st Ward.
Vette, John Diedrich, blacksmith, M. Mooney, bds same [resides Ottawa, Ill.
Vial, Samuel, laborer, Sylvester Marsh.
Vincent, Aiken (Griffin & V.), res Randolph, bet Dearborn and State [died October 11, 1881, aged 63.

Waddington, John, laborer, Gurnee & Matteson.
Wadhams, Seth, clerk, Ryerson & Blaikie, bds Tremont House [died San Diego, Cal., February 6, 1888, aged 75.
Wadsworth, Elisha Strong (E. S. & J.), res 36 Washington [died Clifton Springs, N.Y., November 25, 1890, aged 77 1/2.
Wadsworth, Julius (E. S. & J.), bds City Hotel [died Middletown, Conn., May 28, 1887, aged 74.
Wadsworth, Elisha S. & Julius, dry goods and groceries, 103 Lake.
Waggoner, Harmon, carriage painter, res Michigan, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Wagner, Mrs. Susan, res cor Wells and Randolph.
Wahl, Frederick, clergyman, German Evangelical Church, Wabash ave.
Wait, John, blacksmith, H. Chapman, bds New York House.
Wait, George Washington, laborer, Ephraim A. Stewart.
Waldie, William, carpenter, North Water near Franklin.
Waldron, Hiram, wagon maker, William H. Howard.
Walker, Almon (Charles Walker & Co.) [died Feb. 23, 1854, a. 46.
Walker, Amos E., watchmaker [died Aug. 7, 1886, aged 67-4.
Walker, Charles (C. W. & Co.) [died June 28, 1869, aged 67 1/3.
Walker, Curran (Frink, Walker & Co.) [died Nov. 21, 1862, a. 51 1/4.
Walker, Doliver, saddler and harness maker, 79 Lake, res State nr Lake [died May 12, 1862, aged —.
Walker & Co., Charles, dry goods, groceries, leather, etc., 69 S. Water.
Walker, Martin Otis (Frink, W. & Co.), res 97 State, n.-e. cor Washington [died May 28, 1874, aged 65.
Walker, Samuel Bent, dry goods and groceries, 148 Lake, res west side Wabash ave, bet Madison and Monroe [died Feb. 26, 1887, aged 80.
Walker, William Frederick, rector St. James Church, bds City Hotel.
Wallace, Edward Q., carpenter, bds Horatio N. Cooke.
Walter, Ethan, merchant, res 41 Monroe, east of State [d. July 13, 1854, a. 51; d., W. Northfield, Ill., Aug. 8, 1867. a. 94.
Walter, Casper, grocer, Clark, bet Lake and South Water, res same.
Walter, Joel Clarke (Horace Norton & Co.) bds Ethan Walter [died March 14, 1891, aged 80.
Walter & Keilman, tailors, Clark.
Walters, —-, clerk, Thomas Church.
Walton, Nelson C., merchant, South Water, res Kinzie, bet Dearborn and Wolcott [died California.
Walton, J. W., dry goods and groceries, South Water.
Wandall, John, baker, res State.
Ward, B. C., clerk, Moseley & McCord.
Ward, Mrs. Bernard [nee Ruth H. Marshall], Chicago ave, n. of and near North-Branch bridge.
Ward, Geo. L., receiver U.S. land office, 98 1/2 Lake, bds City Hotel [died 1888, aged —.
Ward, Hugh, mason [died January 30, 1859, aged —.
Ward, James, mason, res West Randolph, bet Peoria and Sangamon [died July 6, 1881, aged 67.
Ward, James M., harness maker, Dennison Horton.
Ware, Joseph E., boot and shoemaker, 40 Clark.
Wariner, Wells, clerk, John Gage, flour store.
Warner, George, blacksmith, res Wolcott, bet N. Water and Kinzie.
Warner, Herman, dry goods and groceries, cor Lake and Wells.
Warner, Mrs. Mary E., teacher public school 2, district 4, basement St. James’ Episcopal Church, 32 Cass.
Warner, Samuel M., carpenter, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush.
Warner, Seth Porter, blacksmith, 42 Randolph near State [died June 12, 1892, aged 81.
Warner, Spencer, carpenter, s.-w. cor Wabash ave and Adams [died January 1, 1882, aged 85.
Warner, Wm. S., fanning-mill maker, N. Canal, bet W. Lake and Water.
Warren, —-, shoemaker, bds Henry Howard.
Warring, Elias, teamster, res bet Wells and Franklin.
Warrington, Henry, machinist, Scoville & Gates, res cor Jeffer. & Mad.
Washington Coffee-House, 87 Lake, Thomas & Wheelock (Chas.), props.
Washington Hall, s.-e. cor N. Clark and N. Water, John Anderson, prop.
Waters, Benjamin, carpenter, 179 Wabash ave [died Palatine, Ill., May 27, 1881, aged 67.
Watson, Alanson, carpenter and builder, res W. Adams, bet Canal and Clinton [died April 29, 1879, aged 69 1/2.
Watson, Elias Doughty, teamster [died April 1, 1883, aged 61 3/4.
Watson, Nathan Whitney, mason builder, 54th and East-End ave [died September 17, 1849, aged 58-0-12.
Wayman, James B., painter, res 56 Franklin, south of Lake.
Wayman, Samuel, painter [died March 25, 1891, aged 79-7-24.
Wayman William, wagon maker, 253 Randolph [died April 23, 1892, aged 74-10-6.
Waughop, John Wesley, tailor, Benjamin Smith, bds James Rockwell.
Weber, Henry, teamster, res Dutch Settlement.
Weber, Ignace, clerk, John B. Busch, 18 Clark.
Webster, Hugh, carpenter, res Clark, 1st ward.
Webster, [Gen.] Joseph Dana, captain U.-S. army, bds Mrs. S. Johnson [died March 12, 1876, aged 64 1/2.
Webster, Thomas, carpenter, res State near Jackson.
Weeks, John, chemist, res 207 1/2 Lake.
Weeks, John S., brickmaker, Wood & Ogden.
Wehrli, Rudolph, butcher [died Sept, 13, 1889, aged 70 3/4.
Weir, John Brinkley, cabinet maker, 186 Lake, res same [died New York, May 11, 1874, aged 63.
Weiss, Fred’k (John Pfund & Co.), res Kinzie, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Welch, John, res south of Jackson, 1st ward.
Welch, Thomas, laborer [died February 11, 1891, aged 70.
Welch, William, laborer, res N. Clark, bet North Water and Kinzie.
Weller, George, butcher, res north of Dutch Settlement.
Weller, George, teamster, res Dutch Settlement.
Weller, John, teamster, res Dutch Settlement [died September, 1890, aged 76-11.
Weller, John J., res north of Dutch Settlement, Hiram Pearsons’ house.
Welles, Henry Woolsey, ag’t, Farmers’ & Mechanics’ Bank of Detroit, 122 Lake, bds City Hotel [d. Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 21, 1860, a. 42.
Wells, Andrew S. (Johonnett, W. & Co.), res Randolph, bet LaSalle and Wells.
Wells, Elisha, carpenter, cor Wolcott and Kinzie, res Illinois.
Wells, Henry Gould, clerk, Wm. Wheeler & Co., res Lake, bet Franklin and Market [died December 2, 1876, aged 65.
Wentworth, Geo. Wallingford, M.D., assist, editor Chicago Democrat, bds United States Hotel [died August 14, 1850, aged 30.
Wentworth, John, editor, prop., and publisher Chicago Democrat, member of congress, 107 Lake, 3d floor, bds City Hotel [16th mayor, died Sherman House, October 16, 1888, aged 73 1/2.
Wescott, (W. & Steele), bds Western Coffee House.
Wescott & Steele, Western Coffee House, s.-w. cor Dearborn and 113 South Water.
Wesencraft, Charles, carpenter and wagon maker, cor S. Clinton and W. Monroe [died March 28, 1855, aged 63.
Wesencraft, William, painter, police constable, cor S. Clinton and W. Monroe [died April 22, 1862, aged 47.
Western Hotel, s.-e. cor W. Randolph and Canal, Edward M. Gregory, prop. [torn down, May, 1889.
Western Citizen, 124 Lake, Z. Eastman and Asa B. Brown, editors.
Western Coffee-House, s.-w. cor S. Water and Dearborn, Wescott & Steele, props.
Wheeler, Andrew Beach, tobacconist and cigarmaker, Dearborn nr Lake [died July 2, 1874, aged 68.
Wheeler, John E., printer, Ellis & Fergus.
Wheeler, William (William Wheeler & Co.), res 147 Lake [died November 10, 1878, aged 69.
Wheeler, William, boot and shoemaker, Clark near n.-w. cor Lake.
Wheeler & Co. [Edward Jackson, Toronto, Canada], William, hardware, tinsmith, stoves, 145 Lake.
Wheelock, Charles (Thomas & W.), Washington Coff. Ho., res 77 Lake.
White, Alex., house and sign painter, 165 Lake, res 83 Wells [died Lake Forest, Ill., March 18, 1872, aged 57.
White, “Black George,” city-cryer.
White, Christopher, hostler, Turners’ livery stable.
White, Isaac, butcher, Eri Reynolds.
White, Marcus L., grocery, (Hamilton & W.).
White, Michael, coachman, J. B. F. Russell.
White, Patrick, laborer, res Randolph.
Whiting, J. Tallman (Whiting, Magill & Co.), bds Wm. L. Whiting [died Detroit, Mich., February 22, 1893, aged 73.
Whiting, William L. (Whiting, Magill & Co.), res Ontario, bet Cass and Rush [died August 17, 1850, aged 55.
Whiting, Magill & Co., forwarding and commission merchants, North Water, cor Kinzie.
Whitlock, Thomas, boots and shoes, 104 Lake, res n.-e. cor Wells and Madison [died October 13, 1853, aged 53.
Whitmarsh, Thomas Cranmer, compositor, Western Citizen, 124 Lake [died Hyde Park, October 10, 1885, aged 63.
Whitmore, Jacob, printer, Western Citizen, res State.
Wicker, Charles Gustavus (Charles G. Wicker & Co.), bds Tremont [died Tallahassee, Fla., December 26, 1889, aged 69 2/3.
Wicker, Joel Hoxie (Charles G. Wicker & Co.), res Dearborn, bet Washington and Madison [died St. Joseph, Mich., April 21, 1888, aged 78.
Wicker & Co., C. G., dry goods and groceries, 94 Lake.
Wiggins, William, carpenter, res North Water, bet Wolcott and Kinzie.
Wight, (Rev.) Jay Ambrose, assistant-editor Prairie Farmer, bds Mrs. John
Wright [died Bay City, Mich., Nov. 12, 1889, a. 78.
Wight, Sabin, shoemaker, res Kinzie, bet Cass and Rush.
Wilcox, Aaron S., dentist.
Wilcox, Cyrus S., carpenter, P. L. Updike [d. Apr. 22, 1890, a. 73 2/3.
Wilcox, Erastus, carpenter [d. Highland Park, Ill., Apr. 24, 1890, a. 91.
Wilcox, Franklin, res E. Wilcox [d. Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1849, a. —.
Wilcox, Sextus N., lumber merchant, res E. Wilcox [drowned in Lake Superior, June 15, 1881, aged 55.
Wilcox, Theodore B., book-keeper, res E. Wilcox.
Wild, Joseph, carpenter, res cor West Monroe and Desplaines.
Wilder, Alden G., teacher public school 1, district 4 [died December 13, 1871, aged —.
Wilder, Benjamin, contractor, Clark near and south of Twelfth [died Rockford, Ill., March 13, 1877, aged 82.
Wilder, John, clerk, res State.
Wilder, Nathaniel Patten, clerk, John King, jr., bds Mrs. Green.
Willard, Alonzo Joseph, general utility, City Refectory, 17 Dearborn.
Willard, Elisha Wheeler, clerk U.-S. receiver’s office, res 90 Michigan ave.
Willard, Dr. Silvester [died Auburn, N.Y., Mch. 12, 1886, aged 88.
Willemin, Joseph, teamster, res n.-w. cor Green Bay and Hinsdale [died Ahnapee, Wis., February 8, 1885, aged 84.
Williams, Charles, cooper, North Water, bet Dearborn and Wolcott.
Williams, Charles, laborer, res West Water, bet Canal and Clinton.
Williams, Eli B., merchant, res Washington, bet State and Dearborn [died Paris, France, March 24, 1881, 83d year.
Williams, [Judge] Erastus Smith, law-student, Butterfield & Collins [died February 24, 1884, aged 63.
Williams, John C., clerk, Benjamin W. Raymond, South Water [died December 12,
1865, aged —.
Willis, Joseph, blacksmith, William Otis Snell.
Willis, Samuel, hatter, res Clark, 1st ward.
Wills, Solomon, Circuit Court clerk’s office, res 187 State.
Wilson, jr., Adam, blacksmith, South Branch, W. Jackson, 3d ward.
Wilson, Benjamin, laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard.
Wilson, Daniel T., cook, Samuel Jackson, res Fort Dearborn.
Wilson, John Lush, merchant, 174 Lake, bds Tremont House [died April 13, 1888, aged 75 1/2.
Wilson, John C., carpenter, res North Water near Franklin.
Wilson, Joseph, milk dealer, res West Lake near Union Park [died March 19, 1893, aged 83.
Wilson, James D., bds Mrs. Seth Johnson [died June 8, 1863, a. 60.
Wilson, Matthew, ship carpenter, res Washingt’n, bet Wells and Franklin.
Wilson, Thomas, millwright, S. Branch, south of Jackson, 3d ward.
Winegar, Samuel (John F. Lessey & Co.) bds City Refectory.
Winship, James, baker, bds Joseph Winship [died Englewood, Ill., November 28, 1888, aged 63-7-3.
Winship, Joseph, bread and cracker baker, 71 South Water [died Norwood Park, Cook Co., Ill., January 18, 1871, aged 76 1/2.
Winship, Moses Day, clerk, Sidney Sawyer, bds Joseph Winship.
Winslow, Hezekiah J. (Humphreys & W.) bds City Hotel.
Wischemeyer, Henry, lumberman, John M. Underwood.
Wischemeyer, William, lumberman, John M. Underwood.
Witbeck, Henry, (Pierce & W.), res West Water [died April 12, 1891, aged 77-6-12.
Wolcott, Alex., surveyor, bds H. Wolcott [died Aug. 11, 1884, a. 69.
Wolcott, Edward, clerk, Leroy M. Boyce, bds Henry Wolcott [died Nice, France, February 12, 1884, aged 62.
Wolcott, Henry, clerk, post-office, res n.-e. cor Wolcott and Kinzie [died April 5, 1846, aged 58.
Wolcott, Henry Huntington, clerk, Humphreys & Winslow, bds City Hotel [died Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 28, 1890, aged 74.
Wolfinger, Thomas [one of the John Stone jury.
Wood, Alonzo Church, mason builder, res Cass, bet Indiana and Ohio [died March 18, 1892, aged 80-8-14.
Wood (Alonzo C.) & Ogden’s (Wm. B.) brickyard.
Wood, Daniel T., lumber salesman [died May 28, 1883, aged 73 1/2.
Wood, James, carpenter, res S. Clinton, bet Washington and Madison.
Wood, James L., cabinet maker, Caleb Morgan.
Wood, Lawrence D., cabinet maker, Lake.
Woods, Charles, groceries, 81 South Water.
Woodbury, Adoniram Judson, clerk, Bristol & Porter, bds Monroe.
Woodbury, Hiram, clerk, T. W. Salisbury, bds Mrs. C. Woodbury [died Kimball,
Dak., April 2, 1887, aged 59.
Woodbury, Mrs. C., res Clark, bet Harrison and Polk.
Woodruff, Joseph, shingle maker, 5th ward.
Woodville, Nelson Delevan, printer, bds Western Hotel.
Woodworth, Hiram P., contractor [d. Hennepin, Ill., 1851, a. 57.
Woodworth, James Hutchinson, merchant [10th mayor, died Highland Park, Ill.,
March 26, 1869, aged 64 1/4.
Woodworth, Robert J., merchant, res Clark near Randolph.
Wooster, David N. (W. & Harmon), res 185 Wabash ave [died Avon, Mo., 1854,
aged 43.
Wooster & Harmon, dry goods and groceries, 111 South Water.
Worcester, D. L., clerk, Horace Norton & Co., res Wabash ave.
Worthingham, William, mason, res 99 Adams, near Clark [removed about 1850 to
St. Paul, Minn., and died there.
Wraight, Thomas, gardener, near West Washington, 3d ward.
Wright, Edward, law-student, bds Mrs. Hulda Wright, Michigan ave [suicide,
December 24, 1873, aged 47.
Wright, John Stephen, editor and proprietor Prairie Farmer [died Philadelphia,
Pa., Sept. 26, 1874, aged 59.
Wright, Mrs. Hulda, wid. of John, 116 Michigan ave, s.-w. cor Madison [died
April 13, 1854, aged 67.
Wright, P. R., carpenter, res W. Water, bet Randolph and Washington.
Wright, Timothy, bds Mrs. John Wright [lives New York City.
Wright, Walter, attorney at law, 112 Lake, bds Mrs. John Wright [died October
25, 1876, aged 57.
Wurts, Alfred Pettit, res Michigan ave [died Beloit, Wis., August 5, 1879,
aged 68 1/4.
Wurts, Maurice (M. & M. A. W.), bds A. P. Wurts.
Wurts, Maurice A. (M. & M. A. W.), bds A. P. Wurts.
Wurts, M. & M. A., dry goods and groceries, 99 Lake.

Yard, Archibald Pierson, tailor, Chas. Taylor, bds Samuel H. Gilbert [resides
Waukegan, Ill.
Yarno, John, ship carpenter, res Dearborn, south of Madison [died Sauk City,
Minn., December 24, 1881, aged 70.
Yates, Horace Harris, family grocer, 39 Clark, res Clark, bet Madison and
Yoe, Peter Lynch, book-keeper, Gurnee & Matteson.
Yook, Peter, laborer, res south of Jackson.
Young, A. W., medical student, Dr. Daniel Brainard.
Young, Elisha (William & Elisha Y.), res South Water.
Young, Hugh, carpenter, res Washington, bet Wells and Franklin.
Young Men’s Association, library and reading-room, 37 Clark, 2d floor C. R.
Larrabee, librarian.
Young, William (William & Elisha Y.).
Young, William & Elisha, South Water.

Ziegler, Isaac, pedler, bds Washington Hall [died Oct. 10, 1893, a. 80.

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