Outlying Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods

Town Notes
Arlington Heights Arlington Heights was once known as Dunton, but the Village was incorporated as Arlington Heights in 1887. The area of Arlington Heights today was once called West Wheeling (prior to the 1850’s). In 1854 William Dunton laid out the town of Bradley, which he later changed to Dunton when he learned that there was already a Bradley, IL. Eventually the residents wanted a more ‘prestigious’ name and decided on Arlington, IL, but it turned out that name was already taken as well. So they added the Heights & thus the town became Arlington Heights, IL.
Brickton became Park Ridge
Dunton to Arlington Heights
East Chicago Heights to Ford Heights
Evanston “Until Cook County was organized into townships in 1850, the territory now comprising Evanston was included in the Grosse Point District, a tract of the county which was of somewhat uncertain dimensions, but supposedly existed for the convenience of voters. In 1850 when the township of Ridgeville was organized, it included the towns of Evanston and Lake View. The Wilmette Reservation was added later, and Evanston Township was formed in 1857. Evanston Township is presently comprised of the City of Evanston.” Chicago & Cook County, A Guide to Research
“Of historic interest is the Grosse Pointe Lighthouse, built in the 1800’s
on a high bluff overlooking the lake” Chicago & Cook County, A Guide to Research
Grossdale to Brookfield
LaVergne merged with Berwyn around 1900
Niles Center to Skokie
Oak Glen merged with Lansing
Pennyville became Brickton, which became Park Ridge
Shermerville to Northbrook
Sobieski Park to West Hammond
South Lawn to Harvey
Uppsala merged with Berwyn around 1900
West Hammond to Calumet City
Westhaven to Orland Hills
Globe to Dolton
The borders of what was called Globe went all the way west to what is now River Oaks Shopping Center. The entire area from there east to the Calumet River was called Globe until “Dolton” was incorporated, in about 1892. Both of my Grandmothers were born in Dolton, one in 1888. She said her father came to “Globe” when he emigrated….that was 1882. Her birth, at home, right near the brickyards was in “Globe,” but her christening, 2 blocks north, was listed as “Dolton.” My other Grandmother was born at home, in 1899, in what is now part of Calumet City, but was then considered part of Dolton. Her birth certificate states Dolton, although I know the house and it is now Calumet City. Her baptismal certificate is from a Dolton Church, but her birth on that is listed as Globe. I have anuncle who listed, in his seventies, his birthplace as Globe. He was born in my Great grandpa’s home, right on the main street of Dolton in 1904.
All I can figure is that the boundaries of the Globe area were somewhat “liberal.” and, by the time my family arrived, already changing. I asked the grandmas about it 30 years ago, and they both said that everyone just finally started calling the area Dolton because there were so many by that name in the town, and they were very well to do and politically connected. Apparently one of the Dolton brothers was instrumental in getting the post office designated by the federal government and he used his own name. I suppose when all of your mail starts coming addressed to Dolton, it may encourage a name change. They said that they called the town both Globe and Dolton for a number of years, the older residents using Globe, and the newer ones Dolton. Apparently by about 1905 it was pretty consitently Dolton, because I’ve never seen Globe again after that, and my family was there until the 1960’s. My earliest documented Globe reference would be 1882, the latest 1899.

Contributed Jun 2000 by J.R. Cain