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ZALESKI, Robert Bennett – (b. 1915)

Robert Bennett ZALESKI was born 25 Oct 1915 at 5421 Morgan Street, Chicago, Illinois, son of Robert Conrad Zaleski (born in Chicago, IL, age 22, R.R. fireman) and 1st child of Ethel Marie Zaleski (nee Parker, born in Chicago, IL, age 24), home residence 5651 So Turner Street, Chicago, Illinois

State of Illinois, County of Cook, Report of Birth, Vital Statistics Department, County Clerk’s Office #24791, recorded in Volume No. 77 Page 487 Register of Birth

Contributed Apr 2005 by Bobby Lykins

West Family Births

WEST Family

C. B. Wext – Jany 30th 1861
Mary Anne Francis born June 30th 1863
Sarah Jane Louisa West – born 19th Sept 1868
Wm. Walter West – Nov 1, 1881
George Edward West – Born Sept 1st 1884

Contributed 17 Jul 1999 by Carolyn R Holladay, church secretary,[email protected]

Source: West family bible. Written on the fly leaf is “Charles West, New York – United States of America – 1861,” “Sarah J. L. West” and “Mrs. J. B. Moore”

SIMONS, Frederick Fietz – (b. 1900)

Frederick Fietz SIMONS was born 28 Apr 1900, in Chicago, Cook county, Illinois, son of Elmer Montague Simons (born in Batavia, Illinois, age 35 years, bakery manager), 1st child of Margeretta Simons (nee Fietz, born in Berlin, Germany, age 32 years, housewife), family residence 53rd St & Priarie Ave, Chicago, Cook county, Illinois

State of Illinois Birth Certificate Registration #3104 1972282, Filed 16 Oct 1942. Affidavit given by Elmer M. Simons, father, 2433 W. Congress St.

Contributed May 2001 by Karen Simons Dodd