Blue Island Index: F-J Surnames

Index to the First Hundred Years 1835-1935 Historical Review of Blue Island, Illinois, written by John H. Volp.  This index is drawn from historical documents, letters, personal recollections, newspaper articles, photos, and countless other resources used for these two books.  

The other surname indexes are listed on the Records & Resources page. 

135Faber, C. F.18906/2/1890, member Board of Health
302Faber, Carl1891Published local paper "The Blue Island News"
104Faber, Carl Jr.NRChild of Emily Hurst & Carl Faber
104Faber, Carl Sr.1872Physician/Surgeon/Arriv Chicago BI 1872 &
104Faber, Carl Sr.1840Born Hesse-Darmstadt 1840/
104Faber, Carl Sr.1864Grad. Univer. Of Gressen, Ger. 1864
104Faber, Carl Sr.1865Married Emily Hurst 1865
251Faber, Dr. Carl1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
104Faber, ElsieNRChild of Emily Hurst & Carl Faber
240Faber, Elsie1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Charter Mem.
240Faber, Elsie1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Trustee
92Faber, Emil1897Span. Amer. War/Saddler
104Faber, EmilNRChild of Emily Hurst & Carl Faber
241Faber, Emil1935United Span. War Vet./Historian
240Faber, Frances1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Chaplain
241Faber, Frances1932Roosevelt Aux. # 95 Span War Vets/Pres.
374Fadke, Elizabeth1928Died 12/11/1928/Age 58
89Faherty, Thomas1848First Co. 63rd/ 106th Regiment/First Lieut.
374Fairbanks, Mrs. Matilda1920Died 4/20/1920/Age 88
239Fairman, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
374Fairmon, Elverton1918Died 5/1/1918/Age 72
190Farmer, M. M.1915Organized Modern Die and Drop Forge Co.
216Farnam, Asa1887Elected Board of Ed.
215Farnam, Asa1885Board of Dir/member/Whittier School/
241Farnam, C.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
241Farnam, Fred1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
241Farnam, J.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
149Farnam, Mr.NRContractor Rock Island RR
309Farning, George1935-1936Photo/Motorcycle Policeman
308Farnu, Charles1901Appointed Patrolman of Village Police
240Farnum, Addie1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Charter Mem.
240Farnum, Addie1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple/Most Exal. Chief
164Farnum, Charles1901July 10, 1901, Appointed Patrolman
143Farnum, F. C.1879-1880Constable
144Farnum, Fred1899-1900Constable
110Farnum, LizzieNRMarried Frank Lusson
201Farquahr, Mr. And Sons1895Heating contract for M. E. Church
241Farren, Chas, A.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
374Farren, Elizabeth Ann1920Died 3/14/1920/Age 64/Wife of Chas.
367Farren, Mrs. Chas.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
206Fassbender, Fr.1864Built first St. Benedict Church
206Fassbender, Rev. Peter1862-1864Attended Mission of St. Benedicts
378Fauhoff, John M.1927Died 10/26/1927/Age 50
117Fautek, SophiaNRMarried William Volp
106Fay Catherine R.NRChild of George Edward Hinman & Mary A. Fay
106Fay, Annie E.NRChild of George Edward Hinman & Mary A. Fay
106Fay, Annie E.NRMarried C. Eames
106Fay, Catherine R.NRMarried A. Carr
104Fay, DeliaNRAdopted child of Jerome L. Fay
104Fay, DeliaNRMarried E .B. Burke
106Fay, George E.NRMarried Elizabeth Dreher
106Fay, George E.NRChild of George Edward Hinman & Mary A. Fay
106Fay, Harriet S.NRChild of George Edward Hinman & Mary A. Fay
106Fay, Harriet S.NRMarried Lee Melvin
75Fay, Jerome1950'sFay's Point named after the pioneer
104Fay, Jerome L.1850'sArriv. BI 1850's/Died/7/21/1886
104Fay, Jerome L.NRMarried 1st to Mary Hopkins
104Fay, Jerome L.NRMarried 2nd to Lydia Near
104Fay, Jerome L.NRMarried 3rd to Chloe Smith
87Fay, Jerome S.1854Married Mary A. Hopkins of Plainfield
103Fay, KatieNRMarried William Doolittle Sr.
103Fay, KatieNRDaughter of Lyman Fay
104Fay, LawrenceNRChild of Jerome L. Fay
328Fay, LawrenceNRFather of Stanley Fay
374Fay, Lawrence1931Died 10/27/1931/Age 76
106Fay, Lydia L.NRChild of George Edward Hinman & Mary A. Fay
106Fay, Lydia L.NRMarried L. Stinson
106Fay, MaryNRChild of George Edward Hinman & Mary A. Fay
106Fay, MaryNRMarried Cyrus Van Lanningham
106Fay, Mary A.NROf Syracuse, NY/Married
106Fay, Mary A.1851Married George Edward Hinman
325Fay, Mr.1917Mentioned in letter from Walter Crossland
374Fay, Mrs. Frances1933Died 11/5/1933/Age 71
87Fay, Rev. Mr. Day1854Performed marriage of Fay-Hopkins
328Fay, StanleyNRMemorial Inscription WW I
328Fay, Stanley1918Died/influenza at Camp Mills, N. Y. 10/10/1918
328Fay, Stanley1918Buried Mr. Greenwood Cem. 10/17/1918
328Fay, StanleyNRChild of Lawrence Fay
374Feddeler, Mrs. Emma1929Died 4/30/1929/Age 47
374Feddeler, Mrs. Minnie1929Died 3/15/1929/Age 49
211Feehan, Most Rev. Archbishop1899Appointed Fr. Lange to investigate St. Isidore Parish
234Fehrenkampf, F.1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
119Fehsel, AugustNRMarried Paulina Zacharias
126Feistkorn, Charles1873Son of German Methodist Minister
126Feistkorn, Charles1873Started Comm. Newspaper, Weekly Herald
251-252Feistkorn, CharlesNRSon of German Methodist Preacher
251-252Feistkorn, Charles1873Publisher The Weekly Herald
198Feistkorn, F.1867-1869Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1867-1869
65Felcht, Fred1850'sMember of the Turnverein
112Felcht, FriederickaNRMarried Christian Neukirch
211Feliszak, Peter1899Started to organize and build St. Isadore Ch
366Felizak, Felix1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
240Fellows, Lucretia A.1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
235Fenton, Edna1920BI Rebekah Ldg. 300/Outside Guard
364Ferne, Mrs. J. J.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
224Ferne, Rev.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
199Ferne, Rev. W. J.1931-Pastor/1st Evan. Luther. Chur. of BI/1931-
356Ferne, Rev. W. J.1935Pastor of Evangelical Lutheran Church
323Ferrers, Ben1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
101Ferrers, FrederickNRMarried Julia Cool
374Ferrers, Frederick1921Died 8/11/1921/Age 69
206Ferrers, JohnNREarly settlers & Founder St. Benedict Cath. Ch
220Feuchter, H.1886-1898Teacher Lutheran Parochial School
263Fiedler, Alderman1925Member Fire Committee
297Fiedler, Alderman1928Motioned for set-back ordinance
99Fiedler, BarbaraNRMarried August C. Boeber
349Fiedler, Geo. F.NRPhoto/Alderman
180Fiedler, George19189/3/1918 Appointed Chief of Police
309Fiedler, George1935-1936Photo/Sergeant
313Fiedler, George19295/6/1929 Alderman 2nd Ward
314Fiedler, George1929Motions on rezoning Robertson property
350Fiedler, George19331933/Alderman 2nd Ward
348Fiedler, George19251925/Alderman 2nd Ward
348Fiedler, George19241924/Alderman 2nd Ward
350Fiedler, George19261926/Alderman 2nd Ward
258Fiedler, George F.19214/19/1921/Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
260Fiedler, George F.19234/17/1923 Elected Alderman Second Ward
263Fiedler, George F.19254/27/1925 Elected Alderman Second Ward
295Fiedler, George F.19274/19/1927 Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
300Fiedler, George F.19294/22/1929 Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
304Fiedler, George F.1935-1936Alderman 2nd Ward
338Fiedler, George F.NRPhoto/Alderman 2ns Ward
338Fiedler, George F.19314/27/1931 Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
340Fiedler, George F.1933Condolences on death of his mother
341Fiedler, George F.19334/24/1933 Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
345Fiedler, George F.19354/16/1935 Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
348Fiedler, George F.1921-1923Alderman 2nd Ward
350Fiedler, George F.19271927/Alderman 2nd Ward
350Fiedler, George F.19281928/Alderman 2nd Ward
350Fiedler, George F.1929-1935Alderman 2nd Ward
263Fiedler, George J.1925-1926Appointed Trustee of Police Pension Fund
266Fiedler, George J.NRVolunteer Fireman
345Fiedler, George J.19355/13/1935 Appointed acting Chief of Police
374Fiedler, Mrs. Antoinette1935Died 3/5/1935/Age 43/Wife of George F.
344Fiedler, Mrs. George F.1935Died 3/1935
374Fiedler, Mrs. Tillie1933Died 1/22/1933/Age 60
148Fiedler, Police Chief George1924Served restraining order concerning BI Market
280Fiedler, Police Chief George J.1929Investigated suspect in Buchholz murder
280Fiedler, Police Chief George J.1929Traveled to Indiana to interview murder suspect
374Fiedler, Stephan1919Died 4/28/1919/Age 70
331Finkel, Dr. M.1919Charter member Allied Veterans of Blue Island
208Finnern, Mr. & Mrs.1928-1932Pastors of Full Gospel Mission 1928-1932
239Firebaugh, Mary1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Secretary
239Firebough, J. E.1935W. S. Tinsman 815 BLA/Loc. Comm. Mem.
105Firnhaber, DorotheaNRMarried Gruenewald, Christian
365Firnhaber, Ruth1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
104Fischer, AndrewNRTook (Henry) Fischer as surname
111Fischer, CarlNRMarried Elizabeth Merker
111Fischer, CarlNRMarried Anna Meyer
104Fischer, ChristineNRTook (Henry) Fischer as surname
266Fischer, EdwardNRVolunteer Fireman
328Fischer, ErnestNRPvt. 14th Co., Coast Artillery
328Fischer, Ernest1918Left for Training camp 4/3/1918
328Fischer, Ernest1918Trained at Fort McKinley, Portland, Maine
328Fischer, Ernest1918Died 9/29/1918 of pneumonia
328Fischer, Ernest1918Buried in First Lutheran Cem.
328Fischer, Ernest1918Survived by Mrs. A. Fischer 332 E. Desplaines
328Fischer, ErnestNRMemorial Inscription WWI
239Fischer, H. L.1911W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Legislative Rep.
104Fischer, HenriettaNRChild of Mary Buschman
104Fischer, HenriettaNRMarried J. L. List
104Fischer, Henry1851Native of Ger./Arriv BI 1851
104Fischer, HenryNRMarried Widow w/three children
104Fischer, Henry1899Died 1899
274Fischer, Henry1896Property next to Saeger Hall/loss not insured
271-272Fischer, Henry1896Residence destroyed by fire
104Fischer, JacobNRTook (Henry) Fischer as surname
374Fischer, Johanna1925Died 11/9/1925/Age 41
91Fischer, JohnNRCivil War/Co. D, 39th IL Vol Infantry
374Fischer, John1918Died 1/28/1918/Age 84/Civil War Vet
266Fischer, John C.NRVolunteer Fireman
374Fischer, John L.1934Died 3/5/1934/Age 51
374Fischer, Louis1924Died 6/15/1924/Age 52
365Fischer, Marion1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
218Fischer, Miss DorothyNRTaught younger children at Lutheran Par. Sch.
220Fischer, Miss DorothyNRTeacher Lutheran Parochial School
365Fischer, Mr. & Mrs. Carl1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
208Fischer, Mr. Paul B.1920'sAssociated with Paul Rader & Pastor Bauerlein
208Fischer, Mr. Paul B.1920'sChicago Attorney/Resides Oak Park
208Fischer, Mr. Paul B.1920'sNephew of Dr. Charles A. Blanchard
239Fischer, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
374Fischer, Mrs. Ann1933Died 12/3/1933/Age 76
374Fischer, Mrs. Carrie1921Died 12/15/1921/Age 65
374Fischer, Mrs. George1927Died 5/2/1927/Age 82
365Fischer, Mrs. Helen1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
374Fischer, Mrs. John1917Died 12/21/1917/Age 78
117Fischer, Mrs. Wm.NRSis. of Louise Buschman, Mrs. Dietrich Quade
117Fischer, Mrs. Wm.NRSister of Wm. Buschman
239Fischer, Sadie1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Relief Secretary
52Fischer, William1856Shoemaker
104Fischer, William1850'sNative of Germany/Arriv BI 1850's/Shoemaker
104Fischer, WilliamNRMarried Mary Buschman
240Fisher, Bertha1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Representive
240Fisher, Bertha1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Trustee
236Fisher, Emily1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
374Fisher, Nick1934Died 11/9/1934/Age 63/At Verona, NY
367Fitzgerald, Murial1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
243Fitzpatrick, Kenneth1909Opened Grand Theater with E. J. Miller
318Flanigan, James R.1935Navajo Fields Country Club/Vice President
31Flassig FamilyLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
374Flassig, Benjamin1929Died 2/25/1929/Age 74
52Flassig, Frank1854Mason (Bricklayer)
52Flassig, Frank1854Shoemaker
374Flassig, Henry A.1929Died 7/7/1929/Age 70
374Flassig, Mrs. Christine1929Died 9/25/1929/Age 60
63Fleischer, John1920'sPassive member of the Liederkranz
374Fleischer, Mrs. Christina1924Died 4/24/1924/Age 70
234Fleischmann, George, W.1935-1936Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Leading Knight
367Fleisher, Shirley1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Fleming, David1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
374Fleming, David H.1924Died 2/25/1924/Age 67
140Fletcher, Engineer1896Plans for new water tank approved
236Fletcher, Harriet B.1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
205Fletcher, Mrs. H. T.1935Pres./The Thimble Club/Congre. Ch.
224Fletcher, Mrs. Harriett Bushnell1890'sCharter Member BI Women's Club/
176Fletcher, Mrs. Mabel D.1915Appointed Member of Library Board
224Fletcher, Mrs. Perry1890'sCharter Member BI Women's Club/
144Fletcher, P. R.1898-1899Village Engineer
164Fletcher, P. R.1901July 10, 1901, Appointed Civil Engineer
165Fletcher, P. R.1901Reported on Subway tracks project completion
234Fletcher, P. R.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
165Fletcher, P. R.1903Resigned as City Engineer
331Fletcher, P. R.NRChairman/4th Liberty Loan Drive
334Fletcher, P. R.1919Chairman Red Cross local drive
234Fletcher, Perry R.1916Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Exalted Ruler
374Fletcher, Perry R.1919Died 12/18/1919/Age 54/Former Civil Engineer
366Fletcher, Phyllis1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
247Floreen, A. R.1930State Bank of BI/Director/Chairman
247Floreen, A. R.1930State Bank of BI/ Pres.
236Florey, Andrew1935Plattdeutsche Gilde Germ. #37/Trustee
366Florian, Mrs. W.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Florian, Wm.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
374Flory, William1935Died 1/31/1935/Age 76
354Flowers, Richard1918Robbins incorporates/Elected Trustee
241Flynn, Gus1936Knights of Pythias 463/Outer Guard
243Flynn, Tom1855Of Chicago Heights renamed BI Opera House
297Foley, Charles M.1928Of Piggly-Wiggley/Town (Bank) Guard
374Foley, John James1921Died 11/7/1921/Age 40/Railroad Conductor
55Folk, Dr. Henry1840'sPioneer Doctor
223Folkers, Dr. C. E.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
224Folkers, Dr. C. E.1935BI Lions Club/First Vice Pres.
374Folman, Marie1922Died 12/23/1922/Age 57
110Folman, SusanNRMarried Peter Lusson
374Foote, John U.1935Died 9/12/1935/Age 56
212Foote, Mrs. Fred W.1935Church Clerk/Central Church of Christ
326Ford, Edward1917Co. B, 13th Railway Engineer, Rock Island Rail
323Fordtran Arthur1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Aviation Corps
246Fordtran, Arthur E.1926BI Trust & Savings/Cashier
246Fordtran, Arthur E.1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
374Fordtran, Henry1924Died 10/13/1924/Age 63/Photographer
194Foreman, Col. Milton1898Commanded First Calv./Span. Amer. War
194Foreman, Col. Milton1898Promoted to Major-Gen./Span. Amer. War
101Forest Mary Curtis1876Of Chicago/Married Nelson Adelbert Cool
101Forest, ElizabethAnnNR Cousin of Mary Curtis/Married B. Frank Cool
101Forest, Mary CurtisNRAka Mary Curtis
365Forrester, Grant1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
250Forry, MartinNRBoy Scout Executive Committee
374Forry, Mrs. Martin1927Died 9/12/1927/Age 27
284Forschner, H. J.NRContractor on Cal-Sag Canal
318Forsell, Arthur1928Navajo Fields Country Club/Board of Governors
374Forster, Mrs. Rose Crofton1928Died 3/9/1928/Age 57
358Foss, Amelia1935BI Resident 47 yrs.
209Foss, Fred1923Charter Mem./Evangelical Comm. Ch./12/1923
164Foster, C. R.19011st Election/Elected Alderman 4th Ward
164Foster, C. R.1901Finance Committee, City Council
164Foster, C. R.1901Street, Bridges, Alleys, Committee, City Coun.
164Foster, C. R.1901Water Committee, City Council
164Foster, C. R.1901Health Committee, City Council
164Foster, C. R.1901Voted to pass Geist Franchise Ordinance
165Foster, C. R.1902April 15, 1902, Elected Alderman 4th Ward
347Foster, C. R.1901-1909Alderman 4th Ward
374Foster, Charles R.1927Died 7/9/1927/Age 71/at Shelby, Mich./Aldrmn
239Foster, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
204Foster, Mrs. Lydia FosterNRWife of Rev. Lemuel Foster
97Foster, OliveNRMarried to Arthur C. Seyfarth
204Foster, Rev. Lemuel1863-1869First regular minister, 4/1/1863-5/41869
204Foster, Rev. LemuelNRHusband of Lydia
305Foster, T. R.1926Member of BI Zoning Board of Appeals
263Foster, T. R.1926Member Board of Appeals regulating zoning
314Foster, Thomas R.19297/29/1929 Resigned Zoning Board of Appeals
374Fouts, James J.1934Died 9/25/1934/Age 40
358Fouts, Mrs. Mary1935BI Resident 40 yrs.
46Fox FamilyNRLived in house owned by Robinson
313Fox, Allen L.1929Apptd. 5/13/1929/Public Engineer
342Fox, Allen L.1933City Engineer/Submitted bill for water main
345Fox, Allen L.19355/27/1935 Appointed City Engineer
349Fox, Allen L.NRPhoto/Civil Engineer
104Fox, Almon F.NRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
55Fox, Annis1833Daughter of Royal Fox.
104Fox, Annis RoxannaNRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
104Fox, ArthurNRChild of John Baldwin Fox & Lucinda J. Perry
104Fox, BessieNRChild of John Baldwin Fox & Lucinda J. Perry
104Fox, CatherineNRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
104Fox, EmilyNRChild of John Baldwin Fox & Lucinda J. Perry
104Fox, GeorgeNRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
104Fox, GordonNRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
212Fox, Guy1935Elder/ Central Church of Christ
250Fox, GuyNRBlue Island Boy Scout Committee Troop # 783
333Fox, Guy R.1935-1936American Legion Post # 50/Chaplain
239Fox, Harry1911W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/F. E.
115Fox, Hulda1825Married Hiram Squier, Westfield, NY 1825
115Fox, Hulda1852Died 1852
29-30Fox, J. B. Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrivals
204Fox, JohnNRJoined Congregational Church,1860
104Fox, John B.NRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
128Fox, John B.1876Awarded contract for stone work of bridge
133Fox, John B.1885Resolved disputed bill for stone and gravel work
74Fox, John B.1876Stoneworker Iron Bridge over Stony Creek
129Fox, John B.1876Awarded contract for stonework for Village
50Fox, John B. The "Blind Man"1870Stone Quarry Mgr./Aka, the blind man
104Fox, John BaldwinNRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
104Fox, John Baldwin1840Born Lockport, IL., 2/12/1840/Arriv. BI 1855
104Fox, John BaldwinNRIn youth lost eye/ Lost sight in other eye
104Fox, John Baldwin1867Married Lucinda J. Perry 1867
104Fox, John Baldwin1899Died 51/11/1899
104Fox, Lydia J.NRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
293Fox, Mr.1926Engineer/Signed Blue prints of new sewer
300Fox, Mr.1929Engineer/Reported on Rock Island repairs
341Fox, Mr.1933City Engineer/Submitted estimate for tower
239Fox, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
203Fox, Mrs. Betsy1860Signed Articles of Faith/Presbyterian Faith
55Fox, Royal1833Was asked to sell their child to Indians
123Fox, Royal18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
157Fox, RoyalNROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
104Fox, Royal Jr.NRChild of Royal Fox Sr. & Betsy Baldwin
104Fox, Royal Sr.NRMarried Betsy Baldwin
104Fox, Royal Sr.1883Died 1883
104Fox, Royal Sr.NRArriv. From Hartford, CT in 1850's
241Frack, Clyde1932-33United Span. War Vet./Jr. Vice Commander
365Frack, Clyde1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Frack, Mrs. Margaret1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
103Frahm, MathildaNRMarried Fred Engelland
374Frahm, Miss Katherine1930Died 8/27/1930/Age 59
374Frahm, Mrs. Maria1930Died 4/21/1930/Age 75
244Frank, Monroe1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
99Frank, WendellNRMarried Grace Sharp
365Fraser, Cora1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Fraser, Mrs. Cora1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Fraser, Mrs. Cora1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
235Frasor, Mayme1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
325Frasor, Mr.1917Mentioned in letter from Walter Crossland
374Frasor, Mrs. Alice1925Died 4/10/1925/Wife of Harold
235Frasor, Mrs. Ellen1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
236Frasor, Mrs. Ellen1909Catholic Daught. Of Amer./Trustee
235Frasor, Mrs. Nell1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
236Frasor, Mrs. Nell1909Catholic Daught. Of Amer./Organist
331Frasor, Wm.NRCommitteeman/4th Liberty Loan Drive
334Frasor, Wm.1919Ward Captain Red Cross Local Drive/1st ward
234Frasor, Wm. H.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
234Frasor, Wm. H.1916Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Lecturing Knight
331Frasor, Wm. M.NRChairman 5th Liberty Loan Drive
374Freberg, Mrs. Laura1925Died 3/9/1925
374Frechette, Mrs. Elsie V.1922Died 11/29/1922/Age 25
374Fredericka, Mrs. Anna1931Died 9/12/1931/Age 75
241Frederickson, N.1936Knights of Pythias 463/Master of Work
374Fredette, Mrs. Julia1927Died 5/3/1927/Age 58
194Fredette, William1935Untd. Brick-Clay Wrkrs. # 3/Rec. Sec.
365Fredette, Wm.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
207Fredrickson, O. W.1889Chosen Trustee Swedish Lutheran Siloa Ch.
365Freedette, R.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
251Freedman, William1876Editor-Publisher The Standard
176Freeman, John1915Appointed Patrolman
236Freeman, Mary1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
234Freeman, Richard S.1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Jr. Deacon
238Freese, Ella1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
238Freese, Emma1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
194Freese, Ernest1935Untd. Brick-Clay Wrkrs. # 3/Treasurer
238Freese, Lena1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
208Freese, Rev. B. F.1924-Pastor of St. Paul Evang. Ch. /6/22/1924-
355Freese, Rev. Benjamin F.1935Pastor St. Paul Evangelical Church
238Freese, William1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
104Frentz, AugustNRChild of Augusta Zander & Henry Zander
104Frentz, AugustNRMarried Amelia Driese
343Frentz, August19344/1/71934 Ran for Alderman 3rd Ward
374Frentz, Ferdinand W.1928Died 6/18/1928/Age 69
235Frentz, H.NRMember Fraternal Order of Eagles
104Frentz, Henry1854Native of Brandenburg, Ger./Arriv. BI 1854
104Frentz, HenryNRMarried Augusta Zander
104Frentz, Henry1888Died 1888
374Frentz, Henry1923Died 5/5/1923/Age 44
374Frentz, Henry1923Died 11/11/1923/Age 73
364Frentz, Lois1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
374Frentz, Mrs. Marie Henrietta1935Died1/6/1935/Age 68
241Frese, Lena1904Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Charter Member
343Frey, William C.19344/1/71934 Ran for Alderman 6th Ward
148Friend, Judge Hugo M.1924Hearing on Permanent Injunction for BI Market
60Friese, George1857Member of the Liederkranz
323Friske, Al1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
240Friske, Christine1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25 /Exalted Junior
241Friske, E.1936Knights of Pythias 463/Master of Finance
241Friske, Emil1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
374Frith, Mrs. Mary E.1931Died 11/9/1931/Age 88
366,367Fritz, Anna1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
309Fritz, Arthur1935-1936Photo/Patrolman
104Fritz, ChristianNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
104Fritz, ChristineNRMarried Louis Arl
104Fritz, JacobNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
104Fritz, JacobNRMarried Franciska Paetsch
104Fritz, JohnNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
365Fritz, John1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
104Fritz, JosephNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
104Fritz, KatherineNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
115Fritz, KatherineNRMarried John Schuemann
104Fritz, KatieNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
104Fritz, KatieNRMarried Peter Krick
104Fritz, MariannaNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
104Fritz, MaryNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
104Fritz, Nicholas1887From Luxemburg, Ger. 1887
104Fritz, Nicholas1907Died 1907
206Fritz, NicholasNREarly settlers & Founder St. Benedict Cath. Ch
198Fritz, S. F.1876-1879Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1876-1879
198Fritz, S. F.1898Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1898
104Fritz, SusanNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
104Fritz, SusanNRMarried Stephen Losch
104Fritz, ValentineNRChild of Nicholas Fritz
359Frobish, Bert1935BI Centennial Asso./Ticket Committee
367Frobish, Betty1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
205Frobish, Birt E.1935Supt. Of Union Sunday School
366,367Frobish, Dorothy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Frobish, Jane1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366,367Frobish, Mrs. Bert1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
62Froschauer, Joseph1920'sBummelmajor/Member of the Liederkranz
366Froschhauer, Jos.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366Frundle, Lois1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Frundle, Lois1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
119Fuhrman, SophiaNRMarried Adolph Haase Sr.
153Fuller, Henry1852Contractor
157Fuller, HenryNROfficer-Pres/ Grand Trunk Railway System
71Fuller, Mrs. A. C.NRDaughter of Charles Drake Robinson
78Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1912Personal account of early days
78Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1840Daughter of Charles Drake Robinson,
78Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1840Mother of Mrs. F. D. Day of Wilmette
78Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1840Arrived settlement
78Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1918Died 3/9/1918
144Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1901Director of Public Library
164Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1901Public Library Board, 4th Ward
229Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1891Blue Island Library Asso./Director
229Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1897Elected Director/BI Public Library
230-231Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1901Appointed by Mayor/BI Public Library
140Fuller, Mrs. A. C.18973 year term/Dir. Of Public Library
141Fuller, Mrs. A. C.1901Last Village Election-Director of Library
224Fuller, Mrs. Ann C.1890'sCharter Member BI Women's Club/
224Fuller, Mrs. Ann C.NRPres./BI Women's Club
374Fuller, Mrs. Ann C.1918Died 3/9/1918/Child of Charles D. Robinson
216Fuller, Nellie1877One of first graduate of the Whittier School
374Fullerton, James1931Died 1/4/1931/Age 58/Railway Engineer
239Fullerton, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
374Fullerton, Mrs. Jane Eleanor1925Died 4/25/1925/Age 50
358Fulton, Arthur A.1935BI Resident/Tinley Park
358Fulton, Joseph1935BI Resident 69 yrs.
374Fulton, Mrs. Phoebe Jane1929Died 5/16/1929/Age 80
203Funk, Mrs. Sarah1860Signed Articles of Faith/Methodist E. Faith
356Funk, William1935Of Tinley Park/Judge for Centennial Parade
241Furlong, George1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
374Gaboriault, Arthur1925Died 1/25/1925/Age 41
250,356Gaboriault, W.1926-1935Scoutmaster Troop # 788
250Gaboriault, W. J.1926Organized Boy Scout Troop #788
367Gaboriault, Walter1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
240Gabrione, Mike1933SOI/Prince Umbert de Savoia Chpt./Delegate
209Gadow, Rev. Richard1925-1926Pastor/Evangelical Comm. Ch./9/1925-4/1926
112Gaenzehals, FranzNRMarried Widow of Bernhard Reiner
112Gaenzehals, Franz1857CA gold rush '49er/Arriv. BI 1857
358Gaertner, Emil H.1935BI Resident 38 yrs.
367Gaertner, Marion1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
358Gaertner, Mr. & Mrs. I.1935BI Resident 54 yrs.
358Gaertner, Myrtle1935BI Resident 37 yrs.
235Gallagher, Mrs. W.1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
374Gallagher, Patrick1928Died 4/9/1928/Age 66
83Gallinger, Mr.1834Personal account of early days
241Galloway, Nathaniel, T.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
374Gambler, Jesiah F.1930Died 11/25/1930
374Gammel, Mrs. Charlotte H.1929Died 1/24/1929/Age 80
345Gannot, Walter P.19353/25/1935/Appointed special officer
220Ganschou, F.1904-1916Teacher Lutheran Parochial School
270Gantry, Henry1880'sPhoto Volunteer Fire Dept early 1880's
374Gantszkow, Mrs. Minnie Brethauer1922Died 2/9/1922/11026 Prospect Av.
265Ganty, Henry1880First Fire Marshall of Blue Island Fire Dept.
265Ganty, Henry1880First Fire Marshal/Dec. 1880
108Ganzer, AnnaNRMarried John Knirsch
96Ganzer, DoraNRMarried to John Krueger
109Ganzer, Dorothea Maria1907Died 10/21/1907
108Ganzer, JohannaNRMarried 1st to Christian Kort
108Ganzer, JohannaNRMarried 2nd to Carl Wilke
104Ganzer, John1856Arriv. BI 1856
347Ganzer, John1906-1909Alderman 3rd Ward
348Ganzer, JohnNRPhoto/Former City Treasurer
374Ganzer, John1920Died 11/30/1920/Age 86
104Ganzer, John H.NRChild of John Ganzer/City Treas. & Councilman
338Ganzer, John H.19314/27/1931 Elected City Treasurer
350Ganzer, John H.19311931/Treasurer
350Ganzer, John H.19321932/Treasurer
104Ganzer, MariaNRChild of John Ganzer
104Ganzer, MariaNRMarried Frank Roemisch
104Ganzer, MinnieNRChild of John Ganzer
104Ganzer, MinnieNRMarried Herman J. Schmitt
374Ganzer, Mrs. Caroline1925Died 3/14/1925/Age 88
367Ganzer, Wendall1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Garcia, Richard1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Garcia, Richard1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
44Gardner, FredNRThorton Resident/Early Settler
251-252Gardner, Mr.NREditor/Standard Herald
364Garrard, Mrs. Elsie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
213Garrard, Rev. Wayne A.1928-In Charge St. Aidan's 7/1/1928-
355Garrard, Rev. Wayne A.1935Pastor of St. Aidan's Episcopal Church
110Garver, Ed.NRMarried Ida Lau
241Garver, Ed.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
164Garver, Edward1901July 10, 1901, Appointed Lieutenant of Police
308Garver, Edward1900Photo/Blue Island Village Police Force
308Garver, Edward1901Appointed Lt. of Village Police by Zacharias
364Garvin, Richard1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
234Gasser, Joseph G.1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
238Gau, Martha1936Fidelity Life Asso. # 369/Correspondent
374Gavin, Daniel1934Died 10/13/1934/Age 82
241Gaynor, John1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
62Geberding, Heinrich1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
364Gebert, Carl1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
374Gebert, Christian1930Died 11/30/1930/Age 58
374Gebert, Christian1913Died 5/29/1913/Age 69/Old resident
266Gebert, EdwardNRVolunteer Fireman
374Gebert, Fred1925Died 12/11/1925/Age 60
374Gebert, Frederick1929Died 8/19/1929/Age 59
374Gebert, Henry1925Died 5/6/1925/World War Vet
241Gebert, Mary1904Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Charter Member
374Gebert, Mrs. Mary1934Died 4/25/1934/Age 86
115Gehring, CeceliaNRMarried Louis Sorgenfrei
114Gehrke, SophiaNRMarried Christian Schroeder
374Geiman, Mrs. Elizabeth1914Died 11/18/1914/Wife of Michael
241Geist, C. H.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
164Geist, Clarence1901Gas Franchise ordinan. referred to Committee
142Geist, Clarence H.1901Submitted Ordinance for franchise of gasworks
165Geist, Clarence H.1901Deposited Bond of $10,000 for Gas Franchise
195Geist, Clarence H.1901Granted permission to construct gas sys.
355Geller, Mr. & Mrs.1935John B. Rogers Producing Co./Held auditions
363Geller, Mr. & Mrs. Jack1935Staged the "Wings of Time" production
240Geltch, Emma L.1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
367Gentile, Norma1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
240Geoiosa, Caneo1933SOI/Prin. Umbert de Savoia Ch./Sgt. At Arms
240Geoiosa, Dan1933SOI/Prince Umbert de Savoia Chpt./Trustee
343Ger, William J.NRPhoto/Alderman Seventh Ward
367Gerberding, Pearl1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Gerdes, Elaine1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
248Gerdes, Joseph1905-1915BI Headquarters of NE IL Fancier's Asso.
235Gerdes, Otto1935Fraternal Order of Eagles/Secretary
292Gerdes, William19264/20/1926/Elected Alderman 7th Ward (2 yrs.)
304Gerdes, William1935-1936Alderman 7th Ward
317Gerdes, William19304/15/1930 Elected Alderman 7th Ward
349Gerdes, WilliamNRPhoto/Alderman
350Gerdes, William19261926/Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, William19271927/Alderman 7th Ward
343Gerdes, William J.19344/1/71934 Elected Alderman 7th Ward
345Gerdes, William J.19354/16/1935 Elected Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, William J.19281928/Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, William J.19291929/Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, William J.19311931/Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, William J.19321932/Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, William J.19331933/Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, William J.19341934/Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, William J.19351935/Alderman 7th Ward
339Gerdes, Wm. A.19324/25/1932 Elected Alderman 7th Ward
297Gerdes, Wm. J.19284/17/1928 Elected Alderman 7th Ward
350Gerdes, Wm. J.19301930/Alderman 7th Ward
323Gersten, Hugo1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
374Gerstenkorn, Christina1920Died 1/24/1920/Age 65
366Gerstenkorn, Daisy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Gerstenkorn, Daisy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
359Gerstenkorn, Mrs. W.1935BI Centennial Asso./Baby Parade Committee
339Gese, Ma19324/25/1932 Ran for Alderman 5th Ward
164Gese, Max19011st Election/Elected Alderman 5th Ward
164Gese, Max1901Judiciary Committee, City Council
164Gese, Max1901Police and Fire Committee, City Council
164Gese, Max1901Railroad Committee, City Council
164Gese, Max1901Drainage & Sewers Committee, City Council
165Gese, Max19034/21/1903 Elected Alderman 5th Ward
172Gese, Max19134/15/1913 Ran for Alderman 1st Ward
241Gese, Max1936Knights of Pythias 463/Consul Commander
276Gese, Max1918Operated Saloon
293Gese, Max1926Appointed Desk Sergeant
345Gese, Max19354/16/1935 Ran for City Clerk
347Gese, Max1901-1904Alderman 5th Ward
347Gese, Max1905-19081905/City Collector
164Gese, Mr.1901Voted against the Geist Franchise Ordinance
374Gese, Mrs. Minnie1921Died 4/19/1921/Age 71
211Giambastiani, Rev. Fr. John1928-Pastor/St. Donatus Catholic Ch. /1928-
211Giambastiani, Rev. Fr. JohnNRFormerly from St. Marcella Parish in Chicago
235Gibson, Ed.1935Fraternal Order of Eagles/Treasurer
166Gibson, F. S.1905Appointed Commissioner of Health
323Gibson, Willard1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
104Gierman EmmaNRChild of John Gierman Sr. & Johanna Utis
104Gierman, CarrieNRChild of John Gierman Sr. & Johanna Utis
104Gierman, CharlesNRChild of John Gierman Sr. & Johanna Utis
104Gierman, ElizaNRChild of John Gierman Sr. & Johanna Utis
104Gierman, GeorgeNRChild of John Gierman Sr. & Johanna Utis
104Gierman, GustaveNRChild of John Gierman Sr. & Johanna Utis
359Gierman, Herbert1935BI Centennial Asso./Ticket Committee
115Gierman, JohnNRMarried Christine Schultz
374Gierman, John1916Died 1/1916/Age 89
104Gierman, John Jr.NRChild of John Gierman Sr. & Johanna Utis
104Gierman, John Sr.NRNative of Meckleburg, Ger./Arriv. 1853
104Gierman, John Sr.1916Road Contractor/Died 1/1916 age nearly 89 yrs.
104Gierman, John Sr.NRMarried Johanna Utis
374Gierman, Mrs. George1928Died 4/12/1928/Age 58
108Giessing, FredNRMarried Adelheit Knirsch
111Giessler, John1853Stepfather of Henry Nagle/Arriv BI 1853
190Gilbert, Benjamin1818Native of CT
213Gilbert, John1918-Active in second part of St. Aidan's History
213Gilbert, John1935Executive committee of St. Aidan's Epis. Ch.
374Gilbert, Mrs. P. H.1910Died 4/15/1910/Age 42
326Gilbert, William1917Co. B, 13th Railway Engineer, Rock Island Rail
208Gilliland, Lester1935Trustee/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
149Gilmore, Mr.1852Supt. Rock Island Railroad
29-30Gilson Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrivals
104Gilson, BernardNRChild of Hiriam Gilson & Helen Burville
104Gilson, DexterNRMarried Elizabeth Kelly
244Gilson, E. W.1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
99Gilson, F. S.NRMarried Anna Sharp
236Gilson, Helen1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
91Gilson, HiramNRCivil War/Co. G, 39th IL Infantry/
91Gilson, HiramNRCivil War/Evacuation of Richmond
91Gilson, HiramNRCivil War/Several Battles
374Gilson, Hiram,1922Died 4/16/1922/Age 78
104Gilson, Hiriam1844B. Bremen Twnsp 7/2/1844
104Gilson, HiriamNRChild of Dexter Gilson & Elizabeth Kelly
104Gilson, Hiriam1869Married Helen Burville 1869
96Gilson, HowardNRMarried Minnie Krueger
104Gilson, HowardNRChild of Hiriam Gilson & Helen Burville
109Gilson, HowardNRMarried Minnie Krueger
374Gilson, Howard1935Died 10/12/1935/Age 64
248Gilson, RobertNRBI Real Estate Board/Treasurer
297Gilson, Robert H.1928Attorney/Town (Bank) Guard
104Gilson, WallaceNRChild of Hiriam Gilson & Helen Burville
335Giza, Frank1918Victim of Spanish Influenza
212Glasgow, Paul1935Deacon/Central Church of Christ
212Glasgow, Paul1935Bible School Supt./Central Church of Christ
289Glenn, Otis F.1932Senator
86Gnell, Miss R.1875Bridesmaid to Clara Uhlich 1875
166Gobet, (Mayor)George C.1906Committee -Earthquake relief for San Fran. CA
144Gobet, Geo. C.1901Trustee
347Gobet, George19011901/Alderman 3rd Ward
164Gobet, George C.19011st Election/Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
164Gobet, George C.1901Finance Committee, City Council
164Gobet, George C.1901Water Committee, City Council
164Gobet, George C.1901Health Committee, City Council
164Gobet, George C.1901Voted to pass Geist Franchise Ordinance
166Gobet, George C.19054/18/1905 Elected Mayor
167Gobet, George C.19094/20/1909, Ran for Mayor
178Gobet, George C.19174/17/1917 Ran for Treasurer
144Gobet, George C.1900-1901Trustee
347Gobet, George C.19071907/Mayor
347Gobet, George C.19081908/Mayor
321-322Gobet, George C.1918Filled vacancy on Draft Board
258Gobet, Mayor1908City Council passed curfew law for children
142Gobet, Mr.1901Trustee
226Gobet, Mrs. George1928Charter member BI Garden Club/
374Goble, Harvey J.1925Died 6/15/1925/Age 66
374Goble, Mrs. Louisa1934Died 12/27/1934/Age 76
240Godwin, Martha M.1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
193Godwin, William1892Supt. Of Wahl Bros Brick Yard
374Goebel, Henrietta1930Died 3/17/1930/Age 82/Wife of John
374Goesel, Charles F.1930Died 5/1/1930/Age 68
343Goesel, Henry19344/1/71934 Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
304Goesel, Henry J.1935-1936Alderman 2nd Ward
223Goesel, Henry J.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
345Goesel, Henry J.19354/16/1935 Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
350Goesel, Henry J.19341934/Alderman 2nd Ward
350Goesel, Henry J.19351935/Alderman 2nd Ward
374Goesel, Mrs. Marie Pressler1925Died 4/13/1925
374Goetter, Mrs. Elizabeth1929Died 3/24/1929/Age 66
374Goetze, Fred1933Died 5/25/1933/Age 60
148Goldman, Maurice1924Represented Maxwell Street Interests
281Goldman, Mr.1925Pled guilty in Express Robbery/4 yr. Sentence
113Gollard, MichaelNRGr. father of Otto Runge/Native of Mecklenburg
236Goodspeed, Helen1935Catholic Daught. Of Amer./Historian
325Gorby, John W.1918Vice Pres. Central Manuf. Dist. Bank of Chgo
325Gorby, John W.1918Letter to John H. Volp
239Gordon, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
235Gordon, Mrs. Rose1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
239Gordon, Rose1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Morality
329Gorley, Captain John W.1918Speaker at unfurling of memorial service flag
212Gorman, Cleland1935Deacon/Central Church of Christ
288Gorman, George1912Defeated William Wilson for Congress
212Gorman, Lee1935Held Central Ch. Of Christ prayer meetings
212Gorman, Lee1935Elder/ Central Church of Christ
365Gorsuch, Ed.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
241Goulding, Dean1936Knights of Pythias /Vice Consul Commander
236Goulding, Vinnie1935Woman's Relief Corps/Recording Sec.
240Goulding, Vinnie1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple M of R. and C.
322Grabbner, Arthur1918Military prisoner
374Grabowski, Mrs. Anna1934Died 12/2/1934/Age 62
97Grader, GeorgeNRMarried Mary Seyfarth/Only son of Henry D.
374Grader, George,1924Died 12/15/1924/Age 68
52Grader, Henry1855Mason (Bricklayer)
374Grader, Lydia E.1919Died 2/16/1919/Age 33
64Grader, Mrs. Henry1850'sMember of the German Theater
108Graf, ElizabethNRMarried Christian Klein
204Graham, Rev. John J. G.1901-1904Pastor/Congregational Ch. 5/6/1901-1904
205Graham, Rev. John J. G.1934-1935Pastor/Congregational Ch. 1934-1935
179Grand Theater1917Required to have iron fire escapes
374Grandchamp, Fred Sr.1935Died 6/2/1935/Age 69
43Granger, Andrew, Esq.1852Owner Calumet Trader, excursion steamer
366Granolla, Pasqualle1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
13Gravier, Father1600'sVisitor
13Gravier, Father1703Explorer
240Gray, Anna1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
281Gray, Forrest W.1925Express Co. employee/fired for petty theft
281Gray, Forrest W.1925Pled guilty in Express Robbery/4 yr. Sentence
194Gray, J. F.1935Untd. Brick-Clay Wrkrs. # 3/Fin Sec.
374Grebin, Otto1934Died 2/18/1934/Age 74
29Green Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrivals
290Green Harold1901Post Office regular free mail carrier
201Green John1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
105Green John M.1867Wed Mary Wingate, 10/12/1867/Parent of 13
105Green, AnnNRChild of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Green
105Green, AnnNRMarried Mr. Hughes of Woodstock
123Green, James18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
105Green, John M.NRChild of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Green
105Green, John M.1845-1933Born 5/10/1845/Died 1/5/1933
105Green, John M.1837-1896Cnty Commiss.1837-1896/Pres. Cnty Board
118Green, John M.NRMarried Mary Wingate/Had thirteen3 children
251Green, John M.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
90Green, John M.1865Civil War/Co. G, 88th IL Vol Infan./5 battles
90Green, John M.1865Civil War/Mustered out 1865
91Green, John M.1865Civil War/Co. G, 82nd IL Vol. Infantry/
123Green, John M.18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
244Green, John M.1887Incorporator of BI Savings & Loan/Pres.
244Green, John M.1887Incorporator of BI Savings & Loan/Director
374Green, John M.1933Died 1/5/1933
105Green, Joseph1790-1865Born 1790/Died 1865/Arriv. Chicago 1835
103Green, LottiNRMarried William Doolittle Jr.
105Green, MaryNRChild of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Green
105Green, MaryNRMarried Otis Piper
236Green, Mary C.1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
201Green, Mary C.1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
374Green, Mrs. Mary1932Died 7/1932/Wife of John M.
213Green, Mrs. OrvilleNRFirst Choir member, St. Aidan's Epis. Mission
168Green, Orville C.19114/18/1911, Ran for City Attorney
231Green, Orville C.NRFirst Board Member/BI Parks & Play./Sec.
358Green, Orville C.1935BI Resident 45 yrs.
374Green, William Hugh1921Died 12/16/1921/Age 56/Engineer, Mun. Plant.
93Greenacre, IsaacNRRecollections of the North Ridge
39Greenacre, Isaac T.NREarly resident of north ridge section
100Greenwood, LucyNRMarried William B. Brayton
374Gretencort, Arthur1931Died 6/15/1931/Age 33
365Gretencort, Mrs. Flora1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
193Gretencourt, John1892Supt. Of Weckler & Prussing Brick Yard
241Grettenkort, J. (Jr. )1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
216Grey, Alice1894Teacher in BI High School System 1894
235Grey, Mrs. Mayme1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
236Grey, Mrs. Mayme1909Catholic Daught. Of Amer./Treasurer
366Griff, Carolina1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366Griff, Caroline1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
345Griff, J. H.19355/27/1935 Apptd. to Plygrd. & Rec. Board
341Griff, Julius19334/24/1933 Ran for Alderman 3rd Ward
374Griggs, Mrs. Dorothea1920Died 9/15/1920/Age 74
374Griggs, William1919Died 3/30/1919/Age 72/Civil War Vet
323Grimes, John W.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
203Grimes, W. B.1917-1920Pastor/M. E. Church/10/1917-1920
203Grimes, W. B.NRFounder of Missions/Pastoral work in IL & IN
203Grimes, W. B.NRFounder of Washington Heights Mission
203Grimes, W. B.NRFounder of South Blue Island Mission
203Grimes, W. B.NRFounder of Garden Homes Mission
203Grimes, W. B.NRFounder of 87th St. & Michigan Av. Mission
203Grimes, W. B.NRFounder of Roseland Heights Mission
203Grimes, W. B.NRFounder of 97th St. and Forest Ave. Mission
203Grimes, W. B.NRFounder of Midlothian Mission
213Griswold, Bishop S. M.1920Bought lot for St. Aidan's Church & School
241Griswold, C.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
144Grokopf, Louis1894-1895Trustee
211Gronkowski, Rev. C.1900Asst. to Fr. Lange/First Pastor of St. Isadore
211Gronkowski, Rev. C.1900St. Isadore Church dedicated 12/25/1900
139Groskopf CornerNRPhoto of Pioneer Corner
177-178Groskopf, Alderman L.1916-17Disputed bid by Seagrave and LaFrance
265Groskopf, Fred1890Fifth Fire Marshall/Jan. 1890
166Groskopf, Henry19074/16,1907, Elected Alderman of 5th Ward
171Groskopf, Henry1912Elected chairman of Finance Committee
175Groskopf, Henry19144/15/1915 Elected Alderman 5th Ward
175Groskopf, Henry1915Tied for Alderman 2nd Ward
175Groskopf, Henry1915Declared winner for Alderman 2nd Ward
175Groskopf, Henry1915Resigned as Member of Library Board
347Groskopf, Henry1907-1911Alderman 5th Ward
366Groskopf, Henry1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
348Groskopf, Henry A.19151915/Alderman 5th Ward
348Groskopf, Henry A.19161916/Alderman 5th Ward
144Groskopf, L.1888-1889Trustee
347Groskopf, Louis19011901/Alderman 2nd Ward
108Groskopf, LouisNRMarried Gertrude Knirsch
144Groskopf, Louis1893-1894Trustee
164Groskopf, Louis19011st Election/Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
164Groskopf, Louis1901Street, Bridges, Alleys, Committee, City Coun.
164Groskopf, Louis1901Water Committee, City Council
164Groskopf, Louis1901Drainage & Sewers Committee, City Council
347Groskopf, Louis19041904/Alderman 2nd Ward
143Groskopf, Louis1887-1888Trustee
165Groskopf, Louis C.1902April 15, 1902, Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
374Groskopf, Louis C.1928Died 1/26/1928/Age 79/Former Vill. Trustee
348Groskopf, Louis C.19151915/Alderman 2nd Ward
348Groskopf, Louis C.19161916/Alderman 2nd Ward
234Groskopf, Mamie1935Sons & Daughters of Liberty/Trustee
367Groskopf, Mary1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
241Groskopf, Mayme1936Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Musician
240Groskopf, Mayne1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Musician
234Groskopf, Minnie1935Sons & Daughters of Liberty/Musician
358Groskopf, Minnie1935BI Resident 55 yrs.
364Groskopf, Miss Margarete1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Groskopf, Miss Stella1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
164Groskopf, Mr.1901Voted against the Geist Franchise Ordinance
364Groskopf, Mrs. Minnie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366,367Groskopf, Thyra1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
355Gross, Rev. Theo G.1935Pastor St. Benedict Catholic Church
220Gross, Rev. Theo G.1925Mass said in new Sister's home chapel
331Gross, Rev. Theo.NRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
72Gross, Rev. Theodore G.1922Trustee of the Memorial Park Ass.
207Gross, Rev. Theodore G.1905-1910Asst. Pastor , St. Bened. 1905-1910
207Gross, Rev. Theodore G.1917Pastor, St. Benedict 1917
235Gross, Theo. G.1935Knights of Columbus/Chaplain
323Groszewicz, John1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Cavalry
52Grothe, August1856Carpenter
64Grothe, August1850'sMember of the German Theater
65Grothe, August1850'sMember of the Turnverein
66Grothe, August1850'sVolunteer Fireman
367Grubbs, Mrs.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
211Grudzinska, J.NRTeacher or organist/St. Isadore Catholic Parish
116Grueb, GeorgeNRMarried Flora Stark
374Gruebe, George J.1931Died 11/23/1931/Age 60
358Gruebe, Mrs. George1935BI Resident 58 yrs.
105Gruenewald, Andrew1854Partner Gruenewald & Bohner Firm
105Gruenewald, Christian1852Arriv. 1852
105Gruenewald, ChristianNRMarried Dorothea Firnhaber
29Guenther Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrivals
105Guenther, Andrew M.NRChild of Katherine Rich & Theodore Guenther
30Guenther, AnnaNRDaughter of T. Guenther, Early Settler
105Guenther, Anna K.NRChild of Katherine Rich & Theodore Guenther
105Guenther, ChristianNRBrother of Theodore Guenther
374Guenther, Dr. Theodore C.1928Died 10/28/1928/at Chicago/son of BI Pioneers
118Guenther, EmilNRMarried Lydia Wuest
30Guenther, EmmaNRDaughter of T. Guenther, Early Settler
105Guenther, Emma C.NRChild of Katherine Rich & Theodore Guenther
163Guenther, George19011st Election/Elected City Attorney/770 votes
347Guenther, George19011901/Attorney
105Guenther, George H.NRChild of Katherine Rich & Theodore Guenther
165Guenther, George H.19034/21/1903 Elected City Attorney
347Guenther, George H.1902-19081902-1908/CityAttorney
30Guenther, KateNRDaughter of T. Guenther, Early Settler
105Guenther, Katie O.NRChild of Katherine Rich & Theodore Guenther
374Guenther, Mrs. Katherine1911Died 4/14/1911/Wife of Theodore
30Guenther, TheodoreNRSup. Worth Twnshp/School Direc./Trustee
31Guenther, Theodore1846First German Settlers
52Guenther, Theodore1849Carpenter
71Guenther, Theodore1889Trustee of Old Blue Island Cemetery Asso
96Guenther, TheodoreNRBuilt Krueger Home
98Guenther, Theodore1847Native Saxony, Ger./Early Arrival from Germany
105Guenther, Theodore1823Arriv. US 1846/ Born Saxony, Ger. 12/15/1823
105Guenther, TheodoreNRCarpenter/Cabinetmaker
105Guenther, Theodore1851Married Katherine Rich
105Guenther, TheodoreNRTwnsp Supervisor Worth/Cnty Comm.
105Guenther, TheodoreNRRoad Comm./School Dir./Village Trustee
105Guenther, Theodore1894Died 2/26/1894
109Guenther, Theodore1847Arriv. From Langensalsa, Saxony, Ger.
130Guenther, Theodore1877Member Board of County Comm.
143Guenther, Theodore1883-1884Trustee
143Guenther, Theodore1884-1885Trustee
362Guenther, Theodore1848-1860One of first German Settlers
374Guenther, Theodore1894Died 2/26/1894/Age 71
105Guenther, Theodore C.NRChild of Katherine Rich & Theodore Guenther
105Guenther, WilliamNRChild of Katherine Rich & Theodore Guenther
105Guenther, William (Bro. Of Theo)NRBrother of Theodore Guenther
30Guenther. TheodoreNRMember Board of County Comm.,
234Guest, Harry S.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
233Guest, Henry E.1891Charter Member/Blue Island Lodge # 326
374Guest, Sheldon H.1922Died 10/9/1922/Age 74/Retired switchman
337Guglielmucci, Alderman1930Chairman of Police Committee
346Guglielmucci, Alderman1935Referred matter of float to finance committee
266Guglielmucci, MikeNRVolunteer Fireman
240Guglielmucci, Nick1933SOI/Prince Umbert de Savoia Chpt./Delegate
339Guglielmucci, R.19324/25/1932 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
180Guglielmucci, Rocco19194/15/1919 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward 1 yr.
262Guglielmucci, Rocco19244/15/1924 Elected Alderman Third Ward
292Guglielmucci, Rocco19264/20/1926/Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
297Guglielmucci, Rocco19284/17/1928 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
304Guglielmucci, Rocco1935-1936Alderman 3rd Ward
317Guglielmucci, Rocco19304/15/1930 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
348Guglielmucci, Rocco1919-1925Alderman 3rd Ward
349Guglielmucci, RoccoNRPhoto/Alderman
350Guglielmucci, Rocco1926-1935Alderman 3rd Ward
359Guglielmucci, Rocco1935BI Centennial Asso./Song Fest. Committee
343Guglielmucci, Rocco19344/1/71934 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
345Guglielmucci, Rocco19354/16/1935 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
97Gunderman, AnnaNRMarried John Seyfarth
97Gunderman, Emma1852Child of Anna Gunderman & John Seyfarth
97Gunderman, Henrietta1852Child of Anna Gunderman & John Seyfarth
239Gunkle, C. R.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/T. E.
359Gunkle, Mrs. Charles1935BI Centennial Asso./Relics Committee
374Gurgel, Mrs. Alvina1929Died 7/13/1929/Age 68
234Gurrad, Frederick L.1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
369Gurrad, Mary L.1893Married John F. Klein in 1893
367Gusa, Helen1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Gustafson, Clara1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Gustafson, E.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Gustafson, L.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
266Gustafson, LeanderNRVolunteer Fireman
374Gustafson, Rev. Gustaf A.1926Died 3/12/1926/Age 68/Pstr.-Swed. Miss. Chur
214Gustafson, Rev. J. A.NRFirst Pastor/Swedish Covenant Church
266Gustafson, SevernNRVolunteer Fireman
280Guy, Dr. C. C.1929Coroner's doctor testified at Buchholz inquest
364Haack, Agnes1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
238Haas, Anna1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
238Haas, Anna1936Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Monitor
235Haas, Anna D.1913Woodmen Circle # 80/Manager
246Haas, Charles1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
374Haas, Charles1928Died 6/6/1928/Restaurateur/At Munich, Germ.
374Haas, Mrs. Minnie1925Died 12/4/1925/Age 64/Wife of Chas.
374Haas, Rev. William1912Died 2/19/1912/Age 67/Pstr. M. E. Church
250Haas, RobertNRBoy Scoutmaster Troop # 783
117Haas, ViolaNRMarried John H. Volp
117Haas, WilliamNRMarried Anna Volp
198Haas, William1884-1887Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1884-1887
119Haase, Adolph Jr.NRChild of Sophia Fuhrman & Adolph Haase Sr.
119Haase, Adolph Jr.NRMarried Bertha Bolt
119Haase, Adolph Sr.1833Arriv. From Ger. 1853
119Haase, Adolph Sr.NRMarried Sophia Fuhrman
119Haase, Adolph Sr.1909Died 1909
119Haase, DorotheaNRChild of Sophia Fuhrman & Adolph Haase Sr.
119Haase, DorotheaNRMarried J. J. Martin
374Haase, Friederich1926Died 1/11/1926/Age 80
119Haase, GeorgeNRChild of Sophia Fuhrman & Adolph Haase Sr.
119Haase, GeorgeNRMarried Margaret Thomy
374Haase, George1925Died 3/23/1925/Age 54
119Haase, HenryNRChild of Sophia Fuhrman & Adolph Haase Sr.
119Haase, HenryNRMarried Doris Stellter
62Haase, John1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
366Haase, John1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
374Haase, John1925Died 2/26/1925/Age 45
374Haase, John1926Died 4/19/1926/Age 82/Retired Farmer
119Haase, LouiseNRChild of Sophia Fuhrman & Adolph Haase Sr.
119Haase, LouiseNRMarried Henry Quade
366Haase, Mrs. John1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
374Haase, Mrs. Margaret1927Died 5/16/1927/Age 54
374Haase, Mrs. Marie Sophia1933Died 5/19/1933/Age 80
119Haase, WilliamNRChild of Sophia Fuhrman & Adolph Haase Sr.
119Haase, WilliamNRMarried Rosa Consoer
119Habermaltz, ErnestineNRMarried August Zacher
119Habermaltz, Ernestine1894Died 11/4/1894/Buried BI Cemetery
219Habermehl, Mr.1871First teacher at Lutheran Parochial School
219Habermehl, Mr.1864-1865Teacher Lutheran Parochial School
246Habich, Charles1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
247Habich, Charles1930State Bank of BI/Director
248Habich, Charles1935State Bank of BI/Board of Directors
248Habich, Charles1935Habich Bros. Motor Sales
223Habich, Chas.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
374Habich, John1923Died 3/5/1923/Age 75
374Habich, Mrs. Theresa1928Died 10/19/1928/Age 75
223Habich, William F.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
318Hackett, James1928Navajo Fields Country Club/Board of Governors
318Hackett, James1935Navajo Fields Country Club/Director
234Hackett, James1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
282Hackett, James1931Kidnapped 5/1/1931/Gambler/man-about-town
282Hackett, James1933Kidnapped second time 5/27/1933
203Hackley, J. W.1909-1912Pastor/M. E. Church/1909-1912
203Hackley, J. W.NRProminent in Iowa Methodism/Church builder
50Haeberer, I. G.1852Owner of small brick yard at York Street
234Haehnlein, Chas. E.1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Worshipful Mstr.
374Haffner, John Sr.1934Died 7/20/1934/Age 72
374Haffner, Mrs. Anna1927Died 5/7/1927/Wife of John
374Haffner, Mrs. Blanche1928Died 4/27/1928/Age 42
206Hagel, C. S. S. , Rev. Jacob1864-1865In charge of St. Benedict Mission 1864-1865
378Hagel, Mrs. Johanna1929Died 2/24/1929/Age 75/Wife of Henry
326Hagelberger Capt. V. H.1917Co. B, Supt. Of 2nd District France
374Hagelberger, V. H.1928Died 10/1/1928/Age 61/RI Trainmaster
106Hageman, CarolineNRMarried Walter Huntington
119Hageman, Caroline (Daugh)1857Child of John and Caroline Hageman
119Hageman, Caroline (Daugh)NRMarried Walter Huntington
119Hageman, Caroline (Daugh)1857Arriv. BI 1857
119Hageman, Charles1857Arriv. BI 1857
119Hageman, Charles1857Child of John and Caroline Hageman
119Hageman, CharlesNRMarried Minnie Voss
374Hageman, Charles1924Died 3/15/1924/Age 83/Old Settler
119Hageman, Fredericka1857Arriv. BI 1857
119Hageman, Fredericka1857Child of John and Caroline Hageman
119Hageman, FrederickaNRMarried Wm. Blickhan
119Hageman, JohnNRFrom Griefswalde, Prussia
119Hageman, JohnNRSick on board ship-died & buried at Sea
119Hageman, JohnNRMarried Caroline Hageman
119Hageman, Louis1857Arriv. BI 1857
119Hageman, Louis1857Child of John and Caroline Hageman
119Hageman, LouisNRMarried Alberta Hulett
374Hageman, Louis1929Died 2/14/1929/Age 81
119Hageman, Mrs. CarolineNRMarried John Hageman
119Hageman, Mrs. CarolineNRWidow of John Hageman/Arriv. BI 1857
365Hageman, Ward1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
118Hagen, WilhelminaNRMarried William H. Werner
12Hager, Prof. Albert D.NRHistorian
374Hague, James1931Died 12/29/1931/Age 62
323Hague, Leslie J.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
206Hahn, C. S. S. , Rev. Charles1864-1865In charge of St. Benedict Mission 1864-1865
211Hahn, John Jr.1899Started to organize and build St. Isadore Ch
223Hake, William C.NRMember BI Lions Club
207Halbmaier, Rev. Paul1905-1909Pastor St. Benedict 1905-7/1909
207Halbmaier, Rev. PaulNRBuilt St. Benedict Sister House
220Halbmaier, Rev. Paul1906Read First Mass in New Chapel
374Hale, Harvey1928Died 12/3/1928/Age 38
71Hall, "Grandpa"1849Stepfather of Mrs. Henry Robinson
71Hall, "Grandpa"1849Buried in Robinson's Grove
323Hall, Edward1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
240Hall, Hennie1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Financial Sec.
79Hall, Mr.NRElizabeth Bingle's stepfather
99Hall, Mr. (Grandpa)1840'sDied late 40's)
46Hall, Mrs. PeterNRGranddaughter of Martha Crandall Jones
323Hallinan, Edwin1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Coast Defense
375Hallinan, Harry W.1934Died 3/9/1934/Age 42
375Hallinan, Henry1922Died 4/5/1922/Age 60
365Hallinan, Mrs. Marie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Hallinan, Mrs. Mary1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
241Hallinan, P.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
223Hallinan, PatrickNRMember BI Lions Club
246Hallinan, Patrick J.1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
247Hallinan, Patrick J.1930State Bank of BI/Advisory Committee
375Hallinan, Patrick T.1931Died 2/17/1931/Age 62/Mortician
375Hallman, Felix A.1928Died 3/4/1928/Age 58
366Hambel, Dolores1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Hambel, Dolores1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
326Hamilton, B.1917Co. B, 13th Railway Engineer, Rock Island Rail
252Hamilton, Howard1880'sStepson of S. C. Reed/Printer's Assistant
91Hamilton, JamesNRCivil War/Co. G, 39th IL Vol. Infantry
91Hamilton, JamesNRCivil War/Army of the Potomoc
375Hamilton, John1925Died 11/28/1925/Age 83
91Hamilton, WilliamNRCivil War/Co G, 39th IL Vol
28Hamilton, Wm1840'sTeacher in the First School
361Hamilton, Wm.1848First Schoolteacher in BI
375Hamm, Mrs. Katherine1928Died 1/26/1928/Age 65
235Hammon, Amy1920BI Rebekah Ldg. 300/Chaplain
240Hammon, Amy1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Vice Pres.
95Hammon, Ashley K.NRMarried Jesse Robinson
359Hammon, Barney1935BI Centennial Asso./Parade Committee
258Hammon, Harry R.1922First paid fireman/Fireman
226Hammon, Mrs. R. B.1934-1935BI Garden Club/1934-1935/1st Vice Pres.
263Hammon, R. B.1925Appointed Supt. Of Streets/Replaced Kern
203Hammon, Rev. H. L.1859Sent to supply congregational group
176Hammond R. B.1915Appointed Chief Engineer
345Hammond R. B.19355/27/1935 Appointed Supt. Of Public Works
331Hammond, BarneyNRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
375Hammond, Frederick1929Died 7/9/1929/Age 71
266Hammond, Harry1907Paid Full Time Fireman/Engineer
234Hammond, Herbert1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
375Hammond, Herbert1918Died 8/22/1918/Age 57/Railraod engineer
176Hammond, Mr.1915Inventoried Machinery
314Hammond, Mr.1929Engineer reports on installation of street lights
316Hammond, Mr.1930Supt. Of Streets gave report on snow storms
375Hammond, Mrs. Ashley K.1933Died 6/3/1933/Age 76/at Stony Brook, Long Is
375Hammond, Mrs. Ashley K.NRWife of Jessie Robinson
173Hammond, R. B1913City Engineer of the Municipal Water Works
173Hammond, R. B1914Gave annual report
174Hammond, R. B (Engineer)1914Authorized employ measures for safe water
179Hammond, R. B.19175/21/1917 Appointed City Engineer
223Hammond, R. B.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
224Hammond, R. B.1935BI Lions Club/Trustee
313Hammond, R. B.1929Apptd. 5/13/1929/Supt. Of Streets
313Hammond, R. B.1929Apptd. 5/13/1929/Chief Engineer Water & Light
342Hammond, R. B.1933Appointed Commissioner of Public Works
349Hammond, R. B.NRPhoto/City Eng.
203Hancock, Frank1932-Pastor/M. E. Church/10/1932-
355Hancock, Rev. Frank1935Pastor of First Methodist Church
173Hanely, C. J.1914Resigned as Health Commissioner
364Hanify, Don1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
250Hanify, W. T. (Jr.)1933Blue Island Boy Scout Committee Troop # 782
194Hank, AlbertNRProminent role in Brickmakers Loc. # 3
194Hank, Albert1935Untd. Brick-Clay Wrkrs. # 3/Delegate
194Hank, Chas.NRFirst Officers of Local No. # 3/ Vice Pres.
194Hank, Chas.1898Int'l Brick, Tile T. Cotta Wrkrs/Vice Pres.
293Hanke, William1926Appointed Lieutenant of Police
309Hankey, William1935-1936Photo/Captain
223Hankey, William O.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
235Hanks, AlbertNRMember Fraternal Order of Eagles
232Hanley, Charles1935Owned lots acquired for Park Development
279Hanley, Miss Rose1929Schoolteacher saw murderer of L. Buchholz
223Hannagan, C. H.NRMember BI Lions Club
246Hannagan, C. H.1927Board of Directors/BI Winsett Finance Co.
246Hannagan, C. H.1932BI Winsett Finance Co./2nd Vice Pres.
223Hannagan, Charles1924BI Lions Club/Pres/1924
246Hannagan, Charles H.1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
321Hannum, C. R.1917Of Downer's Grove/Draft Board # 7 Clerk
239Hansed, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
177-178Hansen, Alderman1916-17Disputed bid by Seagrave and LaFrance
263Hansen, Edward1925Died 4/1925/Former Alderman Third Ward
348Hansen, Edward D.19161916/Alderman 3rd Ward
177Hansen, Edward E.19164/24/1916 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
348Hansen, Edward E.19171917/Alderman 3rd Ward
143Hansen, Edward P.1874-1875Trustee
99Hansen, MariaNRMarried 2nd Husband, Frederick Boeber
99Hansen, MariaNRMarried 1st Husband William Vandenberg
117Hansen, MathiasNRMarried Louise Voss
119Hansen, PeterNRMarried Emelie Zacharias
327Hanson, Carl1917Pvt. Co. F, Killed by exploding shell
96Hanson, ChristinaNRMarried William Krueger
375Hanson, Edward1925Died 4/17/1925/Former Alderman 3rd Ward
234Hanson, Edward P.1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
375Hanson, James1931Died 5/2/1931/Age 87
375Hanson, Mrs. Lizzie1909Died 2/15/1909/Wife of Edward
364Hanson, Mrs. Manilla1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
326Harbaugh, Henry1917Co. B, 13th Railway Engineer, Rock Island Rail
90Harding, MajorNRCivil War
90Harding, MajorNRCivil War
260Harding, President Warren1923Died 8/2/1923
223Harding, Wm.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
322Harker, Arthur1918Youngest soldier in Service
322Harker, Arthur1917Born 12/30/ 1917
322Harker, Arthur1917Enlisted age 14 in Coast Artillery at Ft. Casey
322Harker, Arthur1917Died 12/30/ 1917 Butte Montana of illness
322Harker, ArthurNRChild of John Harker & Helen Uhlich
144Harker, Dan1897-1898Police Magistrate
96Harker, JohnNRMarried to Helen Krueger
322Harker, JohnNRHusband of Helen Uhlich
369Harker, JohnNRMarried Helen Uhlich
115Harker, ThomasNRMarried to Lucy Sherwood
108Harmening, SophiaNRMarried John G. Knirsch
251Harmon & Smith1880'sAttorneys/ Early advertisers in BI Standard
119Harmon, Charles SumnerNRChild of Joseph Harmon & Sarah S. Vincent
119Harmon, Charles SumnerNRPracticed Law in Chicago
251Harmon, Dr. J. W.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
289Harmon, Dr. J. W.NRPostmaster
123Harmon, J. W.18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
91Harmon, Joseph W., M. D.NRCivil War/42nd Ohio Vol. Infantry
119Harmon, Joseph Warren1845Physician/Surgeon
119Harmon, Joseph Warren1845Grad. Albany Med. College 1845
119Harmon, Joseph Warren1815Born Jefferson Cnty, NY, 6/20/1815
119Harmon, Joseph WarrenNRLived in Chagrin Falls, OH.
119Harmon, Joseph WarrenNRWas Pres. Garfield Phys.
119Harmon, Joseph Warren1849Married Sarah S. Vincent 1849
119Harmon, Joseph Warren1867-8Arriv. Chicago 1867/Arriv. BI 1868
236Harms, John1935Plattdeutsche Gilde Germ. #37/Treasurer
365Harps, Dick1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Harris, George1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
174Harrison, Carter1914Mayor of Chicago
375Harrison, Eliza Ann1929Died 6/16/1929/Age 70
267Harrison, Mayor Carter1909Of Chicago
213Harrowell, Fr.NRPriest/St. Aidan's Episcopal Mission
157Hart, A. N.NROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
75Hart, James1852Hartford/Homewood/ Named after the pioneer
91Harter, GeorgeNRCivil War/Battery M, First IL Light Artillery
323Hartman, Herman1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
86Hartman, Rev. J.1875Performed Uhlich-Brand Marriage 1875
86Hartman, Rev. J.1877Attended funeral of Herman Bose
52Hartung, John1852Blacksmith
109Hartung, JohnNRMarried Martha Kott
114Hartung, JohnNRWagonmaker
375Hartwell, Mrs. Marie1925Died 1/13/1925/Age 88
250Hartwell, W. A.1933Organized BI Boy Scout Troop #782
250Hartwell, W. A.NRBoy Scout Executive Committee
182Hartwell, William M19194/15/1919 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward-full term
375Hartwig, Mrs. William1935Died 5/10/1935/Age 79
375Hartwig, William1935Died 5/2/1935/Age 84
348Hartzel, William M.1917-1920Alderman 3rd Ward
358Hartzel, Wm. M.1935BI Resident 44 yrs.
375Hartzell, George W.1929Died 1/12/1929/Age 74
99Hartzell, WilliamNRMarried Anna Bitter
234Hartzell, Wm.NRRoyal Arch Mason/Master of the 2nd Veil
279Harvey, Claude1929Trainman/Saw Buchholz before murder
359Harvey, Mrs. Claude1935BI Centennial Asso./Baby Parade Committee
354Harvey, Wm.1918Robbins incorporates/Elected Clerk
375Haselow, Mrs. Mary1934Died 2/19/1934/Age 88
84Hathaway, J. P.1833Personal account of the early days
350Hattendorf, Harry19351935/Alderman 6th Ward
304Hattendorf, Harry W.1935-1936Alderman 6th Ward
345Hattendorf, Harry W.19354/16/1935 Elected Alderman 6th Ward
208Hattendorf, Rev. WilliamNROf Chicago/Performed Missionary Work
199Hauptmann, Rev.1864Conduct. serv. at the opening Lutheran. Church
375Hausberg, Otto1928Died 12/6/1928/Age 38
244Hausburg, G. H.1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
375Hausburg, Miss Ella D.1923Died 2/7/1923/Age 40
289Haushalter, Ray1935Post Office mail carrier
358Hausman, Mary1935BI Resident 22 yrs./6111 Peoria St.
240Hauter, Theresa1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Sergeant at Arms
247Havens, Samuel M.1930State Bank of BI/Director
248Havens, Samuel M.1935State Bank of BI/Board of Directors
248Havens, Samuel M.1935Of Ingalls-Shepard Division of Wyman-Gordon Co.
239Hawthorne, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
375Hawthorne, W. D.1934Died 6/16/1934/Age 76
375Hayes, Mrs. Maude Robinson1920Died 8/9/1920/Wife of Richard/at Brooklyn, NY
375Hayes, Mrs. Maude RobinsonNRBlue Island teacher
95Hayes, Richard F.NRMarried Maud Robinson
375Haywood, Mrs. Philip1931Died 7/26/1931
367Hazel, Virginia Lee1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
359Hazel. Mrs. W.1935BI Centennial Asso./Baby Parade Committee
235Hazlett, James1935Fraternal Order of Eagles/Jr. Past Pres.
89Heacock, B. B.1848First Co. 63rd /106th Regiment/Captain
189Heald, E. L.NRAcquired Wireton Heating Co.
187Healion, W. J.NRSupt. BI Plant, North Amer. Car Co.
210Heatley, Alice1924Made arrangements for Church meeting place
345Heatley, George19354/16/1935 Elected Police Magistrate
359Heatley, George (Bill)1935BI Centennial Asso./Parade Comm. Chrmn.
304Heatley, George E.1935-1936Police Magistrate
350Heatley, George E.19351935/Police Magistrate
350Heatley, George E.NRPhoto/Former Police Magistrate
331Heatley, William1920Sergeant-at-arms, American Legion Post #50
328Hecht, AlbertNRMemorial Inscription WWI
328Hecht, Albert1918Inducted 6/1/1918 at Jefferson Barracks, MO.
328Hecht, Albert1918Died, 12/9/1918, Cap Travis, TX. Of influenza
328Hecht, Albert1918Buried in First Lutheran Cem.
52Hecht, Fred1856Shoemaker
375Hecht, Mrs. Henry1933Died 1/8/1933/Age 49
236Heckler, Agnes1935Catholic Daught. Of Amer./Grand Regent
105Heckler, AlexNRChild of William Heckler
250Heckler, C. F.NRBoy Scout Committee Troop # 788
347Heckler, C. J.19021902/Treasurer
347Heckler, C. J.19031903/Treasurer
347Heckler, C. J.19041904/Treasurer
105Heckler, CharlesNRChild of William Heckler
144Heckler, Chas. J.1895-1901Trustee
165Heckler, Chas. J.19034/21/1903 Elected City Treasurer
141Heckler, Chas. J..1901Last Village Election-Village Trustee
236Heckler, Cornelia1935Catholic Daught. Of Amer./Vice Grand Regent
235Heckler, Frances1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
105Heckler, FrancesNRChild of William Heckler
105Heckler, GregoryNRChild of William Heckler
105Heckler, HenryNRChild of William Heckler
192Heckler, Henry1880'sCigar manufacturer
375Heckler, Henry I.1930Died 9/20/1930/Cigar manufacturer
105Heckler, JosephineNRChild of William Heckler
235Heckler, Maud1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
105Heckler, MinaNRChild of William Heckler
105Heckler, MinaNRMarried Herman Jauchzer Sr.
236Heckler, Miss Frances1909Catholic Daught. Of Amer./Vice Grand Regent
139Heckler, Mr.1895Trustee/Voted against closing saloons on Sun.
142Heckler, Mr.1901Trustee
164Heckler, Mr.1901Voted to pass Geist Franchise Ordinance
239Heckler, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
235Heckler, Mrs. Agnes1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
236Heckler, Mrs. Agnes1909Catholic Daught. Of Amer./Trustee
364Heckler, Mrs. Agnes1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
235Heckler, Mrs. Delia1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
375Heckler, Mrs. MathildaNRDied at age 75/nee Witt/Wife of Gregory
105Heckler, TillyNRChild of William Heckler
105Heckler, WenzelNRChild of William Heckler
206Heckler, WilliamNREarly settlers & Founder St. Benedict Cath. Ch
357Heckler, William E.1935BI Resident 7 yrs./130 W. 69th St.
105Heckler, William Jr.NRChild of William Heckler
105Heckler, William Jr.NRCarpenter
105Heckler, William Sr.1852Arriv. BI 1852
105Heckler, William Sr.NRDied 1884
367Heckler, Winifred1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
52Heckler, Wm.1852Carpenter
375Heckman, John1914Died 6/10/1914/Age 81/Early settler
111Hecock, Mr.NROwned Farm at 138th & Western Av.
31Hector, PhilipLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
54Hector, Philip1848Erected residence and boarding house
375Hedden, Mrs. Hazel1934Died 5/20/1934/Age 37
198Hedler, C. H.1903-1907Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1903-1907
119Hedrich, OscarNRMarried Ida Zacharias
196Heffron, William P.1917Supt. Of BI gas plant
28Hegan, MissCirca 1880sGrammar School Teacher
331Hegner, FredNRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
356Hegner, Fred1935Of Blue Island/Judge for Centennial Parade
204Hegner, Mr. & Mrs. F. A.1901First marriage in Congregational Church
375Hegner, Mrs. Anna1913Died 7/27/1913/Age 79
225Hegner, Ruth1929BI Jr. Women's Club/President
98Heide, EdwardNRMarried Emma Bauer
235Heide, Ella1913Woodmen Circle # 80/Guardian
358Heide, Emma1935BI Resident 76 yrs.
365Heide, Mrs. Lois1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
52Heideck, Louis1858Carpenter
63Heiden, Frank1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
240Heiden, Henry1882Independent Order of Foresters/Charter Memb.
62Heiden, William1920'sActed in reviving the Liederkranz
367Heidinger, Charmaine1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
375Heim, Edward1933Died 1/1/1933/Age 64/Florist
99Heim, GeorgeNRMarried Annie Boeber
375Heim, George1925Died 1/19/1925/Age 72
375Heim, Henry1935Died 3/22/1935/Age 70
52Heim, John1851Mason (Bricklayer)
375Heim, John William1918Died 5/9/1918/Age 90/Early settler
235Heim, M.NRMember Fraternal Order of Eagles
52Heim, Michael1851Mason (Bricklayer)
117Heim, MichaelNRChild of John Voss
241Heim, Michael1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
192Heim, Peter1881Photo in front of the Cigar Factory
309Heim, Stewart1935-1936Photo/Lieutenant
375Heim, Walter1933Died 12/27/1933/Age 35
356Heimbach, Dave1935Took prize in Centennial Parade/Prvt. Group
240Heimbach, Emma1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Charter Mem.
240Heimbach, Emma1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Exalted Senior
177Heimbach, H.1916Bought Old Stony Creek Bridge
241Heimbach, H.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
375Heimbach, Herman1922Died 4/9/1922/Age 70/Early resident
240Heinecke, HermanNRActive in the Macabees in the early days
308Heinecke, Herman1900Photo/Blue Island Village Police Force
375Heinecke, Herman1921Died 1/31/1921/Age 62/Former Lt. Of Police
240Heinecke, Lizzie J.1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
331Heinecke, ParryNRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
289Heinecke, Perry1932Took Government Post Office Exam
313Heinecke, Perry19297/1/1929 Appt. to Library Board
343Heinecke, Perry L.1934Resigned from Library Board
234Heinrichs, Fred S.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
234Heinrichs, Fred. S.1916Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Treasurer
165Heintz, Anthony19034/21/1903 Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
347Heintz, Anthony19021902/Alderman 2nd Ward
347Heintz, Anthony19031903/Alderman 2nd Ward
347Heintz, Anthony19041904/Alderman 2nd Ward
347Heintz, Anthony19051905/Alderman 2nd Ward
347Heintz, Anthony19061906/Alderman 2nd Ward
345Heintz, P. W.NRPhoto/Former Police Magistrate
258Heintz, Peter19214/19/1921/Lost in race for Police Magistrate
331Heintz, PeterNRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
359Heintz, Peter1935BI Centennial Asso./Homecoming Comm.
359Heintz, Peter1935BI Centennial Asso./Farmer's Day Committee
366Heintz, Peter W.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
223Heintz, Peter W.NRMember BI Lions Club
223Heintz, Peter W.1929BI Lions Club/Pres/1929
345Heintz, Peter W.19354/16/1935 Ran for Police Magistrate
348Heintz, Peter W.19171917/Police Magistrate
348Heintz, Peter W.19181918/Police Magistrate
348Heintz, Peter W.19191919/Police Magistrate
348Heintz, Peter W.19201920/Police Magistrate
103Heitman, FrederickNRMarried Anna Engelland
365Heitman, Mrs. R.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Heitman, Mrs. R.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
223Heitman, R. F.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
224Heitman, R. F.1935BI Lions Club/Trustee
248Heitman, Rudolph1935State Bank of BI/Board of Directors
248Heitman, Rudolph1935Retired Retail Grocer
359Heitman, Rudolph1935BI Centennial Asso./Homecom. Com. Chrmn.
359Heitman, Rudolph1935BI Centennial Asso./Exec. Comm. & Director
304Heitman, Rudolph F.1935-1936Blue Island Park Board member
232Heitman, Rudolph F.1936BI Parks & Playground/Board member
144Helbreg, M.1888-1894Trustee
244Helbreg, M.1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
163Helbreg, Mathias19011st Election/Ran for Treasurer/483 Votes
234Helbreg, Mathias1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
264Helbreg, Mathias18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
264Helbreg, Mathias1879Elected Secretary Fire Dept.
264Helbreg, Mathias1879Committee to define specs for ladder wagon
144Helbreg, Matt1889-1890Trustee
144Helbreg, Matt1892-1893Trustee
270Helbreg, Matt1880'sPhoto Volunteer Fire Dept early 1880's
105Helbreg, Matthias1860'sArriv. BI 1860's from Germany
105Helbreg, MatthiasNRCarpenter/Store & Saloon owner
357Helbreg, Minnie Nagel1935Former BI Resident /207 E. 70th St.
375Helbrig Matilda1932Died 4/17/1932/Age 84
115Helbrig, MaryNRMarried Fred Sorgenfrei
77Helbrig, Matt1860'sPhoto/Saloon and Grocery
375Hellman, Mrs. Helena1935Died 3/3/1935/Age 80/Wife of John
209Helm, Rev. E.1927-Pastor/Evangelical Comm. Ch./8/1927-
375Helm, William E.1927Died 10/6/1927/Age 56
232Helquist, Adolph1936BI Parks & Playground/Board member
263Helquist, Adolph1926Chairman Board of Appeals regulating zoning
304Helquist, Adolph S.1935-1936Blue Island Park Board member
305Helquist, Adolph S.1926Chairman of BI Zoning Board of Appeals
314Helquist, Adolph S.1929Resigned as Member of Zoning Board Appeals
375Helquist, John Adolph1921Died 3/4/1921/Age 65
375Helquist, Mrs. J. A.1935Died 7/18/1935/Age 64/Wife of John
365Helwig, Art1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
289Helwig, Carl A.1929Acting Postmaster/Claim investigator RIRR
289Helwig, Carl A.1931Died December 17, 1931 at age 47
314Helwig, Carl A.1929Acting Postmaster
375Helwig, Carl A.1931Died 12/17/1931/Age 47/Postmaster
375Helwig, Michael1931Died 10/8/1931/Age 90
207Hemborg, Rev. J. A.1921-1923Pastor/Swedish L. S. Ch. 1921-1923
207Hemborg, Rev. J. A.1923Moved to CA
111Hemmion, EleanorNR1st Wife of Henry Merker
241Hendershot, William1932-33United Span. War Vet./Adjutant
367Hendricks, Caroline1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
116Henke, BerthaNRMarried Albert Staffel
198Henke, Fr.1874Gift of Church Bell to Germ. Methodist Church
369Henke, FrederickNRNative of Hanover, Germany
369Henke, Frederick1846Arrived America 1846
369Henke, FrederickNRPurchased Gov't land/800 acres
369Henke, FrederickNRMarried Elizabeth Magnus
369Henke, Frederick1887Died 6/19/1887in Blue Island/Age 72
369Henke, FrederickNRGerman Methodist/One of largest contributors
369Henke, FrederickNRFather of six sons
369Henke, FrederickNRFather of William D. Henke
198Henke, Mrs. Catherine1891Donated ground for new Methodist Church
164Henke, W. D.19011st Election/Elected Alderman 4th Ward
164Henke, W. D.1901Electric Light & Gas Committee, City Council
164Henke, W. D.1901License Committee, City Council
164Henke, W. D.1901Plats, Public Grounds & Bldg. Committee,
164Henke, W. D.1901Local Assessments Committee, City Council
165Henke, W. D.19034/21/1903 Elected Alderman 4th Ward
141Henke, W. D.1901Last Village Election-Village Trustee
275Henke, W. D.1919Stockholder in Blue Island Ice Co.
358Henke, W. D.1935BI Resident 76 yrs.
347Henke, William1901-1904Alderman 4th Ward
369Henke, WilliamNRSon of Frederick Henke
369Henke, WilliamNROne of first aldermen of BI & Worth/Carpenter
244Henke, Wm. D.1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
62Hennig, Alex1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
366Hennig, Alex1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366Hennig, Mrs. Alex1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
63Hennig, William1920'sPassive member of the Liederkranz
246Hennig, Wm.1932BI Winsett Finance Co./Board of Directors
223Hennig, Wm.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
220Hennigs, Miss OlgaNRTeacher Lutheran Parochial School
117Henricks, CharlesNRMarried Margaret Weigand
117Henricks, Charles1933Had back broken in auto crash, crippled for life in 1933
375Henschler, Bernhardt1918Died 2/2/1918
375Henschler, Mrs. Caroline Bornschein1929Died 3/18/1929/Age 80
116Hensel, Anna Margaretha1849Married Henry Volp 4/8/1849
117Hensel, Anna Margaretha1921Died 10/23/1921 at nearly 89 yrs.
241Herbert, Edna1932Organized Roosevelt Auxiliary # 95
257Herder, C. Den1935Published Suburban Shopper
220Hermann, Miss ClaraNRTeacher Lutheran Parochial School
366Herrick, Melba1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
375Herwig, Anna Katarina Weissenborn1918Died 4/11/1918/Age 94
375Herzog, Harry F.1934Died 2/24/1934/Age 44
192Hess, Julius1881Photo in front of the Cigar Factory
198Heuer, Detlef1888Died 1888
198Heuer, Detlef1888Bequeathed $5,000 for new Methodist Church
225Hewitt, Mrs. Hope1935Pres./BI Women's Club/1935
364Hewitt, Mrs. M. J.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
283Heyworth, James O.1913Contractor Calumet-Sag Canal/Section 1
283Heyworth, James O.1913Contractor Calumet-Sag Canal/Section 11
238Hibbard, Joel1936Order of Eastern Star # 789/Asso. Patron
99Hienecke, HermanNRMarried Lizzie Boeber
101High, George BormanNRGreat Grandchild of Nelson A. Cool
101High, Harriet BormanNROf BI/Grandchild of Nelson Adelbert Cool
119Hildebrand, FritzNRMarried Fritz Hildebrand
366Hildebrand, Paul1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
234Hildebrand, Warren S.NRRoyal Arch Mason/Treasurer
62Hildebrandt, Paul1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
209Hilkerbaumer, Anna1923Charter Mem./Evangelical Comm. Ch./12/1923
209Hilkerbaumer, Anna1923-1926Parish Wrkr./Evang. Comm. Ch./1923-/1926
239Hill, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
375Hill, Mrs. Mary J.1934Died 2/24/1934/Age 81
55Hiller, Dr.1853Pioneer Doctor
366Hillger, Erna1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Hillger, Erna1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
157Hilliard, L. P.NROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
366,367Hillmer, Irene1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366Hilt, Betty1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Hilt, Betty1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
334Hilt, M. F.1919Ward Captain Red Cross Local Drive/2nd ward
226Hilt, Margaret1934-1935BI Jr. Women's Club/1935-1936/Exec. Board
365Hilt, Mildred1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
234Hilt, R. J.1935-1936Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Lecturing Knight
358Him, Mrs. George1935BI Resident 73 yrs.
199Himmler, Rev. J. C.1882-1883Pastor/1st Evan. Luther. Chur. of BI/1882-1883
375Hinkley, George C.1928Died 6/25/1928/Age 29
84Hinman, George1847Recollections
126Hinman, George1875Appointed Police Capt. & Supt. Of Streets
127Hinman, George1877Committee to inspect waterworks plant
143Hinman, George1875-1878Captain of Police & Supt. Of Streets
143Hinman, George1878-1879Apptd. Str. Supt. (but relieved of office next meeting)
90Hinman, George E.NRCivil War/Co 1, Thirteenth IL Infan./Blue Island
90Hinman, George E.1863Civil War/Gen. Sherman's Yazoo expedition
90Hinman, George E.1863Civil War/Battle Pea Rid., Spgfield, & Helena
375Hinman, George E.1902Died 2/3/1902/Age 75/Civil War Vet
106Hinman, George EdwardNRArriv BI 1820/ Native of Vermont
106Hinman, George Edward1827-1902Born 111/7/1827/Died 1902
106Hinman, George EdwardNRSuper. Pub. Works/Chief of Police/Dep. Sheriff
106Hinman, George Edward1851Married Mary A. Fay
236Hinman, Mary1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
375Hinman, Mrs. Mary Annie1913Died 9/25/1913/Age 89/Wife of George
238Hinrich, Agnes1936Order of Eastern Star # 789/Marshal
61Hirsch, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
317Hoag, Helen1930Chairman of Better Films Committee
241Hoak, Perry1936Knights of Pythias 463/Keeper of Records
238Hochheimer, Christian1936Order of Eastern Star # 789/Worthy Patron
238Hochheimer, Elizabeth1936Order of Eastern Star # 789/Chaplain
116Hochheimer, JohnNRMarried Martha Strickert
375Hochheimer, John1925Died 4/10/1925
375Hochheimer, Mrs. Minnie1929Died 11/8/1929/Age 65
375Hochstadter, Fred1934Died 10/14/1934/Age 38/Car Accid./RR tracks
375Hochstadter, Helen1934Died 10/14/1934/Age 35/Car Accid./RR tracks
375Hochstadter, HelenNRWife of Fred Hochstadter
375Hochstadter, Herbert1934Died 10/14/1934/Age 13/Car accid./RR tracks
375Hochstadter, HerbertNRChild of Helen and Fred Hochstadter
375Hochstadter, Jean1934Died 10/14/1934/Age 11/Car accid./RR tracks
375Hochstadter, JeanNRChild of Helen and Fred Hochstadter
106Hock, Arthur L.NRMarried Lilly Hopf
375Hock, Fred H.1931Died 10/16/1931/Age 41
375Hock, Mrs. William1918Died 11/3/1918/Age 101/Pioneer
151Hodder, Billy1868Rock Island RR Engineer/Suburban Line
151Hodder, Billy1868Brother-in-law of Henry Lomax
375Hodder, Mrs. William1924Died 2/24/1924/Age 78
375Hodder, William G.1923Died 8/31/1923/Age 82/RI engineer
239Hodge, Chas. T.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/S. E.
239Hodge, Chas. T.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Ins. Secretary
239Hodge, Chas. T.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Delegate
240Hodge, Cicely1893BI West Review #2,WBA/President
240Hodge, Cicely1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Press Correspondent
241Hodge, Geo.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
164Hodge, George19011st Election/Ran for Alderman 5th Ward
193Hodge, GeorgeNRInt'l Secretary & Treasurer Brick Industry
194Hodge, GeorgeNRProminent role in Brickmakers Loc. # 3
194Hodge, George1898Int'l Brick, Tile T. Cotta Wrkrs/Fin. Sec.
375Hodge, George William1919Died 8/12/1919/Age 73/At Augusta, GA.
375Hodge, George WilliamNRLocal preacher
61Hoechster, Emil1897Gave speech at Dedication of Concordia Hall
209Hoefle, L. J.1923Charter Mem./Evangelical Comm. Ch./12/1923
209Hoefle, L. J.1920'sBldg. Committee/Evangelical Comm Ch.
106Hofeld, Henry1856Brother of John Hofeld/Arriv BI 1856
106Hofeld, HenryNR
106Hofeld, JohnNRNative of Schleswig, Holstein, Ger.
106Hofeld, John1855Arriv. BI 1855
106Hofeld, JohnNRMarried The Widow Wolf
238Hofeldt, Alice1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
238Hofeldt, Edna1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
238Hofeldt, Henry1900Charter Mem. Fidelity Life Asso., # 369
238Hofeldt, Henry1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
375Hofeldt, Mrs. Rose1921Died 3/22/1921/Age 59/Wife of Henry
238Hofeldt, Rose1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
223Hofer, Walter C.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
241Hoffman, F.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
91Hoffman, JohnNRCivil War/Hoffman's Dragons
106Hoffman, John1850'sArriv BI 1850's
106Hoffman, JohnNRMarried Mary Fischer
106Hoffman, JohnNRBlacksmith/Livery Bus./Sheriff of Cook Cnty
52Hoffman, Julius1856Blacksmith
96Hoffman, JuliusNRMarried to Bertha Sorgenfrei
375Hoffman, Julius E.1934Died 5/10/1934/Age 80/blacksmith
375Hoffman, Mrs. Bertha1928Died 10/13/1928/Age 70/nee Sorgenfrei
277Hoffman, Peter1914Coroner investigating Mislich murder case
332Hoffman, Theodore1919Charter member Allied Veterans of Blue Island
91Hoffmeister, GeorgeNRCivil War/82nd IL Infantry
239Hogan, Ben F.1911W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Loc. Committee
366Hogan, Miss S.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366Hogan, Mrs. Ben1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
226Hogan, Mrs. Benjamin1928Charter member BI Garden Club/
375Hogblom, Carl A.1918Died 2/12/1918/Age 55
375Hogblom, Carl W.1931Died 5/3/1931/Age 36/World War Vet
323Hoghbloom, Walfried1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Musician
168Hogle, Berger19114/18/1911. Ran for Alderman 4th Ward
323Hogle, Berger1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Coast Defense
143Hohman, Fred1878-1881Clerk
144Hohman, Fred1889-1890Village Clerk
144Hohman, Fred1890-1891Clerk
144Hohman, Fred1891-1906Clerk
144Hohman, Fred1896-1901Village Clerk
241Hohman, Fred1936Knights of Pythias 463/Master at Arms
289Hohman, Fred1932Took Government Post Office Exam
300Hohman, Fred A.19294/22/1929 Ran for City Clerk
367Hohman, Mildred1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
65Hohmann, Fred1850'sPhoto/Fire "laddie"
132Hohmann, FredNRPhoto/Village & City Clerk more than 30 yrs.
141Hohmann, Fred1901Last Village Election-Clerk
163Hohmann, Fred19011st Election/Elected Clerk /903 Votes
165Hohmann, Fred19034/21/1903 Elected City Clerk
168Hohmann, Fred19114/18/1911, Elected City Clerk
171Hohmann, Fred1912Stated he was responsible for his conduct
172Hohmann, Fred19134/15/1913 Elected City Clerk
174Hohmann, Fred19144/15/1915 Elected City Clerk
175Hohmann, Fred1915Died 6/16/1915
241Hohmann, Fred1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
264Hohmann, Fred18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
264Hohmann, Fred1879Committee to petition Village for fire hose
270Hohmann, Fred1880'sPhoto Volunteer Fire Dept early 1880's
347-348Hohmann, Fred1901-1915City Clerk
234Hohmann, Fred A.NRRoyal Arch Mason/Sentinel
106Hohmann, Frederick1846Born Albany, NY 7/12/1846
106Hohmann, Frederick1871Arriv. BI 1871/Contractor & Builder
106Hohmann, Frederick1869Married Rosa Eberhart 5/27/1869
106Hohmann, Frederick1879Village Clerk
106Hohmann, Frederick1915Died 6/16/1915
106Hohmann, FrederickNRaka "Unser Fritz"
106Hohmann, FrederickNRFathered nine children
234Hohmann, Frederick1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
323Hohmann, Howard1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
375Hohn, Mrs. Caroline1935Died 6/11/1935/Age 88
58Holbrook, J.1850Elected Bloom Town Supervisor
94Holcomb, AnnNRMarried Wilder Rexford
364Holdefer, George1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366Holdefer, Mrs. Arthur1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
375Holl, Mrs. Mary1928Died 2/12/1928/Age 78
224Holland, Grace E.1890'sCharter Member BI Women's Club/
225Holland, Grace RocheNRThe BI Women's Club, In Memoriam of
113Holland, Isaac W.NRMarried Grace F. Roche
224Holland, Mrs. Grace E.1901-1902Pres./BI Women's Club/1901-1902
224Holland, Mrs. Grace E.1910Pres./BI Women's Club/1910
375Holland, Mrs. Grace Roche1926Died 12/1/1926
116Hollenbeck, CarolineNRMarried William Strickert
235Holliday, Eathia1935Woodmen Circle # 80/Past Guardian
331Hollinger, H.1919Charter member Allied Veterans of Blue Island
234Hollinger, LewellynNRRoyal Arch Mason/Principal Sojourner
250Hollinger, Lewellyn1918Blue Island Boy Scout Committee Troop # 780
366Hollister, A.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
235Hollister, Julia1935American Legion Ladies Auxill./1st Vice Pres.
375Holm, Mrs. Anna Jors1922Died 11/15/1922/Age 47
365Holman, Mildred Lou1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
113Holmes, AmandaNRMarried Henry J. Roche
336Holmes, Louis D.19237/16/1923 honored by France Legion of Honor
336Holmes, Louis D.NRCorporal in the A. E. F.
336Holmes, Louis D.NR149th Field Artillery/ Lost leg by German shell
336Holmes, Louis D.NRPhoto
364Holmes, Marion1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
117Holst, EmmaNRMarried John G. Weigand
375Holt, Frank J.1917Died 10/1917
364Holt, Mrs. Helen1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Holt, Mrs. Leonard1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
100Holt, Rev. G. HoltNRMarried Minnie E. Brayton
375Hooper, William H. Sr.1935Died 6/1/1935/Age 88
106Hopf, AlvinaNRChild of Louise Krueger & George Hopf
106Hopf, AlvinaNRMarried George Roll
117Hopf, AmelieNRMarried John Voss
106Hopf, CarolineNRChild of Michael Hopf & Lena Kriegsman
106Hopf, CarolineNRMarried Otto Jaehnke
348Hopf, Edw. H.NRPhoto/Former City Treasurer
106Hopf, EdwardNRChild of Louise Krueger & George Hopf
106Hopf, EdwardNRMarried Alice Beckstrom
258Hopf, Edward19214/19/1921/Term Expired as Alderman
262Hopf, Edward19244/15/1924 Elected Alderman Fifth Ward
348Hopf, Edward19211921/Alderman 5th Ward
348Hopf, Edward19221922/Alderman 5th Ward
348Hopf, Edward19231923/Alderman 5th Ward
348Hopf, Edward19241924/Alderman 5th Ward
300Hopf, Edward H.19294/22/1929 Elected City Treasurer
313Hopf, Edward H.19295/6/1929 City Treasurer
350Hopf, Edward H.19291929/Treasurer
350Hopf, Edward H.19301930/Treasurer
106Hopf, EmelieNRChild of Michael Hopf & Lena Kriegsman
106Hopf, EmelieNRMarried John Voss
106Hopf, EmmaNRChild of Michael Hopf & Lena Kriegsman
106Hopf, EmmaNRMarried Peter Einhorn
367Hopf, Florence1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
329Hopf, FrankNRDied after war from injury/exposure in service
96Hopf, GeorgeNRMarried to Louise Krueger
106Hopf, George Jr.NRChild of Louise Krueger & George Hopf
106Hopf, George Jr.NRMarried Ethel Menzel
375Hopf, George W.1923Died 1/1/1923/Age 85/early resident
106Hopf, George W., Sr.NRNative Oberkratz, Saxe-Meiningen, Ger.
106Hopf, George W., Sr.1859Arriv. BI 1859
106Hopf, George W., Sr.NRMarried Louise Krueger
106Hopf, George W., Sr.NRBrother of Michael Hopf
106Hopf, George W., Sr.1922Died 1/1/1922
106Hopf, LillyNRChild of Louise Krueger & George Hopf
106Hopf, LillyNRMarried Arthur L. Hock
106Hopf, LouiseNRChild of Louise Krueger & George Hopf
106Hopf, LouiseNRMarried Paul Wilde
106Hopf, MaryNRChild of Michael Hopf & Lena Kriegsman
106Hopf, MaryNRMarried Carl Pinnow
106Hopf, MichaelNRNative of Oberkatz, Sane-Meiningen. Ger.
106Hopf, Michael1910Arriv. BI 1857/Died 1910
106Hopf, MichaelNRMarried Lena Kriegsman
106Hopf, MichaelNRBrother of George W. Hopf, Sr.
375Hopf, Mrs. George W.1929Died 10/23/1929/Age 85/nee Louise Krueger
375Hopf, Mrs. Lina1926Died 1/19/1926/Age 90/Wife of Michael
109Hopf, Mrs. MichaelNRSister of Valentine Kriegsman
364Hopf, Mrs. W.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
106Hopf, WilhelminaNRChild of Louise Krueger & George Hopf
106Hopf, WilhelminaNRMarried William Lussenhopf
106Hopf, WilliamNRChild of Michael Hopf & Lena Kriegsman
106Hopf, WilliamNRMarried Sadie Noble
106Hopf, WilliamNRMarried 1st Glendory Tryon
106Hopf, WilliamNRMarried 2nd Clara Miller
106Hopf, WilliamNRChild of Louise Krueger & George Hopf
375Hopf, William H.1931Died 10/26/1931/Age 59
358Hopf, Wm. N.1935BI Resident 67 yrs.
279Hopkins, Judge1918Presided at Sietz murder trial
104Hopkins, MaryNRMarried to Jerome L. Fay
87Hopkins, Mary A.1854Married Jerome S. Fay of Blue Island
375Hopkins, Mrs. Elizabeth1923Died 1/28/1923/Age 68
239Hopkinson, Mary1935Ladies Aux. BRT, Royal Neigh. Ldg /Chaplain
111Hopkinson, ThomasNRMarried Lizzie Merkelbach
375Hopp, Emil1928Died 2/11/1928/Age 32
278Hornigle, Detective Sergeant1915Went to Buffalo, NY to pick up murderer
157Hotchkiss, E. W.NRTreasury Dept. Employee
375Hoth, Mrs. Josephine Ehlers1934Died 2/20/1934/Age 91
235Houlihan, Francis J.1908Directed Institution of Knights of Columbus
87Howe, F. A. Esq.1841Performed Marriage of Kyle-Smith
239Howland, Florence1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Outer Guard
375Huard, Mrs. Julia1928Died 3/30/1928/Age 46
157Hubbard, G. S.NROfficer-Vice Pres./ Grand Trunk Railway Sys.
44Hubbard, GurdonNRThorton Resident/Early Settler
108Huber, JuliusNRMarried Christina Klein
375Huber, Julius1924Died 9/24/1924/Age 61
375Huber, Mrs. Christine1924Died 8/24/1924/Wife of Julius
171Hubing, Peter1912Awarded $1000 for death of his son
375Hubing, Peter J.1929Died 4/26/41929/Age 71
194Huebner, JohnNRProminent role in Brickmakers Loc. # 3
210Huff, Rev. Lafe1924Minister of Harvey Church of Christ
367Huffman, Estella1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
359Huffman, Mrs. Howard1935BI Centennial Asso./Baby Parade Committee
358Hug, Louise1935BI Resident 10 yrs./8114 Cottage Grove Av.
110Hughes, George T.NRMarried Hattie Massey
213Hughes, Jonathon D.1935Executive committee of St. Aidan's Epis. Ch.
105Hughes, Mr.NRMarried Ann Green
375Hughes, Mrs. Colinda1931Died7/19/1931/Age 42/At Los Angeles, CA
119Hulett, AlbertaNRMarried Louis Hageman
216Hulett, Maggie1877One of first graduate of the Whittier School
375Hulett, Mrs. Delaney1920Died 4/16/1920/Age 66
375Hulett, Mrs. Margaret Ann1919Died 10/25/1919/Age 60
323Hultgren Oscar1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
366Hultgren, Marion1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Hultgren, Marion1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Hume, Harry1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
38Hume, Mrs.1842Second Death Reported in Village of BI
226Hummel, M. W.NRPublic School Men's Club/Vice Pres.
250Hummel, M. W.1918First Boy Scoutmaster BI
375Humphries, Mrs. Delora1928Died 4/10/1928/Age 44
113Hund, HoraceNROwned Farm
31Hune, Frederic1854First German Settlers
365Hunke, Irvin1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
375Hunke, Mrs. Otillie1934Died 2/11/1934/Age 65
22Hunn, Horace1839Early settler
71Hunn, Mrs.1842Died in 1842/ Buried Sanders Ridge
364Hunstock, Genevieve1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Hunstock, Mrs. Arthur1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
375Hunstock, Theodor1935Died 8/9/1935/Age 67
241Hunt, P.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
106Huntington, ElizabethNRChild of Sam. D. Huntington & Marie Robinson
106Huntington, ElizabethNRMarried David Sutherland
106Huntington, EuniceNRChild of Sam. D. Huntington & Marie Robinson
106Huntington, EuniceNRMarried Alden F. Peirce
106Huntington, FannieNRChild of Sam. D. Huntington & Marie Robinson
106Huntington, FannieNRMarried Heber S. Rexford
93Huntington, FannyNRDaughter of Samuel D. Huntington
93Huntington, FannyNRWife of Heber Squier Rexford
149Huntington, Henry1852Station Agent of Rock Island Railroad in BI
375Huntington, Henry1913Died 10/1/1913/RI RR conductor
106Huntington, Henry H.NRChild of Sam. D. Huntington & Marie Robinson
106Huntington, Henry H.NRMarried Susie Lyman
375Huntington, Henry H.1926Died12/10/1926/Age 46/RI RR conductor
31Huntington, Henry R. (Hank)1840'sSon of S. D. Huntington
31Huntington, Henry R. (Hank)1840'sChicago RI RR
213Huntington, Mrs.NRHeld St. Aidan's Lenten services in home
375Huntington, Mrs. Clara1927Died 8/6/1927/Age 51/Wife of Henry
95Huntington, Mrs. Samuel D.NRDaughter of James Robinson
95Huntington, Mrs. Samuel D.NRChild of James Robinson
24Huntington, S. D.NRFirst Constable
26Huntington, S. D.NRHunters
106Huntington, Samuel D.1845Arriv. BI 1845
106Huntington, Samuel D.1887Died 3/30/1887
106Huntington, Samuel D.NRMarried Marie Robinson
106Huntington, Samuel D.NRBorn Hanover, NY/Blacksmith
107Huntington, Samuel D.NRFirst BI Constable/Boss RI RR gravel train
107Huntington, Samuel D.NRFirst BI Station agent for RI RR
143Huntington, Samuel D.1875-1878Trustee
31Huntington, Samuel D.1845First Constable/Farmer/Railroader/Cattleman
143Huntington, W. J.1882-1883Police Captain (Replaced Ethan Wattles)
106Huntington, WalterNRChild of Sam. D. Huntington & Marie Robinson
106Huntington, WalterNRMarried Caroline Hageman
119Huntington, WalterNRMarried Caroline (Daugh) Hageman
130Huntington, Walter18819/5/1881, Police Capt. & Supt. Of Waterworks
131Huntington, Walter18823/6/1882,Resigned as Police Capt
144Huntington, Walter1893-1894Captain of Police
226Hupe, Anita1934-1935BI Jr. Women's Club/1935-1936/Treasurer
364Hupe, Mrs. Anita1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
375Hupe, Mrs. Margaret1933Died 12/13/1933/Age 75
61Hupke, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
64Huppel, John1850'sMember of the German Theater
66Huppel, John1850'sVolunteer Fireman
66Huppel, John1850'sTinsmith
77Huppel, John1860'sPhoto/Residence and shop
99Huppel, JohnNRTin Shop Owner
107Huppel, John1856Arriv. From Ger. 1856
107Huppel, JohnNRTinsmith Shop
107Huppel, JohnNRMarried The Widow of Ernst Boermel
64Hupple, John1850'sAlerted townsmen of fires
334Hurlbut, L. R.1919Ward Captain Red Cross Local Drive/4th ward
241Hurley, M.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
104Hurst, EmilyNRMarried Carl Faber Sr.
247Hutchins, C. B.1930State Bank of BI/Director
248Hutchins, C. B.1935State Bank of BI/Board of Directors
248Hutchins, C. B.1935Hutchins Lumber Co.
248Hutchins, C. B.1935State Bank of BI/President
247Hutchins, Ralph G.1930State Bank of BI/Advisory Committee
141Ide, A. L.1899Bid accepted for steam engine
137Iglehart, Charles1893Awarded contract for water pipes
46Iglehart, Charles D.NROrchard grower
375Iglehart, Charles W.1927Died 12/23/1927/Age 51
358Iglehart, Mrs. Modesta1935BI Resident 55 yrs.
69Iglehart, Nicholas1853Organized BI Plank Road Company
375Iglehart, Nicholas Holbrook1920Died 12/28/1920/Age 83
107Ihde, EmilieNRChild of John Ihde
52Ihde, John1859Shoemaker
91Ihde, JohnNRCivil War
107Ihde, John1859Born in Ger./ Arriv BI 1859
107Ihde, JohnNROwner shoe shop/
107Ihde, LouiseNRChild of John Ihde
107Ihde, MinaNRChild of John Ihde
107Ihde, OttoNRChild of John Ihde
107Ihde, SadieNRChild of John Ihde
375Illi, Eric Max1931Died 4/15/1931/Age 32
88Illingsworth, Joshua B.1850'sDir. RI Blacksmith shop/Foreman/Head smith
366Inman, George1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
320Int'l Union of Steam EngineersNRWould work brick yards if strike wasn't settled
282Iodine1925Escapee in the Express Robbery
110Irvin, HamiltonNRMarried Anna Massey
110Irwin, Mr.NRMarried Anna M. Massey
224Irwin, Mrs.1890'sCharter Member BI Women's Club/
375Isler, Fredericka1918Died 3/26/1918/Age 74
323Isler, Harry1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
236Isler, Margaret1935Daughters of Veterans/Jr. Vice Pres.
199Israel1864Pastorate-9 mos./Dismiss. for non Luth. Ideas
335Itach, John W.1918Victim of Spanish Influenza
22Jackson, N. J.NRThird Owner of American House
208Jackson, Ruth1935Sunday School Teacher of Full Gospel Mission
58Jackson, William A.1850Elected Orland Town Supervisor
58Jacobi, Christian1858Murdered wife & hung in 1859
223Jaeger, AnthonyNRMember BI Lions Club
375Jaeger, Frank1927Died 12/29/1927/Age 59
236Jaehnke, Ferdinand1895Charter Member/Plattdeutsche Gilde Germ. #37
106Jaehnke, OttoNRMarried Caroline Hopf
375Jaglowitz, Mrs. Rose1931Died 5/30/1931/Age 61
375Jahnke, August1928Died 8/1/1928/Age 64
108Jahnke, JohnNRMarried Johanna Kort
375Jahnke, Otto1935Died 6/23/1935 Age 73
241Jaiser, Katherine1904Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Charter Member
234James, Anna1935Sons & Daughters of Liberty/Jr. Ex-Counselor
241James, Anna1936Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Modesty
366James, Betty1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367James, Betty1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
249James, Dr. R. L.NRLocal Surgeon in favor of a Blue Island Hospital
196James, Dr. R. L.1800'sEarly Subscriber to telephone lines
217James, Dr. R. L.1906-1922President, Board of Education 1906-1922
238James, Dr. R. L.1900Charter Mem. Fidelity Life Asso., # 369
322James, Dr. R. L.1918Appointed Chairman Draft Board # 7
336James, Dr. R. L.1919Chrmn. of Veterans' Welcome home celebration
321-322James, Dr. R. L.1917Draft Board # 7
375James, Edwin A.1923Died 2/9/1923/Age 40
366James, Kathryn1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367James, Kathryn1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
261James, Mrs. Anna1923Settled personal injury claim/Fell on sidewalk
375James, Mrs. Mary Ann1933Died 2/8/1933/Age 77
228James, Mrs. R. L.NRIn charge of bed garments/Women's War Work
235James, Mrs. R. L.1920American Legion Ladies Auxiliary/Finance Offic.
239James, Myrtle1935Ladies Aux. BRT, Roy. Neigh. Ldg/Inner Guard
234James, R. L.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
323James, Robert1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Signal Corp
323James, Russell1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
375Jameson, John Forrester1923Died 9/3/1923/Age 49/RI yardmaster
240Jameson, Kate1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Charter Mem.
240Jameson, Kate1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple /Manager
210Jandura, Andrew1907Charter Member Slovak Lutheran Church
211Jandura, Andrew1935Church Council/Treasurer
211Jandura, Anna1935Church Council/Organist
364Janko, Violet1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Jankowski, Francis1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
241Jankowski, Frank1932-33United Span. War Vet./Office of the Guard
241Jankowski, Frank1935United Span. War Vet./Officer of the Guard
365Jankowski, Frank1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
113Janssen, Margaretha CatherineNRMarried in Vedirpstedt 1/30/1853
113Janssen, Margaretha CatherineNRMarried John Jacob Rock
62Janssen, William1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
366Janssen, Wm.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
298Jarrain, A. B.1928Died 5/8/1928/Former Aldrm. 6th Ward
347Jauchzer, Herman1910-1913Alderman 1st Ward
105Jauchzer, Herman Jr.NRMarried Mina Heckler
111Jauchzer, Herman Jr.NRMarried Bertha Dreischerf Mihm
111Jauchzer, Herman Jr.NRCity Councilman
171Jauchzer, Herman L.19124/4/1912, Elected Alderman 1st Ward
171Jauchzer, Herman L.1912Introduced resolution for judgment against city
364Jauchzer, Miss Dorothy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
31Jauchzer, Theo.Late 1850'sFirst German Settlers
64Jauchzer, Theodor1850'sMember of the German Theater
107Jauchzer, Theodore1852Arriv. BI 1852
107Jauchzer, TheodoreNROwned Butcher Shop/Kept RR Saloon
234Jaun, Arthur1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Sr. Warden
238Jaun, Gottlieb1900Charter Mem. Fidelity Life Asso., # 369
238Jaun, Gottlieb1900Fidelity Life Asso. # 369/President
107Jebens, AlfredNRChild of Fred Jebens
358Jebens, Anna L.1935BI Resident 74 yrs.
107Jebens, Claus1850From Schleswig-Holstein, Ger.,1850
107Jebens, Claus1855Arriv. Vicinity of BI 1855
107Jebens, FredNRChild of Claus Jebens
107Jebens, Fred1876Estab. Hardware Store 1876
375Jebens, Fred1914Died 9/21/1914/Hardware merchant
107Jebens, John1857Child of Claus Jebens
107Jebens, JohnNRMarried Anne Ludwig
107Jebens, John Jr.NRChild of Fred Jebens
107Jebens, MinnieNRChild of Claus Jebens
107Jebens, WilliamNRChild of Fred Jebens
194Jebsen, BenNRProminent role in Brickmakers Loc. # 3
308Jebsen, Ben1932Civil Service Board President
338Jebsen, Ben1931Appointed to Civil Service Board
342Jebsen, Ben1933Appointed Civil Service Commissioner
342Jebsen, Ben1934Died 1933/Member of Civil Service Comm.
342Jebsen, Bernard C.1934Died 1933/Civil Service Board
375Jebsen, Bernhardt Claus1934Died 2/2/1934/Age 55
367Jebsen, LaVila1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
305Jellema, D. W.1935Assessor/331 W. 110th St., Chicago
176Jenkins, William1915Appointed Patrolman
365Jenkinson, Irma1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
293Jenner, Frank1926Appointed motorcycle man
309Jenner, Frank1935-1936Photo/Patrolman
375Jenner, James D.1923Died 2/4/1923/Age 77
375Jenner, Janette1919Died 1/26/1919/Age 21
358Jenner, Mrs. Emily1935BI Resident 46 yrs.
375Jennings, Mrs. Caroline Doberteen1923Died 1/6/1923/Age 76
241Jensen, Frances1932Roosevelt Aux. # 95 Span. Vets/Sr. Vice Pres.
364Jensen, Jno.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Jensen, Mrs. Jno.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
376Jensen, Mrs. Magdalene1935Died 2/7/1935/Age 75/Wife of Simon
365Jensen, P. H.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
241Jensen, Peter1932-33United Span. War Vet./Office of the Day
241Jensen, Peter1935United Span. War Vet./Officer of the Day
366Jepeway, Glendora1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
359Jepeway, Mrs.1935BI Centennial Asso./Song Fest. Committee
364Jepeway, Vivian1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
376Jerrain, A.1928Died 5/28/1928/Alderman 6th ward
292Jerrain, A. B.19264/20/1926/Elected Alderman 6th Ward (2 yrs.)
350Jerrain, A. B.19261926/Alderman 6th Ward
350Jerrain, A. B.19271927/Alderman 6th Ward
376Jerrain, Charlotte H.1928Died 9/29/1928/Age 64
364Jerstrom, Ann1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
363Jerstrom, Mrs. Irene Hegner1935Piano assist for "Wings of Time" Production
376Jeru, Mrs. Mary1930Died 5/22/1930/Age 46
239Jerue, Caroline1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Pillar-815 BLA/Trustee Justice
239Jerue, J. F.1935W. S. Tinsman Div.
239Jerue, J. F.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Legal Rep.
213Jerue, John1935Executive committee of St. Aidan's Epis. Ch.
213Jerue, John1918Active in second part of St. Aidan's History
213Jerue, John F.NRActive in the first Mission of St. Aidan's
149Jervis, Mr.NRChief Engineer Rock Island RR
212Jeszinski, Fr.NRPastor/St. Donatus Catholic Ch.
376Jezisik, Henry1933Died 12/8/1933/Age 48
246Jezisik, Joseph1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
376Jezisik, Mrs. Mary Semred1931Died 9/11/1931/Age 52/Wife of Joseph
289Joens, Al H.1935Post Office substitute mail carrier
309Joens, Harry1935-1936Photo/Patrolman
217Joens, J. C.1934Elected Pres. Of High School Board of Ed.
250Joens, J. C.1918Blue Island Boy Scout Committee Troop # 780
331Joens, J. JohnNRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
376Joens, J. John1923Died 9/2/1923/Age 70/Lumberman
304Joens, John1935-1936Library Board Member
347Joens, John19011901/Alderman 2nd Ward
231Joens, John C.1935Library Board/BI Public Library/Pres.
260Joens, John C.1923Reappointed Library Board of Directors
343Joens, John C.1934Appointed to library board
176Joens, John J.1915Apptd. Asst. Desk Sgt., Juv. Off., Welfare Off.
367Joens, Mildred1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
240Joens, Mrs. Al1935Ladies Aux. NALC # 453/Vice President
376Joens, Mrs. Anna Maria1927Died 6/16/1927/Age 77
366Joens, Mrs. Geo.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Joens, Mrs. Geo.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
363Joens, Mrs. George1935Make-up Direc. for "Wings of Time" Production
345Joens, Otto C.19354/16/1935 Ran for Alderman 1st Ward
77Johler Family1860'sPhoto/Residence and shop
92Johler, AugustNRCivil War
99Johler, August1857Paint Shop Owner/Arriv. 1857/Died 6/17/1906
99Johler, AugustNRCivil War
66Johler, Charles1850'sVolunteer Fireman
112Johler, CharlesNRMarried Theresa Reichert
67Johler, Conrad1886Treasure/ Concordia Ternverein
240Johler, Elizabeth1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Trustee
376Johler, Gustave1932Died 2/9/1932/Age 56
240Johler, Lizzie1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Charter Mem.
240Johler, Lizzie1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25 /Exalted Junior
342Johler, Louis1933Died 1933/Former Police Dept. desk sergeant
376Johler, Louis B.1933Died 9/4/1933/Age 59
376Johler, William1919Died 10/21/1919/Age 58
213John Kent1935Executive committee of St. Aidan's Epis. Ch.
207Johnson, Alfred1889Chosen Trustee Swedish Lutheran Siloa Ch.
323Johnson, Alwin1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
241Johnson, C. E.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
376Johnson, Claude1930Died 4/21/1930/Age 38
366Johnson, Dorothy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
331Johnson, E.1919Charter member Allied Veterans of Blue Island
193Johnson, Earl D.1933Established Adeline Cake Kitchen
234Johnson, ElmerNRRoyal Arch Mason/King
234Johnson, Elmer T.1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Treasurer
367Johnson, Gene1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
376Johnson, George1935Died 1/29/1935/Age 71
208Johnson, Harold1935Deacon/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
246Johnson, Harry A.1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
376Johnson, John1929Died 2/17/1929/Age 83
208Johnson, Leif1935Trustee/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
364Johnson, Lloyd1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
345Johnson, Louis19354/16/1935 Ran for City Treasurer
164Johnson, Louis P19011st Election/Ran for Alderman 5th Ward
358Johnson, Louis P.1935BI Resident 46 yrs.
376Johnson, Mrs. Elmer M.1923Died 6/5/1923/Age 42
376Johnson, Mrs. Helen1928Died 3/17/1928/Age 32
225Johnson, Mrs. Jennie Cordt1929-1930Pres./BI Women's Club/1929-1930
234Johnson, Phil C.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
376Johnson, Philip C.1933Died 2/2/1933/Age 51/piano manufacturer
214Johnson, Rev. Carl1930Pastor/Swedish Convenant Church/Left 8/1935
89Johnson, Seth1842Lieutenant-colonel
69Johnson, William F.1853Organized BI Plank Road Company
208Johnson. Carl1935Deacon/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
239Johnston, Fred1911W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/S. E.
354Jolson, Al1929In Singing Fool"/First talking pictures in BI
91Jonas, AugustNRCivil War/82nd IL Infantry
29JonesCirca 1849Families Professing Universalistic Faith
376Jones, Asa C.1920Died 2/9/1920/Age 38/At Jackson, Tenn.
282Jones, Augustus "Babe"1933Arrested/suspect in Hackett Kidnapping
282Jones, Augustus "Babe"1934Convict. in Hackett kidnapping/35 yr. Sentence
367Jones, Dorothy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
376Jones, Eda1914Died 4/18/1914/Age 74/at Pasadena, CA.
376Jones, EdaNRFirst white child born in Blue Island
58Jones, Eda Ann1840First female child born in settlement
46Jones, Edie AnnNRFirst White Female Born in Blue Island
46Jones, Edie AnnNRPhoto/Carpet Weaver
131Jones, Frank1882School Director/ Petitioner for water line
151Jones, Frank1868Rock Island RR Conductor/Suburban Line
293Jones, Harry1926Appointed Desk Sergeant
347Jones, J.19131913/Mayor
348Jones, J.19141914/Mayor
348Jones, J.19161916/Mayor
348Jones, J.19151915/Mayor
164Jones, J. John19011st Election/Elected Alderman 2nd Ward
164Jones, J. John1901Judiciary Committee, City Council
164Jones, J. John1901License Committee, City Council
164Jones, J. John1901Plats, Public Grounds & Bldg. Committee,
164Jones, J. John1901Local Assessments Committee, City Council
164Jones, J. John1901Voted to pass Geist Franchise Ordinance
47Jones, Jerry1850'sManager United Breweries
171Jones, Jerry19124/4/1912, Elected Alderman 4th Ward
171Jones, Jerry1912Photo
172Jones, Jerry1913Alderman/Proposed obtaining Lake MI water
172Jones, Jerry19134/15/1913 Elected Mayor
174Jones, Jerry1914Mayor/ Wrote about obtaining Chicago Water
174Jones, Jerry19144/15/1915 Elected Mayor
178Jones, Jerry19174/17/1917 Ran for Mayor
235Jones, JerryNRMember Fraternal Order of Eagles
244Jones, JerryNRCashier at Zacharias, Bourke & Co.
347Jones, Jerry19061906/Alderman 4th Ward
347Jones, Jerry19071907/Alderman 4th Ward
347Jones, Jerry19101910/Alderman 4th Ward
347Jones, Jerry19111911/Alderman 4th Ward
347Jones, Jerry19121912/Alderman 4th Ward
234Jones, Jerry1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
210Jones, John Earl19242nd Organization of Church/Clerk
46Jones, Martha CrandallNRMother Of First white child born in BI
46Jones, Martha CrandallNRWife of Steven Jones
46Jones, Martha Crandall1837Second Marriage performed in Village
46Jones, Martha CrandallNRPhoto/Carpet Weaver
278Jones, Mayor Jerry1915Went to Buffalo, NY to pick up murderer
177-178Jones, Mayor Jerry1916-17Disputed bid by Seagrave and LaFrance
288Jones, Mr.1913Mayor of Blue Island
376Jones, Mrs. Agnes1934Died 11/7/1934/Age 76
256Jones, Myron1921Editor/Sun Standard
256Jones, MyronNREditor/The Suburban Star
257Jones, Myron1930Business Manager/The Suburban Star
257Jones, Myron1932Editor of The Free Press
124Jones, S. D.1842Clerk of the Election
251Jones, S. D.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
22Jones, S. D. (Decatur)1836Son of Stephen Jones
52Jones, Stephan1837Wagonmaker
67Jones, Stephan1837Second Marriage in settlement
67Jones, Stephan1837Married Martha Jones
22Jones, StephenDied 1851Wagon Shop Owner/ Broom County, NY
46Jones, Stephen1837Second Marriage performed in Village
376Jones, Stephen Decatur1909Died 4/28/1909/merchant
357Jones, T. A.1935BI Resident /El Reno, Okla.
238Jorden, Maude1936Order of Eastern Star # 789/Asso.Conductress
239Jors, Mae1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/President
376Jors, Mrs. Carl1924Died 12/22/1924
376Jors, Mrs. Marie1924Died 12/22/1924/Age 78
239Joss, Christine1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Vice Pres.
239Joss, Christine1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Trustee
52Jostes, Clemens1856Shoemaker
53Jostes, Clemens1850'sOccupied Sherwood residence
65Jostes, Clement1850'sMember of the Turnverein
240Jostes, Freda M.1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
52Jostes, John1856Shoemaker
53Jostes, John1850'sOccupied Sherwood residence
235Juachzer, Herman1935Knights of Columbus/Trustee
367Juby, Donald1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
235Juby, Etta1935Amer. Legion Ladies Auxill./Left Color Bearer
376Juby, John1924Died 12/15/1924
367Juby, Kathleen1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
376Juby, Miss Ellen1928Died 11/4/1928/Age 36
364Juby, Mrs. Etta1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
376Juby, Mrs. J.1921Died 10/5/1921
366Juby, W.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
333Juby, Wm.1935-1936American Legion Post # 50/Commander
359Juby, Wm.1935BI Centennial Asso./Parade Committee
359Juby, Wm.1935BI Centennial Asso./Amer. Legion Day Comm.
149Judd, Mr.NRWell known citizen of Chicago
376Jurgensen, Mrs. Peter1925Died 10/1/1925/Age 58

Compiled then contributed May 2000 by Carolyn O’Brien