Blue Island Index: A-E Surnames

Index to the First Hundred Years 1835-1935 Historical Review of Blue Island, Illinois, written by John H. Volp.  This index is drawn from historical documents, letters, personal recollections, newspaper articles, photos, and countless other resources used for these two books.  

The other surname indexes are listed on the Records & Resources page. 

371Abbe, Mrs. Christian1924Died 12/8/1924/Age 59
27Abel, Joseph1860Headmaster, School For Germans
371Abson, James1931Died 10/25/1931/Munster, IN./Age 68
371Abson, JamesNRMerchant
359Adair, Harvey1935BI Centennial Asso./Farmer's Day Committee
27,45Adams, Carl1856Headmaster, German School
263Adams, Charles1924Died 1924/Former Alderman Fifth Ward
348Adams, Charles19171917/Alderman 5th Ward
348Adams, Charles19181918/Alderman 5th Ward
371Adams, Charles1924Died 11/15/1924/Haywood, WI./Age 57
91Adams, MiltonNRCivil War/Co G, 88th IL Infantry
204Adams, Rev. J. A.1898Pastor/Congregational Ch. 1898
204Adams, Rev. J. A.NRAsso. Editor of "Advance", Congre. Weekly
239Ahern, Daniel1935W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/Chaplain
31Ahlschlaeger, Christ1854First German Settler
208Ahnell, Chas.1935Trustee/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
250Aiken, Dr. A. C.NRBoy Scout Executive Committee
223Aiken, Dr. Ralph C.NRMember BI Lions Club
371Airey, Mrs. Susan1927Died 2/11/1927/Age 73/Wife of Robert
176Airey, Robert1915Appointed Patrolman
196Airey, Robert1800'sEarly Subscriber to telephone lines
341Airey, Robert H.1933Died 1933/Member of BI Police Dept.
371Airey, Robert H.1933Died 3/24/1933/Age 76
371Airey, Robert H.NRPolice Officer
205Aitchison, Rev. William1923-1927Pastor/Congregational Ch. 5/1923-1/31/1927
304Aitchison, William1935Justice of the Peace/12641 Fairview Ave., BI
202-203Ake, Rev. W. H.1920-1923Pastor/M. E. Church/10/1920-1923/Il & IN
100Akin, JaneNRMarried Hardin B. Brayton
240Alamprese, Pasquale1933SOI/Prince Umbert de Savoia Chpt./Pres.
236Albee, Harriet1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
366-367Albino, Eleanor1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Albino, Tony1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
238Albrecht, Otto1936Fidelity Life Asso. # 369/Prefect
371Albright, G. S.1935Died 9/17/1935/Age 52
291Albritten, Rev.1914Offered prayer at opening of new Post Office
203Albritton, J. L.1912-1915Pastor/M. E. Church/1912-1915
203Albritton, J. L.NRServ. churches in KY, OH, PA, MT, TX, UT, IL
203Albritton, J. L.NRServed 15 mos. In Union Army
203Albritton, J. L.1931Chaplain, G. A. R. (IL)/Died 3/24/1931
367Alderson, Mrs.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
234Alexander, Alfred1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
371Alexander, Alfred1927Died 11/27/1927
371Alexander, AlfredNRDry goods merchant
367Alexander, Jackie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366-367Alexander, Jean1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
119Alexander, JennieNRDaughter of Marshall Alexander
119Alexander, JennieNRMarried Charles Young
366Alexander, Juanita1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
144Alexander, M.1889-1890Trustee
144Alexander, Marshall1888-1889Trustee
371Alexander, Marshall1923Died 1/6/1923/Los Angeles, CA./Age 99
371Alexander, MarshallNRRR contractor/roadmaster RI RR
371Alexander, Mrs. Lillie19232/13/1923/56/Age 56/Wife of Alfred
201Alexander, Nancy1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
249Alexia, Sister M.1904Superior/Arriv. St. Francis Hosp 11/29/1904
250Alexia, Sister M.1905-1911Acted as Superior for St. Francis Hospital
250Alexia, Sister M.1932Acted as Superior for St. Francis Hospital
367Allan, Caryl1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Allan, Donald1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
204Allen , Dr. & Mrs. Charles1860Joined Congregational Church,1860
240Allen Archie1902BI Lettercarriers Secretary
289Allen Archie1935Post Office mail carrier
358Allen Mrs. Violet1935BI Resident 38 yrs.
240Allen, Mrs. Archie1935Ladies Aux. NALC # 453/Treasurer
371Allen, Mrs. Emma B.1923Died 6/27/1923/Age 51
204Allen, Rev. W. C.1896-1897Pastor/ Congregational Ch. 1/1/1896-5/31/1897
13Allouez, Father1600'sVisitor
213Alm, A. F.1918-Active member of St. Aidan's Mission
213Alm, Mrs. A. F.NRFirst Choir member, St. Aidan's Epis. Mission
46Alschuler, Sammuel1855Owner Photo Studio in the Dow House
358Alsip, Frieda1935BI Resident 48 yrs.
371Alsip, Horace G.1933Died 11/22/1933/Age 72
167,266Alvord, J. W.1909Consulting Engineer, investigated City Water
367,371Amato, Charlotte1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
220Amelung, H.NRTeacher Lutheran Parochial School
371Amelung, Henry1930Died 12/17/1930/Age 74
331Amelung, MartinNRWard Captain 4th Liberty Loan Drive/5th Ward
334Amelung, Martin1919Ward Captain Red Cross Local Drive/1st ward
371Amelung, Mrs. Henry1927Died 7/29/1927/Age 51
358Amenguld, Mrs. George1935BI Resident 51 yrs.
235Ames, Mollie1920BI Rebekah Ldg. 300/Vice Noble Grand
323Ames, Victor1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
62Amft, William1920'sArchiver/member of the Liederkranz
258Andersen, C. J.1921Committeeman/To Decide soldier memorial
258Andersen, Charles19214/19/1921/Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
260Andersen, Charles19234/17/1923 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
348Andersen, Charles1921-19241921Alderman 3rd Ward
345Andersen, Chas.19354/16/1935 Elected City Treasurer
364Andersen, Jewel1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
225Andersen, Ruth1929BI Jr. Women's Club/Treasurer
207Anderson, Alfred1935Deacon/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
371Anderson, Arvid1927Died 6/8/1927/Age 66 yrs.
367Anderson, Barbara1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
213Anderson, Bishop Charles P.1921Gave name to St. Aidan's Episcopal Ch.
371Anderson, Carl1935Died 7/16/1935/Age 66
350Anderson, Charles A.19351935/Treasurer
371Anderson, Charles B.1931Died 5/8/1931/Age 69
304Anderson, Charles J.1935-1936City Treasurer
343Anderson, Chas. J.NRPhoto/Former Alderman and City Treasurer
236Anderson, E.1912Woodmen of the World # 245/Escort
208Anderson, Enger1935Trustee/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
97Anderson, EstherNRMarried to Philip Seyfarth
266Anderson, EverettNRVolunteer Fireman
234Anderson, F. T.1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Senior Deacon
371Anderson, Gustave1923Died 10/21/1923/Age 55
365Anderson, Irene1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
371Anderson, John P.1930Died 9/5/1930/Age 70
235Anderson, Lulu F.1913Woodmen Circle # 80/Manager
367Anderson, Marion1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Anderson, Mrs.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Anderson, Mrs. Bertha1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
371Anderson, Mrs. Christine1922Died 7/17/1922
63Anderson, Ole1920'sPassive member of the Liederkranz
365Anderson, Roy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Anderson, Shirley1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
226Anderson, Sybil1929BI Jr. Women's Club/Member Exec. Board
223Anderson, Wm.NRMember BI Lions Club
119Andres, AdamNRMarried Alvina Zacharias
234Andres, Christian1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
234Andres, Fred H.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
234Andres, Fred H.1916Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Loyal Knight
371Andres, Mrs. Alvina Zacharias1920Died 1/30/1920/Wife of Adam
67Andrews, David1840-60'sLegal Services during 1840-60's
257Andrews, Roy1933Printed Blue Island Bulletin
99Andris, Katherine (Daug. Of Henry)NRChild of Katherine Andris & Henry Bertrand
99Andris, Katherine (Daug. Of Henry)NRMarried to Carl Schuemann
99Andris, Katherine (Mother)NRMarried to Henry Bertrand
87Andrus, Mary L.1851Of Chicago/Married Dr. Henry Douglas of BI
323Angel, Hobart1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
211Angeletti, Rev. J.NROf Chgo./In charge of new St. Donatus parish
206Anselm, Rev.1865-1904Pastor/ St. Benedict Parish
157Anthony, S. H.NROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
359Antilla, Harvey1935BI Centennial Asso./Amer. Legion Day Comm.
333Antilla, Harvey O.1935-1936American Legion Post # 50/Sr. Vice Commndr.
366Antilla, Phyllis1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
124Appel, Jacob1872Trustee Election/119 Votes
125Appel, Jacob1872Committee to procure loan
126Appel, Jacob18732nd Vill. Election 4/15/1873/Trustee
143Appel, Jacob1872-731st Vil. Bd./10/26/1872-4/15/1873/Trustee
143Appel, Jacob1873-1874Trustee
98Appel, John1853Arriv. 1853/Baker
220Appelt, Paul1879-1884Teacher Lutheran Parochial School
366-367Arb, Laura1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
217Arefood, John1927Elected Board of Ed.BI High School/Member
331Aregood, JohnNRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
115Arens, JohnNRMarried Sophia Schuemann
371Arens, Walter W.1934Died 9/28/1934/38 yrs.
277Arezewski, Casimer1914Suspect in Mislich murder crime
277Arezewski, Casimer1914Brick Yard Laborer
278Arezewski, Casimer1915Confessed to the Mislich Family murder
278Arezewski, Casimer1915Insane/Committed to the Chester Penitentiary
104Arl, LouisNRMarried Christine Fritz
143Armold, Michael1874-1875Police Justice
266Arnold, JohnNRVolunteer Fireman
342Arnold, John1933Appointed Playground Commissioner
192Arnold, Mike1881Photo in front of the Cigar Factory
347Aschan, Gustav19061906/Alderman 5th Ward
371Aschbrenner, Mrs. Caroline1922Died 2/4/1922/86 yrs.
371Aschbrenner, Pauline1921Died 12/3/1921/54 yrs.
37Asche, Henry1848Owner/Shoe shop sold to Ferdinand Schapper
52Asche, Henry1849Shoemaker
166,371Aschen, Gustave1907Died 3/13/1907/Alderman 5th Ward
204Atchison, Rev. Wilbur F.NRResident of Morgan Park
204Atchison, Rev. Wilbur F.1908-1916Pastor/Congregational Ch. 1908-1916
204Atkinson, Family1860Left BI in spring of 1860
203Atkinson, Mr. & Mrs. P.1860Signed Atricles of Faith/Congregational Faith
164Atkinson, R. C.19011st Election/Ran for Alderman 4th Ward
348Atkinson, Robert19201920/Alderman 1st Ward
348Atkinson, Robert19211921/Alderman 1st Ward
371Atkinson, Robert Jr.1934Died 7/12/1934/By drowning/25 yrs.
29-30Atwood Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrivals
92Atwood, Harry F.1897Span. Amer. War/Sergeant
371Atwood, Harry F.1930Died 12/13/1930/Attorney/Lecturer
234Atwood, Orville E.1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
204Auld, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel1860Joined Congregational Church,1860
124Auld, R. C.1872Clerk of the Election
234Auld, Robert C.1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
124Auld, Samuel1872Trustee Election/Rec'd 1 Vote
341Aulwurm, Clifford19334/24/1933 Elected City Treasurer
234Aulwurm, Henry C.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
371Aulwurm, Mrs. Henry1933Died 5/3/1933/Age 88
371Aulwurm, Mrs. Henry C.1928Died 9/17/1928/Age 55
335Aulwurm, The BrothersNRHad "Liberty Barrel" installed in front of store
223Aulwurn, Clifford1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
89Austin, James1848Fifth Co. 63rd/ 106th Regiment/Lieutenant
189Austin, M.NRAcquired Wireton Heating Co.
93Ayer, RoxanneNRSecond Wife of Benajah Rexford
323Babb, Harry W.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
366Babbit, George1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
289Babbs, Orville C.1935Post Office Clerk
79Bachelder, Dr.NREarly Days Physician
236Bacon, Laura K.1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
224Bacon, Mrs. Gilbert1890'sCharter Member BI Women's Club
98Baentele, CresenzNRMarried Thomas Becker
365Baer, A. W.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
235Baer, Ann1935BI Rebekah Ldg. 300/Noble Grand
241Baer, Ann1936Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Assist. Marshal
365Baer, Ann1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Baer, Paul1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
32Bahner, HermanNRSecond Owner of Blue Island House
114Bahner, Mr.NRProprietor of Blue Island House
371Bahnke, Charles A.1930Died 9/23/1930/Age 46
238Bahnke, Emma1936Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Supervisor
358Bahnke, Mrs. Emma1935BI Resident 52 yrs.
236Bahr, Carl1935Plattdeutsche Gilde Germ. #37/Recording Sec.
326Bailar, Harry I.1917Co. B, 13th Railway Engineer, Rock Island Rail
258Bailey, Charles1922First paid fireman
157Bailey, George F.NROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
371Bailey, Thomas1914Died 8/23/1914/Age 51
317Baily, Glen W.1930Oak Forest Bus Co./Permission to operate
45Baintele, Anton1854Shingle shop owner
54Baintele, Anton1840-50'sMade wooden shingles by hand
358Baird, Fannie A. Beer1935BI Resident 57 yrs.
239Baker, Alice1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Musician
210Baker, Harold S.19242nd Organization of Church/Chrmn. Board
258Baker, Howard1922First paid fireman
100Baker, LeonaNRMarried Ira S. Brayton
371Baker, Mrs. Electa Ann1935Died 3/24/1935Age 92
239Baker, Mrs. S. F.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
104Baldwin, BetsyNRMarried Royal Fox
201Baldwin, Sarah J.1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
367Ballard, Chester1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
79,95Ballard, EmilyNRMarried to Charles Drake Robinson
79Ballard, Emily1887Died 11/6/1887
95Ballard, Emily1821-87Born 7/22/1821, Died 11/6/1887
371Ballard, Joseph1933Died 8/19/1933/Auto accident/Age 34
366-367Ballard, Marie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Ballard, Mrs. Nell1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
235Ballard, Nellie1935American Legion Ladies Auxiliary/Finan. Sec.
371Balling, Frank V.1931Died 9/19/1931/Pioneer lumberman/Age 71
157Bancroft, W. L.NROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
233Banderob, A.1935Harmonize Lodge member/Record. Sec.
143Banderob, C. F.1887-1888Captain of Police
144Banderob, C. F.1888-1889Captain of Police
144Banderob, C. F.1889-1890Captain of Police
271-272Banderob, F.1896Saloon destroyed by fire
137Banderob, Fred1892Replaced Wattles as Chief of Police
144Banderob, Fred1892-1893Captain of Police
335Banderob, Fred1918Victim of Spanish Influenza
365Banderob, Mr. & Mrs. A.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
371Banderob, Mrs. Doris1930Died 5/25/1930/Age 79
331Bandock, Stanley1919Charter member Allied Veterans of Blue Island
88Barber, Elvira1850Married to Stephan Rexford/Wordsboro, VT.
93Barber, Elvira R.NRSecond Wife of Stephen H. Rexford
231Barickman, Mrs. Rena M.1904-1908Librarian/Blue Island Public Library 1904-1908
371Barlow, Mrs. Grace1925Died 8/1/1925/Age 68/Wife of Ray
28Barnard, Daniel1840'sTeacher in the First School
92Barnard, DanielNRCivil War/88th IL Vol Infantry
361Barnard, Daniel1848First Schoolteacher in BI
366Barnes, Mrs. A.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
151Barney, Mark1870Rock Island RR Engineer/Suburban Line
151Barney, Mark1868Rock Island RR Conductor/Suburban Line
290Barney, Mark1901Post Office free mail carrier
364Barr, Jeanette1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Barr, Mrs. Helen1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
240Barr, Nellie1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/M. of R.C.
247Barrett, Mr.1933State Bank Auditor
154Barron, William T.1856Judge/Passenger on IL Cen. RR in Chgo.,1856
289Barrowman, Hugh1935Post Office custodial force
96Bartel, HenryNRMarried Mathilda Krueger
53Barteleme, Mr.1840'sOwner of Western Av. Property
98Bartels, George1850'sNative Hanover, Ger./Arriv 1850's
358Bartels, Mathilda Krueger1935BI Resident35 yrs./5206 Kenwood Av.
52Barthel, Heinrich1853Shoemaker
98Barthel, Henry1847Native Saxony, Ger./Arriv. 1847
109Barthel, Henry1847Arriv. From Langensalsa, Saxony, Ger.
109Barthel, HenryNRMarried Mathilda Krueger
371Barthelman, Mrs. Mary Angeline1928Died 9/20/1928/Age 84
21Barton, Peter1837Blue Island Promoter
32Barton, Peter1839Sited Platt of Portland
32Barton, Peter1839Subdivided Portland/Owner/Proprietors
42Barton, Peter1835Recollections
46Barton, Peter1836Owner Notions and Groceries Store
211Bartos, John1935Church Council/Recording Sec.
371Bartsch, August1925Died 10/10/1925/Age 59
154Bass, Perkins1856Passenger on IL Cen. RR in Chgo., 1856
369Bassett, Elvira E.18689/22/1868 Married Alonzo Norman Townsend
369Bassett, Elvira E.NROf Bridgewater, VT
194Bassett, HenryNRLocal# 3 Brickmakers Allian./ Pres.
210Bastic, Stephan1907Charter Member Slovak Lutheran Church
366Bastic, Tony1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
89Batchelder, J. H.1848Third Co. 63rd/106th Reg/Lieutenant
266Batek, JosephNRVolunteer Fireman
371Batty, Mrs. Amelia1928Died 4/26/1928/Wife of John
364Bauch, Betty1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Bauch, Marcus T.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
365Bauch, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Bauch, Mr. & Mrs. Wm.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
371Bauch, Mrs. Selma1928Died 5/10/1928/Age 76
91Bauer, AdamNRCivil War/Co. B, 82nd IL Vol. Army
335Bauer, Agnes1918Victim of Spanish Influenza
365Bauer, Alvina1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
358Bauer, Barbara1935BI Resident 50 yrs.
371Bauer, Carl1930Died 4/5/1930/Age 75
371Bauer, Clarence (Happy)1925Died 5/9/1925/Age 32/WWII Vet
102Bauer, CorneliaNRMarried to Frederick Diefenbach
55Bauer, Dr. I. G.1857Pioneer Doctor
98Bauer, EmmaNRChild of George Bauer
98Bauer, EmmaNRMarried Edward Heide
221Bauer, Fred1925School board purchased his land
248Bauer, Fred1905-1915BI Headquarters of NE IL Fancier's Asso.
98Bauer, Fred C.NRChild of George Bauer
31Bauer, GeorgeLate 1850'sBrother of Henry
31Bauer, GeorgeLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers/Owner Slaughterhouse
92Bauer, GeorgeNRCivil War
98Bauer, George1850'sArriv. 1850's/Butcher/Civil War Vet
98Bauer, GeorgeNRFather of Fed C. & Emma
31Bauer, HenryLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers/Brother of George
32Bauer, HenryNRFirst Brewery Owner
98Bauer, Henry1849Arriv. 1849/Built Brewery/Saxe-Coburg, Ger.
371Bauer, Henry1919Died 2/24/1919Age 69
98Bauer, J. G.1857Arriv. 1857/Physician
77Bauer, Mr.1860'sPhoto/Bakery
358Bauer, Mrs. Alvina1935BI Resident 63 yrs.
365Bauer, Mrs. Alvina1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
371Bauer, Mrs. Elizabeth1928Died 3/27/1928/Age 94/Pioneer Resident
124Bauer, W. C.1872Trustee Election/188 Votes
143Bauer, W. C.1872-731st Bd. 10-26/1872-4/15/1873/Trustee
208Bauerlein, Pastor George1920'sAssociated with Evangelist Paul Rader
208Bauerlein, Pastor George1920'sFirst Pastor/ Full Gospel Mission
98Bauman, AnnieNRChild of Bernhard Bauman
98Bauman, AnnieNRMarried Andrew Rauwolf
98Bauman, BenNRChild of Bernhard Bauman
98Bauman, Bernhard1903, 1850'sArriv. From Germany 1850's/Died 1903
345Bauman, Henry19354/16/1935 Ran for Alderman 1st Ward
98Bauman, RosaNRMarried Frank Rauwolf
98Bauman, RosaNRChild of Bernhard Bauman
98Bauman, TheresaNRChild of Bernhard Bauman
98Bauman, TheresaNRMarried George Messerer
136Baumann & Rauwolf1890Submitted plans for new village hall
206Baumann, BernardNREarly settlers & Founder St. Benedict Cath. Ch
371Baumann, Bernhard1903Died 1903
359Baumann, Henry1935BI Centennial Asso./Homecoming Comm.
223Baumann, Henry1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
223-224Baumann, Henry G.1935BI Lions Club/Pres/1935
371Baumann, Mrs. Frieda1932Died 5/9/1932/Age 74
98Baumbach, FerdinandNRChild of William Baumbach
98Baumbach, FerdinandNRMarried Sophia Kreinbrink
241Baumbach, Ferdinand1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
367Baumbach, Frances1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
238Baumbach, Henrietta1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
358Baumbach, Henrietta1935BI Resident 77 yrs.
98Baumbach, OttoNRChild of William Baumbach
98Baumbach, OttoNRMarried Mina Mehlhorn
371Baumbach, Otto1917Died 10/1917
71Baumbach, William1867Trustee of Old Blue Island Cemetery Asso.
98Baumbach, WilliamNRMarried Henrietta Marx
238Baumbach, William1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
323Baumbach, William1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
371Baumbach, William1911Died 1/1911/Merchant/Tailor
98Baumbach, William Jr.NRChild of William Baumbach
98Baumbach, William Sr.1850Native of Saxe-Gotha/Arriv. 1850/Tailor
31Baumbach, Wm1850First German Settlers
123Baumbach, Wm.18727/5/1872 Petitioner for Village Organiz.
271-272Baumbach, Wm.1896Tailor shop destroyed by fire
371Bausor, James W.1927Died 12/21/1927/Age 64
236Beard, Bernice1935Daughters of Veterans/Council Member
356-357Beasley, J. Norman1935Director of Homewood Municipal Band
363Beasley, Mr. J. Norman1935Music Director for "Wings of Time" Production
364Beasley, Mrs. Mattie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
371Beateau, Honore1933Died 2/19/1933/Age 61
371Becker, August C.1931Died 5/8/1931/Age 65
198Becker, B.1887-1892Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1887-1892
98Becker, CarrieNRChild of Thomas Becker Jr.
98Becker, CarrieNRMarried Otto Wilke
98Becker, Christian Jr.1852Arriv. 1852/Assessor Calumet Twnsp
98Becker, Christian Jr.1852Trapper/Fur Buyer/Farmer/Son of Christian Sr.
98Becker, Christian Jr.NRChild of Christian Becker Sr.
98Becker, Christian Sr.1850'sArriv. 1850's
371Becker, Mrs. Crescentia1933Died 6/16/1933/Age 89/Pioneer
98Becker, Thomas Jr.NRChild of Thomas Becker Sr.
98Becker, Thomas Jr.NRSuperv. Of Calumet Twnsp.
98Becker, Thomas Jr.NRMarried Bertha Meyer
98Becker, Thomas Sr.NRChild of Christian Becker Sr.
371Becker, Thomas Sr.1913Died 10/4/1913/Early Settler
98Becker, Thomas Sr.1841Born 1841/Married Cresenz Baentele
371Becker, Tobias Anton1920Died 9/2/1920/Age 56/Calumet Twn. Superv.
98Becker, ValentineNRChild of Christian Becker Sr.
98Becker, ValentineNRChild of Thomas Becker Jr.
98Becker, Valentine (Child of T. Becker Jr.)NRMarried Katherine Kiessling
102Beckley, Charlotte1860Married Frederick Diefenbach 8/10/1860
102Beckley, Charlotte1866Of Lake County IN/Died 1866
106Beckstrom, AliceNRMarried Edward Hopf
323Becktel, Ralph F.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Hospital Corps
298Beckwith, John J.1928Asst. attorney Sanitary Dist.
206Beda, Fr.1884Built First Rectory of St. Benedict Church
206Beda, Rev.1865-1904Pastor/ St. Benedict Parish
371Beedy, Mrs. Anna1930Died 7/14/1930/Age 91/Bay City, TX.
319Beemsterboer, Simon1923Purchased property at 293 Western Ave.
319Beemsterboer, Simon1927Bought property at Western Av. And New St.
99Beer, AnnaNRChild of Minnie Krueger & Henry Beer
99Beer, FannieNRChild of Minnie Krueger & Henry Beer
251Beer, Henry1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
302Beer, HenryNRBought Weston bldg. To be used as veterinary
371Beer, Henry1920Died 5/9/1920/Age 75/Veterinarian
98Beer, Henry J.1845Born Hanover, Ger. 5/24/1845/Veterinarian
98Beer, Henry J.1872Arriv. BI 1872/Deputy Sher. Cook County 1882
96, 99Beer, Henry J.NRMarried Minna (Minnie) Krueger/Daug of Ludwig)
137Beer, Henry J.1892Replaced H. F. Klein as Village Treasurer
174Beer, Henry J.19144/15/1915 Ran for City Treasurer
264Beer, Henry J.18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
264Beer, Henry J.1879Committee to raise funds for fire ladder wagon
144Beer, Henry J.1892-1893Treasurer (Partial Term-replaced H. F. Klein)
99Beer, HerminaNRChild of Minnie Krueger & Henry Beer
99Beer, JohnNRChild of Minnie Krueger & Henry Beer
109Beer, JohnNRBrother of Henry J. Beer
168Beer, John L.19114/18/1911, Elected City Treasurer
234Beer, John L.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
340Beer, John L.1933Died 1933/Former City Treasurer
347Beer, John L.1911-19121911/Treasurer
371Beer, John L.1932Died 11/28/1932Age 53/Veterinarian- US Govt. Inspect.
99Beer, ModestaNRChild of Minnie Krueger & Henry Beer
99Beer, PaulinaNRChild of Minnie Krueger & Henry Beer
264Behrens, Nick18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
270Behrens, Nick1880'sPhoto Volunteer Fire Dept early 1880's
371Beier, Frank1935Died 4/2/1935/Age 84
212Beige, Elder William A.1935Presided at 1st meet. of Central Ch. of Christ
212Beige, Elder William A.1935Of the First Church of Harvey
223Bell, C. J.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
205Bell, Mrs. Aylesworth B. Bell1935Pres./ The Pilgrim Guild/ Congre. Church
355Bell, Rec. Aylesworth B.1935Pastor of First Congregational Church
224Bell, Rev. A. B.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
250Bell, Rev. A. B.1918Blue Island Boy Scout Committee Troop # 780
205Bell, Rev. Aylesworth B.1935-Pastor/Congregational Church 1/1/1935-
89Bell, William C.1848Fourth Co. 63rd/106th Reg./Second Lieut.
345Bella, Frank A.19354/16/1935 Ran for Alderman 3rd Ward
346Bella, Frank A.1935Filed petition contesting Aldermanic Election
366Bella, John1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
93Bellamy, Charles A.NRHusband of Anna Louise Rexford
93Bellamy, Emerson E.NRHusband of Sarah Elsie
248Belt, John W.NRCook Cnty Truck Farmer's Asso./Sec.
371Benck, Fred L.1920Died 4/24/1920/Age 68
371Benck, Mrs. Elizabeth1934Died 7/12/1934/Age 85
323Bender, Arthur1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
176Bender, D. G.1915Appointed Plumbing Inspector
179Bender, D. G.19175/21/1917 Appointed Plumbing Inspector
313Bender, David1929Apptd. 5/13/1929/Plumbing Inspector
371Bender, David G.1931Died 3/26/1931/Age 64/City Planning Inspector
234Bender, Lewis, H.1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Senior Sewart
365Bender, Raymond1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Benderob, Fred1918Died 10/16/1918/Age 41
206Benedict, Rev.1865-1904Pastor/ St. Benedict Parish
371Benger, Charles1933Died 11/29/1933/Age 70
213Benner, IvanNRProminent helper to re-open St. Aidan's Mission
213Benner, IvanNRHigh School Teacher
271-272Bennet, and Son1896Livery stable destroyed by fire
371Bennet, Mrs. Jane M.1927Died 5/6/1927/Age 53/ Wife of Allan C.
239Bennett, Edith1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Crescent Marshal
371Bennett, Mrs. Caroline1914Died 4/26/1914/Age 74/Wife of Thomas
371Bennett, Mrs. Mel Senia1923Died 9/21/1923/Ae 63
371Bennett, Mrs. Ruth1935Died 6/3/1935Age 34/Wife of Percival
205Benniger, Rev. S. C.1927-1928Pastor/Congregational Ch. 5/1/1927-5/1/1928
37Bensenman, Henry1848Owner/Tavern and Boarding House
241Benson, Josephine1932Past Dept. President of Roosevelt Aux. # 95
367Benson, Patricia1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Benson, Robert1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Benton, George1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Cavalry
241Bentson, Mary1936Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Outer Sentinel
358Bentson, Mrs. Katherine1935BI Resident 42 yrs.
63Benzing, Charles1920'sPassive member of the Liederkranz
358Benzing, Joseph1935BI Resident 47 yrs.
62Benzing, Joseph1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
246Benzing, Joseph1932BI Winsett Finance Co./Board of Directors
246Benzing, Joseph1932BI Winsett Finance Co./2nd Vice Pres.
246Benzing, Joseph1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
289Benzing, Joseph1932Took Government Post Office Exam
366Benzing, Mrs. M.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
62Benzing, Otto1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
366Benzing, Toot1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366Berberding, Henry1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
55Berg, Dr.1860'sPioneer Doctor
367Berger, Alvera1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
238Berger, Clara1936Fidelity Life Asso. # 369/Banker
371Berger, Joseph1935Died 7/21/1935/Age 76/Baker
91Berger, WilliamNRCo. B, 82nd IL /Killed in action at Gettysburg
371Berggren, Claus A.1931Died 6/12/1931/Age 76
371Berggren, Claus August1931Died 6/12/1931/Age 76
371Berggren, Mrs. Elizabeth1935Died 9/16/1935/Age 84
101Bergholtz, CarolineNRMarried Hans Consoer
250Bernadine, Sister M.1930-1932Acted as Superior for St. Francis Hospital
241Berndt, Mattie1904Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Charter Member
207Berquist, C. E.1915Student Pastor/Swedish L. S. Ch.. 1915
208Berquist, J. E.1935Deacon/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
109Berry, Mr.NRMarried Minnie Krueger
239Berry, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
235Berry, Mrs. Mary1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
231Berry, Mrs. Robert1935Library Board/BI Public Library/Board Member
342Berry, Mrs. Robert1933Appointed member of Library Board
304Berry, Mrs. Robert1935-1936Library Board Member
239Berry, Mrs. Wm.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
234Berry, Robert1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
82Berry, Widow1830'sKept a tavern
290Berry, William1919Post Office messenger interrupted robbers
196Berther, Homer B.1935Supt. Public Service Co.
131Bertrand, H.1882Property Owner
77Bertrand, Henry1860'sPhoto/Harness Shop and Residence
99Bertrand, Henry1887Native of Belgium/Harnessmaker/Arriv. 1887
99Bertrand, HenryNRMarried to Katherine Andris
126Bertrand, Henry18732nd Vill. Election 4/15/1873/Police Justice
143Bertrand, Henry1873-1874Police Justice
143Bertrand, Henry1878-1879Trustee
234Bertrand, Henry1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
244Bertrand, Henry1887Incorporator of BI Savings & Loan/Director
362Bertrand, Henry1872Judge in incorporation election
123-124Bertrand, Henry1872Appt. Judge of Election
371Bertrand, Henry1906Died 1906
115Bertrand, KatieNRMarried Carl Schuemann
371Bertrand, Mrs. Katherine1913Died 12/21/1913/Age 66
366Besgen, Alvira1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
371Besgen, Charles1924Died 9/22/1924/Age 80
266Besgen, Chas.1907Paid Full Time Fireman/Engineer
52Besgen, Mrs.1860'sAlso married to Peter Schlimm
371Besgen, Mrs. Barbara1924Died 5/14/1924/Age 62
31Besgen, PeterLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
52Besgen, Peter1849Bought Boarding House for Laborers
204Bessey, Rev. W. N.1904-1907Pastor/Congregational Ch. 10/9/1904-10/1907
371Bettenhausen, Christian1923Died 6/1/1923/Age 71
317Bettenhausen, John19304/15/1930 Ran for Alderman 2nd Ward
371Bettenhausen, Mrs. Adam1924Died 2/19/1924/Age 73
371Bettenhausen, Mrs. Sophie1929Died 3/3/1929/Age 70/Wife of Julius
92Betts, JamesNRCivil War/Co. A, 1st IL Artillery
236Betts, Maruy E.1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
52Betts, Wm.1852Mason (Bricklayer)
125Betts, Wm.1872Petitioner for Plank Sidewalk
36Beveridge, John1874Governor
367Bickley, Roberta1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
223Biedenkopf, E.NRMember BI Lions Club
217Biedenkopf, L.1927Elected Board of Ed. BI High School/Member
371Biedenkopf, Mrs. Mina1934Died 5/4/1934/Age 90
234Biedenkopf, Stanely W.1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Marshall
99Biederman, August1850Arriv From Erfurt, Saxony, Ger. 1850/Tailor
99Biederman, AugustNRFounder 1st Lutheran Church of BI
99Biederman, AugustNRMarried 2nd wife, Mina Rinkenberger
123Biederman, August18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
197Biederman, August1850Methodist/Arriv. BI 1850
99Biederman, CarlNRChild of August Biederman/Civil War
92Biederman, EmilNRCivil War participant
210Biege, Wm A.19242nd Organization of Church/Pres.
224Bielfeldt, W. L.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
248Bielfeldt, Walter1935State Bank of BI/Board of Directors
248Bielfeldt, Walter C.1935State Bank of BI/Vice President & Cashier
157Bienfeldt, JohnNROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
211Billy, Rev. George1928-1934Pastor/Slovak Lutheran Church 1928-1934
371Bingham, George1928Died 9/12/1928
79Bingle, Cornelius DeVousNRBuried Mt. Greenwood Cemetery
79Bingle, Cornelius DeVousNRDaughter of Richard Bingle Sr.
79Bingle, Elizabeth1840Early settler/Married to Henry Robinson
79Bingle, Elizabeth1852Died 1852 in Green Bay WI
94Bingle, ElizabethNRMarried Henry Robinson
94Bingle, ElizabethNRSister of Richard Bingle
79Bingle, EmmaNRMarried to Mr. Van Pelt and William Morgan
79Bingle, EmmaNRDaughter of Richard Bingle Sr.
30Bingle, RichardNRSettler/Whitebeck Homestead
79Bingle, RichardNRBrother of Eliz. Bingle(Of NY)/Married to Mary
79Bingle, RichardNRFather of Emma and & Cornelius Devous
79Bingle, RichardNRFather of Richard Jr.
94Bingle, RichardNRBro. Of Elizabeth Bingle Robinson
94Bingle, RichardNRMercantile Business Owner
99Bingle, Richard1844Arriv . BI 1842/Died 8/1/1844
99Bingle, The WidowNRMarried Mr. (Grandpa) Hall
236Birch, Emily P.1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
201Bird, Andrew J.1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
201Bird, Levina1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
97Biroth, Clara1870Wed Edward Seyfarth in 1870
144Biroth, Henry1899-1900Director of Public Library
164Biroth, Henry1901Public Library Board, 1st Ward
164Biroth, Henry1901Resigned as director of Public Library
216Biroth, Henry1894Board of Education/Pres.
229Biroth, Henry1891Blue Island Library Asso./Director
229Biroth, Henry1897Elected Director/BI Public Library
244Biroth, Henry1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
230-231Biroth, Henry1901Appointed by Mayor/BI Public Library
140Biroth, Henry18971 year term/Dir. Of Public Library
135Biroth, Henry (M. D )18906/2/1890, member Board of Health
110Biroth, StellaNRMarried Harry A.
94Bisbee, LauraNROf Massachusetts/First Wife of Heber S. Rexford
64Bischoff, Herman1884-98Photo/Director of the Liederkranz
236Bishop, Elizabeth1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
54Bishop, William1850'sWell-digger
92Bishop, WilliamNRCivil War
99Bitter, AnnaNRChild of Joachim Bitter
99Bitter, AnnaNRMarried William Hartzell
99Bitter, ChristianNRChild of Joachim Bitter
99Bitter, Joachim1854Native, Meckleburg, Ger./Arriv BI 1854
99Bitter, JohnNRChild of Joachim Bitter
99Bitter, JohnNRMarried Amelia Esche
358Bitter, John1935BI Resident 70 yrs.
99Bitter, LenaNRChild of Joachim Bitter
99Bitter, MargarethaNRChild of Joachim Bitter
99Bitter, MargarethaNRMarried William Kruse
99Bitter, MaryNRChild of Joachim Bitter
99Bitter, MaryNRMarried William Laging
371Bitter, Mrs. Amelia1935Died 11/22/1935/Age 64/Wife of John
358Bitter, Mrs. J.1935BI Resident 64 yrs.
371Bitter, Oscar1925Died 8/17/1925/Age 33
99Bitter, WilliamNRChild of Joachim Bitter
264Bitter, William18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
326Black, Brigadier General W. M.1917Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army
52Black, John1848Mason (Bricklayer)
99Black, John1846From Banf, Scotland, 1846/Stone Mason
99Black, JohnNRMarried Mary Davidson (A Widow)
317Black, John19304/15/1930 Ran for Alderman 3rd Ward
305Black, John H.1935Justice of Peace/2241 Vermont St. BI, IL
371Black, Mrs. William1936Died 3/7/1936
371Black, Prof. Wm. J.1914Died 11/20/1914
130Black, Thomas1881Petitioner to hold band practice in Vill. Hall
99Black, WilliamNRFrom Peterhead-Aberdeenshire, Scot.
99Black, WilliamNRVillage Trustee
52, 99Black, William1856-58Arriv. BI 1856-58/Blacksmith/Wagon shop
99Black, William1825Born 10/25/1825Peterhead, Aberdeen Scotland
99Black, William1893Died 08/19/1893
99Black, WilliamNRMarried Helen Sharp/Of Aberdeenshire, Scot.
216Black, William1878Graduate of the Whittier School 1877
371Black, William1893Died 8/19/1893/Age 68
123Black, Wm.18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
143Black, Wm.1879-1880Trustee
143Black, Wm.1880-1881Trustee
143Black, Wm.1881-1882Trustee
143Black, Wm.1882-1883Trustee
251Black, Wm.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
371Blackmore, Mrs. Mary Anna1921Died 9/5/1921/Age 84
371Blagborne, Augusta1925Died 12/28/1925/Age 58
248Blake, Charles1905-1915BI Headquarters of NE IL Fancier's Asso.
234Blake, Charlotte1935Sons & Daughters of Liberty/Vice Counselor
208Blanchard, Charles A.1920'sFormer Pres. of Wheaton College/Deceased
208Blanchard, Charles A.1920'sUncle of Paul B. Fischer
371Blatt Mrs. Julia1928Died 3/20/1928/Age 72
217Blatt, Emil1927Elected Board of Ed. BI High School/Member
223Blatt, Emil1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
365Blatt, Emil1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
99Blatt, FredNRMarried Julia Boeber
117Blatt, HenryNRMarried Mary Wiebking
164Blatt, Henry19011st Election/Ran for Alderman 1st Ward
371Blatt, Henry1921Died 5/30/1921/Age 63/Contracting Decorator
371Blatt, John1919Died 2/12/1919Age 61/Decorator Supplies
371Blatt, Mrs. John1918Died 10/28/1918Age Age 60
365Blatt, Mrs. Martha1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
371Blatt, Mrs. Mary1925Died 10/26/1925/Age 64/Wife of Henry
371Blatt, William Carl1931Died 4/12/1931/Age 63
365Blatt. Mrs. Emil1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
198Bletsch, J.1860-1862Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1860-1862
235Blevins, Mrs.1935Woodmen Circle # 80/Chaplain
119Blickhan, WmNRMarried Fredericka Hageman
366Bloch, Tony1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
271-272Block, Robinson1896Suffered fire damage
213Blodgett, Mr. & Mrs.NRFirst Choir member, St. Aidan's Epis. Mission
224Blodgett, Mrs. Jennie L.1903Pres./BI Women's Club/1903
165Blodgett, W. A.1901Appointed Dir. Of Publ. Library/Replaced Biroth
291Blouin, Jimmey1921Won bowling championship
282Blouin, Jimmy1931Asked to raise money for Hackett kidnapping
371Blouin, Leo1931Died 8/15/1931/Age 62
371Blouin, Mrs. Mary1932Died 3/13/1932/Age 55/Nee Fredette
371Bluemke, Charles1928Died 4/3/1928/Age 63
223Blum, L.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
372Blume, Mrs. Anna1934Died 8/16/1934/Age 49
67Boardman, The Widow1830'sMarried Uriah Wentworth
67Boardman, The Widow1830'sFirst Marriage in settlement
299Bochholz, Laura1929Murdered 1/23/1929
367Bochman, Anita1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Bochman, Doris1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
266Bochman, EdwardNRVolunteer Fireman
314Bochman, Edward E.1929Appt. member of Zoning Board of Appeals
315Bochman, Edward E.1929Member of Board of Zoning Appeals
372Bochman, Henry1930Died11/12/1930/Carpenter
305Bochmann, Edward E.1935Highway Commissioner/2022 Grove St., BI
372Bochmann, Edward E.1928Died 6/17/1928/Age 85
372Bochmann, Herman1935Died 08/08/1935/Age 59
367Bock, Betty Jean1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
117Bock, HenriettaNRMarried Charles Volp
115Bock, MinnieNRMarried Albert Sorgenfrei
364Bock, Waneta1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
357Bockelman, Emma Schoth1935BI Resident 15 yrs./6625 Drexel Av.
350Bockman, L. F.19321932/Alderman 3rd Ward
57Bode Brothers1857Employers of BI first murder suspect
60Bode Brothers1850'sMember of the Saengerbund and Liederkranz
362Bode, Brothers1853The original "Saengerbund"/BI Liederkranz
61Bode, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
61Bode, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
55Bodenstab, Adolph1850'sPioneer Doctor
113Boe, ReimerNREstabl. Grocery Store on Western Av.
98Boe, Reiner1854Arriv. From Holland 1854
216Boeber, A.1887Elected Board of Ed.
135Boeber, A. C.18906/2/1890, appntd member Board of Health
144Boeber, A. C.1890-1891Supt. of Streets
144Boeber, A. C.1891-1892Supt. Of Public Works
144Boeber, A. C.1892-1893Supt. Of Public Works
144Boeber, A. C.1895-1896Trustee
144Boeber, A. C.1896-1897Trustee
144Boeber, A. C.1897-1898Trustee
347Boeber, A. X.19011901/Treasurer
99Boeber, AnnieNRChild of Maria Hansen & Frederick Boeber
99Boeber, AnnieNRMarried George Heim
251Boeber, Aug.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
99Boeber, August C.NRChild of Maria Hansen & Frederick Boeber
99Boeber, August C.NRMarried Barbara Fiedler
133Boeber, August C.NRPhoto/Village Treasurer
144Boeber, August C.1894-1895Trustee
163Boeber, August C.19011st Election/Elected Treasurer/677 Votes
345Boeber, Bolbert19354/16/1935 Ran for Alderman 2nd Ward
99Boeber, Frederick1849Of Saxe-Weimer/Arriv. BI 1849
99Boeber, FrederickNRMarried Maria Hansen (Widow of Vandenberg)
372Boeber, Frederick1891Died 04/15/1891/Age74/Pioneer
31Boeber, Fritz1851First German Settlers
323Boeber, Gilbert1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Coast Defense
292Boeber, Helen19265/10/1926/Selected Clerk "Pro-tem"
365Boeber, Helen1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
99Boeber, JuliaNRChild of Maria Hansen & Frederick Boeber
99Boeber, JuliaNRMarried Fred Blatt
99Boeber, LizzieNRChild of Maria Hansen & Frederick Boeber
99Boeber, LizzieNRMarried Herman Heinecke
367Boeber, Marilyn1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
341Boeber, Miss Helen19335/8/1933 Appointed City Collector
139Boeber, Mr.1895Trustee/Voted against closing saloons on Sun.
275Boeber, Mrs. A. C.1919Stockholder in Blue Island Ice Co.
358Boeber, Mrs. August C.1935BI Resident 65 yrs
131Boehl E.1882Store Owner
251Boehl Emil1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
347Boehl Emil19011901/Police Magistrate
23Boehl, EmilNRPioneer Postmaster
84Boehl, Emil1830'sOwned store
100Boehl, EmilNRChild of Jacob Boehl
141Boehl, Emil1901Last Village Election-Police Magistrate
143Boehl, Emil1880-1881Trustee
143Boehl, Emil1881-1882Trustee
143Boehl, Emil1882-1883Trustee
144Boehl, Emil1898-1899Police Magistr. (Part. term-Replace D. Harker)
144Boehl, Emil1901Police Magistrate
163Boehl, Emil19011st Elect./Elected Police Magistrate/727 Vts.
214Boehl, EmilNROccupied building of former Massey's grocery
241Boehl, Emil1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
244Boehl, Emil1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
252Boehl, EmilNROwned brick bldg./Housed The Standard News
288Boehl, EmilNRPostmaster/Post office in his grocery store
289Boehl, Emil1886-1890Postmaster
32Boehl, Jacob1860'sOwner of Blue Island House
46Boehl, JacobNROccupant of "Folk House"
60Boehl, Jacob1857Member of the Liederkranz
100Boehl, Jacob1840'sOf Cooper's Grove/Arriv. 1840's/Father of Emil
372Boehl, Mrs. Elizabeth1922Died 03/09/1922/Age 68/Wife of Emil
108Boehl, Widow of JacobNRMarried 2nd to George Mecklenburg
113Boehm, MargaretNRMarried Louis Sauerbier/Daug. Of Rev. Boehm
266Boeley, Chas.1907Paid Full Time Fireman/Engineer
372Boendel, Mrs. Minnie1932Died 11/28/1932/Age 80/Wife of Herman
52Boening, Henry1852Blacksmith
100Boening, Henry1852Arriv. BI 1852
372Boening, Henry1928Died 10/18/1928/Age 36
238Boening, Ida1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
235Boening, Ida M.1913Woodmen Circle # 80/Advisor
238Boening, Mary1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
61Boening, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
372Boening, Mrs. Mary1928Died 03/18/1928/Age 86
100Boening, William1852Of Hesse-Darmstadt/Arriv. 1852/StoneMason
100Boening, WilliamNRMarried Mary Steinbach
100Boening, WilliamNRBro. Of Henry Boening
100Boening, William1911Died July 1911
139Boening, William1895Sold lot to village
199Boening, William1864Did the stone masonry for Lutheran Church
372Boening, William1933Died 04/22/1933/Age 71/Contractor
52Boening, Wm.1853Mason (Bricklayer)
238Boening, Wm.1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
238Boermel, Caroline1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
358Boermel, Caroline1935BI Resident 73 yrs.
331Boermel, Ernst1919Charter member Allied Veterans of Blue Island
238Boermel, Louise1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
372Boermel, Miss Louisa Margaret1929Died 02/16/1929/Age 46
107Boermel, OscarNRChild of Ernst Boermel
238Boermel, Oscar1900Charter Mem. Fidelity Life Asso., # 369
238Boermel, Oscar1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
264Boermel, Oscar18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
107Boermel, Widow ErnstNRMarried John Huppel
53Boese, Henrich1850'sBought Cooley's House
91Boger, GeorgeNRCivil War
100Boger, George1855Bro. Of Mrs. Fred Stark/Arriv. BI 1855
116Boger, MariaNRMarried Fred Stark
116Boger, Maria1910Died 1910
235Bohmer, WilliamNRMember Fraternal Order of Eagles
198Bohmfalk, C. F.1921-1925Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1921-1925
248Bohn, Charles1905-1915BI Headquarters of NE IL Fancier's Asso.
317Bohne, Christian19304/15/1930 Ran for Alderman 1st Ward
341Bohne, Christian19334/24/1933 Ran for Alderman 1st Ward
367Bohne, Mary Jane1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Bohne, Mrs. Caroline1934Died 10/14/1934/Age 72/Wife of Christian
235Bohnstengel, Alice1913Woodmen Circle # 80/Banker
236Bohnstengel, George1912Woodmen of the World # 36/Advisory Lt.
372Boissoneau, Mrs. Angeline1933Died 02/06/1933/Age 77
372Boissoneau, Mrs. Louis1935Died 06/25/1935/Age 33
211Bojkovsky, Charles]1935Church Council/Fin. Committee/Slovak Luth. Ch.
372Boldt, John1928Died 06/06/1928/Age 74
365Boldt, Lydia1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Boldt, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Boldt, Mrs. Margaret1930Died 10/19/1930/Age 86
372Boldt, Paul1931Died 06/27/1931/Age 67
372Boldt, William C.1924Died 07/04/1924/Age 61
108Bolt, AugustaNRMarried George Knirsch
119Bolt, BerthaNRMarried Adolph Haase Jr.
100Bolt, EmmaNRChild of Jacob Bolt
100Bolt, EmmaNRMarried Jacob Merkelbach
111Bolt, EmmaNRMarried Jacob Merkelbach Jr.
100Bolt, Jacob1891Arriv. BI 1850's/Died 3/21/1891
372Bolt, Jacob1891Died 03/21/1891/Age 75
113Bolt, WilliamNRMarried Hattie Sauerbier
194Bonneau, JosephNRFirst Officers of Local No. #3/Fin. Sec.
225Bonnell, Margaret NapierNRThe BI Women's Club, In Memoriam of
372Bonnell, Mrs. Margaret1931Died 06/11/1931/(nee Napier)
366Bonogura, Miss A.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
240Booher, Laura E.1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
62Borchard, Ernst1920'sFinance Secretary/member of the Liederkranz
366Borchardt, Ernst1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
62Borchardt, George1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
271-274Borchardt, Max1896Liquor store destroyed by fire
62Borchardt, William1920'sSecretary/Member of the Liederkranz
313Borckett, Wells B.1929Apptd. 5/13/1929/Comm. of Assessments/Tax
266Borckman, GottfriedNRVolunteer Fireman
359Borckman, Mrs. G.1935BI Centennial Asso./Baby Parade Committee
251Borman & Burnham1880'sAttorneys/ Early advertisers in BI Standard
101Borman, George1899BI City Attorney/Married Harriet Cool in 1899
144Borman, George1889-1890Village Attorney
144Borman, George1893-1894Village Attorney
144Borman, George1894-1895Village Attorney
144Borman, George1896-1897Village Attorney
192Borman, GeorgeNROwned dog named "Rock"
144Borman, George F.1895-1896Village Attorney
163Borman, George F.19011st Election/Ran for City Attorney/425 votes
144Borman, George F.1897-1898Village Attorney
144Borman, George F.1899-1900Village Attorney
144Borman, George F.1900-1901Village Attorney
144Borman, George F.1898-1899Village Attorney
372Borman, George F.1918Died 1/11/918
365Borman, Hattie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
224Borman, Mrs.1931-1935Pres/BI Women' Club 1931-1935
304Borman, Mrs. Geo.1935-1936Library Board Member
231Borman, Mrs. George1935Library Board/BI Public Library/Board Member
345Borman, Mrs. George19355/27/1935 Appointed Member of Library Board
359Borman, Mrs. George1935BI Centennial Asso./Centennial Ball Committee
365Borman, Mrs. Harriet1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
225Borman, Mrs. Harriet Cool1931-1934Pres./BI Women's Club/1931-1934
372Bormet, Christ1928Died 2/22/1928/Age 70
372Bormet, Jacob1934Died 4/17/1934/Age 52
31Bose, HenryLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
100Bose, Henry1852Of Erfurt, Saxe-Weimer/Arriv BI 1852
100Bose, Henry1877Cabinetmaker/Saloon owner/Died 1877
199Bose, Henry1882Gave gift of first Church bell for new steeple
86Bose, Herman1877Buried 2/19/1877/Mason/ Knights Templar
234Bose, Herman1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
28Bose, MissCirca 1880sIntermediate Teacher
86Bose, Mr. H.1875Groomsman to Rudolph Brand 1875
223Boughner, Don1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
231Boughner, Don1935Library Board/BI Public Library/Board Member
304Boughner, Don1935-1936Library Board Member
342Boughner, Don1933Appointed member of Library Board
359Boughner, Don1935BI Centennial Asso./Ticket Committee Chrmn.
240Boughner, Ida1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Acting Past Pres.
240Boughner, Ida1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Sec.-Treas.
240Boughner, Iona J.1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Jr. Supervisor
359Boughner, Mrs. Don1935BI Centennial Asso./Baby Parade Committee
365Boughner, Mrs. Don1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
65Bouri, William1850'sMember of the Turnverein
52Bouri, Wm.1852Mason (Bricklayer)
26Bourke, NellieNRWife of Oliver Bourke
144Bourke, O. W.1889-1890Trustee (Partial term-replaced J. Staffel)
144Bourke, O. W.1891-1892Trustee
144Bourke, O. W.1892-1893Trustee
144Bourke, O. W.1895-1896Trustee
144Bourke, O. W.1897-1898Supt. Of Public Works
144Bourke, O. W.1898-1899Supt. Of Public Works
144Bourke, O. W.1899-1900Supt. Of Public Works
144Bourke, O. W.1900-1901President of the Board
144Bourke, O. W.1901President of the Board
135Bourke, O. W.18898/27/1889/Elec. to fill vacancy of Trustee Staffel
141Bourke, O. W.1901Last Village Election-Pres.
142Bourke, O. W.1901Mayor
229Bourke, O. W.1891Blue Island Library Asso./Director
241Bourke, O. W.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
242Bourke, O. W.1891Leased Saeger Hall for Bourke's Opera House
26Bourke, OliverNRHusband of Nellie Sanders/Village Pres.
100Bourke, Oliver1857Of Ottowa, IL/Born 9/29/1857
100Bourke, Oliver1882Married to Nellie Sanders 1882
100Bourke, OliverNRReal Estate/Founder of Commercial Bank of BI
100Bourke, OliverNRVillage Trustee
244Bourke, Oliver1896Founder of Zacharias, Bourke & Co. Priv. Bank
144Bourke, Oliver W.1894-1895Trustee
295Bourke, Oliver W.1927Died 3/ 14/1927/Former Village President
372Bourke, Oliver W.1927Died 4/14/1927/Age 68
123Boutwell, W. B.18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
101Bowe, Louis S.1910Married Mary Forest Cool in 1910
43Bowen, Charles H.NROwner of land at Wildwood
241Bowers, J. H.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
372Bowman, John1926Died 8/05/1926
325Bowman, Milton1917503rd Engineers, WW I
325Bowman, Milton M.1917Co. D/503rd Engineer Battal./A. E. F. France
325Bowman, Milton M.1917Letter to John H. Volp
228Bowman, Mrs. JohnNRPrepared comfort kits/Women's War Work
372Boyce, Carlton M.1930Died 5/06/1930/Age 72/Minneaplis
100Boyce, ElizabethNRMarried Sweet Brayton
323Boyd, Arthur1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
239Boyd, Ethel1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Past Pres.
239Boyd, Ethel1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Collector
239Boyd, Ethel1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Delegate
239Boyd, Ethel1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Correspondent
341Boyd, Frank19334/24/1933 Ran for Mayor
239Boyd, Frank J.1911W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/C. E.
239Boyd, Frank J.1911W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Officer/Delegate
239Boyd, Frank J.1911W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Loc. Chairman.
366Boyd, Harriet1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Boyd, Harriet1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
239Boyd, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
235Boyd, Mrs. A.1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
233Boyer, Charles R.1891Charter Member/Blue Island Lodge # 326
13Boyer, Dr. V. A.1833Manuscript Author
240Boyer, GeorgeNRActive in the Macabees in the early days
291Boyer, George1914Commander of local G. A. R.
372Boyer, George R.1930Died 9/03/1930/Age 91/Civil War Vet
372Boyer, Mrs. George R.1920Died 3/12/1920/Age 68
239Boysen, A. R.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Legal Rep.
239Boysen, Mary1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Chaplain
89Brace, Sidney V.1848Fifth Co. 63rd/ 106th Regiment/Second Lieut.
225Brackman, BarbaraNRThe BI Women's Club, In Memoriam of
34Bradley, A. F.1839Surveyor of Cook County
57Bradley, Captain1857Noted Detective on First murder in BI
14Brady1769Amer. Raider from Peoria
366-367Brady, Kathlynne1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
192Braham, Daniel1880'sCigar manufacturer
163Braham, Daniel D.19011st Elect./Ran for Police Magistrate/727 Vts.
117Brand, CarlNRMarried Sophie Voss
264Brand, Carl18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
264Brand, Carl1879Elected Captain Fire Dept.
264Brand, Carl1879Committee to define specs for ladder wagon
270Brand, Carl1880'sPhoto Volunteer Fire Dept early 1880's
86Brand, Charles1875Groomsman to Rudolph Brand 1875
52Brand, Louis1852Blacksmith
66Brand, Louis1850'sVolunteer Fireman
99Brand, LouisNRWagon Shop Owner
157Brand, MichaelNROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
61Brand, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
48Brand, RudolfNRNephew of Founder of Brandts Brewery
86, 96Brand, Rudolph1875Married Clara Uhlich 5/15/1875
168Brand, Rudolph1910Sold Property to City for Fire House
64Brandt, Henry1850'sMember of the German Theater
31Brandt, LouisLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
60Brandt, Louis1850'sMember of the Saengerbund and Liederkranz
362Brandt, Louis1853The original "Saengerbund"/BI Liederkranz
60Brandt, M.1857Member of the Liederkranz
100Braun, George1853Arriv. 1853/Reiser'sBrewery operator
209Braun, J. J.1923Charter Mem./Evangelical Comm. Ch./12/1923
209Braun, J. J.1920'sBldg. Committee/Evangelical Comm Ch.
61Braun, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
209Braun, Rev.NRFirst Pastor/ Evangelical Comm Ch.
209Braun, Rev. J. J.1923-1926Pastor/Evangelical Comm. Ch./12/1923-6/1926
209Braun, Rev. J. J.1926-1927Pastor/Evangelical Comm. Ch./5/1926-7/1927
133Brauneis, Engineer F.1885Reported about pump at water works plant
29Brayton Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrival
100Brayton, AdelbertNRChild of William B. Brayton & Lucy Greenwood
100Brayton, AdelbertNRDied in Childhood
201Brayton, Elijah1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
201Brayton, Frank1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
201Brayton, Fred1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
100Brayton, Hardin B.1896Child of Elizabeth Boyce & Sweet Brayton
100Brayton, Hardin B.NRMarried Jane Akin
118Brayton, Hardin B.NRBrother-in-law of Joshua P. Young
201Brayton, Helen P.1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
100Brayton, Ira S.NRChild of William B. Brayton & Lucy Greenwood
100Brayton, Ira S.NRMarried Leona Baker
119Brayton, MinervaNR2nd Wife of Joshua P. Young
100Brayton, Minerva P.NRChild of Elizabeth Boyce & Sweet Brayton
100Brayton, Minerva P.NRMarried Joshua P. Young
100Brayton, Minnie E.NRMarried Rev. G. Holt
100Brayton, Minnie E.NRChild of William B. Brayton & Lucy Greenwood
372Brayton, Mrs. Elizabeth1891Died 1/07/1891/(Mrs. Sweet Brayton)
100Brayton, Sweet1855Scotch descent/Born Wayne county NY/arriv. 1855
100Brayton, SweetNRMarried Elizabeth Boyce
100Brayton, Sweet1896Died 2/10/1896
125Brayton, W. B.1872Petitioner for Plank Sidewalk
126Brayton, W. B.18734/21/1873/Appointed Supt. Of Public Works
100Brayton, W. SewardNRChild of William B. Brayton & Lucy Greenwood
100Brayton, W. SewardNRMarried Mary Stare
100Brayton, William B.NRChild of Elizabeth Boyce & Sweet Brayton
100Brayton, William B.NRMarried Lucy Greenwood
100Brayton, William B.NRSupt. Of Streets/Superv. Worth Twnsp
100, 372Brayton, William B.1900Died 3/23/1900
244Brayton, Wm.1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
125Brayton, Wm. B.1872Appt. Supt. Of Public Works,12/14/1872
143Brayton, Wm. B.1873-1874Supt. Of Public Works
241Breckenridge, Henry1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
236Breckenridge, Martha1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
372Breckenridge, Mrs. Sophia Addl.1920Died 2/18/1920/Age 63/Wife of Theo
240Breckenridge, Rose1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Past Chief
372Breckenridge, Theodore1920Died 2/09/1920/Age 76
226Breed, Frances1929BI Jr. Women's Club/Member Exec. Board
372Breiting, George, J.1934Died 1/16/1934/Age 67
372Breiting, Henry1929Died 2/03/1929/Age 59
372Breiting, John G.1920Died 1/13/1920/Age 58
372Breitung, Mrs. Ida1935Died 11/03/1935/Age 67
372Breitung, Sophia Bourman1929Died 6/05/1929/Age 85
372Breivogle, Sophie1919Died 1/3/1919Age 45
241Breslin, John1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
364Brethauer, Edward1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Brethauer, Mr. & Mrs. E.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
320Brethold, C. H.1921Father of Robert Brethold
320Brethold, C. H.1921Wealthy builder contractor of Wilmett
320Brethold, Robert H.19214/24/1921/32 yrs. Old/2134 Cleveland Av.
320Brethold, Robert H.1921Son of C. H. Brethold
320Brethold, Robert H.1921Object of mysterious death in swamp
372Bretzlaff, Ferdinand1929Died 1/24/1929Age 74
372Bretzlaff, William1929Died 1/01/1929Age 85
323Brewer, Fred L.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
372Brewer, Fred L.1927Died 7/14/1927/Age 70/R. I. Engineer
239Brewer, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
204Brewster, W. H.1876-1882Pastor/Congregational Church 10/1/1876-1882
357Breyfogle, Mrs. L. C.1935BI Resident 16 yrs./Crown Point
365Bridge, R.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
134Bridgeman, H. L.1889Supt. Of the Smelter/contract w/vill. For street lights
144Bridgeman, H. L.1890-1891Trustee
144Bridgeman, H. L.1891-1892Trustee
189Bridgman, H. L.1884Supt. Of Chicago Copper & Chemical Co.
133Bridgman, Mr.1886Submitted plan for new smokestack
137Bridgman, Trustee1892Voted for prohibition district
364Brienzo, Jim1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366-367Brienzo, Josephine1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Briggs, Isabella1929Died 1/09/1929Age 85
289Briggs, Mrs. V. H.1932Took Government Post Office Exam
239Briggs, Vivian1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/President
239Briggs, Vivian1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Alter. Delegate
247Brigham, E. R.1930State Bank of BI/Advisory Committee
246Brincken, Fred C.1926BI Trust & Savings/Pres. & Director
372Brincken, Fred C.1933Died 9/28/1933/Age Age 60
243Brinken, Mr. F.1923Manager of Grand Theater at time of fire
238Brislen, John1893Brotherhood Locomotive Engin/Officer/L. C.
201Bristol, BishopNRNephew of W. B. Slaughter (Sr.)
202Bristol, F. M.1874Pastor/M. E. Church/10/14/1874
202Bristol, F. M.1908Pres. McKinley's Pastor/Made Bishop 1908
202Bristol, F. M.1932Died 4/24/1932, Upper Montclair, NJ
201Bristol, Rev. Frank1874Pastor, M. E. Church01874
241Britt, Frank1935United Span. War Vet./Sergeant Major
22, 52Brittain, John1837Blacksmith
372Britton, Herbert R.1920Died 8/30/1920/Age 37
367Britton, R.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
238Broadbent, H.1893Brotherhood Locomotive Engin./Officer/S. A. E.
366Brochardt, Geo.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366-367Brockman, Betty1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
235Brockman, Esther1920BI Rebekah Ldg. 300/Inside Guard
350Brockman, L.1929-19311929-1931Alderman 3rd Ward
338Brockman, L.NRPhoto/Alderman 3rd Ward
349Brockman, L. F.NRPhoto/Alderman
365Brockman, Lois1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
348, 350Brockman, Louis1925-19321925-1932/Alderman 3rd Ward
263Brockman, Louis F.19254/27/1925 Elected Alderman Third Ward
313Brockman, Louis F.19295/6/1929 Alderman 3rd Ward
338Brockman, Louis F.19314/27/1931 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
295Brockman, Louis L.19274/19/1927 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
300Brockman, Ludwig19294/22/1929 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
372Brocky, Mrs. Betty1925Died 1/1925/Wife of Ben
364Brondell, Jean1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
177-178Bronson, Alderman Ed.1916-17Disputed bid by Seagrave and LaFrance
193Bronson, B.NRFounder of E. B. Bronson Machine Shop
172Bronson, E. B.19135/20/1913 Elected Alderman 4th Ward
179Bronson, E. B.19184/22/1918 Elected Alderman 3rd Ward
180Bronson, E. B.19194/15/1919 Ran for Mayor
234Bronson, E. B.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
258Bronson, E. B.1921Defeated in Mayoral race
347-348Bronson, E. B.1913-19211913-1921/Alderman 4th Ward
331Bronson, E. B.NRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
372Bronson, Edmond B.1929Died 4/05/1929/Former City Alderman
177Bronson, Edward B.19164/24/1916 Elected Alderman 4th Ward
234Bronson, JamesNRRoyal Arch Mason/Scribe
358Bronson, Minnie Hodder1935BI Resident 63 yrs.
372Bronson, Mrs. Mabel Darfler1935Died 4/20/1935/Age 39/Wife of Edmond
223Bronson, R. W.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
224Bronson, R. W.1935BI Lions Club/Second Vice Pres.
248Brooks, Wilson1905-1915BI Headquarters of NE IL Fancier's Asso.
241Brosso, Wm.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
323Brouette, Andrew J.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
366Brouette, Esther1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Brouette, Mrs. Alfred1928Died 2/13/1928/Age 64
364Brouette, Susanne1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
235Broukal, Mrs.1935Woodmen Circle # 80/Inside Guardian
83Brown, Clement1840'sStage coach driver
323Brown, John1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Coast Defense
372Brown, John1933Died 2/16/1933/Age 78
366-367Brown, Marcella1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
172Bruce, Mr.1913Alderman/Proposed vote to obtain Lake water
172Bruce, W. C.19134/15/1913 Elected Alderman 5th Ward
166Bruce, Walter19074/16/1907, Ran for Alderman of 5th Ward
347, 348Bruce, Walter1911-19141911-1914/Alderman 5th Ward
168Bruce, Walter C.19114/18/1911, Elected Alderman 5th Ward
246Brueggeman, G. F.1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
247Brueggeman, Henry F.1930State Bank of BI/Director
119Bruggemeyer, HenryNRMarried Mathilda Zacharias
271-274Bruggemeyer, Mrs.1896Residence destroyed by fire
116Brummer, CharlesNRMarried Amelia Strickert
226Brummer, Martha1935-1936BI Jr. Women's Club/1935-1936/2nd Vice Pres.
164Brunhof, Fred1901July 10, 1901, Appointed City Chemist
372Brunhoff, Fred1922Died 12/3/1922Age 66/chemist
234Brunke, Gustave1935Sons & Daughters of Liberty/Asso. Vice Couns.
171Brunke, Mrs. Augusta1912Awarded $200 for being shot in foot by officer
349Brunner, Alf.NRPhoto/Alderman
348, 350Brunner, Alfred1925-19281925-1928/Alderman 5th Ward
299, 372Brunner, Alfred1929Died 1/28/1929Age 39
297Brunner, Alfred19284/17/1928 Elected Alderman 5th Ward
292Brunner, Alfred W.19264/20/1926/Elected Alderman 5th Ward
367Brunner, Lois1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Brunner, Mrs. Mary1931Died 9/1/1931
206Bruno, Fr.1880Erected Sisters' dwelling & School/ St. Bened.
364Bruno, Margaret1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
206Bruno, Rev.1865-1904Pastor/ St. Benedict Parish
111Bryan, EllenNRMarried Fred Meyer
160Bryan, William Jennings1918Campaigned in favor of "Dry" Towns
239Bryant, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
354Bryant, Robert1918Robbins incorporates/Elected Trustee
111Buch, JohannaNRMarried George P. Meyer
52Buch, John1853Mason (Bricklayer)
64Buchemholz, F.1850'sPhoto/Active Member of Liederkranz
279Buchholz, Laura1929Died 1/29/1929/29 yrs. Old/Brutally murdered
279Buchholz, Laura1929Employed by Reliance Manuf. Co., Chicago
364Buchneier, Miss Pearl1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Bucholz, Charles John1929Died 4/7/1929/Age 65
343Bucholz, Henry A.19344/1/71934 Ran for Alderman 5th Ward
367Buchwalter, Gladys1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
34Bucklin, Engineer1830Engineer on Calumet Feeder Canal
372Buehring, Mrs. Dorothea1922Died 7/12/1922/Age 71
90Buell, GeneralNRCivil War
372Buengar, William H.1925Died 9/14/1925Age 54
63Buer, Henry1920'sPassive member of the Liederkranz
46Bueter, J. C.1850'sOwner of Drug Store in Duensing Building
372Bueter, Mrs. Louise1932Died 3/7/1932/Age 90/Pioneer
345Buhring, H. W.19355/27/1935 Appointed Member Board of Appeals
180Buhring, Henry19194/15/1919 Ran for City Attorney
258Buhring, Henry1921-19244/19/1921/Elected Police Magistrate
348Buhring, Henry19211921-1924/Police Magistrate
345Buhring, Henry19354/16/1935 Ran for Police Magistrate
304Buhring, Henry W.1935-1936Civil Service Board President
305Buhring, Henry W.1935Chairman of BI Zoning Board of Appeals
345Buhring, Henry W.NRPhoto/Former Police Magistrate
323Buissono, David1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Musician
31Bulle, AugustLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
60Bulle, August1850'sMember of the Saengerbund and Liederkranz
362Bulle, August1853The original "Saengerbund" group/BI Liederkranz
61Bulle, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
61Bulle, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
202Bunker, C. A.1884Pastor/M. E. Church/9/24/1884
372Burgan, George S.1921Died 5/30/1921/Age 60/RI Engineer
239Burgan, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
235Burgan, Nellie C.1913Woodmen Circle # 80/Inner Sentinel
104Burke, E. B.NRMarried Delia Fay
233Burke, E. B.1891Charter Member/Blue Island Lodge # 326
365Burke, J. C.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Burke, James1925Died 1/14/1925
241Burke, Jas.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
239Burke, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
293Burkhardt, L. A.1926Took City Census/Pop/ 14,441
296Burkhardt, L. A.1927Health Commissioner
176Burkhardt, Louis1915Appointed Health Commissioner
179Burkhardt, Louis19175/21/1917 Appointed Health Officer
179Burkhardt, Louis19175/21/1917 Appointed Welfare Officer
353Burkhardt, Louis1921Health Comm./Devoted full-time to epidemic
299Burkhardt, Mr.1928Health Commissioner/reported on diseases
359Burkhart, Harry1935BI Centennial Asso./Amer. Legion Day Comm.
235Burkhart, Leora1935American Legion Ladies Auxil./2nd Vice Pres.
171Burkhart, Louis19129/1/1912 completed census of BI, pop. 9737
173Burkhart, Louis A.1914Replaced C. J. Haley as Health Commissioner
313Burkhart, Louis A.1929Apptd. 5/13/1929/Health Commissioner
342Burkhart, Louis A.1933Appointed Health Commissioner
372Burkhart, Mrs. Augusta1935Died 7/4/1935/nee Harris/Wife of L. A. Burkhart
266Burmeister, CharlesNRVolunteer Fireman
372Burmeister, Henry1933Died 5/30/1933/Age 66
372Burmeister, Mrs. Blanche1935Died 2/8/1935/Age 40
372Burmeister, Mrs. Dorothy1934Died 5/11/1934/Age 92/Pioneer resident
372Burmeister, Mrs. Fredericka1923Died 6/9/1923/Age 84
372Burmeister, Mrs. Theresa1931Died 1/13/1931/Age 54/Wife of Henry
323Burno, Louis K.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Officer
239Burno, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
323Burno, William1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
278Burns, Detective Sergeant1915Went to Buffalo, NY to pick up murderer
372Burns, John A.1934Died 11/13/1934/Age 76
372Burns, Mrs. Margaret1935Died 6/24/1935/nee Bock
277Burns, Sgt.1914Assigned to investigate Mislich murder case
247Burns, W. H.1930State Bank of BI/Advisory Committee
329Burns, WilliamNRDied after war from injury/exposure in service
243Burnside, Mrs. J1923Had millinery shop in the Grand Theater Bldg.
202Burt, O. C.1880Pastor/M. E. Church/1/11/1880
104Burville, Helen1869Married Hiriam Gilson 1869/Of Crete, IL
101Burville, LorenzoNRMarried Harriet Cool
100Busch, AnnieNRChild of George Busch, Sr.
100Busch, AnnieNRMarried Frederick Cordt
100Busch, EmelieNRChild of George Busch, Sr.
100Busch, FrederickNRChild of George Busch, Sr.
100Busch, George Jr.NRChild of George Busch, Sr.
100Busch, George Sr.1884Arriv. 1852/Of Germany/Died 8/19/1884
100Busch, HenriettaNRChild of George Busch, Sr.
100Busch, JohnNRChild of George Busch, Sr.
100Busch, JohnNRMarried Theresa Engelhardt. Widow of D. Klien
144Busch, John1891-1892Trustee
144Busch, John1892-1893Trustee
369Busch, John1900Died 1900
369Busch, JohnNRMarried to Theresa Englehardt Klein
144Busch, L.1890-1891Trustee
47Busch, Louis18762nd Manager of Busch/Brandt Brewery
144Busch, Louis1889-1890Trustee
100Busch, MaggieNRChild of George Busch, Sr.
103Busch, MargarethaNRSister of George Busch & Mrs. John Wolz
103Busch, MargarethaNRNative of Bavaria
103Busch, MargarethaNRMarried Peter Engelland
100Busch, MaryNRChild of George Busch, Sr.
137Busch, Mr.1892Voted against prohibition district
372Busch, Mrs. Theresa1927Died 6/4/1927/Age 77/Wife of John G.
100Busch, WilliamNRChild of George Busch, Sr.
117Buschman, LouiseNRSis. of Mrs. Dietrich Quade & Mrs. Wm. Fischer
117Buschman, LouiseNRSister of Wm. Buschman
117Buschman, LouiseNRMarried Dietrich Wiebking
104Buschman, MaryNRMarried William Fischer
104Buschman, MaryNRMrs. Wm. Fischer & Sister of Mrs. D. Quade
117Buschman, Wm.NRBro. of Louise Buschman, Mrs. Dietrich Quade
117Buschman, Wm.NRBrother of Mrs. Wm. Fischer,
210Busha, Paul1907Charter Member Slovak Lutheran Church
211Busha, Paul1935Church Council/Finance Committee
118Bushnell, BerthenaNRMarried Frank Wuest
143Bushnell, F. L.1878-1879Trustee
143Bushnell, F. L.1883-1884Trustee
143Bushnell, F. L.1884-1885Trustee
143Bushnell, F. L.1885-1886Trustee
143Bushnell, F. L.1886-1887Trustee
90Bushnell, Frank L.1861-4Civil War/Enlist.1861/Co. H, 20th IN Vol Infan.
90Bushnell, Frank L.1861-4Lost left eye
90Bushnell, Frank L.1861-64Civil War/Gettysburg/Mustered Out 1864
100Bushnell, Franklin L.NRCivil War/Lost eye at Gettysburg/Arriv. BI
100Bushnell, Franklin L.NRVillage Trustee
100Bushnell, Franklin L.1865Married Jane McCord 1865
130Bushnell, Trustee1878Banned Saloon licenses
103Buss, Conrad LouisNRMarried Bertha Engelland
176Buss, Mrs. C. L.1915Appointed Member of Library Board
329Bussino, DavidNRDied after war from injury/exposure in service
358Buters, Wilhelm1935BI Resident 52 yrs./11835 Princeton Av.
89Butler, L.1848Second Co. 63rd /106th/Second Lieutenant
372Butler, Mrs. Margaret1934Died 5/15/1934/Age 29
78Butterfield FamilyNRVery early settlers
78Butterfield, Elijah1840-50'sEarly Settler member/ Moved to CA
78Butterfield, Eliza1840-50'sEarly settler Family member
78Butterfield, Jane1840-50'sEarly settler Family member
78Butterfield, John1840-50'sEarly Settler member/Moved to CA
78Butterfield, Martha1840-50'sEarly Settler Family member
372Butterfield, Mrs. Elizabeth1922Died 4/16/1922
372Butterfield, Robert W.1919Died 12/28/1919/Age 54
235Byford, Mrs.1920American Legion Ladies Auxiliary/Adjutant
372Byford, Mrs. Lucille1931Died 7/13/1931/Wife of Dr. Wm.
323Byford, W. J.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Hospital Corps
194Byrd, Frank1935Untd. Brick-Clay Wrkrs.# 3/Vice Pres.
212Caheli, Fr.NRPastor/St. Donatus Catholic Ch.
289Cain, Clarence1935Post Office parcel delivery
323Cain, Clarence1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Musician
367Cain, Clarence1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
172Cain, Joseph19134/15/1913 Ran for Alderman 5th Ward
241Cain, M. J.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
103Cain, Mrs. E.NRChild of Daniel Dewitt Dow
356Cain, Noble1935Director of Concert "Wings of Time"
241Cain, Thos.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
34Caldwell, BillyNRExplorer
36Caldwell, Billy (Sauganash)1874Indian Chief, son of Col. Caldwell
84Caldwell, Chief1830'sMember of he Hathaway survey party
91Caldwell, JohnNRCivil War/39th IL Infantry
91Caldwell, RichardNRCivil War/8th IL Cavalry
367Call, Wilma1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
236Campbell, Helen C.1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
129Campbell, W. J.1876Village Attorney
239Cannon, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
235Cannon, Mrs. E.1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
203Cantwell, E. N.1916-1917Pastor/M. E. Church/1916-5/1917
203Cantwell, E. N.1917Died 1917
372Cantwell, Robert J.1918Died 10/14/1918/Railway conductor
323Canty, Jerry1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Signal Corp
235Caraher, Mrs. Rose1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
236Caraher, Mrs. Rose1909Catholic Dau. Of Amer./Prophetess
241Carl, B. F.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
317Carlson, A. G.19304/15/1930 Ran for Alderman 6th Ward
223Carlson, Arthur G.NRMember BI Lions Club
341Carlson, Carl19334/24/1933 Elected Police Magistrate
300Carlson, Carl J.19294/22/1929 Elected Police Magistrate
344Carlson, Carl J.1934Resigned as Police Magistrate
344Carlson, Carl J.1934Took seat on Board of County Commissioners
313Carlson, Carl J.19295/6/1929 Police Magistrate
337Carlson, Carl J.NRPhoto/County Commissioner/Police Magistrate
350Carlson, Carl J.1929-1934Police Magistrate/Indicted Casimir Arezewski
176Carlson, Carl John19159/27/1915, Sold lots to City for pumping station
239Carlson, Dorothea1935Ladies Aux. BRT, Royal Neigh. Ldg 97/Warder
176Carlson, Ellen19159/27/1915, Sold lots to City for pumping station
234Carlson, Enoch1935-1936Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Treasurer
365Carlson, Henry1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
335Carlson, Ida1918Mother of Pearl/Victim of Spanish Influenza
372Carlson, John Peter1922Died 4/21/1922/Age 80
352Carlson, Miss Mable1919Health Nurse/Organ. Publ. Health work in schls.
317Carlson, Mr.1930Judge
372Carlson, Mrs. Blanch, M.1932Died 2/23/1932/Age 42/Wife of Arthur
372Carlson, Mrs. Henry F.1928Died 1/26/1928/Age 41
372Carlson, Mrs. Louise1930Died 11/3/1930/Age 74
323Carlson, Oscar1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Musician
335Carlson, Pearl1918Child of Ida/Victim of Spanish Influenza
282Carlson, Police Magistrate1933Held Hackett kidnappers arraignment
345Carlson, Walter F.19354/16/1935 Ran for Alderman 5th Ward
229Carnegie, Andrew1903Gave gift of new Library to BI
372Carpenter, Florence1928Died 1/12/1928/Age 76/Wife of Sylvester
365Carpenter, Mr. & Mrs. I.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
106Carr, A.NRMarried Catherine R. Hinman
278Carroll, James1915Police Magistrate/Indicted Casimir Arezewski
171Carroll, James H.19124/4/1912, Elected Police Magistrate
347, 348Carroll, James H.1912-19161912-1916/Police Magistrate
372Carroll, Mrs. Jennie M.1933Died 9/22/1933/Age 60/Wife of Chas.
304Carslon, Mabel1919Public Health Nurse
367Carty, Clinton1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Cassel, James1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Marines
325Cassel, M. A.1917Letter to John Volp
325Cassel, M. A.1917100th Co., Marines, Paris Island, S. C.
323Cassel, M. A.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Marines
239Cassell, Mrs. Mary E.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Grand Vice Pres.
323Cates, Harold1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
323Cates, Robert1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
364Caul, Mrs. Carl1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
13Cavelier, Abbe1600'sExplorer
211Cech, Michael1935Church Council/Financial Sec.
58Cender, Leo1853Charged with murder of Jacob Scheib
314Cermak, Anton J.1929Pres. Board of Cook County Commissioners
94Chadeague, RuthNRMarried James Robinson
32Chadwick, Peter1839Subdivided Portland/Owner/Proprietors
279Chamberlain, Dan1918Gave information in Seitz murder case
279Chamberlain, Dan1918Supt. Guthrie Construction Co.
226Chamberlain, Ruth Helen1935-1936BI Jr. Women's Club/1935-1936/Record. Sec.
36Chamblie (Shawbonee)1874Friendly Indian Chief
214Chaplain, Rev.NRUniversalist preacher
234Chapman, D. H.1935-1936Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Trustee
223Charest, A. P.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
202Chase, Bro. George1874Pastor/M. E. Church
202Chase, Bro. GeorgeNRLeft BI/Served at Winter St. (Union) Chur.-Chgo
201Chase, Bro. George1870'sPastor, M. E. Church
372Chase, Rev. GeorgeNRDied at Lake/Age 68/Local Preacher
36Chechepinqua, (Alexander Robinson)1874Friendly Indian Chief
16Chouteau, Auguste1816Negotiated Ind. Boundary Lines
364Christensen, Alice1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Christiansen, Anna1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Christiansen, Mrs.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
366Christianson, Anna1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
117Christianson, NoraNRMarried Carl Voss
211Chrjnacki, Fr.NRTeacher or organist/St. Isadore Catholic Parish
206Chrysotomus, Rev.1865-1904Pastor/ St. Benedict Parish
206Chrysotomus, Rev.1893Built two-story rectory for St. Benedict Church
58Church, W. L.1850Commission to divide Cook County townships
240Cialdella, Dan1933SOI/Prince Umbert de Savoia Chpt./Orator
323Ciesielski, Bernard1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Cavalry
144Cinnamon, Thomas1896-1901Captain of Police
164Cinnamon, Thomas1901July 10, 1901, Appointed Chief of Police
308Cinnamon, Thomas1900Photo/Lt. Of Blue Island Village Police Force
308Cinnamon, Thomas1901Appointed Chief of Village Police by Zacharias
367Cione, Jennie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Cistaro, Caroline1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Cistaro, Dorothy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Cistaro, Teresa1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
236Clancey, Miss Rose1909Catholic Daug. Of Amer./Trustee
203Clancy, J. F.1901-1903Pastor/M. E. Church/10/1901-1903
238Clancy, Mary1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
235Clancy, Miss Rose1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
235Clancy, Mrs. A.1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
238Clancy, Walter1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
110Clark, CharlesNRMarried Mary C. Massey
14Clark, George RogersC. 1769Virginia Rifleman
16Clark, Gov. Roger1778Gov. VA
85Clark, H .B..1856Pottawatomies camped near his residence
313Clark, Harry S.19295/27/1929Appt. member Playgrd./Rec. Comm.
93Clark, JohnNRHusband of Fannie I. Rexford
213Clark, Mrs.NRHeld St. Aidan's Lenten services in home
212Clark, Mrs. Frank1904Led Choir at St. Aidan's Epis. Mission
372Clark, Mrs. Hattie1925Died 3/17/1925/Age 50
16Clark, William1816Negotiated Ind. Boundary Lines
28Clarke, MissCirca 1880sGrammar School Teacher
95Clarkson, MaryNRMarried to Henry B. Robinson
143Clausen Thies1874-1875Trustee
372Clausen, C. C.1917Died 3/1917/At St. Cloud, FL/Former resident
238Clausen, Edmund1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A /Conductor
137Clausen, G. L.1892Village Engineer
144Clausen, Henry1900-1901Trustee
144Clausen, Henry1901Trustee
347Clausen, Henry19091909Alderman 2nd Ward
347Clausen, Henry19101910/Alderman 2nd Ward
372Clausen, Henry1927Died 6/28/1927/Carpenter contractor/Age 75
168Clausen, Henry G.19114/18/1911, Ran for Alderman 2nd Ward
372Clausen, Henry J.1927Died 12/1/1927/Age 57
372Clausen, Henry, G.1927Died 5/8/1927/Age 54/At Walnut, IA
372Clausen, Jason M.1928Died 7/10/1928/Age 57
264Clausen, John18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
270Clausen, John1880'sPhoto Volunteer Fire Dept early 1880's
142Clausen, Mr.1901Trustee
372Clausen, Mrs. Katherine1928Died 12/2/1928/Age 79
372Clausen, Mrs. Margaret1914Died 11/20/1914/Wife of John
100Claussen, AnnieNRChild of Erich Claussen & Doris Koch
372Claussen, Arthur W.1929Died 12/12/1929 Age 45
100Claussen, Asmus1854Arriv. 1854/Bro. Of Erich/Of Holstein, Ger.
100Claussen, AsmusNRMarried Katherine Koch/Of Holstein, Ger.
90Claussen, C. C.1863Civil War/Co. B, 82nd IL/ Prisoner/Libby Prison
90Claussen, C. C.1863Civil War/One slight wound
90Claussen, C. C.NRCivil War/Battle of Mission Ridge
101Claussen, C. C.NRChild of Thies Claussen & Anna Sluemer
101Claussen, C. C.NRMarried 1st to Marie Schoth
101Claussen, C. C.NRMarried 2nd to Lizzie Squire
216Claussen, C. C.1894Board of Education/Member
46Claussen, C. C. Mrs. (Lizzie Squier)NRRecollections
100Claussen, ChristinaNRChild of Erich Claussen & Doris Koch
115Claussen, ChristinaNRSister of Emil and Asmus Claussen
115Claussen, ChristinaNRMarried Claus Schultz
100Claussen, Claus (Grandfather)NRFather of Asmus
100Claussen, Claus (Grandson)NRChild of Erich Claussen & Doris Koch
100Claussen, DoraNRChild of Erich Claussen & Doris Koch
52Claussen, Erich1852Carpenter
100Claussen, Erich1854Of Holstein, Ger./Arriv. 1854
100Claussen, ErichNRCarpenter/Married Doris Koch
92Claussen, John1897Span. Amer. War/Private
233Claussen, John1875Charter Member/Wallahalla Lodge # 54
236Claussen, Maria1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
100Claussen, MaryNRChild of Erich Claussen & Doris Koch
100Claussen, MinnieNRChild of Erich Claussen & Doris Koch
100Claussen, Thies1852Of Heide, Holstein, Ger./Arriv. 1852
100Claussen, ThiesNRMarried Anna Sluemer
101Claussen, Thies1895Died 1895
367Clavio, Lena1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
154Cleaver, Charles1856Founder-Cleverville, Passenger on IL Cen. RR
372Clemens, Julius1920Died 1/8/1920/Age 80
367Clemmons, Bill1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
224Clemmons, H. B.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
223Clemmons, Homer B.NRMember BI Lions Club
223Clemmons, Homer B.1925BI Lions Club/Pres/1925
255Clemmons, Homer B.1920Advertising Manager/The Sun Standard
256Clemmons, Homer B.NREditor/The Suburban Star
257Clemmons, Homer B.1930Advertising Manager/Suburban Star
257Clemmons, Homer B.1935Advertising Manager/The Sun Standard
257Clemmons, Homer B.1935Treasurer/Associated Suburban Publishers
365Clemmons, Mrs. Bertha1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
304Clemmons, Mrs. H. B.1935-1936Library Board Member
343Clemmons, Mrs. H. B.1934Appointed to library board
231Clemmons, Mrs. H. B.1935Library Board/BI Public Library/Secretary
365Clemmons, Robert1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
372Clemmons, William H.1924Died 10/20/1924/Age 69
372Cline, Charles F.1928Died 4/14/1928/Age 68/Railway conductor
372Cline, Mrs. Anna1929Died 5/3/1929/Age 67
266Clow, Earl1907Paid Full Time Fireman/Chauffeur
280Clow, Mr.1929Police Driver arrived at Buchholz murder scene
366Cobb, Clarence1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
347Cobet, George C.19051905/Mayor
347Cobet, George C.19061906/Mayor
239Cobley, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
239Coburn, An1935Ladies Aux. BRT/Roy. Neigh. Ldg/Outer Guard
209Coffey, J. K.1914-1924Elder/first meetings of United Church of Christ
239Coggins, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
235Coggins, Mrs. F.1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
282Coghlan, Mal1933Asst. State's Attorney
266Colbourn, ClaudeNRVolunteer Fireman
323Colburn, Claude1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
238Cole, Alice1936Order of Eastern Star # 789/Conductress
210Cole, Evangelist W. C.1934-1935Of Des Moines, IA/conduct. Evang. campaigns
234Cole, Grover C.1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Tyler
372Cole, Mrs. Carrie1928Died 3/10/1928/Age 47
358Cole, Mrs. T. J.1935BI Resident 37 yrs.
240Colebourn, Claude1902BI Lettercarriers President
289Colebourn, Claude E.1935Post Office mail carrier
367Colebourn, Claude F.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
240Colebourn, Mrs. Claude1935Ladies Aux. NALC # 453/Chaplain
372Colebourne, William J.1935Died 1/17/1935/at Louisville, KY/Age 73
325Coleburn, Claude1918Co. M, 131st Inf. Camp Logan, Tex.
280Coleman, Howard1929Suspect in Buchholz murder
280Coleman, Howard1929Commit. to Logansprt. Insane Asyl. by parents
325Collins, Captain Frank1917Commander of Co. M, National Guard
372Collins, Mrs. Clara L.1928Died 10/19/1928/Age 94
250Columba, Sister M.1911-1920Acted as Superior for St. Francis Hospital
372Conant, Mensel Alvin1933Died 6/12/1933/Auto accident/Age 78
372Conant, William A.1933Died 6/10/1933/Auto accident/Age 50
372Conklin, Mrs. Christine1929Died 3/24/1929/Wife of Henry
92Conlan, James1897Span. Amer. War/Wagoner
235Conlan, Mrs. G.1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
236Conlan, Mrs. Gertrude1909Catholic Daug. Of Amer./Lecturer
194Conlen, Capt. James1898Troop M , IL First Cavalry/Span. Amer. War
92Conlen, James H.1897Captain, Span. Amer. War/ Roadmaster/RI RR
366Connor, Patricia1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
287Conrad, W. H.NRMgr. Of Operations of Chicago Interurban Co.
101Consoer, AnnieNRChild of Mary Derlow & John Consoer
101Consoer, AnnieNRMarried Edward Rhode
101Consoer, AugustNRChild of Caroline Bergholtz & Hans Consoer
101Consoer, AugustNRMarried Minnie Piepho
101Consoer, CharlesNRChild of Mary Derlow & John Consoer
101Consoer, CharlesNRMarried Mina Kriegsman
101Consoer, FrankNRChild of Caroline Bergholtz & Hans Consoer
101Consoer, FrankNRMarried Mary Trein
235Consoer, H.NRMember Fraternal Order of Eagles
101Consoer, HansNRAka Konsoer
101Consoer, Hans1857Native of Meckleburg, Ger./Arriv. 1857
101Consoer, Hans1885Died 1885
101Consoer, HansNRMarried Caroline Bergholtz
101Consoer, HermanNRChild of Mary Derlow & John Consoer
101Consoer, HermanNRMarried Anna Rum
101Consoer, John1860Of Meckleburg, Ger./Arriv. 1860
101Consoer, JohnNRMarried 1st to Mary Derlow
101Consoer, JohnNRMarried 2nd to Rieke Derlow
101Consoer, MaryNRChild of Caroline Bergholtz & Hans Consoer
101, 117Consoer, MaryNRMarried Henry Voss
101Consoer, PaulinaNRChild of Mary Derlow & John Consoer
101Consoer, PaulinaNRMarried Daniel Kemmen
119Consoer, RosaNRMarried William Haase
101Consoer, RosinaNRChild of Caroline Bergholtz & Hans Consoer
101Consoer, WilliamNRChild of Caroline Bergholtz & Hans Consoer
101Consoer, WilliamNRMarried Mary Roloff
372Consoer, William1921Died 7/7/1921/Age 62
240Conway, Lillie1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Charter Mem.
16Cook, Captain David1831First Attny General, State Rep.
343Cook, Carlton C.19344/1/71934 Elected Alderman 1st Ward
350Cook, Carlton C.19341934/Alderman 1st Ward
241Cook, J. T.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
29Cool Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrivals
101Cool, B. FrankNRChild of Benjamin Cool & Jane Nobles
101Cool, B. FrankNRMarried Elizabeth Ann Forest
143Cool, Benjamin1878-1879Trustee
143Cool, Benjamin1879-1880Trustee
101Cool, Benjamin (Grandfather)NRMarried Jane Nobles
101Cool, Benjamin (Grandfather)1896Died 12/31/41896
101Cool, Benjamin (Grandson)NRChild of Mary Curtis Forest & Nelson A. Cool
101Cool, Benjamin (Grandson)1929Married Margaret Walker in 1929
101Cool, CarrieNRDied in Youth
101Cool, CarrieNRChild of Benjamin Cool & Jane Nobles
88Cool, EdwinNRRelates incidents of childhood days
372Cool, Edwin1922Died4/1/1922/Age 70
101Cool, Edwin W.NRChild of Benjamin Cool & Jane Nobles
101Cool, Edwin W.NRMarried Antonia Tedlicka
372Cool, Frank1922Died 3/21/1922
323Cool, Franklin1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Hospital Corps
101Cool, HarrietNRChild of Mary Curtis Forest & Nelson A. Cool
101Cool, Harriet1899Married George Borman in 1899
101Cool, HarrietNRMarried Lorenzo Burville
101Cool, HarrietNRChild of Benjamin Cool & Jane Nobles
101Cool, Jane Nobles (Grandchild)1914Married Dr. Edward McGinnis in 1914
101Cool, Jane Nobles (Granddaughter)NRChild of Mary Curtis Forest & Nelson A. Cool
101Cool, John NelsonNROf Carseland, Albert. Can/Gr. Child of Nelson .
101Cool, JuliaNRChild of Benjamin Cool & Jane Nobles
101Cool, JuliaNRMarried Frederick Ferrers
101Cool, MargaretNROf Carseland, Albert. Can/Gr. Child of Nelson .
101Cool, Mary ForestNRChild of Mary Curtis Forest & Nelson A. Cool
101Cool, Mary Forest1910Married Louis S. Bowe in 1910
372Cool, Mary Forrest1901Died 5/1/1901/First Wife of Nelson A.
372Cool, Mrs. Edward1891Died 7/1/1891/Age 29
372Cool, Mrs. Grace King1930Died 4/16/1930/2nd Wife of Nelson
101Cool, Mrs. JaneNRWife of Benjamin Cool/Grandmother of Jane Nobles Cool
224Cool, Mrs. Nelson A.1890'sCharter Member BI Women's Club/
144Cool, N. A.1897-1898Treasurer
144Cool, N. A.1898-1899Treasurer
167Cool, N. A.1909Appointed to audit Previous Admin. Books
372Cool, Nelson1929Died 7/15/1929/At Alberta Canada/Age 79
231Cool, Nelson A.NRFirst Board Member/BI Parks & Playgrounds
101Cool, Nelson AdelbertNRCook County Commissioner/Chr. Fin. Comm. Co. Board
101Cool, Nelson AdelbertNRSewing machine salesman/farmer/teacher
101Cool, Nelson Adelbert1903Married 2nd to Grace King, BI teacher
101Cool, Nelson Adelbert1850-1929B.12/7/1850 in BI/Died Alberta, Can. 7/15/1929
101Cool, Nelson Adelbert1876Married Ist to Mary Curtis Forest 6/1/1876
101Cool, Nelson AdelbertNRGrandfather of Harriet Borman High
101Cool, Nelson AdelbertNRGrandfather of John Nelson Cool
101Cool, Nelson AdelbertNRGrandfather of Margaret Cool
101Cool, Nelson AdelbertNRGreat Grandfather of George Borman High
101Cool, Nelson Adelbert1890Arriv. BI 1890
101Cool, Nelson, AdelbertNRChild of Benjamin Cool & Jane Nobles
29Cooley FamilyCirca 1849Families Professing Universalistic Faith
22Cooley, Germanicus1839Settler
43Cooley, GermanicusNRBlue Island resident/Owner of grain scows
53Cooley, Germanicus1839Built home on Rexford Street
53Cooley, Germanicus1851Built home on Western and Vermont
93Cooley, GermanicusNRHusband of Anna Rexford
101Cooley, Germanicus1839Arriv. 1839/Married Elsie Ann Rexford
203Coombs, Rev. JosephNRPastor/M. E. Church/Dates unknown
241Cooney, E. J.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
240Cope, George1902BI Lettercarriers Vice President
289Cope, George1935Post Office mail carrier
206Corbinian, O. S. B. , Rev.1862-1863Charge of St. Bened. Mission, 6/1862-11/1863
206Corbinian, O. S. B. , Rev.1865-1904Pastor/ St. Benedict Parish /1865-1904
144Cordt, F.1888-1889Constable
100Cordt, FrederickNRMarried to Annie Busch
275Cordt, Mr.1914Residence suffered slight damage in 1914 fire
358Cordt, Mrs. D.1935BI Resident 53 yrs.
241Cordt, W. F.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
251Cordt, Wm. F.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
372Corey, George F. (Shorty)1935Died 10/5/1935/Age 47
151Corey, Jim1870Rock Island RR Flagman/Suburban Line
239Corey, Wm.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/C. E.
243Corlett, Miss Kate1913Appointed Movie Censor by Mayor Wessel
117Corlew, William A.NRMarried Cornelia E. Wattles
154Cornell, Paul1850'sSold land to IL Central RR/Founder Hyde Park
154Cornell, Paul1856Passenger on IL Cen. RR in Chgo., 1856
365Costello, Anna Mae1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Costello, Evelyn1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Costello, Marjorie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
92Costello, Thomas1897Span. Amer. War/Private
223Costello, Thomas1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
86Coughlin, John1858Found dead in the Sag Canal
285Coughlin, John1871Palos/Employed on Archie Murphy's farm
285Coughlin, John1871Became mired in treacherous soil near Cal Sag
372Courtemanche, Moses1929Died 3/26/1929/Age 82
71Courtney, Mrs.NRFirst white woman in settlement
16Courtney, Thomas1834First Settler in District
19Courtney, Thomas1834First White Settler in District
360Courtney, Thomas1834Arrived from East Coast 1834
323Cox, C. C.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
92Cox, CamillusNRCivil War
326Cox, Claude C.1917Co. B, 13th Railway Engineer, Rock Island Rail
202Crall, C. W.1877Pastor/M. E. Church/10/1877
202Crall, C. W.NRDied of TB in CA
202Crall, C. W.1885Pastor/M. E. Church/10/13/1885
234Crandall, Albert1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
304Crandall, Dan1935Highway Commissioner/Worth, IL
117Crandall, Elizabeth1845Married Otis M. Wattles 3/4/1845
67Crandall, Martha1837Second Marriage in settlement
67Crandall, Martha1837Married Stephen Jones
257Crane, Florence1900Published The Commercial Journal
42Crary, StephenNRAuthor
210Crawford, Rev. Glen1935Minister United Church of Christ 1935-
250Crawford, Rev. Glenn1933Blue Island Boy Scout Committee Troop # 782
287Crawford, W. W.1922Appointed receiver for Chgo & Interurban Co.
292Crawford, W. W.1926Receiver for Chicago & Interurban
295Crawford, W. W.1927Allowed to sell assets of Chgo. Interurban. Co.
372Crawford, William ("Speedy")1926Died 1/18/1926/Railway Detective
236Creighton, Elizabeth1935Catholic Dau. Of Amer./Trustee
235Creighton, William A.1935Knights of Columbus/Financial Secretary
239Crist, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
239Crist, Wm.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/S. E.
289Crockett, Pauline1932Took Government Post Office Exam
345Crockett, Wells19355/27/1935 Appointed Tax Commissioner
358Crockett, Wells1935BI Resident 64 yrs.
209Cromwell, Geo.1914-1924Deacon at 1st meetings of Untd. Ch. of Christ
323Cross, Rec. Theo G.1918Conducted Requiem High Mass for Steffes
239Crossett, Cecile1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Vice President
235Crossland, Evelyn1913Woodmen Circle # 80/Chaplain
238Crossland, Evelyn1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Charter Member
194Crossland, N.1898Int'l Brick, Tile T. Cotta Wrkrs/Rec. Sec.
331Crossland, N.NRCommitteeman/5th Liberty Loan Drive
194Crossland, NicholasNRProminent role in Brickmakers Loc. # 3
240Crossland, NicholasNRActive in the Macabees in the early days
331Crossland, NicholasNRWard Captain 1st Liberty Loan Drive/5th Ward
331Crossland, NicholasNRCommitteeman/4th Liberty Loan Drive
236Crossland, Nicholas1912Woodmen of the World # 245/Advisory Lt.
372Crossland, Nicholas1924Died 10/2/1924/Age 55
325Crossland, W. N.191774th Co., 6th Regiment, U. S. M C. A. E. F.
325Crossland, W. N.1917Letter to John H. Volp 12/23/1917
331Crossland, Walter1919Charter member Allied Veterans of Blue Island
180Crossland, Walter19194/15/1919 Elected City Treasurer/Vet of WWI
323Crossland, Walter1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Marines
325Crossland, Walter1917Mentioned in letter from Milton M. Bowman
331Crossland, Walter1919Chairman of temporary Veterans Organization
348Crossland, Walter N.19191919/Attorney
348Crossland, Walter N.19201920/Treasurer
321-322Crowder, General1917Provost Marshall/Organized Draft Board #7
372Crueger, Thomas1927Died 3/1/1927/Age 67
240Cruley, GeorgeNRActive in the Macabees in the early days
233Cryder, J. D.1891Charter Member/Blue Island Lodge # 326
241Cullington, Wm.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
372Culp, James A.1923Died 8/20/1923/Age 56/RI Engineer
239Culp, James A.1911W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Legislative Rep.
229Cummings, Mrs. A. D.1891Blue Island Library Asso./Librarian
171Cunningham, Joseph1912Appointed by Mayor to replace Louis Staffel
372Cunningham, Joseph1922Died 5/12/1922/Age 63
358Cunningham, Mrs. Margaret1935BI Resident 33 yrs.
364Cure, Margie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Cure, Mrs. Anna1935Died 9/16/1935/Age 54
373Cure, Mrs. Caroline1931Died 1/22/1931/Age 49
373Cure, Mrs. Laura1935Died 2/17/1935/Age 42/Wife of Peter
373Cure, Mrs. Mary1929Died 2/23/1929/Age 81
373Cure, Mrs. Mary1928Died 4/8/1928Age 80
86Curran, Dennis1858-9Found body of John Coughlin
373Curtice, Alexander E.1935Died 5/21/1935/Age 66/Railway Engineer
101Curtis, MaryNRAka Mary Curtis Forest
300Cutmore, Harry S.1929Real Estate Assessor
211Czastka, Rev. T.1913Pastor/St. Isadore Catholic Ch./1913
13Dablon, Father1600'sVisitor
367Daebel, Albert1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Daebel, Grace1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
31Daemicke FamilyLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
31Daemicke Ferd.Late 1850'sFirst German Settlers
101Daemicke, AnnaNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, EdmundNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, Ferdinand1848Of Lardsburg an der Warthe, Germ./Arriv. 1848
101Daemicke, Ferdinand1898Died 1898
126Daemicke, Ferdinand18732nd Vill. Election 4/15/1873/Trustee
143Daemicke, Ferdinand1873-1874Trustee
143Daemicke, Ferdinand1874-1875Trustee
199Daemicke, FerdinandNRElected on Board of Dir. for new Luth. Church
124Daemicke, Ferdinand1872Trustee Election/93 Votes
101Daemicke, GeorgeNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, HannahNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, HermanNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, JennieNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, LouisNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, MargaretNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, MaryNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
101Daemicke, PaulNRChild of Ferdinand Daemicke
323Dagenais, Lawrence1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
373Dagenais, Oliver1931Died 6/28/1931/Age 63
364Dahl, Evelyn1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Dahl, Mrs. Mathlida Matson1925Died 2/3/1925
323Dahl, Victor1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
198Dal, J.1869-1870Pastor/Central Methodist Church/1869-1870
373Dale, Mrs. Alice Anita1926Died 4/17/1926/Age 73
373Dale, Mrs. Cora1933Died 8/30/1933/Age 71
235Daly, Frank Jr.1935Knights of Columbus/Lecturer
365Daly, Frank Jr.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
223Damm, Dr. L. C.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
359Damm, Dr. L. O.1935BI Centennial Asso./Finan. Committee Chrmn.
364Damm, Mrs. Leslie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Damm, Mrs. Mary G.1927Died 2/2/1927/Age 45
373Damm, Mrs. William1921Died 8/23/1921/Age 65
373Damm, William1929Died 4/6/1929/Age 82
218Damn, Miss Clara1935Teacher Lutheran Parochial School
220Damn, Miss LouiseNRTeacher Lutheran Parochial School
218Damrow, Paul1935Teacher Lutheran Parochial School
211D'Andrea, Rev.NRPastor in the town of Kennsington
211D'Andrea, Rev.NRPerformed services at Chapel of St. Donato
366Daniels, Eleanor1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Daniels, Eleanor1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
305Daniels, John T.1935Town Clerk/11959 Yale Ave., Chicago
207Danielson, A.1889Chosen Trustee Swedish Lutheran Siloa Ch.
347Danielson, A.19011901/Alderman 5th Ward
164Danielson, Adolph19011st Election/Elected Alderman 5th Ward
164Danielson, Adolph1901Electric Light & Gas Committee, City Council
164Danielson, Adolph1901Plats, Public Grounds & Bldg. Committee,
164Danielson, Adolph1901Health Committee, City Council
164Danielson, Adolph1901Voted to pass Geist Franchise Ordinance
373Danielson, Adolph1928Died 10/16/1928/Age 66/Alderman 5th ward
367Danielson, Calvin1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Danielson, Robert1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
179Dare, H. D.19175/21/1917 Appointed Member Board of Heath
176Dare, Harry1915Appointed member of Board of Health
234Dare, Harry G.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
331Dare, Harry G.NRCommitteeman/4th& 5th Liberty Loan Drive
289Darfler, C. H.1935Post Office Clerk
366Darfler, Clarence1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Darfler, Mrs. C. H.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
359Davidson, A. L.1935BI Centennial Asso./Amer. Legion Day Comm.
241Davidson, Alice1904Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Charter Member
367Davidson, Anna May1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
99Davidson, CatherineNRDaughter of Mary Davidson
99,112Davidson, CatherineNRMarried Martin Ocker/of Scottish birth
112Davidson, Catherine K.NRStep-Daughter of John Black
234Davidson, Geo. E.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
373Davidson, George E.1932Died 1/25/1932/Age 71
366Davidson, Lloyd1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
99Davidson, MaryNRMarried John Black
239Davidson, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
213Davies, Mrs.NRHeld St. Aidan's Lenten services in home
212Davies, Mrs. C. G.19042nd Choir mother of St. Aidan's Epis. Mission
213Davis, FredNRFirst Choir member, St. Aidan's Epis. Mission
354Davis, General Abel1922Gave dedicatory address of Memorial Park
336Davis, General Abel1923Awarded French Legion of Honor
365Davis, Harry1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Davis, James1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
13Davis, Jefferson1600'sPres. Of Confed. States
239Davis, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
167Davis, W. T.1909Appointed to audit Previous Admin. Books
172Davis, W. T.1913Appointed Supt. Of Streets
176Davis, W. T.1915Appointed Supt. Of Streets
178Davis, W. T.19174/30/1917, resigned as Supt. of Streets
182Davis, W. T.19194/15/1919 Elected Alderman 4th Ward
348Davis, W. T.19191919/Alderman 4th Ward
348Davis, W. T.19201920/Alderman 4th Ward
92Davis, Walter1897Span. Amer. War/Trumpeter/ Troop M
92Davis, Walter1897Span. Amer. War/Thrown from horse and killed
193Davis, WalterNRFounder of E. B. Bronson Machine Shop
239Davis, Wm. T.1911W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/Guide
239Davis, Wm. T.1911W. S. Tinsman Div. # 815 BLA/Officer/Ins. Sec
367Davison, Jack1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
333Davison, L. A.1935-1936American Legion Post # 50/Jr. Vice Commndr.
373Davoust, Gabriel1934Died 12/22/1934/Age 92/Franco-Prus.War Vet
29DayCirca 1849Families Professing Universalistic Faith
248Day C. C.1905-1915BI Headquarters of NE IL Fancier's Asso.
29Day Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrivals
101Day, AdeliaNRChild of Jonathan Monroe Day
101Day, ChapinNRChild of Jonathan Monroe Day
102Day, Charles M.NRChild of Rodney N. Day & Sarah Tann
91Day, Charles O.NRCivil War/Son of Rodney Day/ 72nd IL Infantry
101Day, ClaraNRChild of Jonathan Monroe Day
101Day, Ella O.NRChild of Jonathan Monroe Day
244Day, F. D.1887Incorporator of BI Savings & Loan/Secretary
244Day, F. D.1887Incorporator of BI Savings & Loan/Director
240Day, Frances O.1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
102Day, Henry H.NRBrainard, MN/Child of Rodney N. & Sarah Tann
214Day, J. M.NRUniversalist preacher
101Day, Jonathan Monroe1840'sBro. Of Rodney Day/Arriv 1840's/
101Day, Jonathan MonroeNRUniversalist Minister
101Day, MonroeNRChild of Jonathan Monroe Day
373Day, Mrs. Amelia Gilson1921Died 12/8/1921/Age 75
226Day, Mrs. Charles C.1928Charter member BI Garden Club
101Day, Mrs. R. N.NRPhoto
373Day, Mrs. Susan1928Died 8/26/1928/Age 71
124Day, R. N.1872Trustee Election/1 Vote
128Day, R. N.18737/3/1873 Petitioned to lay out cemetery lots
27Day, R. N.1854Paint Shop Owner
113Day, RodneyNRLawyer
52Day, Rodney N.1851Wagonmaker
67Day, Rodney N.1840-60'sLegal Services during 1840-60's
71Day, Rodney N.1867Trustee of Old Blue Island Cemetery Asso.
101Day, Rodney N.1851Bro. Of Jonathan Monroe Day/Arriv. BI 1851
101Day, Rodney N.1818B. Lithchfield, Oneida Cnty, NY 5/7/1818
101Day, Rodney N.NRPhoto, "Lawyer Day"
101Day, Rodney N.1839Married Sarah Tann, 5/7/1839
102Day, Rodney N.NRWagonmaker/Lawyer/Pstr. Universalist Church
102Day, Rodney N.NRBI Justice of Peace
143Day, W. E.1876-1877Police Justice
111Day, WallaceNRMarried Rose Merkelbach
91Day, Wallace M.NRCivil War/Son of Rodney Day/ 72nd IL Infantry
102Day, Wallace M.NRChild of Rodney N. Day & Sarah Tann
373DeArmond, Frank1933Died 7/17/1933/Age 77/RI Conductor
239Decker, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
300Dedrick, John J.19294/22/1929 Ran for Police Magistrate
373Dee, Edward W.1922Died 5/9/1922/Age 57/ RI Conductor
365DeForte, Stanley1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Degenfelder, Andrew1929Died 5/23/1929/Age 58
373Degenfelder, Josephine1930Died 10/10/1930/At Washington, MO
373Degenfelder, JosephineNRSister M. Brunnois
62DeGroot, Jacob1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
366DeGroot, Mrs. Jacob1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Dehnhardt, Justus Julius1924Died 10/15/1924/Age 64
92Deipolder, Xavier1897Span. Amer. War/Private
241Deischer, A. R.1936Knights of Pythias 463/Master of Exchequer
63Deischer, Adam1920'sPassive member of the Liederkranz
240Deischer, Emma1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Protector
241Deischer, Emma1904Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Charter Member
241Deischer, Emma1936Sunshine Camp # 3761, RNA/Receiver
234Deisher, Emma1935Sons & Daughters of Liberty/Jr. Ex-Asso. Couns.
380Deitz, Mrs. Emma1929Died 5/11/1929/Age 67
366, 367Delick, June1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Delories, Mrs. Phoebe1927Died 7/29/1927/Age 62
364Delvaccio1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
94DeMinge, ClaraNRMarried Harry Robinson
204Demorest, Rev. W. L.1891-1892Pastor/Congregational Ch. 5/17/1891-1892
345Dempsey, Ralph1935Appointed special police officer
228Denker, Mrs. Fred1928BI Council of Parents & Teachers/Sec-Treas.
96Denner, FredNRMarried to Emma Krueger
373Denner, Mrs. Emma1935Died 6/9/1935/Age 79
373Denner, Mrs. EmmaNRDaugh. of Wm. & Mary Sorgenfrei (nee Krueger)
206Dennis, Rev.1865-1904Pastor/ St. Benedict Parish
241Dennison, Herbert1935United Span. War Vet./Color Sergeant
323Denny, Joseph1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Ordinance
231Dention, Louise1935Library Board/BI Public Library/Librarian
228Denton, Miss1935In custody of the original ballot box of 1872
228Denton, Miss1935Employee of the BI Public Library
231Denton, Miss Louise1916Librarian/Blue Island Public Library 1916-
359Depew, Albert1935BI Centennial Asso./Amer. Legion Day Comm.
366Depew, Albert1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Derby, Charles Gifford1935Died 1/6/1935/Age 73
356D'Ercole, Bruno1935Accordionist at Centennial Celebration banquet
101Derlow, MaryNRMarried John Consoer/Sister of Rieke Derlow
101Derlow, RiekeNRMarried John Consoer/Sister of Mary Derlow
57Derr, Emile aka Albert Staub1857Suspect in first murder
367Dertz, Dorothy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Devine, William J.1905Died 4/28/1905/Age 30
209Dewar, C. A.1923Charter Mem./Evangelical Comm. Ch./12/1923
343Dewar, Charles19344/1/71934 Elected Alderman 6th Ward
317Dewar, Charles A.19304/15/1930 Elected Alderman 6th Ward
339Dewar, Charles A.19324/25/1932 Elected Alderman 6th Ward
345Dewar, Charles A.19354/16/1935 Ran for Alderman 6th Ward
350Dewar, Charles A.1928-19341928-1934/Alderman 6th Ward
297Dewar, Chas. A.19284/17/1928 Elected Alderman 6th Ward
349Dewar, Chas. A.NRPhoto/Alderman
209Dewar, Ella1923Charter Mem./Evangelical Comm. Ch./12/1923
216Dewey, JohnNRFormerly of Univ. of Chicago & Columbia U.
94DeWitt, M TNRWed Emily Rexford/Publ. School Teacher
28Dewitt, Prof. M. T.NRPhoto, Early Educator
157Dibble, Leonidas D.NROfficer Grand Trunk Railway System
364DiBiase, Henry1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Dick, Richard1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
238Dickelman, Christ1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Secretary
238Dickelman, Christ1936Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A /Prefect
215Dickenson,Ella (Massey)1854 Teacher at first Whittier school
373Dickerman, Charles D.1919Died 2/24/1919/Age 59
240Dickerman, Margaret1893BI West Review #2,WBA/Charter Member
358Dickerman, Margaret1935BI Resident 35 yrs.
239Dickerman, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
373Dickerman, Mrs. Wilhelmina1935Died 2/12/1935/Age 99/Pioneer resid. of Dolton
238Dickerman, Sam1893Brotherhood Locomotive Eng./Officer/Chaplain
201Dickerson, Samuel & Son1895Painting & Decorating for M. E. Church
204Dickinson, Mrs.S. F.1871 Died, Circa 1871
204Dickinson, Rev. S. F.1871-1875Pastor/Congregational Church 1871-1875
110Dickinson, Rev. SamuelNRChild of Emeline Utley & Hart Massey
125Dickinson, S. F.1872Petitioner for Plank Sidewalk
31Diefenbach FamilyLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
216Diefenbach, Addie1878Graduate of the Whittier School 1877
102Diefenbach, Addie A.NRChild of Charlotte Beckley & Fred. Diefenbach
102Diefenbach, Arthur C.NRChild of Fred. Diefenbach & Cornelia Bauer
289Diefenbach, Edward1932Took Government Post Office Exam
102Diefenbach, Edward E.NRChild of Fred. Diefenbach & Cornelia Bauer
123Diefenbach, F. G.18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
126Diefenbach, F. G.18732nd Vill. Election 4/15/1873/Clerk
126Diefenbach, F. G.1875Elected Village Clerk
127Diefenbach, F. G.1877Committee to inspect waterworks plant
128Diefenbach, F. G.1876Awarded contract for lamp oil
143Diefenbach, F. G.1873-1878Clerk
143, 144Diefenbach, F. G.1886-1889Treasurer
129Diefenbach, F. G.1876Supplier of Kerosene Oil for Village
167Diefenbach, F. G.1909Appointed to audit Previous Admin. Books
244Diefenbach, F. G.1887Incorporator of BI Savings & Loan/Treasurer
244Diefenbach, F. G.1887Incorporator of BI Savings & Loan/Director
251Diefenbach, F. G.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
288Diefenbach, F. G.1890-1898Postmaster/Post office in his grocery store
373Diefenbach, F. G.1917Died 4/18/1917/Postmaster 1890-1898
23Diefenbach, F. G.NRPioneer Postmaster
102Diefenbach, Frederick G.NRArriv. 1863/Mercanatile Business/Postmaster
102Diefenbach, Frederick G.NRTown Clerk/ Village Clerk
102Diefenbach, Frederick G.NROf Wurtemburg, Ger.
102Diefenbach, Frederick G.1860Married 1st to Charlotte Beckley, 8/10/1860
102Diefenbach, Frederick G.NRMarried 2nd to Cornelia Bauer
234Diefenbach, Frederick G.1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
102Diefenbach, Frederick W.NRChild of Fred. Diefenbach & Cornelia Bauer
102Diefenbach, George J.NRChild of Charlotte Beckley & Fred. Diefenbach
163Diefenbach, J. G.19011st Election/Ran for Alderman 1st Ward
111Diefenbach, J. G.NRMarried Anna Merkelbach
373Diefenbach, John1921Died 7/12/1921/Bro. Of F. G. Diefenbach
102Diefenbach, Lydia B.NRChild of Charlotte Beckley & Fred. Diefenbach
241Diegan, John A.1894Knights of Pythias Lodge # 463/Charter Memb.
210Dieska, John1907Charter Member Slovak Lutheran Church
210Dieska, John1907Dieska lot sold for new Slovak Lutheran Church
367Dieska, Pauline1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
102Dietz, a brother of Fred & John1852Of Brandenburg, Ger./Arriv. 1852/No first name listed
119Dietz, ElizabethNRMarried Eberhard Zimmer
52Dietz, Fred1852Blacksmith
102Dietz, Frederick1852Of Brandenburg, Ger./Arriv. 1852/Blacksmith
102Dietz, John1852Of Brandenburg, Ger./Arriv. 1852/Shoemaker
102Dietz, Minnie1852Of Brandenburg, Ger./Arriv. 1852/Sister of Fred
358Diffenbach, George1935BI Resident 71 yrs.
331Diffenderfer, Glenn1919Charter member Allied Veterans of Blue Island
331Diffenderfer, Glenn1920Finance Officer American Legion Post # 50
193Digman, E. H.1935Proprietor of Patsy Ann Cookie Co.
233Dilg, Charles1875Charter Member/Wallahalla Lodge # 54
84Dilig, Carl1833Newspaper writer/Artist/Historian
251Dilig, Carl A.1873Editor of The Weekly Herald
251Dilig, Carl A.1873Editor of German Newspaper, "Beobachter"
251Dilig, Carl A.NRRepresen. & Correspondent IL Staats Zeitung
251Dilig, Carl A.NREditor/Chicago Sun BI Edition
251Dilig, Carl A.1870'sEditor/Chicago Beobachter BI Edition
84Dilig, FamilyNROwned candy store
251Dilig, Mrs. C. A.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
184Dillman, Robert1935Managed Libby Plant
248Dillman, Robert1935State Bank of BI/Board of Directors
248Dillman, Robert1935Gen. Mgr. Libby, McNeill & Libby
112Dillschneider, M.NRFirst German to locate in BI
53Dillschneider, M.1847Built tavern-bowling alley-summer garden
99Dillschneider, M.1847Arriv. BI 1847/Tavern Owner
239Diltz, Hannah1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Guide
206Dionysius, Rev.1865-1904Pastor/ St. Benedict Parish
364Disabata, Mike1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
239Dittmars, Laura1935Ladies Aux. BRT/Roy. Neigh. Ldg/Pianist
236Dittmars, Loretta1935Daughters of Veterans/President
241Dittmars, Loretta1932Roosevelt Aux. # 95 Span. Vets/Secretary
94Doane, Edgar P.NRMarried Sarah Robinson
71Doane, Edward1849Two of his children buried in Robinson's Grove
79Doane, Mrs. EdgarNRDaughter of Henry and Elizabeth Robinson
211Doberstein, Rev. S.1914-1928Pastor/St. Isadore Catholic Ch./1914-1928
107Doehler, ElizabethNRMarried Peter Kich
91Doehler, GeorgeNRCivil War/Co. H, 20th Indiana Infantry/Butcher
91Doehler, GeorgeNRCivil War/Battle of Gettysburg/Leg Injury
103Doehler, GeorgeNRChild of Henry Doehler
103Doehler, GeorgeNRMarried Barbara Kiessling
373Doehler, George1922Died 4/17/1922/Civil War Vet
52Doehler, Henry1854Blacksmith
103Doehler, Henry1897Died 11/24/1897 at age 83
114Doehler, HenryNRMarried Mary S. Schroeder
103Doehler, Henry Jr.NRMarried Mary Schroeder
103Doehler, Henry Sr.1851From Spahneck, Bavaria. Ger./Arriv BI 1851
357Doehler, John1935BI Resident 36yrs./Crown Point
103Doehler, TheresaNRMarried Henry Soltow
234Doepp, Dr. Edw. A.1916Charter Member Ldg 1331/B. P. O. O. Elks
234Doepp, Dr. Edw. A.1916Ldg. 1331, B.P.O.O. Elks/Trustee
196Doepp, Dr. Edw. R.1800'sEarly Subscriber to telephone lines
141Doepp, Dr. Edward1899Granted permission to run private phone line
163Doepp, Dr. Edward19011st Election/Ran for Mayor/421 Votes
246Doepp, Dr. EdwardNRVice Pres. Blue Island State Bank
249Doepp, Dr. EdwardNRLocal Surgeon in favor of a Blue Island Hospital
250Doepp, Dr. Edward1930Sr. Member staff of surgeons
369Doepp, Dr. EdwardNRMarried Emily Uhlich
103Doepp, Dr. EdwardNRChild of Dr. William Doepp/ Physician
103Doepp, Dr. William1897Arriv. Homewood 1855/Died 1897/Physician
96Doepp, EdwardNRMarried to Emily Uhlich
358Doepp, Mrs.1935BI Resident 69 yrs.
373Doering, Mrs. Hazel1923Died 5/30/1923/Wife of William
223Doering, William1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
248Doermann, A. W. T.1905-1915Member Poultry Fancier's Asso.
248Doermann, A. W. T.NRBrother of Rev. M. P. F.
199Doermann, HenryNRSon of Doermann, J. H.
200Doermann, J. H. & Martin & HenryNRPhoto
199Doermann, MartinNRSon of Doermann, J. H.
220Doermann, Miss ClaraNRTeacher Lutheran Parochial School
199Doermann, Prof. H. K. G.1898-1906Pastor/1st Evan. Luther. Chur. of BI/1898-1906
200Doermann, Prof. H. K. G.NRAttended Seminary at Hickory, SC
200Doermann, Prof. H. K. G.1905Left BI for a post at the Seminary at St. Paul
373Doermann, Rev, Henry G.1933Died 2/10/1933/Age 73/At St. Paul
373Doermann, Rev, Henry G.NRFormer Pastor 1st Luther. Church of BI
199Doermann, Rev. J. H.NRFather of Henry and Martin
199Doermann, Rev. J. H.1883-1898Pastor/1st Evan. Luther. Chur. of BI/1883-1898
199Doermann, Rev. M. P. F.1906-1931Pastor/1st Evan. Luther. Chur. of BI/1906-1931
200Doermann, Rev. M. P. F.19301930 Pres.-IL Dist. Of Amer. Luth. Churches
248Doermann, Rev. M. P. F.1905-1915Member Poultry Fancier's Asso.
248Doermann, Rev. M. P. F.NRBrother of A. W. T. Doermann
220Doermann, T.1885-1902Teacher Lutheran Parochial School
240Dohrman, Henry1882Independent Order of Foresters/Charter Memb.
356Dohrman, John1935Of Hobart, IN/BI pioneer/speech on BI history
373Dohrman, William1929Died 1/26/1929/Age 76
373Dohrman, William H.1934Died 5/7/1934/Age 58/Merchant
234Dohrmann, Fred1935Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M./Treasurer
240Doig, Thomas M.NRActive in the Macabees in the early days
58Dolton, Andrew H.1850Elected Thorton Town Supervisor
67Dolton, Andrew H.1840-60'sLegal Services during 1840-60's
40Dolton, George1842Bridge Builder
42Dolton, George1841-56Built toll bridge across Calumet River
82Dolton, George1838Settled in 1838
89Dolton, George H.1848Fourth Co. 63rd/106th Regiment/Lieutenant
42Dolton, IsabelleNRGreat Granddaughter of George Dalton
63Dominick, Joseph1920'sPassive member of the Liederkranz
239Donovan, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
373Doolittle, Mrs. Charlotte1931Died 11/5/1931/Age 68/Wife of William
103Doolittle, William1850'sArriv. BI 1850's/
103Doolittle, WilliamNRMarried Katie Fay
240Doolittle, WilliamNRActive in the Macabees in the early days
347Doolittle, William H.1902-19041902-1904/Police Magistrate
347Doolittle, William H.1909-19111909-1911/Police Magistrate
103Doolittle, William Jr.NRChild of William Doolittle Sr.
103Doolittle, William Jr.NRMarried Lotti Green
165Doolittle, Wm. H.1902April 15, 1902, Elected Police Magistrate
171Doolittle, Wm. H.1912Police Magistrate/Died 1912
214Dorcas SocietyNRSwedish Covenant Ch. Organization
373Dorjahn, Rev. Joachim Henry1933Died 1/22/1933/Age 75
373Dorman, Fred1927Died 5/28/1927/Age 61
357Dorman, Mr. & Mrs. John F.1935BI Resident 15 yrs./Hobart, IN
373Dormann, Christian Henry1924Died 12/28/1924/Age 74
373Dormann, Mrs. Dorothea1921Died 11/3/1921/Age 85
103Dornhecker, GeorgeNRChild of John Dornhecker
103Dornhecker, GeorgeNRMarried Eva Klein
108Dornhecker, GeorgeNRMarried Eva Klein
323Dornhecker, George1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
365Dornhecker, Gerhard1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
364Dornhecker, Gertrude1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
103Dornhecker, JohnNRBlacksmith/Child of John Dornhecker
103Dornhecker, JohnNRMarried Mary Noble
271-274Dornhecker, John1896Residence/Blacksmith shop destroyed by fire
373Dornhecker, Mrs. Eva1923Died 9/18/1923/Age 72/Wife of George
373Dornhecker, Mrs. Frances1924Died 12/8/1924/Age 48/Wife of John
364Dornhecker, Mrs. G.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Dornhecker, Mrs. Mary1931Died 1/11/1931/Age 69/Wife of John
103Dornhecker, Nicholas1859From Germany/Arriv BI 1859
373Dorow, Frederick W.1931Died 8/6/1931/Age 81
55D'Orville, Emil D.1855Pioneer Doctor
114Dost, ElsieNRMarried Fred Schroeder
364Dost, Mrs. Frances1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
89Doty, Thodotus1848Colonel 63rd 106th Regiment
364Dougherty, Edw. P.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Dougherty, Elizabeth1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Dougherty, Fred1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Engineer. Corps
367Dougherty, Patricia1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Dougherty, William E.1930Died 7/10/1930/Age 75
373Douglas, A. W.1934Died 9/18/1934
55Douglas, Dr. Henry1850'sPioneer Doctor
103Douglas, Dr. HenryNRArriv. BI 1848
58Douglas, Henry1850Town Supervisor
87Douglas, Henry1851Married Mary L. Andrus
43Douglas, Senator Stephan A.NRLand Owner
24Douglass, Dr. H.1840'sFirst School Conductor
103Dow, Daniel DewittNRBorn Coopers Grove/Child of John Dow
103Dow, Daniel DewittNRMarried Mary Moore
103Dow, Daniel Dewitt1865Arriv. Chicago 1865/RI RR Clerk & Teleg. Oper.
103Dow, John1845Arriv. BI 1845/Artist/Sign painter
103Dow, JosephineNRChild of John Dow/Married three times
103Dow, JosephineNRMarried 1st to Harry Myers
103Dow, JosephineNRMarried 2nd to John Harner II
103Dow, JosephineNRMarried 3rd to John Engelhart
373Downev, Harold1933Died 8/29/1933/Age 55/Railroad Engineer
373Downey Peter A.1930Died 12/5/1930/Age 82/Old Time resident
323Downey, Everett1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
373Downey, Mrs. Catherine1935Died 10/9/1935/Age 67/Wife of William
235Downey, R. F.NRMember Fraternal Order of Eagles
196Downey, Thomas1800'sEarly Subscriber to telephone lines
373Downey, Thomas F.1934Died 6/7/1934/Age 82/Saloonkeeper
373Downey, William ("Pete")1925Died 11/25/1925/Age 61
52Draeger, Anton1853Mason (Bricklayer)
226Draeger, Dorothy1934-1935BI Jr. Women's Club/1935-1936/Exec. Board
258Draeger, George19214/19/1921/Lost in race for Police Magistrate
240Draeger, Hattie1936Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Pianist
234Draeger, Helen1935Sons & Daughters of Liberty/Treasurer
373Draeger, John L.1934Died 8/13/1934/Age 49
234Draeger, Paddy1935Sons & Daughters of Liberty/Financial Sec.
365Drahn, Mr. & Mrs. J.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
106Dreher, ElizabethNRMarried George E. Hinman
176Dreischerf, H.1915Appointed Patrolman
248Dreischerf, H.1905-1915Member of the Poultry Fancier's Asso.
373Dreischerf, Louis1931Died 3/30/1931/Age 73
373Dreischerf, Mrs. Herman1924Died 12/5/1924/Age 58
334Dreischerf, Patrolman1918Accused of being Pro-German
193Drew, George1892Supt. Of Purington Brick Yard
62Drews, Julius1920'sMember of the Liederkranz
373Dreyer, Mrs. Mary Stein1925Died 12/27/1925/Wife of Alvis
270Driese, Albert1880'sPhoto/Volunteer Fire Dept early 1880's
373Driese, Albert1934Died 5/15/1934/Age56/Painter
104Driese, AmeliaNRMarried August Frentz
54Driese, Christian1850'sBasketmaker
103Driese, Christian1852Arriv BI 1852/Native of Brandenburg, Ger.
103Driese, Christian1902Basketmaker/Died 12/16/1902
52Driese, Geo1858Carpenter
103Driese, MinnaNRChild of Christian Driese
103Driese, MinnaNRMarried Louis Luchtemeyer
364Drigoe, M.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
211Dryzmala, Rev. Joseph1935-Pastor/St. Isadore Catholic Ch./1935-
366Dubach, Fay1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367DuBach, Fay1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
211Dubcek, John1935Church Council/Pres.
281DuBeau, D. A.1925Amer. Expr. Local Agent/Bank robbery victim
367Dubec, Anna1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
199Duborg, Rev. P. H.1879-1882Pastor/1st Evan. Luther. Chur. of BI/1879-1882
37Duensing, Charles1848Original owner Schapper's Pioneer Drug Store
365Duey, Clarence1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
359Duff, Henry1935BI Centennial Asso./Homecoming Comm.
247Duff, Henry L.1930State Bank of BI/Asst. Cashier & Trust Officer
248Duff, Henry L.1935State Bank of BI/Asst. Cashier & Trust Officer
223Duff, Henry L.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
365Duff, Mr. & Mrs. Henry1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
123Duller, Alfred18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
117Duller, Alfred M.NRMarried Sylvia D. Wattles
373Duller, Mrs. Sylvia D.1924Died 12/27/1924/Age 79/Wife of Alfred
373Dunning, Derbin S.1921Died 9/8/1921/Age 56/RI Railway conductor
110Dunning, EdithNRMarried Fred F. Massey
229Dunning, Frank1891Blue Island Library Asso./Treasurer
240Dunning, Minnie1908Phythian Sisters/BI Temple 25/Trustee
224Dunning, Mrs. Frank1890'sCharter Member BI Women's Club/
146Dunwoodie, William H.1883Native of Toronto/In charge of telegraph office
91Duress, FelixNRCivil War/Enlisted 100th IL Vol /Killed in action
373Durham, Mrs. Edith E.1930Died 8/26/1930/Age 35
373Duringer, Conrad1928Died 3/3/1928/Age 68
357Duringer, Edward C.1935BI Resident 31 yrs/2926 Green Pl. NY City
239Duringer, Irene1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Secretary
239Duringer, Irene1935Ladies Aux/BLFE/Lodge # 294/Trustee
367Duringer, Marguerite1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
223DuVal, B. L.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
239Dwyer, Caroline1935Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Treasurer
239Dwyer, J. M.1935W. S. Tinsman Div. 815 BLA/Local Chairman
154Dyer, Thomas1856Mayor/Passenger on IL Cen. RR in Chgo.,1856
373Dyson, James1931Died 4/9/1931/Age 72
29Eames Family1850'sEarly Settlement Arrivals
119Eames, AliceNRDaughter of Melville C. Eames
119Eames, AliceNRMarried Frank O. Young
236Eames, Alice J.1889Charter Member Women' Relief Corp
201Eames, Alice J.1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
106Eames, C.NRMarried Annie E. Hinman
323Eames, Emmerson1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
293Eames, J. P.1926Appointed Member of Library Board
244Eames, J. P.1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
93Eames, JosephNRHusband of Mary C. Rexford
231Eames, Joseph1906Temporary Sec. BI Parks & Playgrounds
140Eames, Joseph P.18972 year term/Dir. Of Public Library
144Eames, Joseph P.1900-1901Director of Public Library
164Eames, Joseph P.19011st Election/Ran for Alderman 5th Ward
164Eames, Joseph P.1901Public Library Board, 5th Ward
229Eames, Joseph P.1897Elected Director/BI Public Library
230-231Eames, Joseph P.1901Appointed by Mayor/BI Public Library
321-322Eames, Joseph P.1917Draft Board # 7 Government Special Agent
244Eames, Joseph P.1896Apptd. attorney of Failed Calumet State Bank
246Eames, Joseph P.1926BI Trust & Savings/Director
247Eames, Joseph P.1930State Bank of BI/Director
373Eames, Joseph P.1930Died 10 10/1930/Age 67/Attorney
201Eames, Lucinda1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
135Eames, M. C.1889First inside electric lights in Village
143Eames, M. C.1881-1882Trustee
143Eames, M. C.1882-1883Trustee
143Eames, M. C.1883-1884Trustee-President
143Eames, M. C.1884-1885Trustee
143Eames, M. C.1885-1886Trustee-President
143Eames, M. C.1886-1887Trustee
143Eames, M. C.1887-1888Trustee
144Eames, M. C.1890-1891Trustee
144Eames, M. C.1891-1892Trustee
244Eames, M. C.1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
244Eames, M. C.1896Apptd. Receiver of failed Calumet State Bank
201Eames, M. C.NRSon of Rev. Joseph Eames
201Eames, M. C.1895Building Committee M. E. Church
201Eames, Melville C.1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
373Eames, Melville C.1917Died 10/1917
201Eames, Mrs. M. C.NRHelped design first M. E. Church
373Eames, Mrs. Mary1935Died 8/6/1935/Age 73/At Los Angeles, CA
373Eames, Mrs. MaryNRDaughter of Stephen Rexford/Wife of Joseph P.
201Eames, Olive W.1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
90Eames, Oliver E.1861-4Civil War/Enlist.1861/Co. D, 19th IL Vol. Infan.
90Eames, Oliver E.1861-4Civil War/Hardings Light Guards/ First Lieut.
90Eames, Oliver E.1861-4Civil War/Cpt. comm./ Co. D, 4th US Vet. Vol.
201Eames, Oliver Emerson1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
322Eames, Raymond19181st World War BI Casualty killed in action
322Eames, Raymond1918World War Battle of Bellea Woods /6/1918
322Eames, Raymond19186th Regiment Marine Corps WW I
322Eames, Raymond1918Severely burned with mustard gas
322Eames, Raymond1918Died 6/29/1918 American Hospital at Auteuil
328Eames, RaymondNRMemorial Inscription WWI
328Eames, RaymondNRPvt. 96th Co., 6th Reg. US Marine Corp
328Eames, Raymond1917Enlisted 6/17/1917 at Paris Island/
328Eames, Raymond1917Died 6/29/1917/Buried Amer. Cem./ Suresness
323Eames, Raymond R.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Marines
201Eames, Rev. Joseph1867Black Oak (Oak Lawn) Methodist Circuit
201Eames, Rev. Joseph1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
373Eames, Rev. Joseph1891Died 5/14/1891
201Eames, Rev. JosephNRFather of M C. Eames/Of Troy Conference NY
131Eames, Trustee1882Petitioner for banning bicycles on sidewalks
134Eames, Trustee1887Received complaints about gambling
137Eames, Trustee1892Voted for prohibition district
323Earley, Raymond1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
323Earner, Mark1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
373Earner, Mark Edward1922Died 4/30/1922/Age 24
235Earner, Mrs. B.1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
373Earner, Mrs. Bridget Gibbons1927Died 7/1/1927/Wife of Thomas
373Earner, Thomas1929Died 4/25/1929/Age 72/Switchman
373Ebbert, Mrs. Katie1927Died 11/9/1927/Age 69
64Ebel, William1850'sMember of the German Theater
364Ebeling, Albert1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Ebeling, Mrs. Stella1935Died 10/22/1935/Age 22/Auto accident
364Eberhart, Mrs. Marie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
106Eberhart, Rosa1869Married Frederick Hohmann 5/27/1869
373Ebert, Emil A.1928Died 4/5/1928/Age 30
196Ebert, W. J.1933Mgr. Local Telephone exchange/1/1933
192Eberwein, Gustave1881Photo in front of the Cigar Factory
272Eberwein, Mrs. G. L.1896Residence destroyed by fire
358Eckberg, Carl1935BI Resident 9 yrs.
373Eckdahl, Frank G.1934Died 5/6/1934/Age 78
207Eckhardt, Rev. O. O.1918-1920Pastor/Swedish L. S. Ch. 19189-1920
373Ecklund, John1928Died 5/7/1928/Age 76
196Eddy, A. T.1933Mgr. Local Telephone exchanage/10/1933
373Edgerly, Jason H.1933Died 6/11/1933/Age 94/Civil War Vet
373Edgerly, Mrs. Lucy1925Died 8/28/1925/Wife of Jason
223Edgerton, Thomas R.NRMember BI Lions Club
366Edjynt, Ben1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
241Edmondson, Stella1932Roosevelt Aux. # 95 Span Vets/Jr. Vice Pres.
241Edmondson, Walter1932-33United Span. War Vet./Sr. Vice Commander
365Edmondson, Walter1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
209Edmonson, Walter1914-1924Deacon at 1st meetings of Untd. Ch. of Christ
323Edmunds, Arthur1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
239Edmunds, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
92Edmundson, Walter1897Span. W. Vet. Org./Comdr.Co.H,-159th Vol In.
241Edmundson, Walter1935United Span. War Vet./Patriotic Instructor
223Edwards, E.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
224Edwards, E. E.1935BI Lions Club/Trustee
205Edwards, Edward1932Pres./The Goodfellowship Club/Congreg. Ch.
367Edwards, Mrs. E. H.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
217Edwards, N. W.1933Named Deputy Receiver for State Bank of BI
16Edwards, Ninian1816Negotiated Ind. Boundry Lines
373Edwards, Samuel1935Died 6/28/1935/Age 69/Coal Dealer
201Egan, Cebo E.1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
95Egan, JaneNRMarried James Robinson
208Egan, Pastor Sylvester1920'sPastor/Full Gospel Mission
208Egan, Pastor Sylvester1920'sGraduate Newark NJ., Bible School
208Egan, Pastor Sylvester1925Resigned as Pastor of Full Gospel Mission
201Egan, William1873Charter Mem./BI Methodist Episcopal Church
205Egerton, Rev. Thomas R.1919-1923Pastor/Congregational Ch.11/1/1919-2/15/1923
217Eggert, Walter1934Elect. Supt. Of the Grade School
221Eggert, Walter A.NRSupt. Seymour-Whittier Grade Schools
221Eggert, Walter A.NRSupt. Seymour-Whittier, Greenwood Schools
221Eggert, Walter A.NRSupt. Lincoln, Paul Revere, Sanders, schools
223Eggert, Walter W.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
373Ehrhardt, Anthony1930Died 9/1/1930/Accident at RI/RR/Engineer
323Ehrhart, Frank1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
323Ehrhart, Lerbert1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
239Ehrhart, Mrs.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
143Eichhloff, Edward1874-1875Trustee
31Eichhoff FamilyLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
251Eichhoff, Edw.1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
49Eichhoff, Edward1875Owner Flour/Feed store/assoc Roll's grist mill
123Eichhoff, Edward18727/5/1872 Petitioners for Village Organiz.
126Eichhoff, Edward18732nd Vill. Election 4/15/1873/Trustee
132Eichhoff, Edward1884Complained about stench from Brewery
143Eichhoff, Edward1873-1874Trustee
244Eichhoff, H. C.1890Incorporator/Calumet State Bank
373Eichhoff, Mrs. Emma1920Died 4/1/1920/Wife of Edward
304Eick, Albert1935-1936Acting Chief of Police
309Eick, Albert1935-1936Photo/Acting Chief of Police
346Eick, Albert193512/9/1935 Apptd. acting chief of Police
346Eick, Albert193512/9/1935 Mayor's appointment was defeated
31Eidam FamilyLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
103Eidam, AnnaNRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
143Eidam, C. F.1881-1884Trustee
272-274Eidam, C. F.1896Frame Building destroyed by fire
373Eidam, Carl Ferdinand1923Died 6/4/1923/Age 92/shoe merchant
373Eidam, Carl FerdinandNRPioneer German Settler
49Eidam, Charles F.NRShoe merchant/Active member Liederkranz
52Eidam, Charles F.1856Shoemaker
53Eidam, Charles F.1857Bought Boese's
60Eidam, Charles F.1857Member of the Liederkranz
65Eidam, Charles F.1850'sMember of the Turnverein
66Eidam, Charles F.1850'sVolunteer Fireman
103Eidam, Charles FerdinandNRNative of Ehrenstein, Saxony, Ger.
103Eidam, Charles Ferdinand1854Arriv. NY 1854/Shoemaker/Bro. Of Gottfried
103Eidam, Charles Ferdinand1857Married to Julia Runge, 9/1857
103Eidam, Charles FerdinandNRVillage Trustee/ BI Liederkranz
103Eidam, Charles Ferdinand1923Died 6/4/1923
103Eidam, Charles H.NRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
373Eidam, Charles H.1927Died 6/22/1927/Superv. Worth Twnsp.
373Eidam, Charles H.NRPresident of Park Board
234Eidam, Charles, F.1874Charter Member Lodge # 716 A. F. & A. M.
103Eidam, ClarenceNRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
103Eidam, EdwardNRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
103Eidam, EmilNRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
103Eidam, EmmaNRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
103Eidam, GottfriedNRBrother of Charles Ferdinand Eidam
103Eidam, LouiseNRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
103Eidam, MinnieNRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
334Eidam, Mrs. Emil1919Ward Captain Red Cross Local Drive/5th ward
103Eidam, WilliamNRChild of Julia Runge & Charles Ferd. Eidam
272-274Eidan & Sons1896Shoe Store escaped destruction in Fire of 1896
235Einhorn, Joe1909Charter Member/Catholic Daughters. Of Amer.
373Einhorn, Mrs. Minnie1925Died 9/13/1925/Wife of Michael
106Einhorn, PeterNRMarried Emma Hopf
373Einhorn, Peter1924Died 5/23/1924/Age 74
28Einhorn, Wm.NROwner of Former Baptist Property.
373Eisendrath, Mrs. Regina1931Died 10 6/1931/Age 89
172Eiserstedt, Charles19134/15/1913 Ran for Alderman 2nd Ward
366Eisler, Harry1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Elbers, Marilyn1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Elbers, Marilyn1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Ellerman, Mrs. Fred1926Died 2/26/1926/nee Stark/Age 69
110Ellert, MarieNRMarried Ludwig Lau
60Ellfeld, Charles1850'sLeader of the Saengerbund and Liederkranz
61Ellfeld, Charles1887Death on October 29, 1887
96Ellfeldt, AlbertNRChild of Aurelia Sauerteig & Fred Ellfeldt
96Ellfeldt, AlbertNRAka Albert Sommers
58Ellfeldt, Charles1862Elected collector of Calumet Township
66Ellfeldt, Charles1850'sVolunteer Fireman
66Ellfeldt, Charles1850'sSchoolmaster/Band Leader
66Ellfeldt, Charles1850'sSaloon keeper/Justice of Peace/
66Ellfeldt, Charles1887Died October 1887
66Ellfeldt, Charles1850Opened " Lustgarten" Picnic Grove
87Ellfeldt, Charles1877Attended funeral of Herman Bose
134Ellfeldt, Charles1870'sPolice Magistrate, deceased
143Ellfeldt, Charles1874-1875Supt. Of Public Works
143Ellfeldt, Charles1877-1878Police Magistrate
143Ellfeldt, Charles1880-1881Police Magistrate
143Ellfeldt, Charles1885-1886Police Magistrate
143Ellfeldt, Charles1887-1888Police Magistrate (Partial term-deceased)
362Ellfeldt, Charles1848-1860One of first German Settlers
362Ellfeldt, Charles1853The original "Saengerbund"/BI Liederkranz
31Ellfeldt, Chas.Late 1850'sFirst German Settlers
127Ellfeldt, Chas.1870'sBuilt the Village "Calaboose"
143Ellfeldt, Chas.1886-1887Police Magistrate
96Ellfeldt, FredNRMarried Aurelia Sauerteig
114Ellfeldt, FredNRMarried Aurelia Sauerteig
61Ellfeldt, Mr.1853Photo/Member of the Liederkranz
196Elliott, Frank P.1914-28Supt. Of BI generating station
365Ellis, Happy1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
325Ellis, Mr.1917Mentioned in letter from Walter Crossland
193Ellis, Ralph1892Supt. Of Alsip Brick Co.
367Elmore, Frances1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Elmore, Frances1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
318Elmore, H. E.1928Navajo Fields Country Club/Board of Governors
323Ely, Archie1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Coast Defense
111Ely, Mr.NRMarried Catherine Murphy/Battle Creek, Mich.
373Emerson, Charles W.1922Died 2/4/1922/Age 62/Railway conductor
79Empy, Mr.NRContractor for Wadham's Hotel
238Enderly, George1893Brotherhood Locomotive Engin./Officer/Guide
238Enderly, John1893Brotherhood Locomotive Engin./Officer/S. E.
239Enderly, Mrs. Geo.1909Ladies Auxiliary BLE # 40/Charter member
208Engdahl, John1935Trustee/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
208Engdahl, John1935Treasurer/Swedish Lutheran Siloa Church
31Engelhar(d)t, John1848Saloon/Hotel Business/Owner, Union House
31Engelhar(d)t, John1848First German Settlers
37Engelhar(d)t, John1950'sOwner of Baierischer Hof
117Engelhardt, AugustNRMarried Minnie Voss
270Engelhardt, George1880'sPhoto Volunteer Fire Dept early 1880's
358Engelhardt, Henry1935BI Resident 20 yrs.
362Engelhardt, John1848-1860One of first German Settlers
373Engelhardt, John1891Died October 9/1891/Proprietor of Union House
373Engelhardt, John W.1935Died 2/5/1935/Age 54
111Engelhardt, MaryNRDaugh. Of John /Married Henry Merker Jr.
373Engelhardt, Mrs. Augusta1935Died 11/8/1935/Age 60/nee Huhnstock
373Engelhardt, Mrs. Carl1931Died 2/23/1931/Age 45
373Engelhart, Mrs. Minnie1922Died 7/9/1922/1924/Age 64/Wife of August
111Engelkind, MessinaNRMarried Henry Meyer
223Engelland, A. E.1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
103Engelland, AnnaNRChild of Peter Engelland & Margaretha Busch
103Engelland, AnnaNRMarried Frederick Heitman
224Engelland, ArthurE.1935 BI Lions Club/Sec.-Treasurer
373Engelland, Arthur C.1935Died 10/13/1935/Age 40
103Engelland, BerthaNRChild of Peter Engelland & Margaretha Busch
103Engelland, BerthaNRMarried Conrad Louis Buss
373Engelland, Carsten1928Died 3/22/1928/Age 72
103Engelland, FredNRChild of Peter Engelland & Margaretha Busch
103Engelland, FredNRMarried Mathilda Frahm
347Engelland, George1902-19091902/Alderman 1st Ward
165Engelland, George Jr.1902April 15, 1902, Elected Alderman 1st Ward
373Engelland, George Sr.1926Died 1/17/1926/Age 83/Early resident
103Engelland, MargaretNRChild of Peter Engelland & Margaretha Busch
103Engelland, MargaretNRMarried George Kuhn
365Engelland, Mr. & Mrs. A.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Engelland, Mrs. Anna1933Died 5/22/1933/Age 73
358Engelland, Mrs. C.1935BI Resident 71 yrs.
29Engelland, Peter1863Held First Meetings of Lutheran Faith
31Engelland, PeterLate 1850'sFirst German Settlers
32Engelland, PeterNRFirst Meetings of Lutherans in home
103Engelland, Peter1849Native of Holstein, Ger./Arriv. BI 1849
103Engelland, PeterNRMarried to Margaretha Busch
103Engelland, Peter1825-1902Born 6/15/1825/Died 11/25/1902
103Engelland, PeterNRMarried Carrie Stetter
199Engelland, PeterNRFirst Lutheran meetings held in his home
199Engelland, PeterNRElected on Board of Dir. For new Luth. Church
373Engelland, Peter1924Died 8/15/1924/Age 65
373Engelland, Peter1902Died 11/25/1902/Age 77
103Engelland, Peter Jr.NRChild of Peter Engelland & Margaretha Busch
103Engelland, SophiaNRChild of Peter Engelland & Margaretha Busch
103Engelland, SophiaNRMarried Alfred F. Neukirch
265Englehardt, August1888Fourth Fire Marshall/Jan. 1888
265Englehardt, August1891Sixth Fire Marshall/Jan. 1891
264Englehardt, George18799/4/1879 Organized Fire Co.
264Englehardt, George1879Elected Treasurer Fire Dept.
96Englehardt, HenryNRMarried to Emma Krueger
60Englehardt, John1872Leader of the Concordia Society
66Englehardt, John1850'sVolunteer Fireman
197Englehardt, John1855Sold property for First BI Church
100Englehardt, TheresaNRMarried 2nd to John Busch
100Englehardt, TheresaNRMarried 1st to Dan Klein
107Englehardt, TheresaNRChild of Elizabeth Trapp & Frederick Klein
369Englehardt, TheresaNRMarried Daniel Klein/Parent of 7 children
210Engles, Elsie1924Made arrangements for Church meeting place
323Engstrom, Gust1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Cavalry
223Engstrom, HarryNRMember BI Lions Club
233Ennis, August1875Charter Member/Wallahalla Lodge # 54
323Ennis, Edward1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
174Erickson, John1914Engineer, Chicago/
373Erickson, Mrs. Eva Julia1931Died 9/11/1931/Age 66
373Erickson, Mrs. Sophia1928Died 4/25/1928/Age 58
323Ermschler, John1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Army
367Ermshler, Wilmeta1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Ernst, Bernice1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
199Ernst, Dr. H.1871-1879Pastor/1st Evan. Luther. Chur. of BI/1871-1879
373Ernst, Edward A.1929Died 1/16/1929/Age 39
367Ernst, Kathleen1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
373Ernst, Mrs. Anna1925Died 11/2/1925/Age 33/Wife of Edward
302Errett & MelvinNRProprietor of the "Standard"
302Errett & VolpNRProprietor of the "Standard"
373Errett, Albert W.1924Died 5/1924/In California
236Errett, Clyde1912Woodmen of the World #245/Manager
302Errett, ClydeNRProprietor of the "Standard"
255Errett, Mrs. LenoraNRWife of Wade Errett
23Errett, Wade1891Publisher, THE STANDARD
254Errett, Wade1890'sBought H. Hamilton's interest in the Standard
254Errett, Wade1890'sEditor/Publisher, The Standard
255Errett, Wade1908Died about 1908
255Errett, WadeNRHusband of Lenora
302Errett, WadeNRProprietor of the "Standard"
177-178Errett, Wade1916-17Editor, The Standard
302Errett, Wade Jr.NRProprietor of the "Standard"
99Esche, AmeliaNRMarried John Bitter
373Esche, Caroline1914Died 11/14/1914
373Esche, Emil1923Died 10/31/1923/Age 45
373Esche, Hugo1922Died 12/29/1922
251Esche, Louis1880'sAdvertiser in the BI Standard
223Esche, Milton1935Member BI Lions Club 12/15/1935
373Esche, Mrs. Margaret1932Died 2/11/1932/Age 45/Wife of Emil
240Esposito, Angelo1933SOI/Prince Umbert de Savoia Chpt./Treas.
343Esposito, Michael19344/1/71934 Ran for Alderman 3rd Ward
345Esposito, Michael19354/16/1935 Ran for Alderman 3rd Ward
240Esposito, Mike1933SOI/Prince Umbert de Savoia Chpt./Delegate
110Essig, AgnesNRMarried William Lusson
367Ettema, Geraldine1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Etter, E. A.1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Navy
336Eugene, General Henri Joseph1923French General gave Legion of Honor to Holmes
365Evans, Mr. & Mrs. Walter1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Evans, Mrs. Walter1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
247Evans, T. W.1930State Bank of BI/Advisory Committee
233Evans, Thomas1891Charter Member/Blue Island Lodge # 326
373Evans, Thomas1913Died 12/24/1913
236Evans, Walter1912Woodmen of the World #245/Sentry
367Evanson, Ernest1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
323Eversole, Carroll1918Blue Island Honor Roll WW I/Aviation Corps
238Eversole, Cora1915Justice Lodge # 1243 F. L. A./Monitor
151Everts, Charley1870Rock Island RR Conductor/Suburban Line
367Ewaniak, Jennie1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
367Ewaniak, Walter1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
358Ewing, Irene Stein1935BI Resident 43 yrs.
364Ewing, Mrs. Irene1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
226Ewing, Mrs. J. B.1928Charter member BI Garden Club/
367Extrom, Albert1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Extrom, Chas.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production
365Extrom, Mrs. A. C.1935Played role in "Wings of Time" Production

Compiled then contributed May 2000 by Carolyn O’Brien